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([personal profile] seorgia Sep. 12th, 2005 09:00 pm)
So had a fairly good day at work. I'm running between the two extremes of being really annoyed about something and being really happy about how everything else is going. I'm not dealing with the thing which is aggrivating me until next week sometime wherein I will figure out what exactly I will be doing about it.

Had a nice long talk with [ profile] casteylan about things we needed to discuss and general chit chat that I enjoy getting into. *snugs* to Cas! As well as Ted-sama, Kae, Solo, and Mongo. LOL Yay ^_^

The big move it this weekend. I'm trying to handle all the last minute details of which there are many and things are going at a fast yet halting pace.

Found out Derek isn't coming home to the states until next August which just sucks. I still need to finish getting his package together. And I didn't send my moms b-day gift out because I'm a twit and got sick. I have to call her tomorrow and say Happy Birthday and explain.

Started my classes today. I.E. I actually went online and did the work today. LOL I was a little behind but not much. I can't wait to actually be able to dig my stupid books out. Jebus it is annoying being so inbetween things.

Emailed Ablest today adn they say they've always been paying me at my current rate. Which is damned confusing as I know that isn't what they hired me at. I unfortunatly think I might have otssed the very first stuff I got from them back when I cleaned my car out but I'm not sure. Either way I can't find the stuff until next week after i've emptyed the car out and give it a solid look. Annoying either way. Or maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so because i remember being terribly excited about my new pay rate.

Anyhow I've been staring at this computer for far too long. I do believe I am going to go elsewhere for a little while.


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