I'm watching more Charmed. Before I get to the real brain on Seo moment I must say I had a real good laugh at one of the episodes which lifted its plot almost entirely from Lady Hawk. LOL They even made a backhanded reference to it during the show. Cute little homage.

Now as to your brain on Seo moment. One of the episodes has them being flung to the past to help out some chick who is about to birth a magical baby. Now the bad witch kidnapped the mother so that once the baby was born she could steal it and raise it up in her evil image. We flash to a scene where the bad witch is telling the baby-mama how she should be calm, after all nothing bad must happen to the baby. Really? Seriously? You are that evil and bad and you didn't just cut the whelp directly from her body? What kind of evil witch are you? The big whingy ass pussy kind? Bitch please, I would have taken that baby out as soon as she looked like she was close enough to delivery. Alright, time to take my new trainee out *sound of knife sharpening* Fuck that waiting for it to happen naturally bullshite. The key to being evil is all about timing. Actually the key to anything is timing but especially evil plans with a dead-line. Plus might as well get the baby started off in a nice evil path and nothing is more evil then having your mother's life sacrificed to get you into the world. Notice the phrasing, not the mother sacrificing herself but being sacrificed. And besides that wouldn't you feel damned stupid if the baby died during childbirth? I mean seriously it does happen and did happen a lot more back in the day. How would you feel if after months, maybe years, of planning the kid just up and died. Damned stupid right?

So remember kids, if you are gonna steal a baby why not take the freshest you can find. Learn to cut a bitch.

This has been a public service announcement by the American Association for Just Plain Wrong.


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