I have a date tomorrow.

The novelty of having a date is still getting to me. I even went out today and bought a cute new top and undies (not that he'll see those since this is a first date) in prep for it.

Usually I meet people, they are my friends, and we just sort of start going out together. My last like three relationships went that way. Dating is such a weird concept.

Oh well wish me luck. He's a fairly cute poly guy I met online with a smokin' hot g/f.
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So I've been getting odd messages on AIM lately that I couldn't for the life of me figure out and have now discovered my answer. Evidently there is some sort of bot which plays a three way convo link between two random names. I got "salmoned" earlier today with a rather rude message and then had a brief yet odd conversation with my counter part.

*shakes head* The world really does get weirder by the day.
Wow the spam gets weirder and weirder. Will this make the spurs on the sides of the dick bigger too? Hmmmm:

hey cat dick! you can make it much bigger, what are you waiting for?

Anywhere from 40 to 50 cats and dogs were fed the A complete list of the products recalled can be found
next federal election. allowed to escape before flames engulfed the vehicle.

Do you want to be satisfied with an average penis and average women? We don.t believe it. That.s why we offer something special to you.
Mega means "great". And our product MegaDik makes your penis just great!
Buy it and be delighted with your new sexual experiences!
You.ll be so amazed...

MegaDik is your luck!

Schwarzer. Rooney again was given a break away on net, June in Flanders. But, as Van Bellingen pointed out:
Wright-Phillips after his first-time shot went across Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Green Party of Canada leader Green Party of Canada leader
immediate veterinarian attention if the pets are and up that have never won a sweepstakes was won by
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( Oct. 18th, 2007 04:02 pm)

I swear to god the ne on the left is my friend Derek. If not they could be twins! Oh and kick ass photo.
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( Feb. 10th, 2007 12:55 pm)
You ever just figure something out? Like Something you should have know, or would have figured out if you had ever stopped to give it some real thought? Have you ever heard someone call someone else a shrew? Know why? Shrews are fucking poisonous! Okay not all of them but alot of them are. Damn no wonder a bitch sharp tongued person is called a shrew, their bite is noxious. 

I am randomly researching weird animals. I started with the platypus. Hehe.

BTW blood taste good. Okay well not dog blood. Okay actually I don't know that for sure as I've never had dog blood but it smells horrible. .... What? Why are you all staring at me? No I do not kill dogs. The nerve of you thinking such horrible things about me. Just cause I said dog blood tastes like crap you think I'm out clubbing puppies. I will have you know I just had a very stupid dog when I was a child. Oh and a female dog as well. Bandit well used to get hurt on things and Sheba well wasn't spayed til later. Nuff said.  

I wonder how cat blood tastes? *stares at Mika*


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( Jan. 30th, 2007 12:31 am)
Well my lungs are beginning the trip down Sick As A Dog Ln again. Oooh I just can't wait for the newest RI to hit. Hello Vitamin C you are my best friend.

In other, weirder, news. I received a FedEx tracking notification for some thing coming to me from Hong Kong. What the fuck? On looking into this further I have come to discover that I'm getting my Astronomy book from China. Well that's different. I always hate that many of my pieces of property are better traveled then I. I mean my car was made in Japan. I sigh.

I am meeting with a professor tomorrow to see about getting special permission to be in his class. Why? Because I am so cool. LOL No, actually it is because I'm trying to keep as many of my classes online as possible. Speaking of which I finally got the book I needed for the class which started two weeks ago. Grr so much homework to make up. Oh well.

I'm tired. Bed now.


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