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([personal profile] seorgia Aug. 25th, 2006 01:53 pm)
So yesterday was okay. I spent far too much time in bed being unable to breathe from what is either a cold or allergies. I'm only half sure one way or the other. Then did some packing, cleaned the tub and toilet and got ready to head out. Nix after learning of my sad lack of Kevin Smith films decided we must all get together and watch Chasing Amy and An Evening with Kevin Smith. Didn't honestly like Chasing Amy. Too many annoying and painful emotional moments and we all know Seo has the emotional expressive ability of a teaspoon. EWKS wasn't bad. Long but fairly amusing and we all talked and joked through it. We being Nix, Will, Zack H., Me, and Joyce and Jen for parts of the early evening. Then I went shopping bought some school supplies and other odds and ends (like food since once in a while I actually get the urge to eat). My new backpack while expensive also is really cool and seems pretty heavy duty, which is good. My old leather one is just not up to college life and I rather like it and don't feel like wearing it to hell and back. So got home jus before dawn and crashed.

So during sleep I have begun to believe that your mind finds the most painful thing it can and then it flaunts it before you repeatidly. Personally I think I'm in the mood that if they had a drug that let you not dream for a while I'd take it. Healthy sleep be damned. Anyhow I need to go pack more and get my letter of res. School starts in 3 days. Still nothing really on the apartment market worth while. Well okay there is this little all util 3 bedroom place I'm really interested in but 875 is just a bit out of my budget. It has a fireplac though. FIREPLACE!
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