I just had a dream that I was up late at night and went out to find Wyatt to see if he wanted to hangout and if he was doing okay cause he had been hurt (previous part of the dream where he took some damage to the chest. The stitches were stupid realist and fairly disturbing). It took me a while because I was sick and having issues driving the car and could barely stay awake. I had forgotten to text him on AIM before leaving. Then I finally found his house saw a light on inside and was going to text message him to come out "You awake? How are you feeling?" when I suddenly remembered we weren't talking. I had the phone in my hand and it was just like... well anyhow nuff said. Then I drove off to find something to drink like orange juice cause I was thirsty, sick, emotionally fucked, and tired. While at the late night shopping area some strange man comes up to me to shop and starts talking to me about his theories on life (this happens to me in RL and now I guess in my dreams as well). It was almost like being hit on. The strange dance you do when you are being polite but you don't want them to ask you out because then you must say no. He was older. White with an odd whitish blue streak in his light brown hair on the right side. His name began with an A or something, like Andrew or Andy. He looked kinda like someone I know but don't know well. He was telling me about how he didn't respect a girl who said no when a guy asked her out. He had some sort of reason, something like if you didn't find the person repulsive you should say yes just to test the waters out or something. It was all strange. I kept backing away while trying to be polite and get my damned OJ and chocolate ice cream cookie. Then a dude who worked at the store came to restock the food and I realized I was dreaming and was really tired/upset. Then I woke up because I was sick of my dream. Thank you psyche for being so fucking subtle. Fuck off and die.

Oh and no more surgery shows for me for a while. Seeing realistic stitches in a friends chest and knowing why they were there was a bit much for me. Funny thing is I didn't watch any tonight. That was last night.

Alright no more sleep for a while. I'm going to go find something to drink and watch some crappy TV.


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