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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:22 am)
I finally watched the ending to BSG and honestly I'm feeling sort of meh towards the second half. Now it was nice that they went and showed everyone to sort of wrap it up, that I liked. No, the part I didn't like had to do with something I find really annoying in the modern age.

Cut for spoilers )

I guess I'll count that as a win so far as the series goes but I still feel kind of annoyed and let down. I suppose I should have seen the ending coming (hints a mile wide and all) so I can't be all that upset. Anyhow *sigh* I can't wait to finish it up with the family.
Yes, another your brain on Seo moment care of Charmed. So during the course of Charmed the three good witches "vanquish" all the bad guys. Vanquished is a fancy word for kill. Seriously, guys? Must we call it some fancy word like vanquished. Can't we just say you killed the bad guy. I mean you are supposedly sanctioned by "the good guys" for all this killing so obviously what's a little death amongst friends. How about you call a spade, a spade and stop all this unnecessary lying. Really what's wrong with killing a motherfucker. I mean yes these guys are evil *oooo shivers* so then I guess it is okay to kill them. I'm always fond of watching good trying and rationalize killing and death. "Well it is okay because they were bad and we are good. They only hurt people because it gains them things. We hurt people to defend the innocent and help us gain things... wait no that isn't what I meant." Look let's just be honest with each other and take the morality out of killing. Sometimes you just have to stab a bitch because that's how things gots to be. No need to find fancy words or some big brother type telling you it is okay. You work for one side and they work for the other and any sort of morality is always going to be based on that. The evil side kills the good and the good side kills the evil. You want real peace then you find a middle ground. Black and white is lovely in ink blots but that is about it. I also don't think being good is about babies and puppies. Being good is not based on things like that but your actions. There is no reason that a good person can't be a cold-blooded killer(or a hot-blooded one for that matter). Good and evil are some of the least definable things in this world.

Oh and I vote evil side all the way. They have cuter guys and better clothing. Besides, I like to know that when I stab a bitch I can smile like the happy sociopath I am and not get stared at. What is it with good and the staring thing? Just because you enjoy getting a bit of blood and gore on you they get all huffy. Fucking pansy ass bitches. Oh no Seo, you mustn't enjoy killing. Killing is a means to an end not an enjoyable pass time to be taken with crackers. Blah blah blah... Fuck you I'll laugh while I murder if I want to and sing in the red downpour of a severed artery. Simple pleasure and all, simple pleasures that's all life is really about.

Once again the town is saved by The Blood Soaked Killers Brigade.

EDIT: Oh next episode has some bitch come flying through the window and start to scream in some dude's face. Um hello? Don't just sit there punch her in the face! Face punches are the win! Scream in my face will yah? *facepunch* See how simple?


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