*runs in cackling*

Hahaha I have it! I had it before but I forgot. I knew it but there are so many things you know but you don't know but you do know. But I know for sure. Now I remember. I forgot the main villain. I mean I had him but I didn't have him. He wandered off for some reason but I have him now. Haha! I had been writing, writing, writing but something was wrong and I couldn't remember mwhat it was. He had wandered off the bastard but I have him now.

You see fuck the hero. I adore the hero but fuck him. Heroes don't mean a damned thing. You know what a hero is without a villain? A farmer. A boring nothing farmer or a solider or someone else who does nothing interesting with their lives. Heroes don't drive stories. Heroes don't own stories. No Heroes are only as interesting as the villains. How could I forget that? But I have him now. Do you know what a villain is without a Hero? Nothing because whenever you get a villain eventually you'll get a hero (or a dead society but I digress). Ha so I have him now. I mean he was always there but I needed him more visible. He isn't even the real villainy behind it all. Oh but he is the face he is the effect which highlights the flawed system.

Villains aren't evil. Or if they are they are boring because what is so interesting about someone who is pure evil? They aren't a character that most people can even understand because people really see the worlds in grays not blacks not white. That's half the reason old Voldy became so amazingly boring. He was born evil? Yawn! I mean so basically he becomes a rabid dog who just needs to be put down? Where's the drama in that? Where's the choice that marks him as someone who you should fear because he could be you he could be anyone? Every story I have ever read with a villain who is born evil is always boring no matter how beautifully written. I was reading some Lackey recently that was probably one of the most lush and gorgeous pieces of writing out there with a world that was full and lively. Unfortunately, the antagonists were all these demon things who just wanted to destroy the world because they liked destroying things. I couldn't figure out what was bothering me about the book until I realized that no matter how beautiful the world was, no matter how three dimensional the characters were written I could not dig my teeth into a villainy that is so boring. Look at Star Wars? What makes the Sith so amazingly fucking cool? (besides the lightsabers) That whole Turn to the Dark Side shit! The fact that anyone at all could fall and not get up again. That instead of being born all evil and shit they chose to be that way and in doing so made themselves that much more dangerous.

Okay enough about my love of villains. I'm off to write. Or rewrite since I want to tear up the first couple chapters again. ^_^

Haha I have him now!

*runs out*
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( Sep. 22nd, 2008 02:34 am)
Just finished chapter 3. That brings me up to one preface, three chapters, 46 pages, and 17290 words. Most of the major world concepts have been introduced. Okay well the one's that these characters would know about. The plot has started the first arch and we have 4 of the five major characters from this book introduced.


I may kill my smelly ferrets before the new easy to clean cage arrives and I'm about to go feed some snakes. Yay.
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( Jul. 18th, 2008 09:52 am)
I can't sleep. I can't figure out what I want to write for my writing contest entry which is due in two hours. I also think I'm going to have to start beating my head into the nearest wall.


*sighs* Alright I think I'm out for this month's contest. I can't think of an entry for the prompt. It should be easy, the prompt is Happiness is... I can think of a few different story ideas but I don't like any of them. I'm trying to ot fall into a writing slouch and that means staying creative. Right now all I have in my head is the same old shit I always have in there and I don't want to put any of that to paper.

Grr I'm better than this, I know I am.

Funny, I don't see last week's winner's post up either. I placed second last week. I would be funny if none of the people who placed high last week even posted this week.

Crap... does it count as writer's block when you have ideas but you aren't happy with any of them?

And Im going to burn Time Warner down if they don't do something to fix my fucking internet.
Okay so this is another week of me writing really weird shit. I swear to the gods I actually can write other things *thinks a second* okay I take that back. Anyhow I'm actually rather happy with how this turned out over all. I have a few issues but those are issues I always have with my writing. While the subject theme is a little dark I think it ends up being, in a truly screwed up way, a very positive story. I'll shut up now. Oh yeah the prompt was It hurts when I do this.

Benediction )
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( Jul. 4th, 2008 07:41 am)
This is my Brigit's Flame entry:


It was the way she walked that I remember most. She walked liked she lived so full of life she nearly shook the ground to pieces with her heavy tread. It was such an odd feature for one so small. Bones of the brittlest chalk that seemed to snap under the gentlest breeze. Ankles and wrists so tiny a humming bird would find it hard to land but she danced as a buffalo would.

I used to love to watch her. I should have watched the other children as intently but it was she, my humming bubbling baby rhino, that stole the spotlight. It is she I blame for the loss of Fredrick. I'll admit, part of the whole fiasco was my fault but I still blame her the most. She was so enchanting stomping through the park I couldn't help but stare. I told you I should have watched the others but I couldn't miss a moment of such graceless charm.

It seemed to be only a moment since my eyes had landed on dear Freddy. A moment I stalked her with my eyes as she bumbled down the slide. A moment til I heard the tires screech. A moment and little Fred was no more.

I remember the sight didn't make any sense at first. I stared for a moment just trying to see and when I did something in me seemed to fly apart and there was screaming and someone was shaking me and then I woke up surrounded by piercing light. They told me at the hospital that I went a little mad; started trying to pick up the pieces so to speak. I spoke to a counselor for a while at the place they kept me. But I was too smart for them; eventually they let me go after a “grieving period”.

Now I still wander the parks looking for my darling, Chelsey. I know someday I'll hear her heavy steps bounding across the world to me. One day I shall find her and hold her tight enough to go find Fred. Then we'll all be together where I can watch her forever. I'm coming dear one, don't hide from me sweet little love. Together we'll stomp down the gates to heaven. Just let me watch you run for a while. So delicate, so sweet, all mine.
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( Jan. 9th, 2008 06:55 am)
So what happens when you are congested and you try use your speech recognition software to get a little writing done? This is what, try to spot when I stopped correcting it just gave up:

Insanity is like unlimited ice cream sundaes. At first it seems like a good idea, sweet goey a good credo flowed worry that the to did lets the cult's suit recovered chocolatey belted 100 true here or we're told. The story storks so weren't little to soar to did the chocolatey goo. What go to the Arab light it would create like us to did. It will just hopes will that could divide the decided to stop the Gottschalk like he I just kept Abdul like to get what husband for the store like huge soccer practice unadjusted hole this world of change the way it did. I suspect it will move what we'll could say thanks out the door they do it for up to be nothing Saturday you you pick this book AltaVista used or do.
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( Dec. 18th, 2007 08:29 am)
10 page story in less then two hours. Woot! I rock the socks. And Creative Writing 2 is all done. One final today and then two tomorrow and this semester is over!


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