So today I started cleaning my room again. It had never gotten really cleaned properly since the move and I want to go back through the boxes and throw away all the crap I don't need. Try and cut the amount I have to move down by like half or something.

I came across in my cleaning one of my old hardbound diaries I have had since I was 15 nearly ten years. Amazing what one writes down and what changes have been wrought over that period of time. I wrote off and on again in it (couple times a year maybe more) til 2001 right before I was to move out here to stay with my new family Ten Clan *sardonic grin*. Funny as hell no? Then nothing until todays entry. (yes I couldn't resist adding a bit I probably will when evere I run across it)

Because this isn't the most interesting post in the world and I shan't force you to read it )

As such my decision is made. I'm moving to warwick come this fall if they'll still have my whinging stubborn ass. I may be skittish but never doubt my commitment. I'll figure out the details as soon as I can but that's where I want to go and if things fall apart I'll deal. I've dealt with it before and I know I'm strong enough to survive. But I also think I'm strong enough and stubborn enough as well as the others involved that I may not have to. Atleast not for a long long while. Lifes a ride hold on tight.
Okay Jen found this fucked up video site. I went on there and started looking around and decided to search for My Little pony videos. I found this thing and OH MY GOD so fucked up and funny. It is called My Little Pony and the Violent Rage.

Serious go look. Well done in and off sort of way. Now I want a camcorder realllllly bad. Damn I wish i had the one I actually own. Shit wonder Shal ever found it?

Oh and if you ever wondered what we were talking about when we talk about the smooze? lol here it is bwhahahahahah: Go evil purple oooooze


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