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2006-12-28 12:52 am
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Help Needed

Hey guys. Yes this is damned last minute and I'll understand if people can't make. Due to a last minute semi-windfall myself and two of my housemates all have friday morn/afternoon off. Because of this I'm gonna try to get my stuff hauled down here during that time period. If anyone in the Albany area has a few hours free time friday morning/afternoon and wouldn't mind helping me load the truck I would be very greatful. You don't have to follow us down to Sals Mills, as that is a way long drive. But if I could grab even one or two people to help with the truck loading that would be super. LOL And there are no stairs involved this time *grins* Thanks so much guys ^_^ I miss you upstaters. *sniffles*
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2006-09-22 09:28 pm
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Meme and tiny update

So here's the meme everyone is doing. I love being a lemming (Mmm TMNT).

Spent a few days with the icky cold going around the house. Tis mostly gone and just in time for the move. Moving while not breathing is less then fun.

Speaking of which anyone who wants to come help move a few things on Sunday would be more then welcome. *grinz* And thank you to all those who said they'd try or would be there. Got the storage place today. *sighs* Back to packing I go.

1.Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:

(The fun bits.....)

1. Do we know each other outside of LJ?
2. Whats your philosophy on life?
3. Would you have my back in a fight?
4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
5. What is your favorite memory of us?
6. Would you give me a kidney?
7. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
9. Can we get together and make a cake?
10. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?
11. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
12. Do you think I'm a good person?
13. Would you drive across country with me?
14. Do you think I'm attractive?
15. If you could change anything about me, would you?
16. What do you wear to sleep?
17. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
18. Would you go on a date with me if i asked you?
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?
20. Will you repost this so i can fill it out for you?
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2006-09-19 11:11 pm
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Okay guys I need a bit of help

OKay guys here's the deal.

I need some help moving my stuff from my apartment to the storage place. I was going to do it on the last weekend of this month but there are other things going on and that no longer works. SO I am having to put this note out a bit late.

If anyone can help on this coming Sunday the 24th I would be very appreciative. Honestly it isn't that much and as long as I get the furniture (which I can't move on my own) moved I will be a happy Seo.

I figured we could start the push around 2 or 3. If you can come over (even for a few moments) just drop me a line here or on the cell.

Once again thank you guys, even if you can't make it ^_^
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2006-09-09 12:04 am
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Yep me again. Let's see where did we leave off. Hmm no job... check. No new apt... check.

Honestly nothing new to report over here. I spent a significant portion of this week taking care of more school bs and getting medical stuff taken care of. I have gotten 3 vaccinations, one TB test, and one physical exam. My arms hurt.

School is going okay. Finally got the remainder of my books. I'm almost positive I could probably go through the entire semester without them but I'm trying to be a good little student. Missed one class on tuesday because the doctor appointment took WAY longer then i thought it would. I was in there for over 2 hours and I had an appointment but what ever. Then for the same class on thursday I was barely focusing. Too many shots in too small a period of time with no food. LOL Teach kept looking at me like I was gonna drop at any moment. Felt like it to.

Figured out what the funny thing with fed aide was. Seems that the moron councelor who helped me the first time which I've had all the problems with neglected to tell me that I need to file a paper changing my major in the computers. I talked to a different one and now it should be okay. *grumble*

None of the properties I looked at this week were anything special. On the up side I checked listings again today (I check every day) and seems to have improved listing wise. No calls back yet on jobs. Thinking I might grab a crap retail job for a short period of time just to get something going. I hate not having a job.

Anyhow packing still as last weekend was a bust. My new computer should be here at some point. The laptop is cool til then. It runs a nice game of Warcraft 3 which the kids enjoy watching me play. Spent a fair portion of time with Jackjack curled up next to me watching this week. Also got them involved in cookie baking which was a lot of fun. Gonna see about thinking up some easy to do kid friendly recipe ideas. Promised Celia I'd try and schedule a few days a month to do cooking type projects.

Speaking of kids still not working in daycare center. Can't find my birth cert or SS card. Fuck, I need a second form of ID.

Gonna go crash. Gotta a shagload of shite to do this week end. My poor cat is getting so neurotic with me gone all week. I feel fairly bad about this.
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2006-09-03 01:01 am
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So my weekly..irr bi-weekly...irr well hows about a quick update.

Spent the week at the Sals Mill house. Thanks guys ^_^

Will be going back next week *facepalms* This lack of a new place is honestly beginning to get to me.

Lets see classes are fine. I've no worries there as long as go to class I get A's. *shrugs* My teachers all like me and are beginning to figure out how much of a smartass I can be. Already had one thank me for such solid class participation. LOL I just like talking. Ethics teacher pissed me off by wanting a report on Bk2 of Plato's Republic (had to read the whole thing and my group did bk 2) and asking for it in two days time at the end of class and not givin our group any time to get together. Fucker. Oh I did my report then the bastard decided he didn't need it after all. Thanks could you have told me before I stayed up til 3am working on it!?

Drive home was mostly uneventful other then some jerk ridin my tailpipe I had to teach a lesson to about whose the bigger bitch. And yes ladies and gentlemen you guessed it- ME.

Came home turned on my computer and you guessed it the damn thing died. It won't go pass the first windows splash screen where it gives the little loading bar. *sighs* I'm fairly certain this is just gonna keep happening no matter how many times I reput windows on it. It has to be some sort of hardware issue and I'm basicaly writing the damned thing off. *sighs* The laptop is okay for now but I'll need a new desktop eventually.

Went searching online for new places and jobs tonight. Gonna start throwing resumes around.

Oh and I got a lovely and terrifying letter from the fin. aide people. Seems there was a change in the laws and all classes used for aide must apply towards your degree. Well yeah I checked this week and everything , and I mean everything, applies towards my degree. So gotta go have a chat with them this week.

Have to get a physical for my workstudy program on tuesday. Gotta get like 5 vaccinations too. Looking at places on monday. Oh had a lovely time getting finger printed last weds at the state troopers station. The cop was cute and we had a nice chat. Saw him get really mad at some people who didn't have their kids belted down in the car. It was funny and kinda scary.

*sighs* Well I think I'm gonna go crash or something. I was feeling well this morning.
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2006-08-30 02:17 am
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YAY Snakes!!!

OK small update. One things are going well with school but I'm stupid busy. I have been (sorta) keeping up with email and lj but don't feel bad if you don't get a reply for a week or two. I'm still pulling my hair out over a place to live.


LOL [ profile] purpura put up some piccys with them and K's arm. I'll get more up soon. The little (we think) boy is a charmer. The lavender girl is close to a shed so is kinda like "Fuck off me man" and Blood Rose (only named one yet) is a bit skittish. For the record I have two new lavenders and a blood red. I have to pick names. Usually i pick a theme and go with it. Last time it was a Disney theme but I;m not sure if I want to go all florally and shite so yeah. But i hate giving things just color names. Could go with biological (Blood etc) based names. Don't know. But yay I have snakes again! I missed it!

Anyhow thats bout it I need to try and sleep now. Heh

(Will: if you see this I only got your reply text message at 1:30am lol I figured it was too late to reply. The reception out here sucks balls.)
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2006-08-25 01:53 pm
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So yesterday was okay. I spent far too much time in bed being unable to breathe from what is either a cold or allergies. I'm only half sure one way or the other. Then did some packing, cleaned the tub and toilet and got ready to head out. Nix after learning of my sad lack of Kevin Smith films decided we must all get together and watch Chasing Amy and An Evening with Kevin Smith. Didn't honestly like Chasing Amy. Too many annoying and painful emotional moments and we all know Seo has the emotional expressive ability of a teaspoon. EWKS wasn't bad. Long but fairly amusing and we all talked and joked through it. We being Nix, Will, Zack H., Me, and Joyce and Jen for parts of the early evening. Then I went shopping bought some school supplies and other odds and ends (like food since once in a while I actually get the urge to eat). My new backpack while expensive also is really cool and seems pretty heavy duty, which is good. My old leather one is just not up to college life and I rather like it and don't feel like wearing it to hell and back. So got home jus before dawn and crashed.

So during sleep I have begun to believe that your mind finds the most painful thing it can and then it flaunts it before you repeatidly. Personally I think I'm in the mood that if they had a drug that let you not dream for a while I'd take it. Healthy sleep be damned. Anyhow I need to go pack more and get my letter of res. School starts in 3 days. Still nothing really on the apartment market worth while. Well okay there is this little all util 3 bedroom place I'm really interested in but 875 is just a bit out of my budget. It has a fireplac though. FIREPLACE!
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2006-08-22 01:38 pm
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Hey Matt and Jeff

Hey Matt and Jeff how do the areas in these apartments sound?? I left my map down at your place grr so I can't check relative distances either.

Unfurnished Apartments - BLOOMINGBURG COZY STUDIO APT. W/ KITCH. $625 INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES. ½ MILE FROM RTE. 17. 407-658-8582 after 9:30AM

Unfurnished Apartments - Middletown Studio Apartment 1 block from OCCC. $600/mo, heat & hw included, 1 mo security, private entrance, off st. prkg, no smokers please, 845-342-5660

Unfurnished Apartments - Scotchtown 1BR Apt. very peaceful area All utilities incl. Non-smoker $690/mo. Call 845-692-4054

Unfurnished Apartments - WALDEN 2 APTS 1br, $750. 2br $1100. All util incl. No pets. 1½mo sec, ref immd. occ 845-778-7435, 845-628-7716

Unfurnished Apartments - Walden Studio $675 incl utils 1 BR Apt, $700 mo. + utils. Sec & Refs Req'd. No pets Call 845-497-9715

Unfurnished Apartments - WURTSBORO 1BR, Private setting, W/D hookup, cable ready, non smoker, all util. incl. 1 mo. sec. req. $650/mo. 845-888-0084

Unfurnished Apartments - BLOOMINGBURG COZY STUDIO APT. W/ KITCH. $625 INCLUDES ALL UTILITIES. ½ MILE FROM RTE. 17. 407-658-8582 after 9:30AM

Unfurnished Apartments - CUDDEBACKVILLE, 211 & 209, 15 Mins from Middletown, 1 Bdrm, heat & hot water included, no dogs, security & refs, $675/mo. 845-283-4660

Unfurnished Apartments - PINE BUSH AREA Studio Apts, $700 incl all utils 1 BR, $850 incl all utils; 2 BR, $1350, all utils incl, 2 mo sec, 1st mo rent. refs req. 845-361-4997
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2006-07-02 09:16 am
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So packing

So I've been unpacking and repacking my boxes, preparing for the new move. In doing so I discovered I have I think three boxes *full* of plushies. Plus some random one thrown around various place. Most of these I won from the claw machine back when we were at the old Denny's. I would just like to say I definatly do NOT need to move THREE boxes of plushies a couple or hundred miles. As such I have decided to donate the things to a locate pediatric ward, kids home, or orphanage or something. Having decided this first thing this morning I then went dutifully about finding one locally. Scarily enough this is not as easy as it would sound as A) I didn't grown up here, B) I have no kids, and C) it isn't the holiday season.

LOL As such does anyone locally know of one of the above and can point me in the right direction. Or [profile] purpura what was the name of the place that took such good care of Charlie-man? Would they like some toys? If I'm heading that direction for painting next week (if you want help that is) I could drop them enroute. Just a thought.

Anyhow I need to go grab some trash bags and start getting rid of more of the crap I've been carting around. Moving can be so damned useful at times.
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2006-06-07 12:25 am
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The Omen, Scott gone, and Moving BS

So Scott and I went out and saw the new Omen movie tonight. It was actually pretty good. I haven't seent eh first one yet but Scott said the new one is basically the same only they made the deaths a little more gore filled which actually detracted a bit from the movie. I'll agree that it could have had a bit more of a steady amount of suspense but all in all it was pretty damn good actually. LOL Got a few jumps out of me even when i saw things coming. I Do have one thing to say though, does anyone, anyone at all, have any clue what the word SUBTLE means anymore. I do believe you could have handled it all a little better and actually managed your goal (which I won't ruin for those intent on watching to movie but it is easy to see what it would be). Anyhow but thats not a plot problem, that's a human nature problem.

Anyhow so yeah good movie. I do reccomend a watching of it. OH and I love ROTTIES! Yay pretty doggies! LOL I'd get one if I you know liked dogs and had the room etc. But Rotties are usually such sweeties.

So Scott's gone as of tomorrow on training for three weeks. He'll be back June 27th. *blinks* I forsee a huge amount of freetime in my future. Though honestly I plan on using the time with him gone for the unpacking and repacking of all my shit for the move. I'll probably even box up all my books and stuff. Might as well. I'll just keep the ones I'll probably crave a read of and any of the kitchen gear I commonly use. It's gonna be weird without him around. I mean we spend pretty much every day together. Gonna be plan odd. He got Erica and Zack to watch Otto so I'm off the hook there as well. 

*sighs* Speaking of the move. I have to find a place still and get funding settled. And this that and the other thing. Fuck and talk to the aparto complex about leaving a month early. Grr soo much to do. Oh well still have time. And I need to have a little more money. Okay alot more money LOL. Oh well I'm working at it. I need to call the college tomorrow and find out what damn class I took in 99 to find out which bio class layout I have to have them fax. Gods this all takes forever. Plus I'm gone this weekend. Which I'm actually majorly looking forward to.

I should go try and sleep.
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2006-05-27 11:10 pm
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Torn thoughts

The closer the move gets the twitchier I become. We are at about the 3 month mark and I find I have become itchy with the taste of what's to come. I've moved tons of times before. I'm not worried about the mechanics of the move. Honestly that's really the least of it all, but the leaving of people behind, that has started to get to me.

Sometimes it seems like I'm always leaving the people I care about behind. Sometimes, like with my father, it isn't my choice and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Some people, like Hare and others like him, I had to leave to save myself and my sanity and those were always close calls. But mostly it is just me moving around alot. It just seems to be something I do. I get restless in one spot, or I haven't found a spot yet that I'm happy with. Sometimes, like Albany, I moved here for a particular reason or because of certain people and once those reasons no longer apply I want to leave. But that was before. Over this last year, while my feelings on Albany haven't changed, I have found a fairly happy exsitance hanging out with new friends. What am I going to do when they are far away and I don't get to see them almost everyday like now?

On the bright side I'm not moving somewhere unknown this time. I'm staying in the same state and I do have a big bunch of wonderful friends down where I am moving. That is a happy thought. I love the fact that I get to move down and see the Warwick folks (because I can't remember that big long name you've made for yourselves) on a more regular basis. I love the fact that I can see the kids now more then once a month or so. I love the fact that I'm going back to school and I think I'm healthy enough mentally now to finish it. These are all goods things. I'm in such a good place right now in my life and yet I feel weird about the move.

I know it all makes sense and all and this is yet another big change and not even the last one but well yeah I'm getting weirder the closer it gets. So torn. I love going new places and meeting new and interesting people. I've become quite the gregarious Seo in my old age. I can't wait to start learning again because I want to and not because I'm forced to. I look forward to finding new places and being close to NYC. But I still hate leaving people behind. I hate it. I hated leaving my friends on Cape behind. I hate that I don't get to see the OH folks often or the Baltimore Boys. I hate seeing my Mom only once or twice a year. I hate that I don't have the money to see them all the time. *sighs*

So anyhow be warned, I will get probably a little weirder as the date draws close. I'll be fine. If I suddenly bust out with "I'm gonna miss you so much" randomly don't worry and I shall endeavor not to start bawling on anyone. Oh gods that would just be embarrassing LOL
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2006-03-14 03:23 pm
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Decision Made: I'm going to Warwick if they'll still have me

So today I started cleaning my room again. It had never gotten really cleaned properly since the move and I want to go back through the boxes and throw away all the crap I don't need. Try and cut the amount I have to move down by like half or something.

I came across in my cleaning one of my old hardbound diaries I have had since I was 15 nearly ten years. Amazing what one writes down and what changes have been wrought over that period of time. I wrote off and on again in it (couple times a year maybe more) til 2001 right before I was to move out here to stay with my new family Ten Clan *sardonic grin*. Funny as hell no? Then nothing until todays entry. (yes I couldn't resist adding a bit I probably will when evere I run across it)

Because this isn't the most interesting post in the world and I shan't force you to read it )

As such my decision is made. I'm moving to warwick come this fall if they'll still have my whinging stubborn ass. I may be skittish but never doubt my commitment. I'll figure out the details as soon as I can but that's where I want to go and if things fall apart I'll deal. I've dealt with it before and I know I'm strong enough to survive. But I also think I'm strong enough and stubborn enough as well as the others involved that I may not have to. Atleast not for a long long while. Lifes a ride hold on tight.
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2005-09-17 08:11 pm
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Move's Basically done

The move is done (mostly)!!!!!

LOL I'm posting from Kibble's computer before heading over to 539 park to get with the partying. See peoples there ^_^

Oh and I am as in love with my new place as i hoped to be. The kitchen is a little different and so i don't get the stools I wanted but I still love it and it is still great for parties and people being over.

Fuck all I am tired.

Oh and I would like to see special thanks to Uwe, Johnathan, Emily, Kibble, Carla, Murphy, Johanna, Nello, Scott, and Gleef. And Jim too for trying to get over even if it didn't work out. You guys are the best peoples in the world thank you so much for all you help. I love you guys ^_^

~Seo the sore but happy
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2005-09-17 06:47 am
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FYI I'm Offline for a while

Christ on a pogo stick (or an Atom Bomb thank you Scott) it is late in the day.

Heads up I will be mostly without internet until we can get something hooked up at the new house. I will be checking email and such as I can. And since I do have something I need to do badly for an LJ group I'll be using the stupid college computers. As such bye to you all til I'm back. Hopefully within the week.

Wish me luck and a smooth move.
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2005-09-16 05:41 pm
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(no subject)

I'm at work. I want to go home but I can't. Usually I get out early on fridays but Tammy is in and interview and it is runing late and i can't leave til she does so I'm stuck here. Oh well. I'm a slightly worried because she is in there for so long. That must mean she likes the person which means I will be replaced soon. Though probably not for atleast a week or two. *sighs* I don't know what I'm doing after that. I'm a little worried about it but not to too much.

I think the move is going to go fairly smooth tomorrow. Hopefully the rain lets up a bit but I've got a fair amount of people. To help so hopefully all will go well.

Tammy is out sweettttt! I go home now!
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2005-09-15 11:30 am
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Can't wait to move!

Can't wait to mvoe!!!! Found another furniture store last night and have directions to atleast one other. In love with this move. can't wait! *squee* Things are going fairly smooth though I still need more confirmations on who is willing to help haul stuff. I shall get that straightened out today and tomorrow. Yay moving!

LOL Work for me now.
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2005-09-12 09:00 pm
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So had a fairly good day at work. I'm running between the two extremes of being really annoyed about something and being really happy about how everything else is going. I'm not dealing with the thing which is aggrivating me until next week sometime wherein I will figure out what exactly I will be doing about it.

Had a nice long talk with [ profile] casteylan about things we needed to discuss and general chit chat that I enjoy getting into. *snugs* to Cas! As well as Ted-sama, Kae, Solo, and Mongo. LOL Yay ^_^

The big move it this weekend. I'm trying to handle all the last minute details of which there are many and things are going at a fast yet halting pace.

Found out Derek isn't coming home to the states until next August which just sucks. I still need to finish getting his package together. And I didn't send my moms b-day gift out because I'm a twit and got sick. I have to call her tomorrow and say Happy Birthday and explain.

Started my classes today. I.E. I actually went online and did the work today. LOL I was a little behind but not much. I can't wait to actually be able to dig my stupid books out. Jebus it is annoying being so inbetween things.

Emailed Ablest today adn they say they've always been paying me at my current rate. Which is damned confusing as I know that isn't what they hired me at. I unfortunatly think I might have otssed the very first stuff I got from them back when I cleaned my car out but I'm not sure. Either way I can't find the stuff until next week after i've emptyed the car out and give it a solid look. Annoying either way. Or maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so because i remember being terribly excited about my new pay rate.

Anyhow I've been staring at this computer for far too long. I do believe I am going to go elsewhere for a little while.