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( Apr. 21st, 2009 06:42 am)
Has anyone else here had the third Little Mermaid movie inflicted upon them? Anyone else more then slightly creeped out by how similar Ariel is to her mother. Yeaaaah freaky... I mean I understand that mothers and daughters tend to look similar but if you are designing the mother second just keep in mind how creepy it looks to have her look identical. I mean it looks like Triton is getting down and dirty with his daughter which is just disgusting.

In other news I spent all of yesterday feeling like crap. I feel a bit better now and I'm going to sleep soon. Got two calls wanting to set up interviews and one call saying they hired someone else. So... yeah... stuff and thing.
It's called Dead Snow and I'm sure many of you who are far bigger zombie fans then I have already heard of it. I just heard about it and can't wait.

Warning the trailer is a bit goretastic (which of course means run, don't walk, to view it):

In other news I'm still sick. Yay.

EDIT: I saw Dead Snow and here's the review I gave my friend.

Well I had a fun time with the movie. It had several laugh out loud moments, a shagload of gore and was overall a fun movie. After the opener the first bit does drag on a little long. But once the action starts going it is pretty enjoyable. If you liked the Evil Dead(s) and Shawn of the Dead I think you'll get a kick out of this movie. One other thing I must mention is how incredibly good the soundtrack is from start to stop I really enjoyed the music.

Admittedly, the plot is not very thick and you can see where it is going from a mile away but honestly all zombie movies are like that. This is not high cinema--just a fun romp. It has zombies and Nazis and lots and lots of fake blood thrown about with abandon. I enjoyed the difference between foreign done horror and American done. Just little moments like them pausing and chatting, the pacing and whatnot.

So, I recommend Dead Snow if you like zombie movies and have a sense of humor. ^_~
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( Apr. 21st, 2009 07:14 pm)

Aww cute! One of my LJ friends posted this and how it had, for the moment, restored her faith in humanity. I must say to some extent that I agree with her. I suppose I needed something after watching the Zeitgeist Movie. Not that the movie destroyed it necessarily but it did remind of several things I try not to let get me down. Anyhow watch the video I posted above.

Squeeeee!!!! It is love!!!!



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