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( Mar. 9th, 2009 06:58 am)
So, I have decided that obviously I'm meant to live and die alone, unwed and unloved (romantically). A very vex point to come to at the early stage of my life but one which I am beginning to think is all too true.

Anyhow having decided such, and in a fit of bored insanity, I have signed onto like a billion dating sites. I figure I'm bored might as well see other lonely people and pester them because obviously they have nothing better to do doing. LOL Actually I decided I would flirt mercilessly because really, subject line not withstanding, I don't think I'm hideous to look upon. And seriously who wouldn't like to have some random strange come up to them and say "Wow you are hot and interesting. Just thought I'd let you know." Since I'm crazy (and bored) and wandering around doing the internet version of that.

In other news I HATE my new accounting class teacher. Bit of a stuck up prig if you ask me. I adore Russel Brand who I just found via the telly and its lovely bringing to me of stand-up comedy goodness. I still haven't found a job though I do have an interview tomorrow. I was tossing around the idea of working on my room, which has begun to drive me spare, but decided that throwing heavy boxes around while others are sleeping is right out. *sigh* Still can't find where all my shelves went. Hmm you know I haven't asked Murphy yet and that was his porch before it was Gryph's. I wonder if he happened to run across them somewhere. Anyhow the book shelves are useless without, you know, shelves.

Justin and I, crazy gamers that we are, have just played straight through Halo Wars in a little over a day lol with huge stops for sleep and food and the socializing with the family. It is a kickass game I highly rec to anyone who likes RTS games. On the flip side I do have to say I wish it was longer and a bit more balanced. Some of the levels were fucking cake walk and one level we got so stuck on if I had a cheat code I would have used it in a heartbeat. So the campaign mode is alright but the multi-player and online modes rock. I must say I am more then a bit pissed that you can't play co-op on one machine when the way it was advertised really made me think you could. Not sure I would have run straight out to get it if I had known that. Seriously, they want to make online co-op into some big deal when mostly it is just a gay band-aid. Oh and Justin is a gay cupcake. ^_^ *waves at Justin*.

Well it is seven am and I am wide awake. *sigh* On one hand I could try and get some sleep and wake up tired, aggravated, and at a reasonable time. Or I could stay awake, go find something useful to do and go to sleep later which should then make me well-rested but has the complete downside of fucking my schedule. I swear once I get insurance the first thing I wil do is find a sleep doctor. This is just ridiculous.
Yep I'm still awake. I tried valiantly to go to bed at a proper time in order to wake up at a reasonable time and it just wasn't happening. So instead of staring at the ceiling for four hours I went and was productive. I got several more job apps out, called the propane place to have them send a maintenance guy over to look at number 11, and I'm about to order food for my snakes. I swear there was something else I was going to do online, oh yeah just remembered. Yay, so I'm in bed, very tired, I'm going to order those two things and go to sleep. I set my online alarm clock for 2pm in the vain hope that I can crawl out of bed by 3:30 for the kids arrival home. Plus I need to get my car in order so that I can drive to my job interview in the morning. Really I was doing alright for a time waking up by 3:30. It is a good time. I can help with the kids, get daylight hours stuff done and still sleep at a normal time for me. But now the insomnia is back and I am so displeased. I fail at life it seems. Or at least at sleeping.

Alright enough whinging on. I have two things to do and so zzzs to catch.

EDIT: Okay I had to share this gem with you all. I'm buying frozen mice to feed the horde. On one of the sites I was looking over prices I noticed this little bit in the shipping section. Anyone notice anything about the last line that seems a

::TERMS: Full payment must accompany all orders, except for zoos and other recognized institutions.
Major credit cards accepted. There is a charge for each shipping box and for dry ice.
Small orders can be sent by express or priority mail, or United Parcel Service.
Larger orders are sent air freight to be held for pick-up at your nearest commercial airport.
We guarantee dead arrival in perfect condition, on shipments delivered via a next day service.:::

So basically as long as you ship next day they are sure to arrive dead and in perfect condition. What if you go by freight they might spontaneously reanimate as feeder mice zombies??? Hell what kind of mice are these??


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