The move is done (mostly)!!!!!

LOL I'm posting from Kibble's computer before heading over to 539 park to get with the partying. See peoples there ^_^

Oh and I am as in love with my new place as i hoped to be. The kitchen is a little different and so i don't get the stools I wanted but I still love it and it is still great for parties and people being over.

Fuck all I am tired.

Oh and I would like to see special thanks to Uwe, Johnathan, Emily, Kibble, Carla, Murphy, Johanna, Nello, Scott, and Gleef. And Jim too for trying to get over even if it didn't work out. You guys are the best peoples in the world thank you so much for all you help. I love you guys ^_^

~Seo the sore but happy
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