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([personal profile] seorgia Apr. 3rd, 2009 04:30 pm)
I shook off my horrible dream this morning and have spent the day being very productive. I've been working on getting my room clean with varied results. Today I did really well and the room looks so much better. My plans for later in the afternoon consist of taking a shower then running JackJack to his martial arts class. While he is at class I'm going to run out and deposit checks and what not and maybe pick up some liquor. That should take me the better part of an hour which is about how long his class is.

I still have hours worth of work to do on my room but I'm happy with how it is shaping up. *yawns* I am tired though from a crap night of sleep. I'm thinking in two weeks it will be warm enough and clear enough for me to take the ferret cage outside for a through cleaning. That is one perk of the warmer weather, I can take the cage out and really get everything squeaky clean. This weekend is looking fairly packed. Tomorrow I'm on kid duty all day long while the rest of the house either goes to help Manta move or to celebrate Winna's birthday party. I'm happy to take the patrol while they do those things. I won't be all alone so should be fairly happytastic. I'm rather fond of my kids and all lol.

Alright shower and then errands.

Meant to post about an hour ago but our internet is wonky. Oh well
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