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( Nov. 16th, 2008 02:04 am)
Tonight I went out with part of my New Paltz group to go Contra dancing. At least I think that is what it is called. It is like if Swing dancing and Square dancing had a strange energetic bastard love child. It was fun. There was also the strange moment when I realized, to borrow a phrase, that I was the lone drop of black ink in a sea of milk. Yeah welcome to crazy hippy Mormon white folks dancing. I did get bored half way through because while I had fun it isn't the type of dancing I prefer. So I wandered off to sit outside and enjoy the night air while others kept dancing. Than I got bored with that and wandered in and started waltzing with a friend. All in all we had a fucking blast. The dancing folks are trying to get together people in New Paltz to help start dancing there to which I may be pestered into helping with. There is a meeting at noon tomorrow which I may be dragged too. I like helping organize things but noon is so frigging early for me. Now we just need to find a club in the NP area that we can go dance properly at. Swinging around and about is lots of fun and all but I want my hard industrial techno goth gay goodness.

One of the five of us who went out was this new kid named John who I think Owen dragged into our strange group. He is a nice kid and kinda cute. He is another theater major and a real sweetheart. Some of the curliest hair I've ever seen on anyone. He tried to teach me how to waltz which was hilarious. No feet were harmed during the course of our dance so all was well. I'm more used to leading than following so it was really strange but fun.

The only very small weird spot was when the troubles of February past came up in conversation quite randomly. It is a little weird being told what happened by someone who by all rights should even know there was something that went down. Fairly accurate rumors as well. I'm a little curious now about it and I'm going to pin Owen down to find out who he was talking to. Haha pin Owen down, ahh pleasant thoughts. Anyhow that was a little weird, okay more than a little.

Speaking of people talking about me, the idea of which is always strange to me. I mean, why would someone talk about me. I'm crazy and everyone apparently feels I'm likely to be carted away by the police for indecent exposure but otherwise I'm pretty boring. The NP folks described me to John and wonderful and terrifying all at once. LOL What a kick ass way to be described to someone-- wonderful and terrifying. I'm not sure if I should be bothered by this or rather pleased.

On my way home I realized that I went out without Sean for once. I mean we aren't like sutured together at the hip or anything but I met all these people through him and it hadn't hit me yet that these are my friends now too even without Sean. It was a nice thing to realize.

I should go to bed and get some sleep now. I'm tired and Mika has pinned me down with her monstrous six pounds of sleep inducing kittyness. I checked on Nala before laying down and she was looking good. Another busy day tomorrow I suspect. Was gonna write tonight but will have to make it up in the morning.

*yawns* Night LJ.


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