Enter fight scene. Girl defends grandfather from masked ninja-esk assailant. We learn he is a former student. He spouts off about how this is not the end, he will be back to seek revenge. Then he runs over to a large ceramic birdbath filled with stones and about two inches of water. He jumps headfirst into it and disappears.

All I can think is what would happen if you fucked up your disappearing spell right then and rammed facefirst into a birdbath full of stones and water?

Ninja-dude: I will return to get my revenge. I will kill you both. *runs to birdbath and rams facefirst into the stones knocking himself out cold.

Girl and Grandfather stare then share a glace. Girl calmly walks over, rights the birdbath, and beheads the ninja-dude. Grandfather turns to continuing meditating.

Girl: Well I guess that's finished. *turns to leave*

Grandfather: Make sure to tip the gardeners well this week.

Girl: Yes, Grandfather.

Welcome to your brain on Seo.


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