Can't wait to mvoe!!!! Found another furniture store last night and have directions to atleast one other. In love with this move. can't wait! *squee* Things are going fairly smooth though I still need more confirmations on who is willing to help haul stuff. I shall get that straightened out today and tomorrow. Yay moving!

LOL Work for me now.

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Nello Moving Co.

As it turns out I cna help you move manana! I can be up htere by early afternoon or so (earlier if you need help before then.) Can you send me directions from the Taconic to your place?
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Re: Nello Moving Co.

*hugs* You are the rockidge!

We are starting to pack the truck at about 10:30. Taconic that is east right? Yeah still a little hairy about directions of places. Basically get onto route 90 heading towards albany and get off at exit 6 which is route 9 head south and route 9 becomes Henry Johnson BLVD. Keep basically heading straight on HJB until you hit central ave then turn right and head down Lake St. Go straight past Madison and take a left onto Myrtle Ave which is the second light after Myrtle and we are about half way down right across from the Hospital. 453 Myrtle.

*blinks* After typing all that I now relize you know how to get to Seamus's and we are like right near there. Less then a block away. So yeah why did I just type that out. Bugger. If you can't get by there early call me and see if we have made it up to the other place and we are unloading. To get to my new house you go to route 87 head north until you hit exit 9. Go east off the exit (right) and then head south (right) onto route 9. Park 200 apts should be right there on your right inside the big shopping center. I'm building 3.

LOL You have my cell # if this made no sense. Call me tonight if you need. Otherwise I'll see you on the morrow. Yay *snugs* ^_^ Thank you!!


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