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( Mar. 29th, 2009 01:46 am)
New York Reptile Expo!!!! *squeeeeeeee* I must go to this!

Woot! Herp Show for the win!

April 19th for anyone else interested in going. ^_^
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( Mar. 28th, 2009 03:42 pm)
Ha we have success! Due to Jeff being godly with electronics I am now able to set my computer to showing things on the TV. This means no more wasted disks burning things and I can have subtitles on everything. A win set for all. ^_^

Tonight is BSG night.
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( Mar. 27th, 2009 10:49 am)
What did you do this morning, Seo?

Well I woke up after 4 hours of sleep, said Hi to Kt/Charlie being cute on the computer, went to the bathroom and promptly puked everywhere. lol Oh what a perfect opening to the day. I feel better now and I don't think I'm sick. Mostly, I think what I ate last night did not agree with my stomach this morning. I'm gonna go sleep for a few more hours before getting up and taking care of a couple things. One of which needs to be the ferret cage lol.
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( Mar. 25th, 2009 03:23 pm)
Seo is bald! Bwhaha I cut off all my hair. LOL I have some fuzz and that's it. Oddly, I'm enjoying it muchly. It feels really cool, you can see the surgery scar I have on my head, and it is not as chilly as I thought it would be. It is both warm and cooling. I don't understand it. Anyhow I'm enjoying my bald for a while. It should be grown back out by the time I'm to go to the Khep gather in late May or maybe I'll keep it. Haven't decided. I'll throw some pictures up soon. ^_^
Enter fight scene. Girl defends grandfather from masked ninja-esk assailant. We learn he is a former student. He spouts off about how this is not the end, he will be back to seek revenge. Then he runs over to a large ceramic birdbath filled with stones and about two inches of water. He jumps headfirst into it and disappears.

All I can think is what would happen if you fucked up your disappearing spell right then and rammed facefirst into a birdbath full of stones and water?

Ninja-dude: I will return to get my revenge. I will kill you both. *runs to birdbath and rams facefirst into the stones knocking himself out cold.

Girl and Grandfather stare then share a glace. Girl calmly walks over, rights the birdbath, and beheads the ninja-dude. Grandfather turns to continuing meditating.

Girl: Well I guess that's finished. *turns to leave*

Grandfather: Make sure to tip the gardeners well this week.

Girl: Yes, Grandfather.

Welcome to your brain on Seo.
Yes, another your brain on Seo moment care of Charmed. So during the course of Charmed the three good witches "vanquish" all the bad guys. Vanquished is a fancy word for kill. Seriously, guys? Must we call it some fancy word like vanquished. Can't we just say you killed the bad guy. I mean you are supposedly sanctioned by "the good guys" for all this killing so obviously what's a little death amongst friends. How about you call a spade, a spade and stop all this unnecessary lying. Really what's wrong with killing a motherfucker. I mean yes these guys are evil *oooo shivers* so then I guess it is okay to kill them. I'm always fond of watching good trying and rationalize killing and death. "Well it is okay because they were bad and we are good. They only hurt people because it gains them things. We hurt people to defend the innocent and help us gain things... wait no that isn't what I meant." Look let's just be honest with each other and take the morality out of killing. Sometimes you just have to stab a bitch because that's how things gots to be. No need to find fancy words or some big brother type telling you it is okay. You work for one side and they work for the other and any sort of morality is always going to be based on that. The evil side kills the good and the good side kills the evil. You want real peace then you find a middle ground. Black and white is lovely in ink blots but that is about it. I also don't think being good is about babies and puppies. Being good is not based on things like that but your actions. There is no reason that a good person can't be a cold-blooded killer(or a hot-blooded one for that matter). Good and evil are some of the least definable things in this world.

Oh and I vote evil side all the way. They have cuter guys and better clothing. Besides, I like to know that when I stab a bitch I can smile like the happy sociopath I am and not get stared at. What is it with good and the staring thing? Just because you enjoy getting a bit of blood and gore on you they get all huffy. Fucking pansy ass bitches. Oh no Seo, you mustn't enjoy killing. Killing is a means to an end not an enjoyable pass time to be taken with crackers. Blah blah blah... Fuck you I'll laugh while I murder if I want to and sing in the red downpour of a severed artery. Simple pleasure and all, simple pleasures that's all life is really about.

Once again the town is saved by The Blood Soaked Killers Brigade.

EDIT: Oh next episode has some bitch come flying through the window and start to scream in some dude's face. Um hello? Don't just sit there punch her in the face! Face punches are the win! Scream in my face will yah? *facepunch* See how simple?
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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:22 am)
I finally watched the ending to BSG and honestly I'm feeling sort of meh towards the second half. Now it was nice that they went and showed everyone to sort of wrap it up, that I liked. No, the part I didn't like had to do with something I find really annoying in the modern age.

Cut for spoilers )

I guess I'll count that as a win so far as the series goes but I still feel kind of annoyed and let down. I suppose I should have seen the ending coming (hints a mile wide and all) so I can't be all that upset. Anyhow *sigh* I can't wait to finish it up with the family.
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 03:42 pm)
Nala, my ferret, is very old. She is very old and now she is very shakey. She can't walk very well anymore or eat very well. She seems happy enough sort of stumbling around the cage or laying quietly in my arms. I don't think Nala is going to be with me much longer and there isn't anything I can do. But she's scared me before so maybe I'm wrong. Gods I hope I'm wrong.

EDIT: Now she toddling around eating food again. Hmm I guess she just wanted to scare me senseless and prevent me from cleaning my room. *sigh*
I'm watching more Charmed. Before I get to the real brain on Seo moment I must say I had a real good laugh at one of the episodes which lifted its plot almost entirely from Lady Hawk. LOL They even made a backhanded reference to it during the show. Cute little homage.

Now as to your brain on Seo moment. One of the episodes has them being flung to the past to help out some chick who is about to birth a magical baby. Now the bad witch kidnapped the mother so that once the baby was born she could steal it and raise it up in her evil image. We flash to a scene where the bad witch is telling the baby-mama how she should be calm, after all nothing bad must happen to the baby. Really? Seriously? You are that evil and bad and you didn't just cut the whelp directly from her body? What kind of evil witch are you? The big whingy ass pussy kind? Bitch please, I would have taken that baby out as soon as she looked like she was close enough to delivery. Alright, time to take my new trainee out *sound of knife sharpening* Fuck that waiting for it to happen naturally bullshite. The key to being evil is all about timing. Actually the key to anything is timing but especially evil plans with a dead-line. Plus might as well get the baby started off in a nice evil path and nothing is more evil then having your mother's life sacrificed to get you into the world. Notice the phrasing, not the mother sacrificing herself but being sacrificed. And besides that wouldn't you feel damned stupid if the baby died during childbirth? I mean seriously it does happen and did happen a lot more back in the day. How would you feel if after months, maybe years, of planning the kid just up and died. Damned stupid right?

So remember kids, if you are gonna steal a baby why not take the freshest you can find. Learn to cut a bitch.

This has been a public service announcement by the American Association for Just Plain Wrong.
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 11:06 am)
I just slept for 17 hours straight..... evidently I was really tired. WTF, mate?

And I wake up to one sick ferret on the bottom of the cage shaking. Just perfect. Anyhow got some canned food in her and she is fine now. Not sure why she went off her food this time.
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( Mar. 14th, 2009 10:14 am)
There is a painful bump on my side. Something bit me and of course I'm allergic to it and now had a painful icky bump.

What the fuck! Look I'm sure I'm very tasty and all but could the insect life please shove off. It is MY blood. I'm not sharing with the likes of them damnit.
Ugh I'm so sad. I woke up early and was going to head out and watch the latest Battlestar but I can't! Someone deleted it last night and I can't find a torrent of it. So sad! Second to last episode and it is gone. *cries*

EDIT: I found it online and downloaded it. All is not lost and the episode was GREAT!!!

Recently TW changed all the tv settings and it has all been so confusing so it got deleted by accident. No big. I have it and have watched it and yay!
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( Mar. 13th, 2009 05:37 pm)
I couldn't sleep again this morning. I crashed after dinner last night and slept until Justin woke me up around midnight. Tried to get back to sleep but failed mightily so I ended up playing Halo with Justin until sometime in the morning. He wandered off and I tried to sleep again. Didn't get to sleep until after 9am. Oddly I woke up at 1pm somewhat rested and very unable to go back to sleep. I've spent the past several hours cleaning and organizing my room. It is going pretty well. I need more places to store stuff. It isn't even as if I don't have alot of room I just need more storage type units to organize said room. I'm also ruthlessly throwing out everything I haven't used in a year. I have way too much stuff for my space and really I'm not fond of clutter. I'm lazy so I often have lots of it but I don't prefer to live that way. I think it will be easier to get shit done if I'm not surrounded by a mess all the time I'm in my room trying to work on things.

Anyhow made a fair dent now I'm tired and not really inclined to keep at it. So far no luck with the job hunt. Fairly depressing that is. Oh well you haven't failed until you've stopped trying I guess.
Recently I was watching TV and saw a commercial about this guy named Russell Brand. I thought to myself, 'Hey he looks a bit funny.' So I promptly recorded said show, watched it and about died laughing. I decided to inflict this upon my stand-up loving household which then watched him twice in a row. It was that funny.

This brings me to the title of this post. Today we were sitting at dinner quoting said Russell Brand nonstop. I decide I like him enough to want to buy his DVDs and watch them all. Off to amazon I go. Off to Amazon I go to be majorly disappointed. It seems that my man Russell is not quite popular enough here in the states to have most of his work on DVD here. In fact I can't even really find him on ebay (my next stop). So because the movie industries decided it was a great fucking idea to put region nonsense into play when making DVDs they are losing the money I would be giving them right now. Instead I have gone a slightly less hmm money exchanging way to get my DVDs. Once again guys I was going to give you money but you seemed to not want it. Now I suppose I could go hunting online for hours and maybe eventually find the DVD collections for a region 1 player but I'm not going to because I don't feel it should be my job to hunt for these DVDs which should be made easy to find if you want me to buy them. The only person I would apologize to is Mr. Brand himself as I would really like to support his career but seem to be a bit unable to at the time.

Oh on a slight aside. I feel very sad. I just found out that he is touring right now in NYC and today is his last day. He is in fact at this very moment on stage somewhere I could have gotten had I bothered to look it up yesterday. *sigh* Oh well...
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( Mar. 12th, 2009 08:18 am)
I'm awake! Yay for insomnia that will not go away!

*headdeask* Please kill me now....
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 07:04 pm)
You comment to this post, and I list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random — then you post that list, with your commentary, to your lj. I and other people get our lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

From [ profile] marlenemcc
1. cake: Always good to know the baking is appreciated... at least I hope this is a good association O_o
2. purple: Purple hair of dooooooooom
3. evil laugh: Bwahahaha is there any doubt to my evil with a laugh such as this??
4. menagerie: Oh god I have so many pets. I'm in the middle of cage cleaning now. Oh the horror!
5. shots: Hehe last party was amazing, ne?
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 07:09 am)
I saw Russell Brand on the telly the other day and meant to post a clip but I can't find the one I want. This one is just as Hi-larious though. Oh yeah NSFW. let me say that again NSFW. Do not watch this at work. If you do, don't blame me.

I have saved the video I saw on the system. I'm hoping to inflict it upon my stand-up loving housemates in a day or so.
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 05:43 am)
I love my ferrets. I really, really do, but I swear to the gods I'm going to strangle Gus if he doesn't stop digging in his food dish! LOL Actually I don't care all that much. Him tossing his litter, from the little box he refuses to actually use, onto the floor is more annoying.

*sigh* Still awake. I don't think I'm going to bother to even try tonight. I want a job more then I want sleep.
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( Mar. 10th, 2009 04:35 am)
Yesterday I was up until after noon. I tried really hard to sleep and failed. The insomnia is back and I have a fair idea as to why but right now there isn't much to be done about it. In a few hours I have to go to a job interview. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to sleep or not since I don't want to miss the appointment. I have to rig the car together enough to drive there. I was going to do it yesterday but it fucking rained and made it too wet to crawl under my flipping car. No choice tomorrow. I gots to do it.

In other news being carless is driving me spare. I hate with a passion not being able to run errands when I want or go up to New Paltz to see friends. I mean Oniko works alright but not enough really. Honestly, I haven't a clue what I'm going to do. I'm going to try to cobble her together with a wish, some duct tapes, and some zip ties. That should do for a little while but really not for too long. *sigh* Such is life.

In other news my brain decided to have another fit in the middle of playing Halo with Justin. When you know you are hearing things wrong and you can feel the neurosis in the back of your brain. I think I'm just going to go bang my head into a wall for a while and have done with it. That or rewrite my life and reactions to the world. Both sound about as pleasant and really head-to-wall is so much easier.

I'm not tired. I hate insomnia I just want to cry. It just fucks my life up. Whoa hormone dump. That was weird. *shakes head* I'm gonna go kill things for a while. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.
Yep I'm still awake. I tried valiantly to go to bed at a proper time in order to wake up at a reasonable time and it just wasn't happening. So instead of staring at the ceiling for four hours I went and was productive. I got several more job apps out, called the propane place to have them send a maintenance guy over to look at number 11, and I'm about to order food for my snakes. I swear there was something else I was going to do online, oh yeah just remembered. Yay, so I'm in bed, very tired, I'm going to order those two things and go to sleep. I set my online alarm clock for 2pm in the vain hope that I can crawl out of bed by 3:30 for the kids arrival home. Plus I need to get my car in order so that I can drive to my job interview in the morning. Really I was doing alright for a time waking up by 3:30. It is a good time. I can help with the kids, get daylight hours stuff done and still sleep at a normal time for me. But now the insomnia is back and I am so displeased. I fail at life it seems. Or at least at sleeping.

Alright enough whinging on. I have two things to do and so zzzs to catch.

EDIT: Okay I had to share this gem with you all. I'm buying frozen mice to feed the horde. On one of the sites I was looking over prices I noticed this little bit in the shipping section. Anyone notice anything about the last line that seems a

::TERMS: Full payment must accompany all orders, except for zoos and other recognized institutions.
Major credit cards accepted. There is a charge for each shipping box and for dry ice.
Small orders can be sent by express or priority mail, or United Parcel Service.
Larger orders are sent air freight to be held for pick-up at your nearest commercial airport.
We guarantee dead arrival in perfect condition, on shipments delivered via a next day service.:::

So basically as long as you ship next day they are sure to arrive dead and in perfect condition. What if you go by freight they might spontaneously reanimate as feeder mice zombies??? Hell what kind of mice are these??
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( Mar. 9th, 2009 06:58 am)
So, I have decided that obviously I'm meant to live and die alone, unwed and unloved (romantically). A very vex point to come to at the early stage of my life but one which I am beginning to think is all too true.

Anyhow having decided such, and in a fit of bored insanity, I have signed onto like a billion dating sites. I figure I'm bored might as well see other lonely people and pester them because obviously they have nothing better to do doing. LOL Actually I decided I would flirt mercilessly because really, subject line not withstanding, I don't think I'm hideous to look upon. And seriously who wouldn't like to have some random strange come up to them and say "Wow you are hot and interesting. Just thought I'd let you know." Since I'm crazy (and bored) and wandering around doing the internet version of that.

In other news I HATE my new accounting class teacher. Bit of a stuck up prig if you ask me. I adore Russel Brand who I just found via the telly and its lovely bringing to me of stand-up comedy goodness. I still haven't found a job though I do have an interview tomorrow. I was tossing around the idea of working on my room, which has begun to drive me spare, but decided that throwing heavy boxes around while others are sleeping is right out. *sigh* Still can't find where all my shelves went. Hmm you know I haven't asked Murphy yet and that was his porch before it was Gryph's. I wonder if he happened to run across them somewhere. Anyhow the book shelves are useless without, you know, shelves.

Justin and I, crazy gamers that we are, have just played straight through Halo Wars in a little over a day lol with huge stops for sleep and food and the socializing with the family. It is a kickass game I highly rec to anyone who likes RTS games. On the flip side I do have to say I wish it was longer and a bit more balanced. Some of the levels were fucking cake walk and one level we got so stuck on if I had a cheat code I would have used it in a heartbeat. So the campaign mode is alright but the multi-player and online modes rock. I must say I am more then a bit pissed that you can't play co-op on one machine when the way it was advertised really made me think you could. Not sure I would have run straight out to get it if I had known that. Seriously, they want to make online co-op into some big deal when mostly it is just a gay band-aid. Oh and Justin is a gay cupcake. ^_^ *waves at Justin*.

Well it is seven am and I am wide awake. *sigh* On one hand I could try and get some sleep and wake up tired, aggravated, and at a reasonable time. Or I could stay awake, go find something useful to do and go to sleep later which should then make me well-rested but has the complete downside of fucking my schedule. I swear once I get insurance the first thing I wil do is find a sleep doctor. This is just ridiculous.
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( Mar. 7th, 2009 01:14 pm)
Well the stomach bug is making another appearance. *sigh* Hate!

On the even more annoying side of the force I have just forgotten what I was doing three times in a row whilst in the middle of doing it. This is what I get when I sleep almost not at all. Happy fucking day.
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( Mar. 6th, 2009 07:40 pm)

So I have spent the past several days fighting with DVDit to create a dvd of a movie I wanted to watch with the family. I kept running into the same problem over and over again no matter what I did. So finally I find some obscure mention of how somebody else fixed it online and wham fixed in 2 minutes. Evidently the program FREAKS THE FUCK OUT if there is no C drive with something plugged into it. I swear to god I want to burn alive which ever IDIOT fucking program that little jewel of annoyance into the program.

Now that I have if figured out I can finally get the most out of what seems to be a stupidly powerful program that has one badly written bit of code.

*sighs* So I'm going to veg to some music for a while and just not speak for fear of screaming at someone who doesn't deserve it.
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( Mar. 6th, 2009 05:40 am)
Ugh I have a horrible headache right now. I've spent the last several hours fighting with a DVD creation program in order to get it to give me subtitles. But it didn't like the formats and so I spent a lot of time manually formatting the damned things. *sigh* SO now I have them all working but they are a little larger then I like and I'm not sure how distracting that will be. Plus if I do one particular thing the damned program dies. Gods the headache. Good freaking movie though. We are planning on watching it at home tonight. Ugh I need to crash soon before the headache gets worse. I'm beginning to think my need for new glasses is also a need to get my eyes checked. *sigh* Anyhow I have been trying to make the perfect dvd for a few days now. Like all new programs this one has its quirks and learning them is annoying as hell.
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 05:43 am)
So trying to switch my schedule to something resembling "normal" is complete fail. It is just not naturally for me to sleep at night. I can go to bed at a reasonable hour, tired enough to want to sleep, and all I end up doing is tossing and turning hour after hour. This was the crappiest bit of sleep I have gotten in a while and I think I just give up for tonight. I could try and go back to sleep and maybe catch thirty more minutes before I have to get up and go with Justin to the vet's office at 7:30 or do something resembling useful work. *sigh* Great, just great.
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( Mar. 4th, 2009 12:08 am)
I really must say online school is the best. I get to take care of it while in my nice warm bed with my nice warm cat on my legs. Certainly better then hauling my cookies all the way to New Paltz. *hums* Yay.

Oh and check this out from one of my classes:

It is an Induvidual Ethics Profile. Fun short little test to help you figure out some of your ethical stand points. It sticks you in Utilitarian, Moral Rights, or Justice. Take a wild guess which one I got. Fun little quiz thing.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:16 am)
As most of you know I'm into the occult in one form or another. Not something I bother to keep a big wobbly secret nor do I feel this makes me some grand muckity muck and better then everyone else. I'm only mentioning it now as a small preface to the following bit of weird that ran through my head. I've been watching the series Charmed lately. Not a great series but I saw some while I was sick as a dog in the hotel room and decided it would do for a bit of brain candy. I've never been much of a fan of Buffy and I haven't watched a long series in a while so there you go. It is amusing in its way. The fifth episode of the series is about some dream sorcer dude or something (I'm only part way into the episode). He has some power to go into dreams and basically fuck about and bother people. So I'm here in my room watching this and the first thought that runs through my head is "Huh it would be funny if he tried that with me." The next image is of course some dude running, screaming, in circles as he is covering in spiders and snakes and some of the other fun things I ward my room with. Really, seriously, it would be amazingly funny to watch. I have some of the most uninterrupted sleep. It is wonderful. Not to mention the whole lucid dreaming thing.

Weird guy: This is your dream but I shall hey stop changing things! Put the candle back. Ow not back there! Ow ow what the fuck... are those giant spiders? Holy shit get it off me Aghhhh!

Seo: Teehee *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

He just pushed the girl off a building to kill her. I'd fly back up and punch him the the back of the head. *chortles* Surprise bitch, I can fly.

So this is your brain on Seo. Bye now.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 07:28 am)
I have a throbbing headache and I'm so angry I believe I might either throw up or start crying soon. It is a pointless, impotent anger that gets me now where; one I know won't be resolved or even treated. I wish I could just not care but I have to care or at least I know I'm supposed to. If I stop caring I'll just become what I was before and that's no good. So instead I'll stay in my room with a horrible headache all day and swallow all the words tearing at my teeth.

Good way to start the day, ne?
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 04:49 pm)
You must go see this if you like Jon Stewart.

Regency!Jon Stewart
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( Feb. 28th, 2009 11:17 am)
I think the stomach bug has decided to stop in to my system for an encore showing. I'm the luckiest person alive no?



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