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([personal profile] seorgia Apr. 12th, 2008 01:28 am)
Kibble is visiting which is all sorts of great. I wish we could visit more often. I so miss the furbutt. Anyhow I introduced him to Chocolate Cake Shots. We watched some TV and have mostly been hanging out in the same room each on a computer. Sad but true.

We were talking about stuff that has been happening recently and he said something terribly insightful in regards to me. He said "You aren't very good at hating people like that. You tend to hold on to people who kick you in the face." Funny how true that is and always has been. Kibble is one of the few people I can talk with about emotions and stuff who either doesn't leave me feeling worse or leave me annoyed at them being unable to understand me. He always seems to get to what is bothering me and help me lay it out proper like.

Anyhow I'm tired but knowing me I'll just end up staring at the ceiling for a while so I'm not too hyped to head to bed yet. We are helping Furball and Carla move tomorrow. Large amounts of driving and hauling of stuff is in my future.

I'm so tired today. I was going to go to the movies but I'm just exhausted and I can't seem to get unexhausted. *sighs* Probably the hormones being all weird. Oh well. Insomnia loves me.

And since I'm tired I've become a hypochondriac. Here is my conversation with Kibble.

Me: I think I'm getting fatter.
Kibs: You just said you think you are retaining water.
Me: Yes getting fatter. Do you think I'm getting fatter?
Kibs: That's not the same thing dear.
Me: You didn't answer the question.
Kibs: No dear. I don't think you are getting fatter (smart man)
Me: How do you know?
Kibs: I look at you more then you look at you.
Me: Well my boobs are getting bigger.
Kibs: Thank God for that.

A few minutes later....

Me: I think I have terminal insomnia.
Kibs: You do not have terminal insomnia.
Me: It's a real disease, look it up. They say only like six families have it and they are all Italian. I'm Italian. I could be a descendant of one of those six families.
Kibs: I think you just need more dick in your life.
Me: Yes that's true.
Kibs: That's means you don't have terminal insomnia.
Me: I'm not sure I agree with that statement.
Kibs: Yes dear.

Teehee what other fun things can we talk about.

From: [identity profile]

1. Chocolate cake shots? Yum. Actually not completely sure what those are, so please explain.
2. Your breasts? Yum. Actually, they are the right size. You are not getting fatter, and your breasts are not too small. (Those being the number one and two things women worry about, I though I'd skip to the end of that conversation. Feel free to insert the rest of the conversation here.)

From: [identity profile]

Get more sex and drink more water. I drink tons of it, and the only time I retain water is right before and start of period.


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