Ugh I'm so sad. I woke up early and was going to head out and watch the latest Battlestar but I can't! Someone deleted it last night and I can't find a torrent of it. So sad! Second to last episode and it is gone. *cries*

EDIT: I found it online and downloaded it. All is not lost and the episode was GREAT!!!

Recently TW changed all the tv settings and it has all been so confusing so it got deleted by accident. No big. I have it and have watched it and yay!
seorgia: (Emotion: Angry)
( Mar. 14th, 2009 10:14 am)
There is a painful bump on my side. Something bit me and of course I'm allergic to it and now had a painful icky bump.

What the fuck! Look I'm sure I'm very tasty and all but could the insect life please shove off. It is MY blood. I'm not sharing with the likes of them damnit.


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