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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:42 am)
Just an FYI for anyone who is on X-Box 360 live and cares, my ID is Seorgia. Come love me and friend me for I am full of the alone.

Anyhow I am power owning Fable 2 more than is probably healthy. I heart's it I do. I have a wicked chick on there right now but I think I'm going to make her good for a little while just for shits and giggles. Such a lovely phrase that.

Anyhow off I go to murder more restless spirits in the march. yay!!!
You know you have a video game problem when you are debating with yourself whether you should take your starting-to-get-sick self to bed or get up and play the new computer game your friend told you about earlier in the day.

LOL I think sleep wins because I don't think I feel well enough or awake enough to even crawl over to the computer. Bugger need to go take the dog out. *sigh* Okay that'll I'll get up and do.

My throat has been kinda hurting since last night and while it has hasn't gotten any worse persay it hasn't gotten any better. Hopefully my body will kick the bugs ass because I'd rather not get strep again this year. Last time sucked throughly.
I have changed my mind partly about the man-hatred thing. I hate one or three men and that is enough.

On a better note class was boring but I then went and hung out with Sean, Matt P., and their across the hall neighbor Ryan. It was a blast. There was one some dark spot on all of this but I mostly ignored him and was ignored in turn. Yay. :(

Anyhow the new kid is wicked cute and funny as hell. Sean, Ryan and I then walked around campus a bit and talked gaming and other way fun things. It was super nice. I now have a new game I must try out now. That's all I need another vid game addiction. I invited the two of them over at some point for cooking lessons and to watch some kick ass cooking shows. I now must play some more pokemon here real soon. *chuckles* I love geeking about games and shtuff.

Squee so yay good afternoon. I have fed my sourdough starter babies and soon they will be ready for consumption bwhahaha. Mmmm consuming your pets teehee

Squeeeeeeeeeeee! I need this shirt!!!!! Someone love me enough to buy me this shirt! OMG LURVE!!!@!!!!!

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( Mar. 28th, 2008 08:27 pm)
I decided I missed watching my draenei's butt wiggle.

Yes kids, I'm going back on WoW.
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( Mar. 19th, 2008 03:07 pm)
I woke up later then I wanted to and earlier then my body wanted to. I've been on a night schedule for the past little while and I'm trying to get back to a day schedule again. Stupid to do while I'm sick but there you go. I was up later then usual last night because my writing muse decided that while I was falling asleep was the perfect time to give me a funny character who just wanted to be written down. He is a Supervillain and hilarious. I'll probably get a short story out of this joker.

On the sick front I'm feeling a bit better. Still pretty light headed so I intend to not move alot today. I also can't seem to hear a damned thing. I think the pressure in my head is preventing the sound waves from making the ear drum vibrate properly. Or that is the explaination I'm going with now.

Jackjack has his little frind over. I emerge from my room to be told that he desperately wants to see my snakes. Hahaha so cute! Then his little friend starts asking me if I play video games and what kind and what I think of Halo 3. I wanna drag him to the NPC gaming convention so badly. I'm sure we'll see him there in a few years anyhow. I love little gamer babies they are so cute. That will be my kids at some point I'm sure. Speaking of gaming I'm a beta tester for a new Sims game and I'm about to go rock out for a while. Woot beta time!

Hmmm I'm starting to feel hyper. LOL I must be getting better.
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( Mar. 10th, 2008 08:41 pm)
I game. I'm sure most people who even vaguely pay attention to this journal know this. I wouldn't say I was a hardcore gamer because I know what that looks like and I'm just not there... yet.

Having said all this I freely admit my all time favorite game is the Sims series. Every single one of them has made me happy (technically there are only two games but I sort of include the expansion packs in here). Speaking of which Sims 3 *SQUEEE* has been announced and I am going to be scanning the gaming mags to learn more as it comes out. I doubt we'll see it before the end of this year though. I'd love if it came out by say Christmas but I doubt it will. Anyhow that is a said issue. My present issue is that my computer is just not good enough to run my games. I had the feeling when I bought it I would need to upgrade and I really should have built the blasted thing from scratch but things where weird around then. As such I am determined to upgrade it properly this time around. Hmmm the only problem with this is my computer knowledge is just not up to the task at hand. How annoying. There is no point in me spending money on things if I don't need them I'm not rich. I am in fact a poor college student in search of a job.

So I have an idea of what I want to upgrade. I have an idea of a budget. I have no idea what in god's name I'm staring at and what the fuck they are talking about on this site I'm looking over products on. You know I have no problem pulling a dumb blond moment to be cute but if I actual have no idea what I'm doing I just get annoyed. And damn am I getting annoyed.

Oh and Jenn just asked me why I don't wait for the help that has been promised me, because I am the least patient person I have ever met in my entire long and horribly boring life. ARGH! *goes on Stitchesk rampage*

EDIT: Jeff helped me!!!!!! Squee! Upgrades are to be mine.
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( Mar. 4th, 2008 11:28 am)
So the bubble of goodness which was this weekend burst. I mean, I knew that I couldn't fix my head or my problems by leaving for a hella good weekend but I was hoping for another day or two of goodness before my head decided to be a bastard again. Oh well, such is life.

I'm sitting here chillin' in my car (which desperately needs to be cleaned but it is raining outside ugh! so I'm not gonna) waiting for my next class to start. I bombed my last accounting test. Fuck. I'll just have to buckle down harder. I miss really stupid things too. I think I was just not in the headspace I needed to be to take the test. I can still make it up though. I have an exam in my next class as well. Hopefully I'll do alright. I'm fairly comfortable with the material so here's to hoping. I have another exam next week and I think one in math as well. I also have a hardcore paper due on Thursday. I can see tomorrow is going to be study central.

Some out-of-town friends are flying in this weekend and we are all going clubbing in the city. I can't wait. *sigh* I know that I can't fix my issues with constant distractions but it is so tempting to do so. Then again I can't really fix them anyhow so I might as well distract myself with something fun. The weekend after that we are doing something on St. Patty's day though I thought it was on the weekend but now I looked at the calendar and it seems it is on a Monday and I am the confused. That will also be the week of spring break and the Bestermans being gone. I have no idea what I'm doing all of spring break. I talked with Jesse about possibly running some Exalted. With campus being closed we'll have to gank people from their homes. On the plus side with the Bestermans being gone we can game as late as we want and not wake the kids. I think the Mortons might be out of town during part of that time as well but I might be confused with something else. Either way I know I'm gonna be gaming a bit this weekend with my Vampire group. Matt P. has said the Sabbat will hunt us down if we don't show on Saturday. LOL Gaming and clubbing all in one day; I do believe I'm a spoiled, spoiled girly.
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 03:19 am)
I'm a self proclaimed gamer. I have more consoles then I know what to do with. I've enough games to build a small house. I am also unhappy. What the fuck did you do to my X-play? It is all weird looking now and my favorite opening is gone! Fuck you all, change it back! Okay well I like that they have more people on talking but otherwise it just annoys me. But what ever. I was watching it today and they were talking about the PS3. Now I agree with much of what the people on there were saying. The PS3 has been out for a LONG time in tech time. It is still not doing well and to be honest I think I know only one person who owns one. Compared to the Wii and the Xbox360 the PS3 is dying a slow lingering death. This is damned annoying because I LOVE my PS2. There are so many good games on there I cannot count the number of hours I have lost to it. How do you fuck up so badly on the new system? Come on Sony did you learn nothing from Nintendo's fuck ups? Give us something good to play. Give us some of our old favorites. Give us some new favorites. Actually I don't care what you give us because the system has more issues then a first year med student. I feel they were trying to do something amazing but they dropped the bloody ball. The price is too high, the system eats the world's power supply, and none of the games are really up to snuff yet. Fix it damn you!

Anyhow I'm loving my new 360 though. It is like a little warm plastic white piece of heaven. LOL I was playing more Rock Band the other night with Reid, Dan and Wyatt. I cannot believe how much fun that game is and let us not forget my Lego Star Wars addiction. I've actually been avoiding some of the reviews of new things coming out so I don't stay locked in my room all day with my new toys. I'm sure my Wii is beginning to feel jealous though. Not to mention the other systems. *pets them* I love you all in different ways. I will come back to you my sweets. As soon as I finish pwning Darth Vader...

On the RPG front, I can't wait for classes to start and with it Exalted and Vampire. I'm not sure if we are switching over to 2nd Edition Exalted or not. I so want to make a Lunar. It is all Wyatt's fault and Kibble's too. Them and their damned books. Mmmmm RPG.

I've been staying off MMO's for a while. Seriously don't have the time with everything else. I'm sure I devote too much time to the playing, talking, and enjoyment of modern gaming. I addicted Shanti to Sims2 recently. The newest expansion pack is out like next month. Oh no they have another game of the wonderful Sims coming out *whimpers*. Oh no there is a free download preview...

As for why I'm awake at four in the morning... yeah about that sleeping a normal cycle thing. I can't seem to stay awake during the day anymore. I keep falling asleep in weird places and at weird times. I managed to get some of what I was supposed to do done today but not all and that just isn't acceptable. Mika went to the vet. She is locked up right now so she will pee into a pan and I can collect it. Ahh the wonders of cat mommydom.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I need to clean the house today and get the cake done/mostly done. I also need to figure out times of people coming and finish picking the menu. I think I know what want. Anyhow I'm looking forward to it all.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 02:18 am)
I should be doing school work or something but instead I've been watching cooking shows (and Seven of Nine's ass). It is all planning for Tuesday yeah that's it... anyhow I'm thinking of doing some mini cheesecakes for Tuesday. I haven't made one in forever so hmm yes me thinks it is about time i made one again. But that means no decorating and I must use my airbrush (fiending!) What to do? What to do?

Oh and I desperately need to get more cardboard cakeboards.

Hmm maybe sleep soon
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( Dec. 1st, 2007 11:02 pm)
Last night I invited over a bunch of my school friends to play DnD Shots; we had a blast. I would recount the game but ahem I don't really exactly remember it all. We all got a little smashed though Matt P. ended up soberish towards the end (very sad). Then we all all crashed by 5 or so in the morning. I woke up at 9:15 because I'm fairly certain my body hates me at times and enjoys torturing me with no sleep and then too much at weird times. During the party I made cinnamon buns (yay drunken baking! go me) so we had those baked fresh along with some amazing thing K makes. Life was good. Then I gave everyone the house/property tour which resulted in many ooos and ahhhs; it was the wonderful being able to show off my family, I seldom get to do so. They left and I allowed myself to be climbed on for 2 hours by heavy children. I'm now very sore but the kids are damned cute so eh.

*yawns* I took a nap after dinner and now I suppose I will go and work on school work or something productive. Yay! I know I shouldn't say this (tempting fate and all) but I'm happy to have had such a good end to such a terrible week. It was just plain nice having people over and getting drunk and joking around. Plus I adored being able to play GM. Especially towards the end when the game just became a big joke and I got to make up some really interesting and gruesome deaths. Also my family really liked my friends which is always a lovely feeling. Matt P. is fascinated by with Matt ([ profile] nounsandverbs) does for a living because Matt P. is going into communications as well so he is all hyped and I am to give his information over to Matt for maybe jobidge and internidge or what ever. LOL It is all very cute. After they all left K, Katie, and I talked like giggling girls which was hilarious. LOL I love living with other women like me at times, it can be hmmm giggly. Plus you know both my female housemates rock the socks. They kick ass and take names.
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( Nov. 9th, 2007 07:32 am)
I never did my second day update so here it is a little under a week late.

The second rocked more if that is at all possible. I made 3 types of muffins in the morning which went off without any major hitches. I did end up having to use a different sort of chocolate in one but no big. One of my friends told me later that the donuts were "like sex for my mouth". LOL So I'll stop obsessing over them. Though I just did up a batch with the yeast and I like them better. I need to get a different oil. I think the others absorbed too much.

The con itself rocked hardcore. I spent most of the day either working the admissions area, RPGing, or watching people play video games. I really have fallen in love with Resistance Fall of Man for the PS3. It may be the first first-person shooter that I've ever really liked. I even played for like 10 mins and had a ball. So kickass!

I also got to play a bunch of RPGs like Desolation and DnD. Our Desloation game was way fun other then one guy who I want to strangle. He was a complete ass and even tried to call the GM on some idiotic point at one time. God what an ass. I feel bad for Matt (the GM) who had the moron in both of his games.

In all three of the RPGs I played this weekend I got to play a completely different character type then I normally get to play. Jessie ran a zombies take over the world game in GURPS where I played a hardcore, take care of everyone, solider. LOL Her job was to kill us all and mine to save them all. I'm afraid I'm really good and avoiding GM made traps and I played way in character. As such, only one person died and that's cause we shot her in the back of the head with a shotgun. LOL. Over all it was a way kick ass game and I had fun though I feel bad because Jessie didn't get to kill anyone and that's kind of the point of the game. But she remade the character into a psycho afterwards and got to kill people next game. I'm a survivor *chuckles*.

In Desolation I played another ass kicker which was way fun. I acted a bit hyper because it was act hyper or kill the asshole in our party. We had fun but never finished the game because of the prick.

In DnD I got to play a Rogue (very normal) but she was really ditzy which was WAAAAAAAYYYY fun once I understood that she was supposed to be a ditz. After I understood that I had a ball acting like a moron for the remaining game. I'm so making another character like this at some point. I had way too much fun. Shanti is also a kickass DM. So gonna beg to be in on another game with her at some point.

So the second day rocked and I had a ball. We needed more RPGs but otherwise there were very little complaints.

So if you missed NPC this year you must come next year because it was amazing.

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( Oct. 30th, 2007 11:16 pm)
So today was pretty busy.

I woke up and Kt and I went and shopped. I spent too much money again but I got enough fabric (sale) to make myself some new tops and stuff. I haven't gone clothes shopping in a long time so this counts. I also got presents of fabric for Jayme, Rebel and Haiyata. I saw the vinyl they all like and I couldn't resist getting a couple yards of each since the price was so good. I'm a bad Seo.

Then I redyed my hair, made a new set of horns (purple and silver sparkly), and wandered out to go gaming.

Gaming was a lot of fun. Shanti has joined us as a dragon-blooded and our party is wandering around in a desert Wyatt and Matt cooked up. We spent most of the session bitching at each other. (IC) It was a huge amount of fun. Next week we are running vampire.

Oh and everyone liked my brownies which was the only really important thing today.

Then the NPC meeting happened. Can't wait for this weekend. The con is goin' to rock hardcore.

Because why should I inflict my depression on you? )
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( Sep. 26th, 2007 02:02 am)
So today was kind of long. I had a bad case of insomnia last night (and another tonight) so I only got about 3-4 hours of real sleep. Then I tried to get up and get all the myriad of chores done today I wanted. I ended up getting a fair amount done but not everything. I got some more job applications out but was unable to go out and run about. The packages for amazon got mailed. I went to math tutoring to make up for being sick. I did more homework. I went and hung out at the gaming society because I was wiped after working math. Then I cam home and vegged to Ninja Warrior which is a suprisingly addictive show.

So now I'm going to bed. I have to be awake in less then 6 hours to get the last bit of homework done and ready to hand in to class. I have another long day. My first class is at 10am and I am out at 7:45. So tired! Then we have our monthly family meeting at 9pm. I'm taking my laptop and finishing the finances write up at school. I'm going to work in some graphs this time if I have the time. I'm also thinking of rearranging things again. I keep thinking about it while I'm in my accounting class. It is hard because it isn't like a business or a private checking book. Some odd hybrid.

Okay I'm babbling. Time to try and sleep!
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 01:53 am)
So here's the review I posted to for MySims the game I was drooling over last week:

This was a game I was really psyched to hear about. I purchased it the first day and have played it almost non-stop. Overall this is a cute little game that will give you hours of fun IF you aren't looking for an experience similar to the PC versions. Like most of the non-PC Sims games this one has a definite plot line and less free for all then the Sims or Sims 2 PC versions. You have goals to complete and new characters to meet. If you enjoy building and taking care of a little digital town this game is for you.

All my problems with this game are fairly minor and have little to do with the game play. I wish they had some sort of interactive dimension to the game. There should be some way for you to go and visit other My Sims towns to see what other people have built. It would be great if you could look at their designs, copy or trade with them, and really make a community out of a game that begs to have one built around it. The designers seem to have forgotten that they were working with a next-gen platform about halfway through the games design. While they did an excellent job of working in the Wii's unique characteristics with fishing and prospecting, they missed a whole avenue to make the Wii designed Sims' games as popular as their PC counterparts. Also, and this part I am unsure on, I do not believe that you can hook the Wii version to the DS version which is a bit sad. Did the designers run out of time? Or are these things low on the priority list until they see how the game sells? Questions I just don't have any answers to.

My Sims is a good game that begs to be tweaked. Hopefully this is not the last Wii based Sims game we see.

And now I'm for bed.
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( Sep. 24th, 2007 11:45 pm)
So I'm sitting here watching the release party for Halo 3 where Microsoft has shutdown an entire NYC street for this party and all I can think is "I wonder if Matt is covering this tonight?" LOL The gamer in me has got to cry at my priorities. There are two black kids who just got the first two copies. LOL This is great.

If I was there I'd flash Master Chief because why not. *giggles*

Anyhow as excited as all these people have gotten I'm not really all that excited. I'm excited for my friends who I know many of are out waiting in line but I've never been all that fond of Halo. I like a good solid game of rocket ball (because who doesn't drema of blowing up their friends with rockets?) but otherwise I don't like the games. Maybe I would if I had my own xbox and could actually learn how to play on my own.
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( Sep. 19th, 2007 01:53 am)

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( Sep. 19th, 2007 01:28 am)
I'm contemplating blowing up Electronic Arts. OKay maybe not all of it because they have some game designers I would gladly bang any day of the week. (What gamer freak much? lol) But who ever decided to put on their website that the name game I want comes out on the 18th when they mean it ships from the fucking warehouse on the 18th and won't be available until the 19th needs to be horribly maimed by a large cuisinart.

Thank you I'm going to go chew on my Wii controller while I wait for a few hours. I would be less annoyed other then the fact that I have SCHOOL tomorrow and shall have a whole 12 hours where I can not possibly play my new game. WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO EVIL FATE GODS???? On the plus side there is no school Friday so I have days and days and days to fully rot in front of my new game.

*ponders* I believe I might have a gaming addiction problem. Oh well no 12 step programs for me. I'll just grind up old game and inject them directly into my blood stream. Kinda like a nic-patch only sharper.


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