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( Mar. 18th, 2008 10:49 pm)
Hmm the title sounds rather gross now that I reread it. Or maybe I'm too much my mom's daughter. Anyhow as stated I am now sick. It isn't too bad, just the head cold that has been going around. I'm thinking hopefully after I get some sleep I'll feel okay. It of course has to happen on my vacation which is fine since I've not got any wondrous plans. Speaking of which I am jealous of like everyone I know. A shagload of people have been going on these sweet sweet vacations. I am jealous of all of you! Especially the few of you off visiting Europe. And you too Scott even though yours was military based.

I was somewhat productive today for all feeling very lightheaded. I went over to [ profile] dwarven_brewer's house and sat around waiting for delivery guys. This was not a real hardship. I ganked a couple of cups of tea and Battleship Galactica was on and so I watch that and read a book called MW that was sitting on the table. I didn't get to finish either which makes me sad. But still a day well spent. I had some work to do I took with me but really couldn't concentrate enough to finish it. Tomorrow I think. On a funny note I had Yoda yelling at me during my trip to his house. *grins* I have my TomTom set to Yoda speak and it is hilarious. "Right you must bare, mmm" Hahaha too great.

St Pat's day was loads of fun. We had a bunch of people here as usual and it was loud and wonderful. I love my household. I know I say it all the time but I don't think it can be said enough. People need to hear that they are appreciated and wonderful and that's everyone in my household. Yeah we have our bad days but it is still good not perfect but good. Anyhow a couple people couldn't come because of work and one anniversary which was sad but I did manage to wrangle Scott down from upstate. After food and chatting he and I went out to the movies and saw Doomsday. For what it promised, which is gratuitous action and violence, it throughly delivered. The plot was very basic but that is all I expected. I really have missed going out with Scottling. It was nice wandering out with him and whispering back and forth in the movie theater (there was no one near us to be disturbed). So that was an all around win.

The stupid dog being a shit woke me up. I'm gonna go gank some leftovers and watch the tube for a while then crash again. Night LJ ^_^
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( Sep. 27th, 2007 12:12 pm)
So I spent the evening studying algebra with people from my class. We also bitched about the teacher and had a good time. Then a few of us went out to a pub. LOL Sooooo I spent the night at a friends house cause I was too tired and a little buzzed so driving home was a no go. I think I'm going to head straight up to Albany to hang with Scott today. No point in driving an hour to my house and then another 2 and a half back the same way. Going to Denny's tonight. Definitely heading home tonight though. Two days in the same clothes is more then enough for me. Even with a shower at Em's house.

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( Aug. 9th, 2007 05:01 am)
Slept for around 20 hours. Spent most of my day kind of dazed from the Benadryl. Didn't get any school stuff done. Forgot to call Scott like a moron. Missed the call when he called me. Said goodbye to a good friend of mine who is going to Kansas City for graduate school (damn you Evan! j/p). Found my missing library DVDs (thanks again Murph). Got more bodice rippers from the library (K is a bad influence on me). Dropped Gryph's security stuff off for him at work. Decided to go grab a snack on the way home. Got hit on at the grocery store. LOL Yes I got chatted up at 1:30 in the morning at the grocery store. *giggles* He even gave me his number. Very amused. Came home, finished the book I was reading, and now I'm heading to bed.

LOL Boring day but a good day. Why do I always get hit on at grocery stores? So weird.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 10:35 pm)
So I have yet to hear back from my one teacher about the missing work. I think she only comes online to check her email once a bloody day. That's right my teacher who has an entire course online only comes on once a day. Because you know that makes sense.

I have just spent over 12 hours (give or take one) working on school work. I am the fried. I have completed my Contemp Novel Exam, did a journal for Prehistoric Life, caught up on my macro stocks, read a chapter for Intro to business, responded to the IB (intro to business) DB, responded to two students (required) and talked to my mother about the commencement ceremony for college. I'm now definately going to the ceremony. That means I have to book it straight after work tomorrow to go to the graduation fair so I know I have everything taken care of for that.

I am the very fried Seo. I still need to download and fill out a schedule for myself so I can try and keep on top of my schoolwork. I'll probably do that in the next half an hour. Then I'm going to sleep. I talked to Scott for like 10 mins earlier as well. He is doing alright other then he had kind of a bad day today. I guess he was doing somehting secretarial and he is not so much with the multi-tasking and there was some barracks inspection and others are not so much of the cleaning. Honestly I got a wee bit confused in there so who knows. Anyhow he seems mostly okay though he wants me to talk to Jen Wallace about shipping him his vaccumm pot. Which means a trip to Albany, which i'm fine with since I want to go visit people anyhow (Miss you guys).

Speaking of trips I'm beginning to seriously doubt my March visit to the vamps. I really want to go but I'm not sure I'll have the time with school and work. There is also the whole money issue. I'm doing alright on money but until I get my FinAid I'm only doing alright.

Anyhow I'm fried and need to go crash - hard.
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( Jan. 12th, 2007 01:22 am)
I have a headache. I have a headache that will not die. I have had this headache for weeks. I may go on a murderous rampage soon. Just thought I should mention that.

Oh and I'm tired. And cranky. And not making much sense. And I hate some people and want them to die, or at least bugger off. And hate other things.

*sighs* God, I hate having a headache it makes me pissy as hell.
For those interested, I just got off the phone with the Scottling. He is about 8 hours away from where he needs to be Friday and is at present camped out in a little town called Albien (sp?), Kansas. It is as he describes it "pungent" with some unidentifiable odor. I'm voting for zombies because how cool would that be. On his way to the Fort he has to fight off zombie hordes. Some how I think he'd get a kick out of this. Let's see Otto the cat is still loving Scott's parent's house.

That's the end of the Scott Report. I'll let people know if I hear more.

Spent Saturday around the house. Was going to go to Dan's going away party but got a surprise call from Shall and Jase and hung out with them instead. We went to dinner and had the coolest damned waiter. I made some smart ass comment in the beginning and after that he and I bantered the entire time. It ended up being so fuckin funny. After a really good time I said bye and headed to a club Heather told us all about with Scott. Murph met us there later, as did Jay and Heather. We all had alot of fun even with some creepy annoying gay guys having to have security ( Hi Matt!) called on them. The fuckers. I was going to deck one of them on the floor after he got really close after being warned to stop touching us and being generally annoying, and said something in my ear. I restrained myself and his friend finally dragged his drunk ass off the floor. Stupid punk. I got to dance though I hated most of the music. Hard to dance to. Didn't know much of it and it was mostly crap. I got pretty drunk (but sobered before driving home). We left stupid late and I dropped Murph and Scott off at their respective houses and got home by like 4:30. Not bad for a good night out.

Sunday we threw a small (only like four of us, me, Scott, Nix, Heather actually made it) party for Scott leaving. Party is really a misnomer. Actually we hungout, I made yummy food, and then the four of us went and saw Clerks 2. Clerks 2 was damned funny. I want to see it again but I'll wait til it comes out on DVD. Oh yeah and as I promised, Kibble you are a porch monkey *grinz*. We have to reclaim it man.... Hehehee. Then we all trooped home, I made cookies and Scott picked up the last of his stuff from my house. Amazing how much of his stuff ended up over here. It ended with three milk crates full of vids and glassware, a tent, two speakers, the stereo they went to, a grill, and the remaining lamp. Afterwards we wandered over to Scott's to watch him finish packing. I had already been over during the day helping him pack up. Actually I was on cleaning duty and took care of the kitchen, the dishes, folded his giant bag 'o socks, and the like before running to pick up Heather from work. What can I say, I'm a nice person. We were joined by Jay and basically hungout, talked, played Warriors, and then we went home late after saying our last byes to Scott.

Well okay almost bye. I ended up ditching work on Monday and going back to his place early to watch him finish up and do a small stint of further dishes from the night before. Then we went out, had breakfast, and I said goodbye (for real this time) to Scott. I was sad. Hell I am still sad. Hope he made his first check point, he didn't leave til like 11am. Then I went home and crashed (tired!) for like ever and got up and took care of more moving stuff.

Came home from work today and got back to packing my own crap up this time. At present I'm going through my room. I figure if I get a few boxes done a day, or something close to that. I'll be all packed by the time I'm to move. I want to get my room out of the way then the kitchen. Honestly those are pretty much the only rooms I have left. I have a few more things to pack up in the main room, but all quick stuff.

I hate my bank. They screwed me again this week. I'm not waiting anymore til I move to kill the account. As soon as this balance is cleared up and I have another account I'm killing this one and telling them all I hate them. I told the girl on the phone today that I hate her bank. She thanked me for banking with them. Now I know you are supposed to say it but goodgod people, give them the freedom to say fuck you or bye or something else. I'd be happier with that response then anything else. I wasn't rude to her personally, just said I hated the bank. Can't stand being rude to random people who haven't done anything to you personally. Had too much of it happen to me. Though seldom does anymore.

The stupid handy man was supposed to come by today and look at the air conditioner but didn't because he couldn't find the remote. Well if you had told us you would need it we would have left it out in plainer sight. As is it was on the fucking couch and he still damned well missed it. FUcker. So no idea when he is coming back. Grr. Atleast the house isn't really hot anymore. I don't really care when he comes back other then I have to put the cat in my room til then. Bugger.

Anyhow more cleaning I guess. I should probablt eat dinner or something at some point. Haven't been very hungry lately. *shrugs*
So Scott and I went out and saw the new Omen movie tonight. It was actually pretty good. I haven't seent eh first one yet but Scott said the new one is basically the same only they made the deaths a little more gore filled which actually detracted a bit from the movie. I'll agree that it could have had a bit more of a steady amount of suspense but all in all it was pretty damn good actually. LOL Got a few jumps out of me even when i saw things coming. I Do have one thing to say though, does anyone, anyone at all, have any clue what the word SUBTLE means anymore. I do believe you could have handled it all a little better and actually managed your goal (which I won't ruin for those intent on watching to movie but it is easy to see what it would be). Anyhow but thats not a plot problem, that's a human nature problem.

Anyhow so yeah good movie. I do reccomend a watching of it. OH and I love ROTTIES! Yay pretty doggies! LOL I'd get one if I you know liked dogs and had the room etc. But Rotties are usually such sweeties.

So Scott's gone as of tomorrow on training for three weeks. He'll be back June 27th. *blinks* I forsee a huge amount of freetime in my future. Though honestly I plan on using the time with him gone for the unpacking and repacking of all my shit for the move. I'll probably even box up all my books and stuff. Might as well. I'll just keep the ones I'll probably crave a read of and any of the kitchen gear I commonly use. It's gonna be weird without him around. I mean we spend pretty much every day together. Gonna be plan odd. He got Erica and Zack to watch Otto so I'm off the hook there as well. 

*sighs* Speaking of the move. I have to find a place still and get funding settled. And this that and the other thing. Fuck and talk to the aparto complex about leaving a month early. Grr soo much to do. Oh well still have time. And I need to have a little more money. Okay alot more money LOL. Oh well I'm working at it. I need to call the college tomorrow and find out what damn class I took in 99 to find out which bio class layout I have to have them fax. Gods this all takes forever. Plus I'm gone this weekend. Which I'm actually majorly looking forward to.

I should go try and sleep.
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( Jun. 6th, 2006 01:31 am)
So Scott and I went to a drive-in tonight. It was fun but I like the other one we went to before better. Anyhow I saw X-men 3 and the movie Sentinal. LOL Sentinal SUUUUUCCCCKKKKED. Plot holes big enough to drive a semi through but it was a B movie so who cares. We had fun tearing it apart, not that that was particulary difficult.

I actually liked X-men but I'm not a comic buff. Scott pointed out random things which were different but seemed to like it well enough also. The ending was a bit of a sucky cop out though. Oh well. Not something I'll bother seeing again for a long while but not bad for a bit of cheesy fun. They had a new Superman and Pirates of the Carb. movie trailers out. SOOOOOOOO wanna see the new Pirate movie. The new SM trailer made me more interested also. We saw a new Omen trailer too. Kinda wanna see that but it looks like it might be the sucka nd i haven't seen the original yet.

*yawns* I should crash out now since my sleep last night was weird and I had to actually get up on time today cause Scott came over to borrow the laundry machines while I was at work LOL. We had crap breakfast together and he forgot to leave the door unlocked and took the key home. Hence locking me out when I got home *chuckles*. But I have my revenge I called and woke him up to get my key back, then we went to the movies bwhahaha no sleep for the Scottling.

So sleep for Seos now.
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( Jun. 4th, 2006 02:59 am)
I haven't gone to sleep yet tonight. Most of what I dreamed last night was emotional kinda disturbing. One line stuck with me as sometimes lines from dreams do. In the dream a close friend of mine (a RL friend) was talking to two other friends (who didn't have RL counterparts) of ours about me. We were driving in a car for reasons not really important and he said the following:

"When she decides to cut you from her life she doesn't just leave you, she deletes you from her world."

It burned and made my breath stutter even in the dream. I woke up later with that line caught in my head and unfortunately went back to sleep. That didn't go well. So I guess I'm hiding out from my own psyche right now. Honestly though I'm just not sleepy yet. I can admire the line construction though. It is haunting if nothing else. Mika is laying on my feet again. I guess it is time I go sleep.
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( May. 29th, 2006 01:42 pm)
So Jenn has indeed managed to get me sick. LOL It's alright though. I'm actually not sure I have what she has or what is allergies (which I've been blessed with since moving to Albany) and what's not. Last night I had a really weird reaction to my NyQuil. It meant a strange few hours of delirium. But since only my cat was there don't think it really mattered.

Let's see. I cleaned my room yesterday and did four loads of laundry. Yay! I still need to drag all the blankets to the laundromat, because it is cheaper then doing it here. Scott came over, we went out, then watched Dr. Who. It was good. Oh then we went to Walmart wherein I forgot most of the stuff I wanted to buy and he went to work. Oh well.

Scott's coming over sometime later today with his grill and we are going to be a grillin' on the holiday. I feel all traditional and stuff. Not really but it sounds nice. I think I have a fever and I'm kinda rambling. Yayyyy! Maybe I'll go lay down again. I slept for like 12 hours last night. Thinking maybe getting some more Zzz's. LOL I hate being sick. No, no more sleep I have to go cook. Or direct Jenn in the cooking. Something like that. I really hate feeling the fever burn behind my skin. Gets on my nerves
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( May. 27th, 2006 11:10 pm)
The closer the move gets the twitchier I become. We are at about the 3 month mark and I find I have become itchy with the taste of what's to come. I've moved tons of times before. I'm not worried about the mechanics of the move. Honestly that's really the least of it all, but the leaving of people behind, that has started to get to me.

Sometimes it seems like I'm always leaving the people I care about behind. Sometimes, like with my father, it isn't my choice and there wasn't anything I could do about it. Some people, like Hare and others like him, I had to leave to save myself and my sanity and those were always close calls. But mostly it is just me moving around alot. It just seems to be something I do. I get restless in one spot, or I haven't found a spot yet that I'm happy with. Sometimes, like Albany, I moved here for a particular reason or because of certain people and once those reasons no longer apply I want to leave. But that was before. Over this last year, while my feelings on Albany haven't changed, I have found a fairly happy exsitance hanging out with new friends. What am I going to do when they are far away and I don't get to see them almost everyday like now?

On the bright side I'm not moving somewhere unknown this time. I'm staying in the same state and I do have a big bunch of wonderful friends down where I am moving. That is a happy thought. I love the fact that I get to move down and see the Warwick folks (because I can't remember that big long name you've made for yourselves) on a more regular basis. I love the fact that I can see the kids now more then once a month or so. I love the fact that I'm going back to school and I think I'm healthy enough mentally now to finish it. These are all goods things. I'm in such a good place right now in my life and yet I feel weird about the move.

I know it all makes sense and all and this is yet another big change and not even the last one but well yeah I'm getting weirder the closer it gets. So torn. I love going new places and meeting new and interesting people. I've become quite the gregarious Seo in my old age. I can't wait to start learning again because I want to and not because I'm forced to. I look forward to finding new places and being close to NYC. But I still hate leaving people behind. I hate it. I hated leaving my friends on Cape behind. I hate that I don't get to see the OH folks often or the Baltimore Boys. I hate seeing my Mom only once or twice a year. I hate that I don't have the money to see them all the time. *sighs*

So anyhow be warned, I will get probably a little weirder as the date draws close. I'll be fine. If I suddenly bust out with "I'm gonna miss you so much" randomly don't worry and I shall endeavor not to start bawling on anyone. Oh gods that would just be embarrassing LOL
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( May. 24th, 2006 01:21 pm)
So i'm at work. I've basically nothing to do. There is some back filing but I'm spacing it out so I will still have something to do and look busy with days from now. I'm not sure if i'm allowed online but I go on anyhow. I did a bunch of it earlier. Managed to drop a box from the top shelf onto my shoulder. LOL Think I may have bruised myself. Not sure, I don't bruise to easy but damned thing was heavy.

I have an appointment with a college counselor next week to get my classes set up. This means I have to come in 3 hours early next thursday. PITA I say. It also means another like 45 dollars in gas and tolls which bites. *sighs*

Scott is invading early and taking over the washer and dryers lol. I hope Jen remembers to come home in time.

Guess I'll go look over class schedules.
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( May. 10th, 2006 03:07 pm)
So Seo is job hunting. I exceeded my goal today of atleast 10 resumes out. I actually lost count I just kept sending them in. *sighs* This is sorta funny and sorta bad as I will have to make follow up calls. I know I can hear you all asking what is wrong with my present job I've had for only a month now.

Well one the damned thing is fucking boring. Two I need a few more hours at that payrate. Three the pay rate isn't enough.

So that is where today stands.

Oh and there is a wasp in my window. *sighs* need to have another talk with the landlords. Fuckers.

Watched City of Lost Children with Scott yesterday. Great movie which I finally got around to watching after waiting for a long while. Hare was rather fond of it and it was a bit of a sore spot but well Scott pouts I swear and so we watched it and it was good. And Ron Perlman is fucking hot and I've always thought so. I want to do bad bad things to him. *grinz* Those long long legs.... yum. *grinz* Wow I need to get out more and get like laid and things.

Let see got stuff to do. And I need to be more incontact with people. Need to fix the computer so it pisses me off less and I don't mind staying around and communicating.

Oh well better go clean and shower.
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 01:29 am)
So we have a guest for the night. Otto, Scott's cat, is spending tonight and part of tomorrow over here. Scott brought him over to visit then had to boost to work. LOL So I've a cat type visitor for the night.

Nice furball. Little talkitive but sooooo cute! I'll see about getting a picture or two up over the day while i'm laying around being sick.

Actually I feel better. I should be fine by the morning. Just in time to go look for more jobs. Yay!
So Scott came over tonight and we watched the 1920's Metropolis. It was pretty damned good and Scott was happy to finally watch the thing all the way through.

So he leaves and about 10 or so minutes later we hear a knock at the door. I'm like lol "What did he forget now". Jen gets to the door first and it isn't Scott. It is instead our downstairs neighbor who while he speaks english alright can barely understand it. Evidently there is water leaking into his apartment downstairs. ALOT of water. Yep pipe below the sink blew out. We called maintenance and they are on the way. The neighbor has come back and is really freaky, scary, and annoying all at once. We got rid of him for a second time. Didn't quite understand that yes we turned off the water and no there isn't anything else we can do in the mean time.

So I'm waiting for maintenance while Jen is probably heading to bed. I feel bad for our little maintenance dude because he was fairly nice on the phone and I think the neighbor downstairs is going to be a bit of a bitch about things.

Not our fault though. I think a gasket went on the sink. Have a pipe hanging down. Looks like a simple fix but so not touching it.

And all the confusion ruined my lovely cup of tea. I got so distracted I let the leaves sit in the bowl too long. *sighs* Probably undrinkable.

EDIT: Okay pipes fixed it took the guy all fo like five minutes. All he did was tighten it back on. Think i'll call down tomorrow and have them replace it because this will probably happen again and I don't like our downstairs neighbor much.
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( Mar. 20th, 2006 04:30 am)
The weekend with my mom and her husband went by fairly well. Saturday was better then Sunday when I finally got stupid tired and was honestly no fun to be around. Oh well. So they went home today and then I read for a little while til Scott decided to come over at around 11. Then we chattered for a while and watched the movie Brazil. My brain hurts lol. Actually I rather liked the movie but I'm wicked hungry now having not eaten anything in 8 hours or so. Haven't felt like eating much at all latly. Wonder if i'm sick.

Saw V for Vendetta on Saturday with Scott. I rather liked the movie though it did hit on one of my pet peeves. Still highly recommended by myself.
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( Mar. 10th, 2006 05:43 pm)
So Seo is out of her Applied Robotics job. They let me know about 10mins before the end of the day. It was very weird. They didn't let me go because of any problems but because they had planned only only having a temp for a while and then they were going to make customer service do it. Looks like they kept me on far longer then they meant to. Anyhow they stressed to my bosses that it wasn't any issue like that. Bob even gave me his card and stressed that he would love to be used as a reference (he is the guy he actually hired me for ARI).

So yeah no more ARI for me. I was so startled. I mean yeah. Anyhow I didn't say goodbye to everyone I was just a bit out of it. I will send a nice card next week and I need to email Beth and let her know Amy has my book and arrange pick up.

Anyhow I'll write a little more later. Right now I'm about to go out to dinner and a movie with the Scottling and some others maybe and I'd rather not think about how much I'm going to miss some of the ARI crew. 8sighs* I wish i had had a little more time to say goodbye.
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( Feb. 22nd, 2006 06:35 pm)
Yep yep computer is annoying. Gotta fix it this weekend or something. Gonna go watch the new Dr Who. No not the new new Dr Who the new Dr Who. If this made sense to you I shall laugh.
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( Feb. 1st, 2006 11:38 pm)
So today was... today was... today was... well I guess today was an amazing aray of ups and downs. I'm really tired. I'm also pretty much all better and not sick anymore, though i still have the cough. Work was boring gaming was alot of fun. I'm still struggling to get my life in order. It is a semi winning battle. Some things I want I realise now I'll never get. I knew they were dreams but still I wanted them. LOL I need to go relax and sleep before I shoot my mouth off more. I like watching the world around me though latly it has felt decidedly out of reach and untouchable. Oh well.
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( Jan. 30th, 2006 07:28 pm)
So I woke up this morning and was too sick to go into work. I hate calling out to work. It isn't something I do often or lightly. Always feel slightly bad about it. Anyhow lol I called Ablest and the woman was like "You sound horrible. Get off the phone before you make me sick too. Go rest" lol so there isn't any chance they though i was faking which is the other thing I worry about. So I slept all day and I fee alot better. I needed one more day to rest up I think.

Anyhow gotta go make dinner and then read a bit more I guess. Going to see Brokeback Mountain tomorrow and Nanny McGee (how is that spelled?) on thursday with Scott. Might go see Reservoir Dogs with Murph friday at the spec special showing. Ah dinner creating time hehe.
Happy Chinese new year everyone ^_^

I plan on spending today day off with Scott and a few others RPGing. LOL What a weird new year! I actually was gonna do a few more traditional things but then I got sick and there went that idea lol! But I feel a whole lot better which is the best way to start the new year. Anyhow I need to go shower and find something food like. Haven't eaten since yesterday morning.
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( Jan. 24th, 2006 10:41 am)
Well this weekend was a fucking blast. Michelle is still out this way and we
all have plans to hangout tonight which should be alot of fun. I got a
shagload of new ponies and some nice booze (reaaaallly nice). Nello and
Virginia really do love me lol. As well as more pretty flowers which I quite
enjoy. Dropped Duo off to the plane yesterday and was quite sad to see him
go. I really wish I had a teleporter at times. Jenn and I then inflicted the
My Little Pony movie on Scottling which was hilarious to some extent. Poor
thing lol Scott and I then watched Dr Who to scrub his brain of the evil
pony goodness. Hehehe oh yes and nothing can stop the smooze. *smirks*

Remembered my car ticket today. I then decided to check the dates. Good
thing I did it is two days from now. Fortunately it is at 7pm so I shouldn't
have a problem making the court date. I have all the paper work and I just
need to talk with the judge I guess since I had everything thing the night
of the accident and I did give it to the cop so no clue as to what to do.
Hmmm maybe I should see if I can drag Scott with me as a witness. Good thing
the date isn't til thursday I was worried it was going to fuck up gaming
again which would just suck.

The guy who covered for me mucked about with all my stuff and it is
annoying. *grumbles* I wish they had just left him out of the invoice stuff.
I have this unfortunate feeling that I am going to have to go through all of
them and double check them. Annoying.

Oh well guess I'll go read. All my other work is done. Hehe yay.
So the appraiser came and has gone. My car got hit with just about 2 grand
worth of damage and that is just the external stuff. They might find more
when they open her up but I kinda hope not. Either way I faxed the estimate
over to my body shop and they should call me back to set up an appointment
to drop my car off. The other girls insurance company is covering everything
which is good. Then I'll have to set up a happy little rental. Either way
doesn't look like the car will be fixed for about a month or so. The
appointment probably wouldn't be for another two weeks then the little sheet
says 7 days in the shop so yeah about a month all toll. I'm okay with it as
she is drivaeable just a little bunged up. Over all it could have been worse
and no one got hurt so I'm okay with it.

Jen says the lady came by and didn't find any cat damage. There was a weird
mix up with me not getting my cat deposit back which has me confused but it
is something I'll take care of this weekend. Spending the morning reading
the Pyrdain Chronicles. Enjoyable books though I swear I've read them
before. That or I just had teh srangest dejavu. You never know with me.
Anyhow gonna get back to that now I suppose.

Hey Duo/Solo this bits just for you since I didn't catch you on aim )
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( Jan. 12th, 2006 09:22 am)

So there are the pictures of my accident. They kinda suck and I'll try and
get better ones. I'm still fairly tired and it has been a long few weeks.
Evidently she hit me worse then I really noticed yesterday. She nailed like
the entire side of my car. Cripes I don't know when this is gonna get fixed.
I need to check on break how far I can get the door open. Anyhow oh I forgot
to mention the cop ticketed me because my paperwork was out of order. LOL I
was so mucked about and tired it was almost hilarious. When they sent me my
new plates and registration stuff they didn't include the damned
registration card. So didn't even have that. The cop was fairly nice and we
got along but he's like "I'm sorry but this is just one of my pet peeves".
Which is understandable but at the same time I really don't feel like being
ticketed because you have a pet peeve. Mom thinks I can get out of it fairly
easy. Oh and he gave me shit about my registration being in NE. Which is
legal cause I school out here but *shrugs* So far this past week has been a
study in the suck let us review shall we:

Cat dies
personal bad news
bounce not one but both banks accounts
missing about 200 dollars thgouh bank account crap and four seperate people
owing me money
get in car accident
get a ticket
little or no sleep (not abnormal but still the suck)

So anyhow that all happened within about a weeks time frame. *chuckles* The
funny part is I'm not really upset. I mean some of it still bothers me
(Chibi being dead has only sort of sunk in and I keep getting surprised by
it), but most of it is just like "*sighs* Okay right again okay let us move
on shall we". And all of it could have been worse. This past few months has
just been a bit of a ride. The beginning of the year more so. But it could
all be worse and I'm happy for the good luck I have had. I still miss my cat
though. I still haven't gotten her food bowl up. I noticed that last night.
But well anyhow I'm wicked tired and so I'll shall send this in now. My
birthday is in one week. LOL hopefully not as long a week.
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( Dec. 28th, 2005 09:04 am)
So I went and saw Memoirs last night with Scott, Raven, Paul, Carla and
Johannah. It was really super good. They did change a fair amount from the
book but I was just really quite in love with the movie anyhow. It is very
much a dramatization of that particular subculture though. Even more so then
the book. The costumes were gorgeous, the movie itself was as well. Jebus
the landscaping was pretty over there.

After the movie Paul and Raven toddled home (that whole sleep thing lol) and
Jim joined the rest of us for a trip to Red Robin. It was lots of fun though
I think we might have terrorised the people around us by our excessive good
cheer and our general ability to be truly perverted. And hey I wasn't the
only one being completely wrong. The others helped quite a bit especially
you Johannah lol! Also the Guiness was so good! I blame you Kibble for
giving me a taste for it. Anyhow it was really good. At some point to try
and break up a bit of a tiff I offered to have Jim/Johannah/Carla/Scott's
baby. I mean one child at once. Then later threatened Scott's life for
laughing at me as we were leaving the restuarant cause I was sort of dancing
around with a cell phone in my mouth. Things degraded from there and we all
left in quite the good mood. Johannah and Carla have decided they must see
Scott's cat Auto who truly is fuck all cute which I guess is being set up
for a different night. *shrugs* I dropped Scott home and managed to get home
and into bed by midnight I'm so proud of me.

My laptop cord arrived yesterday. It works and the lap top is just fine. It
is really super old though lol. I need to buy a new network card though as
the one I have seems to have died. That or my computer is saying fuck you
but I'm hoping it is just the network card. I need to check out pricing and
what not today to figure out what kind I want. I kinda want a wireless but
we don't have a wireless server so I wonder if there is one that can do
both? No idea but I'm at work so I have like the neverending amounts of free

Anyhow guess I'll go toddle off and do that ^_^
*wanders in circles* I'm bored.

The house is much cleaner though. I cleaned out my frig and froze that which needed to be frozen. I took all the scraps I had been saving up for stock out of the freezer and it is happily stewing in my crock. The ponies now have a home though it has to wait for Jen to come back and agree to it. I left the big table up from the party and placed them all over it. They rather fill it. We won't really be using the balcony until the summer anyhow sooooo I thought why the hell not. I still have the bathroom and the rest of my room to finish. I'm listening to music very loud with the wonderful sound system Scott has still not taken back to his house yet. LOL I don't mind in the slightest. I'm dreading when he finally decides to take his vaccumm pot home. I'm rather attached to it now LOL. I kinda wanna go out wandering but nothing will be open. This always happens to me on holidays. I also just figured out I have no way to get any cash until like monday or tuesday. Fuck now THAT is a problem. *shrugs* Oh well. I still have some of the gifts my mo got me to open tomorrow. I opened like two more and got a few cute things. I wonder if she honestly realises that I'm 24. Somehow I don't think so but what ever I forget half the time. Hmmm music stopped better go turn it back on and find soemthing else to clean.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2005 02:30 pm)
So the cake went off with no more hitches. I'll post pictures later on when
I'm at home and can actually access LJ as opposed to posting by email which
is what I'm doing now. Funny thing is the bottoms of my feet now have lots
of green and blue dots on them. I look like some demented dalmatian. I
really need to replace all my pastry dyes but I hate doing it since the
damned things last forever. But they have not survived as many moves as I've
had well. Think I'm going to get some small squeeze bottles for them and
save myself some headaches. Anyhow so yeah everything else worked out fine.
The cake tasted fabulous. The Scottling was surprised and quite touched and
he didn't get miffed because I had promised no birthday party or anything.
Okay promised is the wrong word. Never said I wouldn't just sort of let him
think that. Hehehe I am teh evil. Jen wouldn't sing with me so there was no
singing. I made really silly looking Dr Who things on the cake which looked
recognisable ... barely. LOL everyones tongues turned green from the dye. It
was funny. Scott is now the proud owner of his first My Little Pony. Bwahaha
I will convert everyone I say! I have some of the frosting and the original
cake left because Murph asked to try some. Ooo I should run that by tonight.
It won't hold well. Then we had more of the fucking tasty soup I made
Tuesday and watched Serial Mom which is a balls all funny movie.

Think I'm going to Denny's tonight. See people before the holidays. My
holiday plans are laying around the house and reading books. Everyone in
Albany is pretty much leaving and going elsewhere for the holidays so I
shall be all alone for Christmas. Nobody loves me. Pity me. ^_~ *giggles*
Naw no big deal I have rented like 9 new books from the online library. And
I'm quite happy having a nice low key Christmas. Now if I can just get my
laptop up and running life will be good. I sort of lost the power cord.
Which I'm actually okay with since it was kinda broken anyhow. I hope I can
get a cheap replacement easily. Damned things look expensive. I wonder how
much a new laptop would cost me? This one is wicked old, like 10 years old.
I'll get one eventually. To much other shite to worry about that now.
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( Dec. 21st, 2005 01:22 am)
And the word of the day is MOTHERFUCKINGSHITBAG. Brought to u by I'm so fucking tired I just dropped the damned cake I was baking and now I have to bake another one and the letter F as in fucking hell. I also managed to eat soap instead of frosting and no I can't really explain the mix up. And I fucked up a french buttercream frosting so that it had large chuckles of hard candy in it, I did manage to fix it and it tastes like all the good things on earth in a bowl.

*sighs* Sleep as soon as this one is done. I'm too tired to wait to take it out of its pan. hopfully it will forgive me

Fuck it is almost one thirty. *sighs* Oh god let there be coffee in the morning.
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( Dec. 18th, 2005 05:39 pm)
Today is sad. Today is a sad day. Tomorrow will be sad. And so will tuesday. I think it shall be a sad week. I think I'm going to try and not care anymore. I think it is normal. And mostly I think I am sad. I was happy a week ago. I was happy for no reason. I have a reason to be sad but it doesn't matter anyway.

I saw King kong today. It was a very good movie. I rather liked it.

My mother has been trying to get me to go to a sleep clinic. I do believe I shall heed her advice as the insomnia gets worse. I got two hours last night though that was because Scott and I stayed up gaming. He is passed out on the couch now and I can't sleep. Even when I lay down I can't sleep. I'm losing my mind because I can't sleep anymore. I think I've become quite unhinged. It is a strange feeling. At least with the nervous energy my house is clean and I have much fresh baked goods. Oh god I'm so tired and I've quite lost my mind.


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