Okay, seriously, it can't be too illegal to strangle my microeconomics teacher now can it? I mean, I don't want to kill her or anything but just enough damage so she can't talk at us for an hour and a fifteen minutes. Seriously I mean it can't be all that illegal? And it would be so therapeutic. That counts for something doesn't it? My mental health has to mean something to someone besides my housemates. I'm used to the idea of being crazy. I've had 25 long years to understand that I'm bug nuts; this class is just not helping. Neither is my Financial Accounting course. This shit is almost enough to make me want to change my majors. Almost. What keeps me going is the knowledge that I'm not going to college to become either an accountant or an economist. I know I'll be good at what I want to do. Fuck this shit.

Christ I'm tired, horny, and now fucking jittery as hell since I decided a latte was the only way I was getting through this day. All I've had to eat today is like 5 fruit roll ups and three bites of the sandwich K made me for breakfast. I suppose I'll eat it for lunch but I don't really feel like eating. Ever get tired of eating? I suppose that is a really weird thing to get tired of doing but I'm kinda bored with the idea of eating lunch. Guess I'm not hungry enough to bother. I also really want sushi. They have some in the SUB but the requires me to go over there and spend money which is another thing I don't want to do. Damn I'm too lazy to feed myself. That's just sad.

Handed off the cupcakes to Wyatt I promised him last night. He was happy which made me extra happy after dealing with that crap-happy economics class. Stupid teacher let us out late and I almost missed the hand off. God I hate that class. At least I'm not the only one in the class who thinks the teacher sucks. We spend the time before class bitching about her and it somehow makes the first 30 or so minutes okay. Then I get bored and start nodding off. This leads to daydreaming about lascivious or homicidal things. That class is having a very bad effect on my daydreaming habits.

Okay I should stop bitching but I'm really twitchy and I have an hour and a half before my next class. Hmm not sure I've done the reading for that class yet. Well that gives me something to do at least.

EDIT: (You get an edit because I'm sure another post will drive you all nuts.)Common Errors in English ~cool site I just ran across while dicking around between classes. I'll be the first to admit I use some really non-standard grammar when posting and speaking but I do generally know the proper format, I just like my own speech patterns better. Anyhow cool site to surf so you too can play Grammar Nazi with your friends. BTW am I the only one who always pronounces Nazi with a 'T'? Half the time I have to remind myself not to spell it with one. But I love spelling bastardizations. Ahh Poe our birthday is not the only thing we share. See Poe made up words all the time and no one stares askance at him, why is it so weird when I do? Hmm time to stop babbling.
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