So Scott and I went out and saw the new Omen movie tonight. It was actually pretty good. I haven't seent eh first one yet but Scott said the new one is basically the same only they made the deaths a little more gore filled which actually detracted a bit from the movie. I'll agree that it could have had a bit more of a steady amount of suspense but all in all it was pretty damn good actually. LOL Got a few jumps out of me even when i saw things coming. I Do have one thing to say though, does anyone, anyone at all, have any clue what the word SUBTLE means anymore. I do believe you could have handled it all a little better and actually managed your goal (which I won't ruin for those intent on watching to movie but it is easy to see what it would be). Anyhow but thats not a plot problem, that's a human nature problem.

Anyhow so yeah good movie. I do reccomend a watching of it. OH and I love ROTTIES! Yay pretty doggies! LOL I'd get one if I you know liked dogs and had the room etc. But Rotties are usually such sweeties.

So Scott's gone as of tomorrow on training for three weeks. He'll be back June 27th. *blinks* I forsee a huge amount of freetime in my future. Though honestly I plan on using the time with him gone for the unpacking and repacking of all my shit for the move. I'll probably even box up all my books and stuff. Might as well. I'll just keep the ones I'll probably crave a read of and any of the kitchen gear I commonly use. It's gonna be weird without him around. I mean we spend pretty much every day together. Gonna be plan odd. He got Erica and Zack to watch Otto so I'm off the hook there as well. 

*sighs* Speaking of the move. I have to find a place still and get funding settled. And this that and the other thing. Fuck and talk to the aparto complex about leaving a month early. Grr soo much to do. Oh well still have time. And I need to have a little more money. Okay alot more money LOL. Oh well I'm working at it. I need to call the college tomorrow and find out what damn class I took in 99 to find out which bio class layout I have to have them fax. Gods this all takes forever. Plus I'm gone this weekend. Which I'm actually majorly looking forward to.

I should go try and sleep.

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Alternately you can ask them to take back that extra 17 days or so. Though I'm not sure what that would do in terms of rent payments. How do they handle a partial month?


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