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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:16 am)
As most of you know I'm into the occult in one form or another. Not something I bother to keep a big wobbly secret nor do I feel this makes me some grand muckity muck and better then everyone else. I'm only mentioning it now as a small preface to the following bit of weird that ran through my head. I've been watching the series Charmed lately. Not a great series but I saw some while I was sick as a dog in the hotel room and decided it would do for a bit of brain candy. I've never been much of a fan of Buffy and I haven't watched a long series in a while so there you go. It is amusing in its way. The fifth episode of the series is about some dream sorcer dude or something (I'm only part way into the episode). He has some power to go into dreams and basically fuck about and bother people. So I'm here in my room watching this and the first thought that runs through my head is "Huh it would be funny if he tried that with me." The next image is of course some dude running, screaming, in circles as he is covering in spiders and snakes and some of the other fun things I ward my room with. Really, seriously, it would be amazingly funny to watch. I have some of the most uninterrupted sleep. It is wonderful. Not to mention the whole lucid dreaming thing.

Weird guy: This is your dream but I shall hey stop changing things! Put the candle back. Ow not back there! Ow ow what the fuck... are those giant spiders? Holy shit get it off me Aghhhh!

Seo: Teehee *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

He just pushed the girl off a building to kill her. I'd fly back up and punch him the the back of the head. *chortles* Surprise bitch, I can fly.

So this is your brain on Seo. Bye now.


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