I knew this semester was starting to go too well. I lost part of my school funding. They need another 1361.00 from me now. I have no idea where I'm going to come up with over a thousand dollars. I'm already broke as hell and hunting the wild job.

*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*

Fuck. Well .... fuck... gotta figure something out now.
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( Feb. 25th, 2008 07:08 pm)
I got an urge to clean my room up last night. I had been letting it slide for a good long while. Didn't really put much thought into it, just got up and started cleaning. I think I have one more load of laundry and I'm all done with that. I'm not sure if I'm going to take apart all the boxes in my room and sort through things. It isn't like I have some where magical and new to start storing my junk. Eventually, when the addition is completed, I will have somewhere to store my things so I don't want to just get rid of it all.

I went shopping today and spent too much money but I was feeling out of sorts and I had to get some errands done anyhow. My room now has a really pretty dark blue carpet now which makes things look much nicer. I bought some dishes because they were on sale and I have a bit of a love for weird shaped and colored dishes. Not sure what I'm going to do with them but there you go. I also bought three new My Little Ponies to make myself feel better. I'm not sure how that equates other then my mom used to buy me ponies after I had to go to the doctor or something so irr there you go.

I also went over and switched gyms today. My new one is on the way to and from college and open 24/7 Monday-Friday. I'll probably make up a gym bag and go on my way home from college. I'm thinking I might run out later tonight as well just to look around the place. They have free tanning and massage chairs. I'm not one for tanning but massage chairs sound nice. It'll will be good to get back to the gym. It was something else I let slide. Not that I had been doing spectacular about going before but I was doing okay. Oh and I went and visited the used book store in Walden. They are okay and I bought a few new books. I miss the one from upstate which was so insanely nice.

*sigh* So I'm gonna go back to room cleaning. This weekend has been fairly mild. I had Jesse and Sean over for Thursday and Friday nights for Lantern Festival. A good time was had by all. Then on Saturday I went to Non-Con with Jesse for a little while. Oddly I didn't see anyone there I knew. I tried on a corset which has made me determined to buy one now. It was really comfortable and I love the feeling of being tightly bound. Unfortunately, this malaise has been on me since Saturday morning so I didn't do much at Non-Con though I'm fairly certain I managed to worry Jesse with my unusual quietness. I'm sure it will fade as usual though today I have had the most particular sense of chest constriction at various points during the day. Rather like someone has been sitting on my chest. Makes breathing a little difficult but nothing I can't deal with. Maybe I just need more MLPs. Yeah that's it, more ponies...
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( Feb. 17th, 2008 01:35 am)
I was a very productive Seo today. My mother and I went downstairs and I started going through my crap. Evidently she intends to retire way earlier then last time she talked about it. Which means I have to worry about the crap I want to keep way earlier. Blegh! I got about half way through things today and I'll finish tomorrow I suspect. I am pissed though because one of my boxes was covered in mold so bad I didn't even open it. And another way about half way covered. I lost a lot of my books.

Other then that I have discovered my love of poker games. LOL I was watching with my step-father and now have a severe urge to go play. *chuckles* this wouldn't be such a bad idea if I had more then a passing understanding of the game *grinz*.

I also hooked up my parents new Wii for them today. That was a study in hilarious. They like the system but I can tell it is going to take them a while to get used it it. Thank god they got a Wii and not either of the other next-gen systems. I personally feel the Wii is the most user-friendly of the new systems. It doesn't have a thousand buttons on the controllers and the system itself is fairly easy to run through. It also best fits their needs of something to play sports games on. Yes, my step-father is a golf addict and has like three bloody golfing games for it already. I find it HILARIOUS to watch. They liked the most complicated, read realistic, of the games the best which is good and bad. Good because yay game they like and bad because oh crap non-technical people trying to use a complicated game. God help them when i fly home. Or more likely God help me when I get the frantic "What the hell do I do now" calls. One of the major problems I have with explaining technical stuff to my parents is I am naturally very good with electronics. I don't need manuals or anything else and I can usually setup everything and having it running and working well in no time. It is a skill I was born with and take no pride in having. My parents don't have this skill and it makes it hard for me to explain something to them which I find glaringly obvious. It isn't that they are stupid, they just don't have a natural feel for how things work and why they work that way. So calls for me to fix things never go well. *crosses fingers* But the Wii is really user friendly so maybe it will be okay.

I finished up the night with some really funny stand-up comedy on *gasp* comedy central. It is so rare for them to have actual comedy on I almost started looking for Rod Serling. But it was a nice finish to the night and my stomach hurts really bad from laughing like a moron for two hours or so. God I love TiVo.
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 01:28 am)
I am amazingly tired right now. I still need to go shower and pack for my trip to see my mother tomorrow. I'm half way looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my mother and step-father but I get really bored out there and I miss my family and friends. I'm seldom away from them for longer then when I visit my mom and it bugs me. I'm sure I'll end up calling home everyday like a moron to check in. Plus there is the whole flying thing which I'm really bored with doing. I've done it so much in my life that I'm basically sick to death of doing it. The seating sucks, touching strangers sucks, the waiting and security suck, only looking out the window is fun and that has gotten old. SO I'll try and sleep my way through the flight again.

I made an amazingly kick ass birthday cake for my college friend Matt today. It looked so freaking good and tasted good too, rather like girl scout thin mints. He liked it a lot and then I stuck around and chatted with him and Sean for a long while. I should have come home sooner but I don't seem them all that often and I miss hanging out with them. I'm so stupid busy from mid-December to mid-February that I don't see many folks. My shoulders are tied up in huge knots which are killing me. Blegh I so need to beg a shoulder rub off of someone soon before I die.

Time seems to have gone really wonky since the beginning of this year. It feels like the year should be half way over instead of barely begun. So much has happened and changed that it is hard keeping up with it. I'm sad about some things, I miss other things, and I'm rather pleased with like one or two things. All in all a freaking hectic start. It got worse at the beginning of Chinese New Year. LOL The rat is the beginning of the wheel and I believe it wants to start with all the things that have built up being sifted and shucked off. *sighs* I miss people. Oh boy I'm way tired. Too tired to be typing anymore before I open my big mouth anymore.

See you all Monday ^_^
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( Feb. 2nd, 2008 04:47 am)
I had the worst time I've ever had trying to get into my house tonight. The ground on the driveway, the lawn and the walkway is frozen over with a thick layer of ice. I got my car up on the second try because I realized that there was no actual way to traverse my lawn at 5 in the morning while dead tired.

Blegh evil winter ice. All the other roads and stuff are fine. We alone are iced over.

Sleep now. More update later.
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( Jan. 27th, 2008 12:21 am)
Ever make your life harder then it needs to be? LOL Ever told your housemate about it and had her shake her at at you and sigh? Yeahhhhhhh..... *cackles*

So I had a fun night last night. Well other then my car tire dying a horrible death. I need to find out in the morning if I can get it fixed or if I have to buy a new tire. I spent the night over at Wyatt's at New Paltz because i was scared to drive home on the doughnut. I ended up having to do so anyway. oh well. We celebrated Jess's (not Jesse) 21st birthday. Couldn't find a bar because they were all carding BOOOOO so we had a party in the room. It was good but I am never watching Wyatt play Half-Life while drinking again. LOL I have no control over my squeaking and he tends to die alot. *laughs* Shanti made a cake and I got to help out. It was alot of fun. I'll get a picture from her or Wyatt and post it up for all to see. It is hard to cook and bake at the college.

Came home to an empty house and crashed from the tired. I don't think anyone else is awake right now. I heard Gryph out watching TV but then I heard him go to bed before I had dragged myself out of bed. A bit sad as I don't get to hang with Gryph as much as I'd like. Our schedules are drastically different. Actually now that I think about it they are going to be even more different now that I have a new semester. Blegh. Matt goes to work soon and I will be the only one home. How weird. It so seldom happens I never quite get used to the idea. I've grown very accustomed to my family being around and while I like the quiet at times I miss them when no one is home with me. Odd for a latchkey only child but I guess I used up my quiet time when I was younger. Actually it was really hard for me to adjust in the beginning. I like it now, though it gets to me at times still, but I had no idea what to do with myself in the beginning.

I've been spending alot of time thinking and contemplating my life lately. I tend to look internally frequently but more so when my life seems to be shifting drastically. Much of my time has been spent trying not to freak or lose it over things. Our little family has been together a year and a half now (well with me being involved anyhow). It has been a tough year and a half in some regards but gorgeous in others. No I'm not about to wax poetic about my family again. You all know I'm infatuated with them. The two year mark is coming up soonish. I don't think things of this sort have ever lasted for me past two years. Things went wrong and people went crazy and I don't know. I....I...hmm so many things to say. *blinks* I guess I have enough abandonment issues to choke a large yak. I doubt hey will ever fully go away. I can deal with them and I try not to ask for reassurances too often as that probably gets annoying but I still worry. The more I think about things the deeper I get inside my own head to the root of where all these issues come from. It isn't like they are exactly hidden but forest for the trees and all that. The same thoughts meander there way through my head all the time. I know the only thing that will really help is time and I have lots of that. I have the time to let things blossom and flow where they will. I will admit to wanting things quicker as I have almost no patience but I know that some things need time. As much as I worry I also don't. I have this horrible deep seated trust that things will go alright in my life. Maybe not moment to moment but overall things get better constantly. It is funny to look back at my life and the crap I've gone through and to admit to being fully sure that the gods take care of me and push me towards a good life. Ugh what a horrible sticky statement to admit to. You didn't hear me say that shhhhhhh!

So yeah worrier that I am I'm just gonna try and not do so. Things will go where they need to. I can try to go where I want but I have just found my life takes me where I need to go even if it isn't where I wanted to go. Maybe things won't work out how I want them to. Maybe I could make my life easier. Maybe I'll never be the king of all Londinium and wear a shiny hat but things will go where they need to and hopefully work out in a way that makes as many people happy as possible. I'll keep worrying and keep doing what I do and just try to enjoy the ride while I'm here.
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( Jan. 24th, 2008 03:31 am)
I'm so behind on emails and updates. Just been I don't know, out of it.

*HHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGSSSS* To everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I love you all and my birthday was spectacular. Maybe I'll post about it tomorrow.

I start school in 4 hours and I doubt I'll go back to sleep. I slept alot yesterday. My sleep schedule is so screwy.

Eh not feeling like updating this much.
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( Oct. 1st, 2007 03:03 pm)
I'm at school. I have an exam in Finacial Accounting later. I don't feel at all ready for it. I have one class before that. I'm thinking of taking my laptop to continue studying between classes but I have a feeling I'll need to break to calm down. I was so I tired I got a medium iced latte before my last class then a large one right after. Now I'm wired. Oh and double-sided accounting can just fucking well die. Oh and so can my teacher who explained it like crap hence I only just understood what the fuck she was talking about. Dumb twat.


Of course half of that was my fault for getting so sick I had to miss class.

Oh well I have a lit class next. I just got done reading Bryant for class. *sigh* I suppose I need to get up and go to class now. Had Microeconomics this morning and my teacher isn't a native english speaker. She is really hard to follow at times. Very annoying.

Class now. Stupid exam.
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 02:22 am)

Anyhow so 2:30 in the morning and I'm awake. Which is funny since earlier I almost fell asleep leaning against the kitchen counter. *sighs* I have found that I must now get used to my bodies cues all over again. I actually felt the exact moment tonight when I went from sleepy to that funny lucid wakefulness that is usually followed by insomnia. It is gonna be a learning process but I think I'll get there. I'm actually tired right now but even if I stopped typing right this second and put my head back down it is unlikely I would fall asleep.

Today was actually a pretty good day. I miss the besterfolks. It is weird having such a huge chunk of us gone. On the very bright side it meant I got to spend lots of time with Kt today talking about this and that. This was very nice as honestly it is seldom Kt and I alone together just chatting. So it was very pleasant and we talked about the most random things. Then Jeff came home and joined the conversation which was nice. Jeff is another person I seldom sit down and talk with one on one or even two. We just have different schedules and things we do all day. So that was also incredibly nice and eye opening.

Kt and I (though mostly Kt) cleaned up the kitchen. LOL I only helped a bit there as I was off doing other things. I did cook most of dinner though so good trade. We are going to try and clean the carpet tomorrow night and maybe put the pallets out to fill the car port thingy. I'm going to spend part of Saturday and Sunday trying to finish getting the kids jungle gym together. It'll give me something else to do.

Job hunting is going the suck. Which is odd for me but it happens. Though I guess I haven't been searching all that long. It just feels long. More interviews tomorrow. *sigh*

I cleaned my room the other day. I was really psyched about it and I don't think anyone around the house really knew why. I mean room cleaning? Who cares? We make the kids do it all the time. But I guess for me it was just another sign that the antidepressants plus a change in other things is working. I have been trying to clean it for a while now and I just didn't have the energy. Not even so much physically. It is hard to really describe. Oh and thank you to all who gave me such lovely responses both on and off LJ to my Depression part one post. I know there are some of you I need to get back to. I will try. I'm finding more and more how many things I had let slide and sort of fall away and get ignored. Things are slowly improving so yay.

Anyhow since I'm awake I'm going to go take care of a few things online I have been meaning to. I need to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow to go to a job interview so blegh hopefully I will be tired soon. I need to rearrange my tags. God that will take forever. I think I'll put it off a little longer though. Other things to do bwhahaha!
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( May. 17th, 2007 01:15 pm)
So I passed all my classes. Most better then I thought. So looks like I'm getting my AA degree this Saturday. My mom should be happy.
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( Apr. 27th, 2007 02:59 pm)
What, what's that, a post! I know, I've been so quiet lately.

Hmm nothing new to report. I have lots of school work to do. I'm going to Sakura Matsuri tomorrow.

And... hmm nothing. Oh wait... no nothing.

*ponders* How can I be so busy and yet so boring? Oh that's right, my completely not posting lots of crap going on in my head. Yay internal monologue! Oh well guess I should go off and do ummm something...
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 04:32 pm)
I realize I have not bothered you strange people yet today. Time to change that. So here's where I stand:

School: The twat is redeeming herself. She says if I get everything else in on time she'll let me retake the first exam come finals. I'm okay with this. I also managed to get an A on the second part. I'm mostly caught up with everything else. I owe PL some journals and homework to Astronomy and Concepts. I start another class (Weight Lifting) tonight. I'm about to head there now.

Work: Well the morons had extra people in here while I was gone. The petty cash check is missing. Connection? Yeah so less then please to have these retards in my office.

Home: Things are pretty good. Some things not so good. None of it is going online.

I spoke with my mom yesterday about random things. It was fun. Spent class time yesterday sending text messages back and forth with Will, Scott and the Baltimore Boys. LOL I get bored and send strange messages to people. Do you want a strange message? Give me your number and let me know you don't mind if I ping you. I get bored alot.

Hmm I still haven't done the memes. I'm a bad Seo. Oh well off to school I go.
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( Mar. 7th, 2007 03:58 pm)
I meant to post this yeasterday after work. Oh well you get it now instead bwhaha.

*ponders her email inbox*

Well I have a shagload of email to get through. And I owe like 6 of you meme's from the one last week. LOL Oh god I'm a moron for posting such a long meme. But it was so fun.

*chuckles* Stay with me folks. I really am going to get to all the emails and the like. I'm just... umm... slow.

I still have no idea what is going on at work. The Big Boss is still away doing court stuff. *shrugs* Oh well.

School is going alright. I got a 97 on my first Astronomy Exam. I kinda spaced (ha ha) Khepler's third law.

*blinks* God only knows why I'm bothering to unlock this stupid and rather pointless post. Oh yeah I got a 97 on my Astronomy exam. Bwhahaha I rock. K now seriously, CN schoolwork.
Here's my happy new schedule as of 3/8/7 Some sundays are free. I'll have to schedule around there. This is mostly so people can find me if they need to. I'm ading another class in come March too but I don't know what kind of work it needs so I can't put it on here yet. Oh yeah only Astronomy, Work, and the Gym classes are one I actually have to go to class. The rest are online. Oh and the LJ happy format is thanks to Jeff. Thank you!

Scedule )
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 10:01 am)
Brrrrr so I'm at work today. I was very bad a stopped to get some java and cannoli (and a treat for the evil non-cannoli lovers of my household). This is probably the last time i buy such a treats (for me and them) for the foreseeable future. I do have a budget I am trying to stay within. I'm not really expecting any customers today. Having said that we'll probably be swamped. I'll make the old one do them all. Haha.

Our house was full of smoke this morning. A fact I only cottoned on to once I was told. Which I'm only slightly embrassed about because I would have noticed once I wandered into the main section of the house. I did notice the smell though even if I figured the smoke was part of my eyes.

So I have a bit of school work to do today which I will start once my brain kicks on. I'm actually somewhat up to date with most of it. I still haven't done anything for my Prehistoric Life. I'm a bad person. The weird cramp in my left foot is back. It hurts like hell at times. I think it is from the snow boots. I guess I just need more support for that foot. It feels like all the muscles on the top part of my foot cramp up. Very odd.

Let's see today is Celia's birthday yay! I'm going to work on cake designs with her tonight. Oh crap and I need to write the shopping list for this weekend as well as the menu. I'll do that now maybe.

The kids had today off as well, which means they are getting 6 whole days off of school. Lucky blighters.

Anyhow menu planning now.
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 04:13 pm)
Intro to Business: Done
Astronomy: HW TBD
Contemp Novel: Reading, respond to Discussion Boards, back DB
Preshistoric Life: Journals, Reading
Macroeconomics: Reading

So I'm doing alright. I'm finally at a point where it is almost comfortable to breath. I am some how ranking in the top ten (spot 8) for the stock trading game in my macroeconomics. Oh yeah I am so the cool. I finally broke down and emailed my Prehistoric Life teacher because I haven't been able to get any work in because he has confused me as to what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. Why can' t they just stick all the question in one nice easy to read section? Anyhow way behine there but not much I can do about it. I'm enjoying my Contemp Novel class. LOL It is nice being able to say as much as I want about a subject in a book without being cut off or having to wait for the other students to say stuff. LOL I'm so self-centered. I owe her a journal because I'm a moron and it is late. I spaced getting it done. Oh well. 

I need to check my school email box. This would be easy other then they have the password set to some stupid numbers I have to go look up. It should all be forwarding to my main email but never good to leave it alone. For all I know my teachers have been emailing there everyday going "Where the fuck are you???" and I'm over in gmail like "la la la oh no new school email good." *snorts* Knowning my luck that's what's been happening. 

So gonna get this journal done before I leave work then finish my paper work and go home. None of my co-workers showed up today. Think they went to a kegger yesterday. Oh well, none of my business.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2006 01:01 am)
So my weekly..irr bi-weekly...irr well hows about a quick update.

Spent the week at the Sals Mill house. Thanks guys ^_^

Will be going back next week *facepalms* This lack of a new place is honestly beginning to get to me.

Lets see classes are fine. I've no worries there as long as go to class I get A's. *shrugs* My teachers all like me and are beginning to figure out how much of a smartass I can be. Already had one thank me for such solid class participation. LOL I just like talking. Ethics teacher pissed me off by wanting a report on Bk2 of Plato's Republic (had to read the whole thing and my group did bk 2) and asking for it in two days time at the end of class and not givin our group any time to get together. Fucker. Oh I did my report then the bastard decided he didn't need it after all. Thanks could you have told me before I stayed up til 3am working on it!?

Drive home was mostly uneventful other then some jerk ridin my tailpipe I had to teach a lesson to about whose the bigger bitch. And yes ladies and gentlemen you guessed it- ME.

Came home turned on my computer and you guessed it the damn thing died. It won't go pass the first windows splash screen where it gives the little loading bar. *sighs* I'm fairly certain this is just gonna keep happening no matter how many times I reput windows on it. It has to be some sort of hardware issue and I'm basicaly writing the damned thing off. *sighs* The laptop is okay for now but I'll need a new desktop eventually.

Went searching online for new places and jobs tonight. Gonna start throwing resumes around.

Oh and I got a lovely and terrifying letter from the fin. aide people. Seems there was a change in the laws and all classes used for aide must apply towards your degree. Well yeah I checked this week and everything , and I mean everything, applies towards my degree. So gotta go have a chat with them this week.

Have to get a physical for my workstudy program on tuesday. Gotta get like 5 vaccinations too. Looking at places on monday. Oh had a lovely time getting finger printed last weds at the state troopers station. The cop was cute and we had a nice chat. Saw him get really mad at some people who didn't have their kids belted down in the car. It was funny and kinda scary.

*sighs* Well I think I'm gonna go crash or something. I was feeling well this morning.
Heads up until further notice I'm working 11 hour days at work. That isn't counting the time getting ready for, getting to, or getting from work so tack on another 3 plus hours. I'm going to be hard to get a hold of. You can page me or try me at work if it is an emergency. If you don't hear back from me after just giving me a call for a week or so don't feel bad I'm just a little out of sorts and busy. Drop me another line and I'll call you back. Raven I know I owe you a call sorry I'll try tomorrow. *snugs*

As to why, I'm covering for the mail room chickie as well as in finance right now. I don't know how long because right now I'm training to cover for her while she is on vacation and we don't know when she goes on vacation because it isn't until her daughter has the baby. Then she is gone for a week and I can go back to a more normal schedule.. Only two hours more but it is still a bit of a pain. Great money though.

*sighs* Still have to finish enrolling in classes. Fuck that's a conflict must remember to take that with me on monday. Hmmm babbling. Must go bake.


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