Spent Saturday around the house. Was going to go to Dan's going away party but got a surprise call from Shall and Jase and hung out with them instead. We went to dinner and had the coolest damned waiter. I made some smart ass comment in the beginning and after that he and I bantered the entire time. It ended up being so fuckin funny. After a really good time I said bye and headed to a club Heather told us all about with Scott. Murph met us there later, as did Jay and Heather. We all had alot of fun even with some creepy annoying gay guys having to have security ( Hi Matt!) called on them. The fuckers. I was going to deck one of them on the floor after he got really close after being warned to stop touching us and being generally annoying, and said something in my ear. I restrained myself and his friend finally dragged his drunk ass off the floor. Stupid punk. I got to dance though I hated most of the music. Hard to dance to. Didn't know much of it and it was mostly crap. I got pretty drunk (but sobered before driving home). We left stupid late and I dropped Murph and Scott off at their respective houses and got home by like 4:30. Not bad for a good night out.

Sunday we threw a small (only like four of us, me, Scott, Nix, Heather actually made it) party for Scott leaving. Party is really a misnomer. Actually we hungout, I made yummy food, and then the four of us went and saw Clerks 2. Clerks 2 was damned funny. I want to see it again but I'll wait til it comes out on DVD. Oh yeah and as I promised, Kibble you are a porch monkey *grinz*. We have to reclaim it man.... Hehehee. Then we all trooped home, I made cookies and Scott picked up the last of his stuff from my house. Amazing how much of his stuff ended up over here. It ended with three milk crates full of vids and glassware, a tent, two speakers, the stereo they went to, a grill, and the remaining lamp. Afterwards we wandered over to Scott's to watch him finish packing. I had already been over during the day helping him pack up. Actually I was on cleaning duty and took care of the kitchen, the dishes, folded his giant bag 'o socks, and the like before running to pick up Heather from work. What can I say, I'm a nice person. We were joined by Jay and basically hungout, talked, played Warriors, and then we went home late after saying our last byes to Scott.

Well okay almost bye. I ended up ditching work on Monday and going back to his place early to watch him finish up and do a small stint of further dishes from the night before. Then we went out, had breakfast, and I said goodbye (for real this time) to Scott. I was sad. Hell I am still sad. Hope he made his first check point, he didn't leave til like 11am. Then I went home and crashed (tired!) for like ever and got up and took care of more moving stuff.

Came home from work today and got back to packing my own crap up this time. At present I'm going through my room. I figure if I get a few boxes done a day, or something close to that. I'll be all packed by the time I'm to move. I want to get my room out of the way then the kitchen. Honestly those are pretty much the only rooms I have left. I have a few more things to pack up in the main room, but all quick stuff.

I hate my bank. They screwed me again this week. I'm not waiting anymore til I move to kill the account. As soon as this balance is cleared up and I have another account I'm killing this one and telling them all I hate them. I told the girl on the phone today that I hate her bank. She thanked me for banking with them. Now I know you are supposed to say it but goodgod people, give them the freedom to say fuck you or bye or something else. I'd be happier with that response then anything else. I wasn't rude to her personally, just said I hated the bank. Can't stand being rude to random people who haven't done anything to you personally. Had too much of it happen to me. Though seldom does anymore.

The stupid handy man was supposed to come by today and look at the air conditioner but didn't because he couldn't find the remote. Well if you had told us you would need it we would have left it out in plainer sight. As is it was on the fucking couch and he still damned well missed it. FUcker. So no idea when he is coming back. Grr. Atleast the house isn't really hot anymore. I don't really care when he comes back other then I have to put the cat in my room til then. Bugger.

Anyhow more cleaning I guess. I should probablt eat dinner or something at some point. Haven't been very hungry lately. *shrugs*
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( Jul. 2nd, 2006 09:16 am)
So I've been unpacking and repacking my boxes, preparing for the new move. In doing so I discovered I have I think three boxes *full* of plushies. Plus some random one thrown around various place. Most of these I won from the claw machine back when we were at the old Denny's. I would just like to say I definatly do NOT need to move THREE boxes of plushies a couple or hundred miles. As such I have decided to donate the things to a locate pediatric ward, kids home, or orphanage or something. Having decided this first thing this morning I then went dutifully about finding one locally. Scarily enough this is not as easy as it would sound as A) I didn't grown up here, B) I have no kids, and C) it isn't the holiday season.

LOL As such does anyone locally know of one of the above and can point me in the right direction. Or [profile] purpura what was the name of the place that took such good care of Charlie-man? Would they like some toys? If I'm heading that direction for painting next week (if you want help that is) I could drop them enroute. Just a thought.

Anyhow I need to go grab some trash bags and start getting rid of more of the crap I've been carting around. Moving can be so damned useful at times.


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