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([personal profile] seorgia Apr. 11th, 2009 07:44 pm)
Today has been a fairly good day. I woke up and Gryph and Murphy were cleaning the horrible mess left in the kitchen which was less then good. I should have finished cleaning my cake gear before I crash but I was so tired. *sigh* Not really an excuse but try harder I shall. Most of the mess wasn't mine but still I should have cleaned more before crashing. Anyhow afterward we sat around and kept an eye on Charlie which was pleasant and quite easy. It was fun being the psuedomom type person who could understand all the things he said and who could get him foods he likes and would eat. Isn't a pleasure which is often mine but today I had it. Gryph ended up taking him out for lunch which I heard was cute as a button. I was exhausted and watch some telly and cuddled on the couch with a kitten. When they got back Charlie, Gryph and I sat down and watched The Last Unicorn together. Charlie really liked it and wanted to watch more "pony movies" so I put on some My Little Pony. Bwhaha I shall infect the next gen with MLP! So yeah, the day was very nice then the Bestermans came home and it was even nicer. Rosie, Pat and Stefka's dog, ran off and we had to go chase her down during dinner which rather sucked. I ended up driving my car around and finally found her way in the complex they are building higher up on the mountain. Then she wouldn't come to me and ran toward home. I managed to yell to Murph, Justin, Emily, and Kae who were searching down nearer the house and they corralled her back home. Little shit. On the way back to see if they got her I stopped and picked up the mail and yay got some money! It seems the bank charged me a fee it shouldn't have and so they sent me the money back. Sweet! I'm trying to be super careful with the cash I do have. I have another interview for a job on Monday at the eye doctor place near my home. I know nothing about glasses beyond what I've learned over 18 odd years of wearing them but I need a job. I'm not sure how much money I'm getting for the cake commission I did so that's a little bit extra too. The guy at the party store said if I wanted to put up notices for cake design at his store I could. I'm still not sure about it but well we'll see. I'm still not sure I'm good enough to go pro, plus I still need certain stuff for baking that without I just can't put a proper product out. It doesn't matter so much if the cake melts in your mouth if the border is too fucked up. Oh well it is a thought.

Oh I ran into one of my old school buds in the bookstore the other day. He is getting super hot as he gets older. We talked about college and caught up on life. I need to add him into my facebook roster. ^_^

Anyhow I'm off to watch a little coupling and maybe take a short nap or just plain go to sleep.
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