Feel like crap again. Can't seem to kick this cold. I''m beginning to think it is the swine flu. I think it was the uncontrollable oinking that gave it away. No but seriously this is a most annoying cold. It comes and goes and I never feel too terrible just run down and my lungs don't want to work. So unfun.

My children (who are at present upstairs yelling at one another) came in before bedtime and gave me some pictures they had drawn for me. It was very sweet of them and I do so adore them. It would be nice if they could maintain the cute for longer then two minutes lol but they are kids so whatcha gonna do.

Justin is off at some army thing he needs to do to sign up for it. *sigh* I'm in the minority in that I don't think he should join. Don't get me wrong. I like the military for some people and I have several career military friends I just don't think it is right for him. But it is his life and I just keep my mouth shut about it for the most part. He is convinced that this will help him achieve some nebulous life goals. I remain unconvinced and generally worried but maybe I'm wrong. Anything is possible.

I should go out and have dinner and be somewhat sociable at some point soon. I feel like such crap though I maybe just eat chat and crawl back in here. Maybe I'll work on the fantasy book. It is going well and I have the next bit written in my head just need to finish typing it. I rediscovered that driving helps me get past a writer's block like a charm.

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How old are your kids? Mine are 12 and 14 now but they still go off and fight and yell and all that. I wish I could say it gets better but they just get more moody. I had some kind of cold for about a month. I thought it would never go away but it's finally just about gone. I was really starting to think I had developed allergies or something. I hope you get to feeling better soon.
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LOL I remember being a kid and I'm not expecting it to get much better. We have an 11, 8 (soon to be 9), 6(sooner to be 7) and three year old. They are all good kids and they will grow into fine adults if they live that long.

Yeah this cold is kicking my butt it started Sunday before last and I thought it was done but today it decided to come back for a grudge match. So annoying. I have allergies but they feel different so I don't think they've started yet this year. Or maybe it is a combo yay my body is falling apart LOL ^_~ Thanks for the well wishes and I'm glad your death cold is getting better. *chuckles* Maybe my immune system could have a chat with yours and get some tips.

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It is definitely annoying to be sick. Hopefully, yours will get back on track soon. I'm sure it doesn't help with feeding either which really might make you feel like you're falling apart. We all need to learn how to send cold zapping energy to each other then we could fix these problems...lol...

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Yeah, I am not fond of what the military did to Jimmy's personality. And he is rather like the Jim.
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He reminds me alot of Derek too and it didn't do him any favors either. As I said, there isn't much I can do but hope I'm wrong. He is very set on the idea and thinks he can get in and get out. *shakes head* Well hopefully ... well yeah hopefully things go okay.


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