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([personal profile] seorgia Oct. 16th, 2008 09:39 pm)
Today was a mixture of really good and really good. Okay make that really good, rather painful, and really good. Day started early with me being unable to sleep at night and only getting 2 hours. No big surprise there. I woke up early baked a chocolate cake for Wyatt's birthday than showered and hit the road for traffic court. They hit me up for money but no points and I left happy. Went shopping for cake supplies and came home to start the cake. During all of this I was dealing with sharp stabbing pains in my lower back. Every once in a while my periods turn really painful and sometimes a bit heavy on the blood flow. Today I got both and it was so, so much fun. I ended up napping just to try and get the muscles in my back to relax a bit. The pain is still pretty present but the blood has gone back to a normal amount. Always fun being in court and realizing you think you've bled straight through the tampon you had in. Thank you black pants. As I was saying, I came home started to decorate the cake which meant making a white chocolate ganache for the filling than taking a nap cause I needed it.

The rest of the day was taken up with cake decorating (yay!) and hanging with my housemates. I dropped the cake to Wyatt and came on home. I had planned on hanging with people in NP but after talking with Wyatt and dropping the cake my back said 'Go Home' and home I went. At present I'm listening to my children trying and quietly walk around upstairs after lights out. *sigh* Too tired to go yell at them again. If they get loud enough I'm sure another adult will get them. one of the perks of a poly household.

Back to relaxing the kinks out of my lower back now.

Oh and for those curious about the cake, I made him an X-Box 360 with two controllers almost entirely out of chocolate ^_^ Teehee

Mmmm edible controller

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That rocks, at first I didn't know why you were holding a clay model of an XBox controller, but hearing its a cake I just have to say you're such a cool chicka!
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Yeah the controller was rice crispy treats and gum paste (a sugar paste). The main cake (not pictured here) was a chocolate cake with a white chocolate ganache frosting. The ganache and I fought long and hard so it mostly became a white chocolate coating.


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