Sushi cake did not come out as I planned. It was still very nice but I got really tired and took a nap and ran late on time. Consequently it was not as detailed as I had planned in my head. Everyone liked it and I was throughly complimented.

After cake a few of us went to Sean's room to hang out for a while. Then Sean, Ryan, a couple girls, and I decided to go on an adventure to Walmart in Kingston. It was amazing good times. Then since we were hungry I cooked such kick ass spaghetti and tried to make bubble tea. I need more pearls. Then the girls went to bed, I dropped the boys off, and came home to clean my kitchen. Now I'm going to sleep yay.

I have a job interview tomorrow at Borders. I wanted the job when i applied to it but now I'm not sure. i really wanted a house job that would require me driving all over the place. Plus the hours are a little more flexible. I'm going to go and look it over but I might tell them I've changed my mind or that someone offered me a better position.

Ugh sleeeeeeeep! My head is trying to wander to an ugly place and it is annoying. I do believe sleep is in order.
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( Apr. 14th, 2008 01:45 pm)
I feel very accomplished. So far today I have fixed my car (about an hour and both ends worked on), did my laundry (thank god!), registered for summer courses, faxed the financial aid crap I needed to send in, ordered dog meds/stuff, and taken care of a bunch of bills.

I forgot how much I really love working on cars. I didn't do anything complicated today but it was nice to do it on my own. My dad worked on cars and used to let me help. Still has fond memories attached to it. ^_^

Left to do is run to the post office, start applying to more jobs, file a few things, do some homework, and a bit more laundry. PLus a couple of other things I'm sure I'll think up later. I've been up since 1:30 am so yeah.

Also for my latest baking projects I am starting some work on sourdough breads. I really wanted a sponge from everywhere I have lived but I never started while I was in Albany. Maybe I can convince someone to start one for me and send it to me. They are going well. I gave them their 12 hour feeding and I have another in 3-4 hours. I also have to run and pick up something from a freecycler.

I'm off to start my temp agency calls then maybe start with the faxing of my resume to places. Plus I have to do my telephone interviews for the online work. I might go out and grab a few other applications as well. I'm in desperate need of la moola.

I also think I'm going to have to break down and buy more colored pencils for my baking projects. I have, somewhere, a huge package of different colors in different mediums but I cannot find it ANYWHERE! As such, I'm just going to buy a smallish package to get by on. I have to cakes in the active planning stage. One for Kt's b-day which is Friday and one for Sean. Sean gave me an idea of what he wants, though we need to discuss flavors but Kt has given me nothing but her full confidence (bwhaha). Planning I must start. I already have some ideas but i prefer to put them on paper first. Actually I think Kt mentioned somehting about wanting fondue cake bits which I really wouldn't have much to do with unless I stuffed them or something since frosting is not an issue. Unless I froze the frosting on which might be nice dipped into a hot sauce. Hmmmm melting might be an issue. Interesting ideas though. I love to work with pastry. Damn can't find where Jesse posted the pictures of the last boob cake. I need to fetch them from her at some point to add them to my pastry pictures. I feel rather chuffed though. Everyone at the party thought I should go pro and make cakes for a living. LOL It is a fond dream but there are so many things in the way of me doing so. Anyhow cool thought.

I need to finish writing up my notes on the recent metaphysical stuff. I did something the other night and I wonder if it changed things again. Gotta pin K down and see if she noted a difference.

Off I go to finish my chores ^_^
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( Oct. 22nd, 2007 04:52 pm)
Why do all the crazy fuckers in the world think I'm their very best friend? Are they looking for death? Is this some strange suicide attempt? Because seriously I'm willing to oblige. One yesterday and now the chick in class. WTF??

On other news I may have a new job within the week.

On other other news I'm completely fucking bombing this semester. I believe crying will shortly be in order.
So a long time ago (read 5 years) I worked in a pastry shop. Now I didn't do anything too spectacular. Mostly grunt work and some simple pastry construction. At the time, I was considering going to school at the Culinary Institute of America for pastry mastery and I thought that working in a pastry shop would be something I enjoyed. Boy was I wrong. I hated doing the repetitive stuff, my bosses were mostly assholes, and I just got really sick of the crap that went on at work. This all kind of soured me to going to work in the pastry field.

Fast forward a few years to now. I've been getting more and more interested in working with pastry. I adore baking and decorating cakes. I now have an amazing amount of gear to use. My skills are increasing. So I have begun to think seriously about doing a small side business of pastry commissions.

The problem with this is I'm not sure I'm good enough for it. I've had some really interesting failures. Now I will admit most of those were due to extenuating circumstances but still, should I try it?

Anyhow I need a bit more gear before I really go into it. I may soon run face first into a wall without an airbrush machine. I have two cakes at least this month that would be so much easier with an airbrush.

On a completely different note I managed to wack my nipple on the door coming into the house. Now my nipple hurts like hell. I believe I am very upset with my nipples. Ever since getting them pierced they somehow always manage to get themselves hit against door frames. The shit hurts like hell and it doesn't matter if I have a bra on or not. Damn my perky nipples.
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( Jun. 14th, 2007 02:05 pm)
So I'm on my way to a job interview, driving a little fast 'cause I'm a little late, when my nose starts bleeding everywhere. So I'm swerving all over the fucking road trying to drive with one hand and catch blood with the other. Finally had to pull over so I could keep my hand under my chin (my nose bleeds really bad) to keep the blood of the cream colored triangle insert on my shirt while using the other hand to grab paper towels I fortunately had on the floor. Craptastic. Anyhow I made it to the interview only a smidgen late. I didn't mention it and I hope the dude didn't notice too much. I think the nose ring I got pirced with is shaped wrong for my nose. I need to go find a new one. I'm averaging one nose stab a week. Atleast it doesn't hurts so much anymore. But damn does my nose bleed alot. Even the piercer remarked on it. I guess I had really good blood flow to my nose. How fucking odd? Actually I think it has more to do with the weird blood mutation I have. I should ask my mom. Good gods I can never find the name of the stupid disease online when I need too. Why can't they name it something easy to remember? ARGH!

Ugh now I have to go wash the blood off. *sighs* I don't mind washing to blood off if it isn't my own!
So today's interview went very well. I ended up talking with the man for about an hour. He is a character. I like characters. The unfortunate part of me liking him is that I don't intend to keep this job for a long period of time. I feel a bit bad about it all. But well things are getting financially very lean, so I have to do what I have to do. Need to call the temp agency this week too. *sighs* I'm off to do that things which must be done.
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( Mar. 13th, 2007 04:32 pm)
I realize I have not bothered you strange people yet today. Time to change that. So here's where I stand:

School: The twat is redeeming herself. She says if I get everything else in on time she'll let me retake the first exam come finals. I'm okay with this. I also managed to get an A on the second part. I'm mostly caught up with everything else. I owe PL some journals and homework to Astronomy and Concepts. I start another class (Weight Lifting) tonight. I'm about to head there now.

Work: Well the morons had extra people in here while I was gone. The petty cash check is missing. Connection? Yeah so less then please to have these retards in my office.

Home: Things are pretty good. Some things not so good. None of it is going online.

I spoke with my mom yesterday about random things. It was fun. Spent class time yesterday sending text messages back and forth with Will, Scott and the Baltimore Boys. LOL I get bored and send strange messages to people. Do you want a strange message? Give me your number and let me know you don't mind if I ping you. I get bored alot.

Hmm I still haven't done the memes. I'm a bad Seo. Oh well off to school I go.
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( Mar. 8th, 2007 09:48 am)
Ewwwwww! Well I have filled my quota of nasty men hitting on me for the day. I just had one in here now who seemed very inclined towards me. He even sang me a little song. I mean UGH could you take a fucking bath first. Or better yet shut up and leave me alone. Take your check and leave. No I don't want to be our "friend". No I don't want to date with you. And hell no I'm not gonna have sex with you. I can not even describe how annoying this man was. Ugh go away icky men types. Thanks so much, bubye now.
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( Mar. 6th, 2007 01:17 pm)

Sooooo in applying for jobs today, I have just learned that every time before now when I applyed to Orange County Medical it didn't work. It seems that for some reason our home computer doesn't show the second and VERY IMPORTANT page I needed to fill out in order to apply. So great just fucking great. On a brighter note, I actually found the second page today.

*sighs* At least today we have customers.
There appears to be some random guy outside my office trying to break into the payphone. How much money is there in payphones now a days? He has been banging on it for a while now. He is using a hammer and what appears to be WD40. I'm not even sure who would get this report. Mostly I'm just sort of vaguely amused and appauled by the neighbor hood. Mmmm it just makes me so glad to be working here.
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 03:41 pm)
I believe the muscles in my shoulder have become so knoted that the skin directly over them is going numb because the nerves are squeezed so tight. Hmm suck.

On other notes I called my credit card company about the cards on my card that I never said my old membership could do. They are sending me forms. I called the gym again and they said what they did was perfectly legal, and by the way send them 70 more dollars. I don't want to deal with it. I just don't. What they did BTW was keep entering experation numbers in when my card switched until they got one that worked. They said that their billing place called my card company and got the experation date from them and that was prefectly legal. I haven't a clue really how accurate it all is. I'm sure I'll probably have to pay the 70$ but I just don't want to deal with it now. I should, but I just don't want to. I want to go home and play Sims with Seasons and do my homework at some point. This place is very dead. I think I'm going home early.
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( Feb. 24th, 2007 12:26 pm)
Hey Tammy, Sorry I disappeared for so long. I had a customer pop into the office and I had to get his taxes together and collect some cash. Poke me next time you are online. I'm not doing much but sitting around the office 'til 3 when I head to the munchkins party. We will totally work on getting an excursion into the city together. I probably can't do it til like late March early April as most weekends next month are booked. I'll let you know and see if we can work things out. *snugs*!
Here's my happy new schedule as of 3/8/7 Some sundays are free. I'll have to schedule around there. This is mostly so people can find me if they need to. I'm ading another class in come March too but I don't know what kind of work it needs so I can't put it on here yet. Oh yeah only Astronomy, Work, and the Gym classes are one I actually have to go to class. The rest are online. Oh and the LJ happy format is thanks to Jeff. Thank you!

Scedule )
So still no word from my business teacher about the whole missing work issue. I'm going to call her tomorrow and see if I can get a better answer then. BlackBoard is down at the college right now so no more studying for me. Well okay that is a lie. I do have things I can do but no more studying for my Prehistoric Life exam. But since I just called and it seems they are closing the Newburgh extension at five due to weather (okay guys it is just a little rain, learn to deal) I'm no longer doing the exam today. So on the plus side - no exam. On the minus side.... okay not actually sure where the minus side is. Hmmm well I guess I'll get to studying my other classes.

I went and registered for graduation come May. It was fairly simple and I talked to someone about my school loans. I'm waiting for some student aide packet to come from New Paltz and I need to call and find out what my next step in registering is.

Hmm so tonight I have a bit of schoolwork left but I'm not sure how much. Family Meeting tonight. Oh the yay.

Oooo I just did my first amended return. I am the proudzor. It was fairly easy even if my DM (who I called to ask how to do it) is terrible at explaining anything.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 10:35 pm)
So I have yet to hear back from my one teacher about the missing work. I think she only comes online to check her email once a bloody day. That's right my teacher who has an entire course online only comes on once a day. Because you know that makes sense.

I have just spent over 12 hours (give or take one) working on school work. I am the fried. I have completed my Contemp Novel Exam, did a journal for Prehistoric Life, caught up on my macro stocks, read a chapter for Intro to business, responded to the IB (intro to business) DB, responded to two students (required) and talked to my mother about the commencement ceremony for college. I'm now definately going to the ceremony. That means I have to book it straight after work tomorrow to go to the graduation fair so I know I have everything taken care of for that.

I am the very fried Seo. I still need to download and fill out a schedule for myself so I can try and keep on top of my schoolwork. I'll probably do that in the next half an hour. Then I'm going to sleep. I talked to Scott for like 10 mins earlier as well. He is doing alright other then he had kind of a bad day today. I guess he was doing somehting secretarial and he is not so much with the multi-tasking and there was some barracks inspection and others are not so much of the cleaning. Honestly I got a wee bit confused in there so who knows. Anyhow he seems mostly okay though he wants me to talk to Jen Wallace about shipping him his vaccumm pot. Which means a trip to Albany, which i'm fine with since I want to go visit people anyhow (Miss you guys).

Speaking of trips I'm beginning to seriously doubt my March visit to the vamps. I really want to go but I'm not sure I'll have the time with school and work. There is also the whole money issue. I'm doing alright on money but until I get my FinAid I'm only doing alright.

Anyhow I'm fried and need to go crash - hard.
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( Feb. 16th, 2007 12:25 pm)
So I was kinda hoping my manager or the other kid who works here would actually come into work today. They have yet to show up and I'm the only one here. It wouldn't be so bad, as that's pretty normal for me, but there were no work portions so I am foodless. It is the sad. I've been falling behind in my work portion prep so it's my own fault.

*sighs* I have so much work to do (not here) and I'm really rather tired.
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 12:52 pm)
So I'm still at work (big surprise) and working on the New Year celebration. I'm actually having a very good time of it. Like really good. New Years is right around the corner and it is goona be a good day and I think the pre-New Years jitters are finally letting up. I mean it is silly to be nervous but it is a big holiday and I want our first to be as perfect as possible. Then again I know it won't be perfect and I'm okay with that since holidays aren't about perfection for me. They are about good times and family. I can't wait to celebrate the New Year with my hodgepodge family. It makes me quite happy.

So menu is almost done. *ponders the list* Need to cut it down a bit. I mean this is a food heavy holiday but irr well I'm a bit overboard here. Some of it can be made ahead of time. I made many fortune cookies yesterday (yes I make them at home fresh). Just about all that must be purchased from the store has been. Shal and Jase are bringing me the last few items and decorations. I'm gonna see if Kt would like to have the spawn makng New Years decorations for the house. It is traditional to repaint the doors and window frames red but instead I want to work on getting some red and gold decorations up instead. It will also give the kids something to do with all their free time instead of movies. Too many movies riles them up something firce. We still need to clean the house up. It should be throughly cleaned before hand. The oil heater going wonky is actually timed nicely with this as they had to throughly clean it. I need to finish my school work at work so I can take care of holiday stuff while home. Oh and I need to have the kids make up New Years wishes to be burned. Not exactly traditional but something my family has always done. I also want to make up some new icons for my LJ. Both for the New Year and the Sims. LOL I'm so addicted to the sims.

So things are going well and I'm so looking forward to Sunday. It should be a good day.
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( Feb. 15th, 2007 10:01 am)
Brrrrr so I'm at work today. I was very bad a stopped to get some java and cannoli (and a treat for the evil non-cannoli lovers of my household). This is probably the last time i buy such a treats (for me and them) for the foreseeable future. I do have a budget I am trying to stay within. I'm not really expecting any customers today. Having said that we'll probably be swamped. I'll make the old one do them all. Haha.

Our house was full of smoke this morning. A fact I only cottoned on to once I was told. Which I'm only slightly embrassed about because I would have noticed once I wandered into the main section of the house. I did notice the smell though even if I figured the smoke was part of my eyes.

So I have a bit of school work to do today which I will start once my brain kicks on. I'm actually somewhat up to date with most of it. I still haven't done anything for my Prehistoric Life. I'm a bad person. The weird cramp in my left foot is back. It hurts like hell at times. I think it is from the snow boots. I guess I just need more support for that foot. It feels like all the muscles on the top part of my foot cramp up. Very odd.

Let's see today is Celia's birthday yay! I'm going to work on cake designs with her tonight. Oh crap and I need to write the shopping list for this weekend as well as the menu. I'll do that now maybe.

The kids had today off as well, which means they are getting 6 whole days off of school. Lucky blighters.

Anyhow menu planning now.
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 04:13 pm)
Intro to Business: Done
Astronomy: HW TBD
Contemp Novel: Reading, respond to Discussion Boards, back DB
Preshistoric Life: Journals, Reading
Macroeconomics: Reading

So I'm doing alright. I'm finally at a point where it is almost comfortable to breath. I am some how ranking in the top ten (spot 8) for the stock trading game in my macroeconomics. Oh yeah I am so the cool. I finally broke down and emailed my Prehistoric Life teacher because I haven't been able to get any work in because he has confused me as to what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. Why can' t they just stick all the question in one nice easy to read section? Anyhow way behine there but not much I can do about it. I'm enjoying my Contemp Novel class. LOL It is nice being able to say as much as I want about a subject in a book without being cut off or having to wait for the other students to say stuff. LOL I'm so self-centered. I owe her a journal because I'm a moron and it is late. I spaced getting it done. Oh well. 

I need to check my school email box. This would be easy other then they have the password set to some stupid numbers I have to go look up. It should all be forwarding to my main email but never good to leave it alone. For all I know my teachers have been emailing there everyday going "Where the fuck are you???" and I'm over in gmail like "la la la oh no new school email good." *snorts* Knowning my luck that's what's been happening. 

So gonna get this journal done before I leave work then finish my paper work and go home. None of my co-workers showed up today. Think they went to a kegger yesterday. Oh well, none of my business.
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 02:52 pm)
*looks down* Huh, I do believe this shirt is too low cut for work. *ponders* Do I even own anything cut up high. I don't think so, I hate shirts the touch my neck. Drives me absolutely nuts. Oh well I like the shirt anyhow, it's purple.

Yay Homework time!!!! (lets try for excitement even if we feel more like suicide)
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 09:16 am)
1) Sleep an ungodly amount and do no school work (check)
2) Wake up early take nice long shower (check)
3) Write up a map and list for Jeff and Katie to hit the asian market in Albany (check)
4) Get Lunch together (check)
5) Put Lunch in school bag
6) Take School bag and go to work (check)

Yes your eyes do not lie. I did indeed forget my damned lunch for work. I haven't a clue where I've left it. I think I left it in the sewing room. If the dog eats it he will die. Oh well I have snacks at work so it isn't a huge deal if no one drag it here for me. Crap I just remembered I forgot my other knife at home too. Oh and wait it gets better I also forgot I am cashless so I have no way of getting quarters to put in the parking meter. Fuck fuck, fuckity fuck fuck
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 02:04 pm)
Yes I'm going to flood your LJ page. 

So I have the Bonanza theme song stuck in my head. only the only word is Noodle. Sing with me now:

Noodle Noodle Noodle Noodle Nooooo-dle
Noodlie Noodlie Noodlie Noodlie Noodlie Nood  Nood Nooood
Nood Nood Nood, Nood Nood Nood, Noodity Nood Nood Nood

LOL I'm a little off but I haven't the brain to fix it right.

On other notes why can't all the customers be like the last one. He smelled nice, acted nice, and had no problem with paying a reasonable fee for getting his taxes done. God how hard is it to be pleasent people?

PS: K the chicken and noodles is really good. Buy more chickens. I need some for pasties and stuff
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 11:59 am)
Soooooo I found a nice little italian bakery that is directly on my way to work. YUMMMMMM! LOL I'm so bad. But this means I can now start supporting my espresso habit again. Which is bad but also means I might be able to function in the mornings. I cannot explain to you why one hour makes so much of a difference in my sleeping habits but if I have to get up before 9 I don't function as well. That and I've been super tired lately. 

I think I need to workout more (like any would be good). I found out they are opening a branch of my gym up in Middletown this spring. Which will be great for going to school but suck when I switch schools. Speaking of school I still have alot of work left to do.  I was so tired last night I spent no real time on school work before I passed right out. *sighs* I haven't had much time to spend with family lately. It has been the suck. K called me the Phantom Seo this morning. Too true actually. I get up in the morning. Go straight to work, come home, eat dinner, start my school work and crash. Welcome to my life. Christ I'm tired. 

And I swear to god if my manager doesn't stop calling people 'son' I'm going to murder him.

I'm too low on cash to hit chinatown this weekend. Oh and I got a fucking speeding ticket last night on my way to the Chinese Market that Nello told me about. *sighs* On one hand yay I found some of what I needed. On the other fuck I got a fucking ticket.

I'm so tired.

I have so much left to do for New Year. I think I might just die.
I would just like to mention that I am not the IRS. If you fuck up on your taxes then I can not do anything to help you. If you (because you are ghetto trash) cannot figure out who is claiming the kids; if you are too stupid to realize that if you owe back taxes the IRS will not give you money; then, once again, I cannot help you. No, I will not give you your W2's back so you can go fuck it up more. You owe my company 270 dollars. No, I cannot fix it for you. No, I do not speak stupid. You have to go and call the IRS because, once again for posterity, YOU FUCKED IT UP NOT ME! 

Thank you.

This mini rant has been brought to you by the letter "Raped with a trout" and the number "Mass murder"
So the two weeks after my birthday showed me to be in a crap mood mainly. Not sure why but one thing after another set me off into one of my funks. So I was really behind school wise. I have finally gotten off my duff and here is where things stand:

Astronomy: Up to date with HW waiting to be done.
Contempory Novel: Back Journal Assignments done. This weeks work still needs to be done.
Intro to Business: All Caught up. Need to finish this week.
Macroeconomics: All caught up. Chp 4 to be read this week
Prehistoric Life: 1st Journal Needs to be done. 2nd Journal due today. Background reading still to be done.

So anyhow I have a lot left to do but it doesn't seem so daunting now. I should have Prehistory done today along with Cont Novel.

Chinese New Year is soon. I need to finish getting the rest of my supplies. Shal if you see this could you give me a call at the house. You should have the number. My cell is kinda working but only barely. I need to know if you and Jase are coming by for New Year.

I reaaaaally need to find an chinese market in my general vacinity. I'm having a serious problem with the getting of supplies for new year. *SIGH*

Anyhow I'm over an hour late leaving working. The networking guy was in and needed me to stick around so he could get some work done. *sighs* I wannnnnna go hooooommmme.

On the plus side my raise came through. I'm now salaried. Weird never been that before. But it means I'll know exactly how much money I'm making. Yay! Happy! Now I can start budgeting easier. ^_^

Well I'm home now. I've started and stoped this entry three times. Time to post. It is good to be home, even if I do have a mountain of school work to do.
Federal Taxes: Filled Out awaiting filing
State Taxes: Filled Out awaiting filing
FAFSA: Filed
NY Tap: Filed

OCCC: Received
Roswell: Received
HVCC: Missing (Que?)

Transfer: Awaiting decision

Graduation: Awaiting February Filing Date

So I finally got all of my W2's. I spent today mucking about and getting my taxes ready to file. As soon as my boss comes in tomorrow and can show me how to send my taxes in for free I will get them all sent in. I did all my financial aid stuff today. I called on my transfer to SUNY New Paltz. Evidently they make decisions next week. Unfortunately, not all my transcripts are there yet. Bugger. I called HVCC and they never got my request. The suck! So I'm refaxing them tonight when I can get home and find the forms. I think I remember seeing them the other day. God I hope I didn't throw them out. Fuck.

I went and got special permission to go into an economics class. This works out nicely as I now only have one day a week I have to go to class. Well, that is until March when my PE classes start. Then I'm back to being on campus four days a week. The suck! Unfortunately, I have to still go to campus for two days for work study; I'm going to see if there is any way to work around that. Or maybe I won't do WS at all. I got a raise at work so maybe I'll say screw the work study money and stick with my pay check. Gonna wait a week before I decide.

I also found out that last Friday was the last day to use your federal aide to buy books. Whoops! So I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and pay ahead for two of my books. Need to take care of that Thursday when I have work study.

Ended up hanging out with a couple of nice people from my Astronomy class. We went out to the diner close by and had coffee and chated for a while. The boys rather cute and the girl wicked nice. I think they are dating. LOL We talked about the standard weirdo stuff you talk about when you meet someone new and weird. It was nice. The are pagan I guess and asked me if I was and the conversation went from there. I think they have come across a really fucking weird pagan High Priestess. I told them she sounded very flaky from what they were telling me and to be careful. Funny how it all comes back to you even after you step away for a while. I guess they went to StarWood last year and had a blast. Never gone myself but I've heard of it. I guess I'm still pagan. I'm not really religious. I'm sort of... well - Seo - and there's nothing much I don't dabble in; I don't really bother picking or choosing labels like that anymore. I really like Astronomy class. Even more now that there are nice people in it. I finally got the books I needed for my other classes. Argh! Catch up time!

Anyhow that's my school update.

As for work I got a nice little raise (by nice I mean nice) but he really wants me in for more hours. I met the big boss today. The unfortunate part of this was I'm a little scungier then I normally in. He asked me to dress a little nicer. He was very nice about it but it just sucks that he chose today of all days to come in. He is a strange strange man.

So that is pretty much it for the day so far. I have work for a little while longer and then I need to deposit some cash and head home. Good day so far mostly well other then my lungs are filling with fluid again. Oh yay.
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( Jan. 18th, 2007 01:20 am)
I have officially reached the age where almost everyone I know is spawning. I'm not sure how I feel about this, weird mostly. *blinks* Well since I like my friends i am happy they are bring spawn into the world. I mean obviously I want more people like my friends around me. Hmm so this is both good and terribly weird. Mainly because it has never really occurred to me before that my friends (for the most part) would be the spawning type. Not that there is anything wrong with it but it just never really occurred to me. Hmm I'll be 25 in two days. I have no spawning plans until 28, oh well I guess this will just be another thing I don't do til later then everyone else. Damn I need to have younger friends so I'm no longer the last.

Okay yeah this entire post was me rambling. LOL

Oh another kid related note. Besterspawn Jackjack is entering the science fair on Friday. Kt and myself helped him set up his science fair project. It is really cool actually. He thought up the concept all on his own and mostly just needed tips on the actual execution of the project. His title is "Dissolving Rock Candy". I'll throw up some pictures once they are available. I know Kt has pictures from the setup and experiment stage. Celia declined to do a project this year. I suspect after seeing all the attention the two who did enter got she'll be entering next year. It was wicked fun to do it with the kids. I think we had a nice mixture at the end of kid/adult in the finished project. Jack did all the cutting out and most of the taping. I did the actual typing but he told me what to type. I would have let him type it too but his attention span (he's a munchkin, only in first grade) wouldn't have held up me thinks. Kt took lots of pictures and I guided him through the steps we agreed on though I made him do all of the recording. He did alot of the actual testing as well. The hot water was handled by me but everything else was all him. We had a good time. I have to book it home on Friday so I can actually make it to the fair on time. LOL Gonna be fun explaining all 11 of us to his teacher. Then again I'm not positive Gryph has the night off.

Okay still rambling maybe I should stop now. Need to clip my nails. They've gotten too long to type easily with. LOl The one problem with having nails as nice as I have, is that they can get too damned long too damned quick. Very annoying but better then the alt.

Class is going well if kinda slow. I'm so ready to be started and going that I guess I'm overly excited. I'm sure it will be over my head not too log from now but for the moment I'm good.

My job wants me on full time. I'm kinda of uncertain about all this. On the one hand I stand to make really good money. Plus the job ends right about at the point I would hit the finals month crunch. So if I bust ass for the first 2/3's of my semester and get enough money holed away maybe I can not work during that hectic time. Or I could just cut way back and not worry. I am worried about next months rent being in on time. It all depends on how soon my checks get to me. Oh well. No use worrying about all of it. I'm a firm believer in things working out alright.

Oh the home front things are going fairly well. There is one really annoying problem I am ignoring the existence of since it isn't my responsibility and I don't have any answers about what to do. Yeah I'm being cryptic but I try for polite if there is a chance some people will see things even when I'm rather annoyed. Otherwise things are going well. I need to dig out a few more things from my stored stuff and clean my room tomorrow. Also need to make more pasties, they are a popular food round here. I make them for work portion breakfasts because I don't have the time to cook breakfast for myself in the morning. I think people are snacking on them too. Oh well not that big a deal.

Friday is my 25th birthday. We're doing science fair stuff that night so the party isn't until Saturday. I kept the guest list REALLY tiny this year. I think only 4 are confirmed as coming with maybe 2-3 others thinking about it. I was a little worried for a while that no one was going to make it out to celebrate. Then again we have 11 people living here so it isn't exactly going to be a tiny number of people even if no one wandered by. I wish I had a telelporter so I could ganked the people are far away that I really want to see. *sniffle* I'm not planning anything huge really. I just like to celebrate my birthday. I'm a little old for it but birthdays are special to me. Unless times have been bad in my life, I celebrate. I like the idea of marking how well things are going with a party, even a small one. I suppose this one is kinda special cause it marks a quarter of a century. LOL But that doesn't really bother me. I really want to get my nipples pierced as the marker piercing. Cliche but true, all of my piercings mark some occurrence in my life. I had my nipples done before but they didn't stick. Oddly what they marked wasn't over by then so it is kind of fitting.

Okay enough rambling. Gonna lie down and stare at my ceiling since I'm not sleepy.
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( Jan. 17th, 2007 11:41 am)
Well I'm working at my new job. I rather enjoy it so far. My manager type boss person is rather young. He seems rather nice. Of course I have spoken with him a grand total of say 2 hours. He is an english major at Sullivan working towards being a teacher.

I am now working a little more in the way of hours then I wanted too originally but the pay is really good. And the work is interesting. Oh well if it gets to be too much I will just ask to cut back.

Anyhow guess I shall go take care of classes right now. I have 3 in progress.
So I'm at work just chillin' out. I start getting my stuff together as my shift has recently started, when I notice a few people at the desk and I ask them if they need any help. Standing there is a well dressed woman (mid-30's), a small boy (7-8), and an older woman (late 40's early 50's). The new conversation (paraphrased because of my memory) goes something like this:

The well-dressed woman says "no" and then proceeds to pull a JW flyer from her purse and asks me if I have seen the flyer.
Seo: (in her pleasant 'this is a customer' voice) "Why yes I have. We recieved a one at the house just the other day."
WDW:"Well what did you think of it?"
Seo: "Honestly I thought about 2/3 of it was reasonable and the other 1/3, not so much." (Trying to be polite I can't tell her that 1/3 of it is complete crap; also I'm at work and crazy or not, she is still a customer.)
WDW: "Well atleast you got through 2/3's of it."
Seo:"Oh no I read the entire thing. I just didn't agree with parts of it."
WDW: "Which parts?"
Seo: (snags the flyer and gives it another look) "The bit about immoral sex. Too many gay friends and all that."
WDW: smiles I don't think she expected me to say it or have any reasoning behind it. Se then continues ith something about if you only read the bible you'd understand
Seo: "Oh I've read the bible, a few times, and honestly I figure I have my way of going about the world and others have theirs. As long as you are okay with your way and obey the laws then more power to you."

At this point I think she's about to leave when the older lady with her pipes up.

OW: "Do you really think God (gotta put it in caps you know she does) is okay with that? If you read (insert passage number I don't remember) it says so and so."

We continue on that for a little while and then the conversation goes kinda like this.

OW: But the bible says this.
Seo: "Yes but also the bible was written by man so no offense it is always going to have their slant on it."
OW:"Oh the bible has an answer for that in Timothy (insert passage number) it says so and so."
Seo:"Yeah but that was still written by another person. Unless god came down and typed it there's always going to room for interpretation."
OW:"But they were talked to by God (blah blah more of the same). Okay how about this if say a you were a lawyer and a small child had to give testimony and the lawyer wrote it down for the child, would you say that was open to interpretation."
Seo:"Yes but not really the same."

At this point someone came for a stroller and I had to take care of that and I guess they got sick of debating with me. LOL So my first day on the job alone I started debating with JW's. LOL Yay!

And just now we had the Giftcards which no worky.

And now some guy talking about how he is against Capital Punishment
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( Nov. 12th, 2006 01:13 pm)
So I've taken my laptop to work to get school work done while I'm sitting here on my butt doing nada. The girl I'm working with is nice but I like the one I was working with the past two days was a little cooler. *shrugs* We just have more in common. The security guys were nice this morning and helped me get the kiosk going cause the girl I'm supposed to be training with (the one I don't like as much) showed late. *shrugs*

God I hate malls. And oh yeah I really hate handless cell phone earbuds. They make you look like an idiot walking aroung talkign to yourself. *shakes head*

*sighs* Damn the computer is being a bitch again. Grr

Anyhow Im so behind on email and the like. No worries Ill get to the replies eventually.


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