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2009-05-02 05:08 pm


I have a Dreamwidth account. Same username as here. I doubt I'll use it much but I have it set to crosspost so there yah go.

OKay they already have one huge vote in their favor. I literally just clicked one button and everything from LJ got imported right over there. Yay I was so not looking forward to moving my F-list over. Blegh.
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2009-05-02 04:40 pm

Sick and weird dreams

The sick continues. I think I'm slowly getting better. Right now all I can really think of is not moving from my bed. I've been spending my time split between sleeping, writing, and sending out more job apps. I just wish I didn't feel so freaking tired. Keep waking up every 15 minutes while I'm sleeping. Sooooo unrestful. Wow this is a boring post. Enough whinging I think.

Oh I did have the weirdest dream with Russell Brand of all people in it. Can't even fathom what made me think of Russell Brand. Oh well.
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2009-05-02 01:48 am


I love finding new fetishes online LOL.

It looks like it is far too warm a fetish. I mean wow wool is warm and sex makes you warm so add them together and it seems like a horrible idea.
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2009-05-01 04:13 am

Movies and GI Joe

So I watched three movies tonight and while I am sick I think I caught most of the plots. With the rest of the household I saw Young Sherlock Holmes which was pretty spiffy. It did have one of my least favorite death things in it as Kt noted while we were watching but I didn't mind as much this time. It sort of had a point and fit with the series so it didn't ruin the movie for me. Good movie for a light night.

On my own I watched the latest Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brendan Fraser (whom I adore). A cute little family comedy that I think the kids would get a kick out of watching. There was only one place that is a little bit scary where they might have an issue but they are pretty good about such things.

Then I switched on a movie called Bug which was just plain odd. I can't say as I would enjoy seeing it again but it was worth seeing once for the Whoa Factor. I must say stellar performances by the actors in what must have been a crazy role to play. Actually I take that back I might see it again to really pick it apart. It was an amazing movie in one way though so not what I was expecting. The more I think about it and the layers within it the more I kind grow to like and enjoy the acting, writing, and general feel of the movie.

I will say one general thing about movies today, for the love of god pull the fucking camera shot back a bit. I do not need to be so close to someone's face that I can count their pores. Yes it is an intense moment but NO you do not have to get right up the nose of your actor. Pull it back people, no one wants to see that.

Ugh well I took some NyQuil and I'm hoping it drops me out soon cause I feel crappy.

Wait wait wait I can't end this yet I just found out Christopher Eccleston is playing DESTRO in the new GI Joe movie. But... but... but Destro????? Words fail me at that casting. Have the casting folks even watched GIJoe? I just wow is he so not Destro. Destro was large with muscles and a BIG FUCKING METAL HEAD. He was the original G.I. Joe pimp. I mean the man wore a pimp coat. Eccleston does not a pimp make! I actually really like the Baroness though they have got to stop posing her in the most retarded poses possible. Though I do wish she had an actual ass. The chick has a bit of the nassatall issue. Quaid as Hawk is cool but everyone else is too pretty or just the wrong sort for the role. And I don't care how much more realistic the black outfits are I want my colors and interesting clothing back on my Joes. Half the fun was the damned outfits. And now I've seen the preview with Eccleston and I REEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLY hate him as Destro. The guy who plays SnakeEyes should be Destro. He could pull the pimp off. Fucking christ man. Ripcord is cool though; I like the Wayans brothers. *grumble* Okay now I'll go sleep.
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2009-04-30 08:21 pm

Sick times comith

Feel like crap again. Can't seem to kick this cold. I''m beginning to think it is the swine flu. I think it was the uncontrollable oinking that gave it away. No but seriously this is a most annoying cold. It comes and goes and I never feel too terrible just run down and my lungs don't want to work. So unfun.

My children (who are at present upstairs yelling at one another) came in before bedtime and gave me some pictures they had drawn for me. It was very sweet of them and I do so adore them. It would be nice if they could maintain the cute for longer then two minutes lol but they are kids so whatcha gonna do.

Justin is off at some army thing he needs to do to sign up for it. *sigh* I'm in the minority in that I don't think he should join. Don't get me wrong. I like the military for some people and I have several career military friends I just don't think it is right for him. But it is his life and I just keep my mouth shut about it for the most part. He is convinced that this will help him achieve some nebulous life goals. I remain unconvinced and generally worried but maybe I'm wrong. Anything is possible.

I should go out and have dinner and be somewhat sociable at some point soon. I feel like such crap though I maybe just eat chat and crawl back in here. Maybe I'll work on the fantasy book. It is going well and I have the next bit written in my head just need to finish typing it. I rediscovered that driving helps me get past a writer's block like a charm.
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2009-04-30 04:12 am

Optimus Prime goes bad.

When Optimus Prime Goes Bad

I saw this story the other day and all I could think when I saw it was "Holy shit Optimus Prime has finally snapped!" I am a little surprised someone like Colbert or Stewart didn't pick it up. I mean how sweet an idea is that?
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2009-04-28 01:31 pm

(no subject)

More job apps out and still no job. It is so full of fail. And by it I mean me.

I've been actively working on my fantasy book. I'm a little blocked for no apparent reason. I think somehow I've gotten a hangup while I was on vacation from it, I need to fix that.

Justin got me back into Heroes. Eventually I may go back and fill in the big gap of shows I missed. I read about them online so I may not bother. Last night was the season finalie and all I can say is FAIL. They decided on a course of action that is just like have you lost your minds?!?! What made you think that was a good fucking idea? Kill the bitch or let them rule!!!! I mean damn.

Showers are the best thing know to mankind when the weather is this warm.
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2009-04-23 05:40 am


Still my most favorite review ever if only for this line: Skeletor might be evil, but at least we never caught him trying to fuck his mother.

oh and this one: I could watch a truck smack into my grandmother and I'd still rather hear her bones being crushed by three axles worth of tires than Bow's song again.

*sigh* I need sleep and for this cough to go away.
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2009-04-23 04:08 am
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Movie Review: Mutant Chronicles

I watched Mutant Chronicles tonight. It was A-fucking-mazing. Full of good one-liners, lots of sweet action, and some amazing acting. It also has Ron Perlman in it who is one of the very few actors I have true fangirl lurve toward. Thomas Jane is in it as well and he is freaking great also. A bit heavy on the have faith message but since it never tries to just slip it into the conversation shall we say, I don't really mind it all that much. I mean Ron Perlman plays a freaking monk--of course there will be god-thumping. Not bible based thumping though, a whole strange sect thing based around a book and a prophecy and stuffage. All the characters kick much ass and it is an action based sci-fi flick so there is blood and swords and bullets galore. Another one of the few movies I will classify as true science fiction. My definition by the way is one that says if you can take the basic story line, take the mech/sci out and it still is a viable story--not sci-fi. Now don't go getting your panties in a twist I'm allowed my delusions.

Anyhow, delusions aside, really great movie. I'm buying it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for some decent entertainment.
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2009-04-21 08:30 pm
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2009-04-21 07:14 pm


Aww cute! One of my LJ friends posted this and how it had, for the moment, restored her faith in humanity. I must say to some extent that I agree with her. I suppose I needed something after watching the Zeitgeist Movie. Not that the movie destroyed it necessarily but it did remind of several things I try not to let get me down. Anyhow watch the video I posted above.
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2009-04-21 04:28 pm

Zombies & Nazis? Oh god yes!

It's called Dead Snow and I'm sure many of you who are far bigger zombie fans then I have already heard of it. I just heard about it and can't wait.

Warning the trailer is a bit goretastic (which of course means run, don't walk, to view it):

In other news I'm still sick. Yay.

EDIT: I saw Dead Snow and here's the review I gave my friend.

Well I had a fun time with the movie. It had several laugh out loud moments, a shagload of gore and was overall a fun movie. After the opener the first bit does drag on a little long. But once the action starts going it is pretty enjoyable. If you liked the Evil Dead(s) and Shawn of the Dead I think you'll get a kick out of this movie. One other thing I must mention is how incredibly good the soundtrack is from start to stop I really enjoyed the music.

Admittedly, the plot is not very thick and you can see where it is going from a mile away but honestly all zombie movies are like that. This is not high cinema--just a fun romp. It has zombies and Nazis and lots and lots of fake blood thrown about with abandon. I enjoyed the difference between foreign done horror and American done. Just little moments like them pausing and chatting, the pacing and whatnot.

So, I recommend Dead Snow if you like zombie movies and have a sense of humor. ^_~
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2009-04-21 06:42 am

(no subject)

Has anyone else here had the third Little Mermaid movie inflicted upon them? Anyone else more then slightly creeped out by how similar Ariel is to her mother. Yeaaaah freaky... I mean I understand that mothers and daughters tend to look similar but if you are designing the mother second just keep in mind how creepy it looks to have her look identical. I mean it looks like Triton is getting down and dirty with his daughter which is just disgusting.

In other news I spent all of yesterday feeling like crap. I feel a bit better now and I'm going to sleep soon. Got two calls wanting to set up interviews and one call saying they hired someone else. So... yeah... stuff and thing.
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2009-04-19 09:55 pm

(no subject)

Today was very excellent. Went out with Jenn to the Reptile Expo and saw lots of gorgeous animals. I was able to resist many new cuties and only brought two home. After the Expo we met up with Shal and Jase. The four of us went and had dinner/fun wandering the four-story Palisades Center. Afterward, we came home, hung and chatted with the folks here and the guests for Kt's B-day and watched Wall-E. I'm pumpkining very early since I have been slowy getting sick all day and I only got two hours sleep.

On the downside I have been eaten alive by mosquitoes already and it is only the beginning of the season. I itch and am so not happy.
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2009-04-19 05:49 am

This is your brain on Seo: Haunting of Connecticut

I'm sitting here watching Haunting in Connecticut because I can't sleep and yet still need to be awake by 10:30 for my reptile expo when I decided to read up on the back story of this "Based on True Events" movie. Seems this bonkers family made up a bunch of stuff, who knows if it happened or not, and then sold their story. I found one hysterical line from MSN: "Apparently being assaulted and raped by Satan's minions for months at a time wasn't a good enough reason to break the lease." So here's your brain on Seo, why is it the demons in these stories are always about the rape? Is it only the Rape Demons that can make it through the great divide? Do their giant shlongs and huge punnies have some magical power to shall we say grease the wheels? Seriously, these are creatures which feed on human flesh. I mean like mmmmm tasty long pig type of feed. So if they can bend you over a table and take your anal virginity why aren't they taking a few bites at the same time. It is like that after orgasm sandwich you always see chatted up in the comics. LOL It would be twice as funny if as they were bent over the mayo just floats over from the frig and starts like slathering all over the helpless victims back. Mmmmm ham sammich.

Oh and why do spirits always stack furniture? Shit if you want to make a statement do some damned dishes or clean my kids rooms. I will deal with alot of frekay shite if I have a room cleaning demon. I might even be willing to trade a little anal virginity (notice I didn't say whose bwhaha). Oh and why do people in movies always sell the stupidest shit and then the very next scene show them with some expensive luxury? Seriously, if you have money problems the first thing you sell is your sweet amp and guitar not your fucking car. Oh and who the hell writes the children's scenes in movies anymore? You have kids wandering into dark closets and into upstairs attics. Shit I have kids who won't even go upstairs in a nice lit house let alone a scary (used to be mortuary) house.

*sigh* I so need to get some sleep. This movie is crap but really good at making you jump. Eventually I want to see a good copy of it.
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2009-04-18 04:27 am


Nala the ferret is very old, very gray. I woke up tonight in the middle of the night cause I heard a pained ferret sound from the cage. She was lying there so still I thought that this was it but I picked her up and brought her back. She is so very old though and so very unstable. She isn't responding very well and there is almost nothing left for me to do but try and make her comfortable and happy. She was doing alright for a time and maybe she'll snap back to it. I just wish there was more I could do.
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2009-04-16 03:18 pm

A Bored Seo is a Dangerous thing...

... for your waist-line.

What do you do when you are bored and craving chocolate?

Most people would go to the store or dip into their children's Easter candy. I am not most people. Instead I decided to bake a chocolate devil's food cake with a Pâte á bombe based frosting made with Mexican chocolate and then topped with a few curls of milk chocolate.

Oh yeah I am in fact amazing.
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2009-04-15 11:42 pm

Jobs, Cars, and Dreamwidth

Today was either very long or very short depending on where you count it as having started. I did not go to sleep last night because I had two job interviews first thing in the morning. Instead i fell asleep around 1pm and woke up about 8 hours later.

The job interviews went well. I super want the first one i had this morning which is based out of Warwick. It is a basic business setting for a small office of 15 people plus 85 workers who make buses. I would be doing mostly office stuff but later on they said I could help with marketing things. I seriously want this job. The second interview was rather bleh and I don't care about it. I have two or three other notes in my inbox saying they want to set up interviews so that's good. I got one call from someone who is further away then I meant to apply. He was a nice guy. Oh yeah and on the way home I got three tickets. Yeah I said three. None of them are moving violations and I can probably get all of them removed but there you go. They were for my bumper being gone, my registration being lapsed (though I swear it isn't weird?), and the fact that my license is not NY because the NY state DMV is full of Nazi bastards which won't let me switch it over. The cop was really cute and had a brooklyn accent and super nice. He didn't mark me for one or two other things and joked around a bit so it was okay. *sighs* My car is starting to make really funny noises and I have no idea what to do about it. I should see if I can get it to a mechanic tomorrow to see if there is anyway it can be fixed. Really that area of my life is so screwed I have no idea what to do about it. After I get the car looked at I suppose I'll call my mom and see if she has any idea what to do.

Oh what the hell is Dreamwidth and was is everyone so keen on it all of a sudden? As far as I can tell it is another blogging site just like LJ only they got rid of alot of the really annoying gay things LJ has added. But there are like fifteen of these places, why is this one getting so much PR? I'm sure I'll sign up over there I'm just not sure why they are getting talked about so much more then the others. If anyone has an extra invite code I'd love to have one.

Oh and Bird died. *sighs* I'm actually a bit upset as I was very fond of his evil little butt. Now I have Bobo and he is all alone. I cannot seem to catch a break here. The rest of the Horde is fine. Tomorrow is cage cleaning and feeding day. Oh joy.
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2009-04-12 02:06 pm

Pastry Workss: [Commission] Liam's Cake

Here are two of the pictures from yesterday's commission cake. Here's the link to the rest of the pictures.

I heard the cake was delicious and moist. That is blackwatch plaid on the side done with a food safe airbrush. The runes on the top say "I am Liam's. Seo made me." I need to work on my celtic knot work in frosting. I told them to pay me what ever they wanted because I'm horrible at making up prices on things from people I know. It took me about four hours worth of work including baking times and frosting/decorating. I really need that damned turntable. *sighs* I just can not get the lines clean without it.
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2009-04-11 07:44 pm

Good Day

Today has been a fairly good day. I woke up and Gryph and Murphy were cleaning the horrible mess left in the kitchen which was less then good. I should have finished cleaning my cake gear before I crash but I was so tired. *sigh* Not really an excuse but try harder I shall. Most of the mess wasn't mine but still I should have cleaned more before crashing. Anyhow afterward we sat around and kept an eye on Charlie which was pleasant and quite easy. It was fun being the psuedomom type person who could understand all the things he said and who could get him foods he likes and would eat. Isn't a pleasure which is often mine but today I had it. Gryph ended up taking him out for lunch which I heard was cute as a button. I was exhausted and watch some telly and cuddled on the couch with a kitten. When they got back Charlie, Gryph and I sat down and watched The Last Unicorn together. Charlie really liked it and wanted to watch more "pony movies" so I put on some My Little Pony. Bwhaha I shall infect the next gen with MLP! So yeah, the day was very nice then the Bestermans came home and it was even nicer. Rosie, Pat and Stefka's dog, ran off and we had to go chase her down during dinner which rather sucked. I ended up driving my car around and finally found her way in the complex they are building higher up on the mountain. Then she wouldn't come to me and ran toward home. I managed to yell to Murph, Justin, Emily, and Kae who were searching down nearer the house and they corralled her back home. Little shit. On the way back to see if they got her I stopped and picked up the mail and yay got some money! It seems the bank charged me a fee it shouldn't have and so they sent me the money back. Sweet! I'm trying to be super careful with the cash I do have. I have another interview for a job on Monday at the eye doctor place near my home. I know nothing about glasses beyond what I've learned over 18 odd years of wearing them but I need a job. I'm not sure how much money I'm getting for the cake commission I did so that's a little bit extra too. The guy at the party store said if I wanted to put up notices for cake design at his store I could. I'm still not sure about it but well we'll see. I'm still not sure I'm good enough to go pro, plus I still need certain stuff for baking that without I just can't put a proper product out. It doesn't matter so much if the cake melts in your mouth if the border is too fucked up. Oh well it is a thought.

Oh I ran into one of my old school buds in the bookstore the other day. He is getting super hot as he gets older. We talked about college and caught up on life. I need to add him into my facebook roster. ^_^

Anyhow I'm off to watch a little coupling and maybe take a short nap or just plain go to sleep.