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([personal profile] seorgia Aug. 30th, 2006 02:17 am)
OK small update. One things are going well with school but I'm stupid busy. I have been (sorta) keeping up with email and lj but don't feel bad if you don't get a reply for a week or two. I'm still pulling my hair out over a place to live.


LOL [ profile] purpura put up some piccys with them and K's arm. I'll get more up soon. The little (we think) boy is a charmer. The lavender girl is close to a shed so is kinda like "Fuck off me man" and Blood Rose (only named one yet) is a bit skittish. For the record I have two new lavenders and a blood red. I have to pick names. Usually i pick a theme and go with it. Last time it was a Disney theme but I;m not sure if I want to go all florally and shite so yeah. But i hate giving things just color names. Could go with biological (Blood etc) based names. Don't know. But yay I have snakes again! I missed it!

Anyhow thats bout it I need to try and sleep now. Heh

(Will: if you see this I only got your reply text message at 1:30am lol I figured it was too late to reply. The reception out here sucks balls.)

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Go with etiological names. This is anthrax, and this is plague and ...

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Seo-san! There's a sale on these and I was wondering if you have one already. There's a purple one too, but I can't remember the name.

Let me know by the end of the week so I can pick one up. =D
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*chuckles* I do not believe I have any of those *smiles* I need o get back o blue boy as well but we all need to get together here soon. I haven't seen you in an age.

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4 years? yeah. 4 years.

Ok, I'll make sure to pick the two kinds we have. They're only $5 each so it'll be a reunion present or something. Or maybe I'll just ship em. =)

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Is okay. I didn't get the message till just before I went to bed the first time myself. Then I figured I'd reply later. Well when I couldn't sleep and decided to come out read for a bit I texted back. It was probably around 1:30. I didn't get to bed till around 2, I think. Which was mucho fun for me since I had to get up and help my brother move at 8.


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