Weird dreams, weird dreams, rollie pollie weird dreams. So I've been next to unconscious the past day or so for some unknown reason. Doctor's appointment on Monday and maybe he'll be helpful. I somehow doubt it. Also, craving lots of red meat, maybe it is the anemia acting up. Can that happen? Eh more research into the thalassemia does not make me feel better. Also made worse by all this is the overriding anger/frustration I feel toward certain things/people which might explain the dreams. Hitting objects might soon be needed.

Enough whining. On a brighter note I have plans to go to the city today with a bunch of friends to storm China Town. We are going to the cool Dim Sum place and than to explore other parts of the city. Of course i was supposed to call the boys yesterday with the travel times and sort of couldn't stay awake enough to do so which means I need to figure it out now. I'm sure things will work out just fine. I'm not overly worried. There isn't much point in freaking out over a pleasure trip otherwise where is the fun in going?

Oh and I figured out what other tattoo I want on my arm. I'm going to get a picture of my Lady cat, the one I grew up with who helped raise me, with the shadow coming off her to be in the shape of a dragon. I think it will look super cool I just have to get some help with the drawing of it now. I'm planning on asking Jenn to see if she can help me out. LOL I called her last night and I was half awake and I think i might have scared her with the message I left. You know how when you are half awake and an idea comes to you it feels like the most pressing thing in the world. Yeah so major fail there. Oh well I think I cleared it up with her now I just have to actually speak with her at some point.

Off I go!
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( Jun. 9th, 2008 05:54 am)
FYI Gryph, Kae and I are home safe and sound. Weekend rocked hardcore and I will do several weekend updates later. For now a wee bit of sleep before the day begins.
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( Jun. 6th, 2008 04:44 am)
Alright I am packed and ready to go.... Um why isn't Matt awake yet? Crappppp...

*sighs* Worse case I'll take a damned taxi to the Hertz place. *ponders* I think we have taxis out here.

Oo starting to rain. Squee! Oh shit I just remembered I have an hour wait outside this place before they open. Crap.... can't I catch a break?
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( Jun. 2nd, 2008 01:20 am)
My big summer trip is starting in about four days. I'm going to be gone for almost two weeks. I'm not packed or anything yet so it is time for me to get busy. I still have no plans for the three days between gathers. I suspect if I don't find anyone to hang out with I'll just bum around for a few days and see the sights or whatever. Being an only child is really rather practical at times. I'll be back in time for my youngest daughter's birthday which is good. Though I don't think we've got any party stuff planned yet. Bugger.

It will be nice to get away for a while and visit old friends. I always miss my family while I'm gone but I so seldom see long distance friends it is a real treat. Plus the summer months are full of boring for me and my head hasn't been in the best space lately. Activity will be good for me.

Timone had another seizure today. I'm really a bit worried about leaving him home. I think I'm going to see if I can take him with me. For the most part it isn't a big deal. I have a cage he can travel in the car in. I'm not worried about the hotel. I've had too much experience at this sort of thing from my youth. I have to ask Ri if it would be okay to take him with my to Thresholds though. I'd keep him with me the entire time and Zeb was allowed a few years back so we'll see. He wouldn't be running loose. I'm just really worried about leaving him home.

On other pet news my birds are dead. One got herself caught in the cage and it wasn't pretty. The other just rather fell over dead. I don't know why the boy died. I guess the stress from having the girl get caught was too much for him. I'm rather sad about it actually. I really liked having my cute little chirping budgies. *sighs* Now I really don't want to leave Timone alone. Oh and Kumori has an eye infection now. *stressed* WTF, mate? What is up with all the pets?

Welcome to Timone the Ferret ^_^
Final Grades are in. I'm thinking of going to drown myself in the pond.

Instead I cried to my mom and I feel better. Now I have to deal with begging/yelling at teachers. One has caved and I need medical documentation. The other isn't responding to my emails and I hate her.

*sigh* Vacation soon. Speaking of which, I will have Monday-Wednesday June 9-11 free for anyone in the western PA and eastern Ohio area who wants to hang out/put me up for a couple of days. I will be going to the Khep Gather the previous weekend and then WtT the weekend after and it really makes no sense for me to drive home for two days and then back out to PA.

So if anyone wants to lay clam to the Seo for a few fun filled days of hanging out and goodness let me know. If not I'm just gonna grab a cheap ass hotel room for a couple days and veg.
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( Apr. 24th, 2008 02:38 am)
Hmm no one wants to talk to me online it seems. *sniffles* Don't run! Don't run!

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the HK gather this year. I'm about to go run the numbers for Jenn and the like. I have also just realized that I will be leaving on the 9th to go home and then turning right around again and going to Southern Penn two days later for Walking The Thresholds. *face palms* It is tempting to not go home but just stay in the general area for that time. I suspect I shall have to many responsibilities to take care of at home but it is really tempting to not drive 8 hours to turn around and drive 6 more two days later. Hmm and I do have a large number of friends in that general vicinity. I haven't gone and seen Kitsune Jim and Tiff and their sprog in a long while. Hell I've never met their sprog. And after this last hurrah I have school and will not be able to travel at all for a few months. Huh I wonder. Bugger I have people driving with me though. I don't know if they are planning on going to both and the like. We shall see but it is worth looking into.

I can't wait to go though. I miss seeing my friends. In some ways I miss being part of the Otherkin/Vamp/Were communities. The politics are crap I could do without but I enjoyed the philosophical discussions and meeting new people. It is tempting to wander back into the communities but I'm not sure where to start over if it is anything more then a pipe-dream. I seriously have no taste at all for drama and teh politiczors. I may in fact strangle the first person to say something like Psychic Attack. Oh noesssss! *blam* But I did meet some super nice people when I actually had the stomach for it and that's all I'm looking for nowadays. I also met some horrible asshats who are best left forgotten and abandoned to ye olde past.

I recently went through all my old CDs to make room for more important things and found a bunch of old AIM convos and things. Good gods it still amazes me how stupid we all were in the past. I'm not saying I would change anything but it is still funny looking back. I'm sure I'll think the same thing I few years from now about certain things. Part of growing up seems to be learning what to get excited over and what really doesn't matter. I'm not always the best at this, hell no one is, but I like to think I'm getting better.

Alright back to running the numbers for the trips and then some studying and then I need to write up a list of symptoms to give my doctor tomorrow. Blegh I hate going to the doctor. I always feel like a whiner.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 10:49 pm)
Hmm the title sounds rather gross now that I reread it. Or maybe I'm too much my mom's daughter. Anyhow as stated I am now sick. It isn't too bad, just the head cold that has been going around. I'm thinking hopefully after I get some sleep I'll feel okay. It of course has to happen on my vacation which is fine since I've not got any wondrous plans. Speaking of which I am jealous of like everyone I know. A shagload of people have been going on these sweet sweet vacations. I am jealous of all of you! Especially the few of you off visiting Europe. And you too Scott even though yours was military based.

I was somewhat productive today for all feeling very lightheaded. I went over to [ profile] dwarven_brewer's house and sat around waiting for delivery guys. This was not a real hardship. I ganked a couple of cups of tea and Battleship Galactica was on and so I watch that and read a book called MW that was sitting on the table. I didn't get to finish either which makes me sad. But still a day well spent. I had some work to do I took with me but really couldn't concentrate enough to finish it. Tomorrow I think. On a funny note I had Yoda yelling at me during my trip to his house. *grins* I have my TomTom set to Yoda speak and it is hilarious. "Right you must bare, mmm" Hahaha too great.

St Pat's day was loads of fun. We had a bunch of people here as usual and it was loud and wonderful. I love my household. I know I say it all the time but I don't think it can be said enough. People need to hear that they are appreciated and wonderful and that's everyone in my household. Yeah we have our bad days but it is still good not perfect but good. Anyhow a couple people couldn't come because of work and one anniversary which was sad but I did manage to wrangle Scott down from upstate. After food and chatting he and I went out to the movies and saw Doomsday. For what it promised, which is gratuitous action and violence, it throughly delivered. The plot was very basic but that is all I expected. I really have missed going out with Scottling. It was nice wandering out with him and whispering back and forth in the movie theater (there was no one near us to be disturbed). So that was an all around win.

The stupid dog being a shit woke me up. I'm gonna go gank some leftovers and watch the tube for a while then crash again. Night LJ ^_^
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( Mar. 4th, 2008 11:28 am)
So the bubble of goodness which was this weekend burst. I mean, I knew that I couldn't fix my head or my problems by leaving for a hella good weekend but I was hoping for another day or two of goodness before my head decided to be a bastard again. Oh well, such is life.

I'm sitting here chillin' in my car (which desperately needs to be cleaned but it is raining outside ugh! so I'm not gonna) waiting for my next class to start. I bombed my last accounting test. Fuck. I'll just have to buckle down harder. I miss really stupid things too. I think I was just not in the headspace I needed to be to take the test. I can still make it up though. I have an exam in my next class as well. Hopefully I'll do alright. I'm fairly comfortable with the material so here's to hoping. I have another exam next week and I think one in math as well. I also have a hardcore paper due on Thursday. I can see tomorrow is going to be study central.

Some out-of-town friends are flying in this weekend and we are all going clubbing in the city. I can't wait. *sigh* I know that I can't fix my issues with constant distractions but it is so tempting to do so. Then again I can't really fix them anyhow so I might as well distract myself with something fun. The weekend after that we are doing something on St. Patty's day though I thought it was on the weekend but now I looked at the calendar and it seems it is on a Monday and I am the confused. That will also be the week of spring break and the Bestermans being gone. I have no idea what I'm doing all of spring break. I talked with Jesse about possibly running some Exalted. With campus being closed we'll have to gank people from their homes. On the plus side with the Bestermans being gone we can game as late as we want and not wake the kids. I think the Mortons might be out of town during part of that time as well but I might be confused with something else. Either way I know I'm gonna be gaming a bit this weekend with my Vampire group. Matt P. has said the Sabbat will hunt us down if we don't show on Saturday. LOL Gaming and clubbing all in one day; I do believe I'm a spoiled, spoiled girly.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2008 09:33 pm)
Home safe and sound be I. I had a great weekend. Full update at some point when I'm not fully ready to fall asleep while typing. Jesse should be home in a little while too.

Wow did I so need to go on a bit of a trip though. Such a recharge and well I'll update later let us just say yeah wow. It just made my week to be able to go out there and have people be so happy to see me and to be able to help make someone's birthday be even better (though there was lots of help there lol it was great). I've just been feeling like such a fuck up lately. It is nice to get something done and do nice things and not have it explode in my face.

Sleep now I think.
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( Mar. 1st, 2008 12:15 pm)
I'm gone a traveling. Someone will see me later tonight. Bwhaha!

See you late tomorrow LJ.

PS I took Jesse with me hahaha ganked for the win!
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( Feb. 29th, 2008 09:26 pm)
Grrrr Seo is angry.

Okay I was angry. I had this great angry post all written in my head. I had all sorts of interesting insults and slurs I made up on my drive home. But I made one fatal mistake - I made a yummy yummy steak when I got home. *burp* Yep I'm all full up on rare bloody meat and I can't be angry anymore. *sigh* And it was such a good, sweet anger too. *shrug* Oh well c’est la vie.

Today I went to school and then met up with Jesse when the driving lessons I've been giving a friend were canceled by him not texting me back (annoying much what). Anyhow we went out for lunch and coffee and me being a hyper weirdo. I decided to follow her to work (Seo-puppy! "Can we keep her ma?") and go swimming. LOL I swam around in the pool/jacuzzi for three and a half hours. It was lovely mmmmmmmm swimming. We loves to swim we does.

Oh and anyone who loves me will buy me this:

I don't care if it isn't a real site or that I am more likely to shoot myself then the enemy I must have a gun with MLPs on it. Must. This is not an option. I do believe I have found my life's calling. Well okay my other other lio=fe's calling you know the calling to leave strange messages on people's answering machines. *grinz* Jesse liked the one I left her today. Bwhahaha I am the evil hyper Seo.

Oh and I made Seo soup today *nods* and now I had water in my ears. Blegh.

Argh I need to shower and wash my clothes and get ready for my road trip this weekend. Bwhaha yes someone out there is getting a surprise visit from me this weekend. Be afraid, be very afraid! HAHAHAHA fear me when I am bored and hyper! FEAR ME!
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 12:00 pm)
I got quite a few happy v-day cards from my little electric v-day thingy. Which is the yay I feel so loved! LOL The unfortunate part is like 3 of them are unsigned and I have no idea who sent them to me! HEHEHE So to you lovely anonymous peoples *HUUUGS* Thank you (though I have good idea of two of the three the last one I have no idea and it is driving me batty lol!!!). And to you lovely signed peoples *SNUGS* Love you!

On other notes I have arrived safely, I do have internet access and the plane ride sucked ass. I didn't get any sleep last night and I will probably crash early today. I have one or two errands to run before the day is out (need my license renewed) and my mom gets home in about 4 hours. My parents got a Wii they want me to hook up. LOL this should be fun. Maybe I'll go rent some games to inflict upon them. Bwhaha. Their dogs are huge and slobbery. I don't really like slobber but they are really sweet animals. My brain is all over the place and I suspect I'm going to start texting like a mad fiend and calling home at some point soon to distract myself.

Oh well off I go. ^_^ Happy V-day livejournal! Love you guys!
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( Feb. 14th, 2008 01:28 am)
I am amazingly tired right now. I still need to go shower and pack for my trip to see my mother tomorrow. I'm half way looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my mother and step-father but I get really bored out there and I miss my family and friends. I'm seldom away from them for longer then when I visit my mom and it bugs me. I'm sure I'll end up calling home everyday like a moron to check in. Plus there is the whole flying thing which I'm really bored with doing. I've done it so much in my life that I'm basically sick to death of doing it. The seating sucks, touching strangers sucks, the waiting and security suck, only looking out the window is fun and that has gotten old. SO I'll try and sleep my way through the flight again.

I made an amazingly kick ass birthday cake for my college friend Matt today. It looked so freaking good and tasted good too, rather like girl scout thin mints. He liked it a lot and then I stuck around and chatted with him and Sean for a long while. I should have come home sooner but I don't seem them all that often and I miss hanging out with them. I'm so stupid busy from mid-December to mid-February that I don't see many folks. My shoulders are tied up in huge knots which are killing me. Blegh I so need to beg a shoulder rub off of someone soon before I die.

Time seems to have gone really wonky since the beginning of this year. It feels like the year should be half way over instead of barely begun. So much has happened and changed that it is hard keeping up with it. I'm sad about some things, I miss other things, and I'm rather pleased with like one or two things. All in all a freaking hectic start. It got worse at the beginning of Chinese New Year. LOL The rat is the beginning of the wheel and I believe it wants to start with all the things that have built up being sifted and shucked off. *sighs* I miss people. Oh boy I'm way tired. Too tired to be typing anymore before I open my big mouth anymore.

See you all Monday ^_^
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( Oct. 8th, 2007 10:02 am)
Home again am I. Trip was kickass. I'll write more later.
So I'm a moron. I have been forgetting things left and right lately. I promised to go to Paige and Nix's baby shower - forgot. Ali is upstate - forgot. Meant to take care of a few other things - forgot. *sighs* So if I have forgotten something to do with you or for you don't feel bad, looks like I've been forgetting lots lately. Sorry guys! I'm a bad bad Seo.

Anyhow I'm thinking of coming upstate this coming Thursday for Denny's night and the visit Ali and her munchkin. If I don't forget where I've left my car. I'll be happy to see other folks too. ^_^
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( Jun. 5th, 2007 11:03 pm)
I'm back from Wolf Park ^_^

Had a great time. I'll do a proper "I'm back" post sometime soon.

But the best part of my vacation? Coming home ^_^
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( May. 30th, 2007 10:40 pm)
So in a few hours I am flying out to Wolf Park!!! Squee! I can't wait. I'll be back Monday morning. I'm taking my laptop with me, so I might do some posting but realistically don't expect it. Anyhow YAY!!!
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( May. 27th, 2007 01:42 pm)
So to continue the random adventures of car annoyance, the van just died again. K, Gryph, the kids, and myself were headed to Gwennie's friends b-day party when whomp down she goes. Murph came and picked up the kids and myself. I'm now waiting to hear from K and Gryph as to whether I need to come pick them up or if the tow truck driver is going to.

*sighs* Son of a bitch.


Kae and Gryph are now home, safe and sound. The car is headed towards the fixing place.

So started my new weight lifting class yesterday. I was a little apprehensive as I have been an utterly lazy fuck for the past little while. It was a good class. The teacher is also my taichi class instructor. He is odd but cool. I ended up not being as badly out of wack as I thought. It was funny watching my partner's eyes get bigger as I told her more weight. I really enjoyed the wobbly feeling of a good bit of work.
Anyhow so I think I'll feel more comfortable going to the gym on my own. Part of the reason I was weirded out before is I've never really had anyone show me how to use some things. I felt weird mucking aorund trying to find what weight and how many reps/sets I should be doing. But that was most of what we did last night. We covered the lower body machines and unfortunately have a week off for school vacation before we go over the upper body. I actually know how to use the upper body machines so not worried about those. The taichi should help with more flexibility and the yoga too. I've gotten so stiff over the past 3-6 months because I'm a lazy bastard.

I have my last new class starting today. It's a chick self-defense course. Should be fun though I heard some strange stories from my Astronomy classmates. I have a smeg load of school work to do as well. I got a fair amount done yesterday but it never ends.

Looking forward to this weekend for the most part. Not really to kneen on the flying aspect. Most because I've flown well over a 100 times and it just isn't fun like it used to be. People at the airports are icky, the planes are all squished full of as many people as possible at all times, and I'd just rather not deal with taking my shoes off for security every few mins. But I've done it all before and I'm not really all that worried. I think I remember hearing about some terriorist thing happening on the news so I'm sure security is going to be psychotic. Oh well better then a 20 hours+ drive. I'm gonna book my Wolf Park ticket this weekend when I can talk times with Debbie and the Baltimore boys on a more even level. That and maybe get some sleep.

Christ I need to finish plans for the Easter Museum trip and the Sakura Matsuri trip. *sighs* I'm so busy.

ANd I still have memes to do. God I need a vaca... sleep I need sleep.

Edit: Damn I should retype this now that I have coffee in my system. Yikes incoherent much? Anyhow the other big thing that happened yesterday is that my front window is completely fucked and must be replaced. It had a crack in it before but it wasn't that bad now it is cracked completely across the bottom so out it goes. I talked to Scott about it last night and he gave me some idea on how to save money while replacing it. So hopefully it will only end up costing me between 150-250 dollars. We shall see.
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( Mar. 10th, 2007 03:46 pm)

Sakura Matsuri

Saturday, April 28–Sunday, April 29
 Noon–6 p.m.

Participate in New York City's "rite of spring" at Sakura Matsuri. With over 200 trees in bloom, Brooklyn Botanic Garden's flowering cherries take center stage during this phenomenal weekend celebrating Japanese culture with over 60 events and performances. Enjoy traditional Japanese music and dance, taiko drumming, ikebana flower arranging, cooking demonstrations, tea ceremonies, craft demonstrations, and workshops for both adults and children. Free with Garden admission.

Anyone interested in going? I think the kids would like it as well. I should be done with the tax job then and have more free time.  Also looks like kids get in free. Good trip for them and I shall introduce them to even more asian oriented holidays. 

And yes K, there will be "real" japanese people there. I can't wait to show them to Jack

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( Feb. 27th, 2007 11:21 pm)
Hello my Albany peoples. ^_^ I am the wondering what people are up to this month. I believe I am missing you all muchly and was thinking of heading up for a day trip on say Sunday the 11th. Anyhow interested in hanging out? Or is there another fun and exciting day I could come up to visit you much missed peoples?
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( Feb. 24th, 2007 12:26 pm)
Hey Tammy, Sorry I disappeared for so long. I had a customer pop into the office and I had to get his taxes together and collect some cash. Poke me next time you are online. I'm not doing much but sitting around the office 'til 3 when I head to the munchkins party. We will totally work on getting an excursion into the city together. I probably can't do it til like late March early April as most weekends next month are booked. I'll let you know and see if we can work things out. *snugs*!
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 10:35 pm)
So I have yet to hear back from my one teacher about the missing work. I think she only comes online to check her email once a bloody day. That's right my teacher who has an entire course online only comes on once a day. Because you know that makes sense.

I have just spent over 12 hours (give or take one) working on school work. I am the fried. I have completed my Contemp Novel Exam, did a journal for Prehistoric Life, caught up on my macro stocks, read a chapter for Intro to business, responded to the IB (intro to business) DB, responded to two students (required) and talked to my mother about the commencement ceremony for college. I'm now definately going to the ceremony. That means I have to book it straight after work tomorrow to go to the graduation fair so I know I have everything taken care of for that.

I am the very fried Seo. I still need to download and fill out a schedule for myself so I can try and keep on top of my schoolwork. I'll probably do that in the next half an hour. Then I'm going to sleep. I talked to Scott for like 10 mins earlier as well. He is doing alright other then he had kind of a bad day today. I guess he was doing somehting secretarial and he is not so much with the multi-tasking and there was some barracks inspection and others are not so much of the cleaning. Honestly I got a wee bit confused in there so who knows. Anyhow he seems mostly okay though he wants me to talk to Jen Wallace about shipping him his vaccumm pot. Which means a trip to Albany, which i'm fine with since I want to go visit people anyhow (Miss you guys).

Speaking of trips I'm beginning to seriously doubt my March visit to the vamps. I really want to go but I'm not sure I'll have the time with school and work. There is also the whole money issue. I'm doing alright on money but until I get my FinAid I'm only doing alright.

Anyhow I'm fried and need to go crash - hard.
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( Feb. 13th, 2007 09:54 am)
So come June I am going on a trip with Feral, the Baltimore Boys, and Debi to see wolves (yay). Loking over flights now and expedia has disappointed me. I expect it to flind me the cheapest flights and yet it does not. A two second search over at Jet Blue revealed a flight that is about 30 dollars cheaper. Now this does mean I have to go down to the city to fly out but a non-stop flight is always worth a little extra work. And this option is way cheaper then the drive both in time and gas money. I will miss having my car though. Actually if all flight on jet blue are this cheap I might be flying more frequently. They go in and out of Stewart too but with a much more limited range. Wonder if they go to Omaha? Nope and Newburgh only goes to FL bleck! JFK goes all over the place though. Yay for the win. Ooo flight to Aruba!
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 11:38 am)
Yes that means you. So a friend of mine is interested in going to some kind of wolf seminar thing in June.

That should be the right link. There will also be foxes (tempt) and coyotes (tempt tempt). You guys interested? It is a bit far but she's cool with spliting prices for some stuff (like rooms and travel and stuff). Let me know. I'm totally interested in going. But thresholds is near there and you guys already have me for that. Though if we go to this then I may say no to that. But I dont know anyhow. Hmm I need more money. *groans*

Anyhow you guys have preferential placement cause I haven't seen you in an age and I already promised you WtT if I could. Anyhow *snugs* give us a note or email or call. You have the house number? My cell phone is still deadish. Though I'm sending text messages and stuff. Hmm must get new cell phone. I'm feelign the loss. Oh the painzors. *sniffles* Okay I'll stop being weird now. Mmmm Lattes make me happy.


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