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( May. 1st, 2008 09:56 am)
I am so tired right now I'm thinking of calling in dead to class. *sigh* I have an exam right after this class and then I have to run to Rock Hill to go to the doctor's office. After that I am supposed to come back here and go to my last class. I may opt for sleeping in my car in a parking lot somewhere. I'm not even sure how safe it is for me to be driving anywhere. I keep fading out while driving and relying on YoTom (TomTom w/ Yoda voice) to keep me awake. Oh and driving to school I saw people, oh joy this day is looking so bright. At least i now have a free Senseo to make it all better.

*sighs* Long day already.
Sushi cake did not come out as I planned. It was still very nice but I got really tired and took a nap and ran late on time. Consequently it was not as detailed as I had planned in my head. Everyone liked it and I was throughly complimented.

After cake a few of us went to Sean's room to hang out for a while. Then Sean, Ryan, a couple girls, and I decided to go on an adventure to Walmart in Kingston. It was amazing good times. Then since we were hungry I cooked such kick ass spaghetti and tried to make bubble tea. I need more pearls. Then the girls went to bed, I dropped the boys off, and came home to clean my kitchen. Now I'm going to sleep yay.

I have a job interview tomorrow at Borders. I wanted the job when i applied to it but now I'm not sure. i really wanted a house job that would require me driving all over the place. Plus the hours are a little more flexible. I'm going to go and look it over but I might tell them I've changed my mind or that someone offered me a better position.

Ugh sleeeeeeeep! My head is trying to wander to an ugly place and it is annoying. I do believe sleep is in order.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.


*hits a wall* That's it I'm pissed. It isn't my fault and yet and yet it feels like being blamed for it. Well fuck you all if you can't take a flipping joke. Fuck you if you can't be an adult and be grown up enough to take responsibility for your own crap. And fuck me for still fucking caring about any of you fucking whore asshole need-to-be-raped bitch cunt walrus boob-munching fart-snorters.

Were you shot out of the crotch this stupid or did your mother rape you that way? I hate you and you and you and fuck that I'm definitely going to go kill a deer or something because why not? Afterward maybe I'll just stop talking with the deer because you know that's mature. Oh wait Seo you realize none of this is making any sense right? Will yes Seo I totally see that and don't actually care. When I begin caring again I will send out a memo entitled "Kiss my fat black ass you retarded walnut-humping, taint-sniffing, vomit-swimming, destitute".

I'm going to throw a tantrum and make alot of noise and I shouldn't be writing this. *whispers* You should show you care it lets them win. WELL WHOOPDIE DOO YOU FUCKING WIN. Hope you are having a good time.

And no brain I don't care if i wrote one of these about a week ago. I can be pissed off as much as I please. Do you hear that world! I'm going to be pissy and bitchy and whiny and then I'm going to pee on your face you drooling pustule. *smiles* And after I'm done abusing you the real fun begins. I'm going to get creative. I'm often very bored and when I'm bored I daydream and since I'm not too sane let's take a wild guess what my dreams are like hmmmm? Let's just sit here for a few minutes and picture what kind of things put a smile on Seo's face......... scared yet? You should be you rat-faced, cum-guzzling, retarded pig fucker. You should be.

With that happy thought and a smile on my face I believe it is time for bed.
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( Mar. 11th, 2008 08:33 pm)
Sometimes I wish I was a proper sociopath. I have this odd feeling it would make some things so much easier to deal with. Occasionally one feels like they've been punched in the gut or cut so deep you don't feel it 'til later when you look down and see the blood.

On a brighter note I have another bruise on my arm from some unknown place. I didn't used to bruise this bad I swear. So that's two inside of a week I can't figure out how I got. I must be fighting in my dreams or something because this is just getting ridiculous.

It is cold as hell in my room and I believe sleep is in order. Oh and I have found the only mosquitoes in the world that like it below freezing. Fuckers already started biting me. I killed one yesterday. Haha bitches, I'll get you all yet. So that's one down and .... oh bother a few billion to go.

Speaking of bother.... IT'S NAKED TIME!

Haha take that bad mood. Naked Dumbledore! Haha burn motherfucker burn. HAHAHA Oh yeah and the word of the day is Infidel! Heh heh heh....
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( Feb. 11th, 2008 02:02 am)
I was going to go get pierced today (probably for the wrong reasons honestly) but I was twarted by a lack of a piercer in New Paltz. Instead Jesse and I sat around the Muddy Cup drinking coffee and chatting about recent events and other random things. It was fairly pleasant. Afterwards we watched a horrible movie at her place (my choice of movie was flawed) ad then I went on home.

My head is still all over the place. I feel like I should just repeat that over and over because that is all my mind seems able to do, repeat things over and over again. I'll be home most of tomorrow catching up on school work and trying to help out around the house. I have a shagload of chores to do I just haven't had any interest in doing the past week or so. I do need to run out and get food for my lizards and take care of one or two other things. I'm leaving to visit my mom in a few days. I'm not sure if I am excited or not. I don't really like being gone from my household for that many days in a row. I miss my kids and my housemates and I have pets that require attention but I like seeing my mom. It is probably good for me to get away for a while but I really don't want to. I wish my mom lived a bit closer. Then I could visit more often without it eating a week of my time.

There are so many things I want to say to so many people right now. The thoughts crowd the back of my teeth waiting for a chance to escape. So many things it feels like drowning while awake.

Gonna head to bed now. I believe my mood has fallen again. I should go to the doctor and get things checked but it requires too much energy and I just don't care enough to bother.
Tonight ended on a fairly crap note. The day went okay. I ran errands and only got half done. Not because I didn't do them but because either the places were closed or they were out of what I needed or the wait was too long. I count that as a win on my part anyhow. I started my new meds (ugh I hate the taste but as my mom said do I hate the taste enough to stay sick?). Then Kibble and I went up at around 5:30 to go game with my New Paltz buds and we had a blast. It was the first game of this new campaign and it went really well. I'm happy with my character and I adore where this seems to be going. So we left at a reasonable time so Wyatt could crash cause he has class at 10 am.

This is when the trouble starts. We are driving down the road chatting when we hear a loud pop and I feel the car go funny. Yep the tire blew out again. I pulled over and basically lost it. Too much crap with being sick, emotionally a bit out there, not having eaten anything but two PB&J sandwiches all day and being really tired. I completely lost my shit and started crying and not dealing very well. Without Kibble being there I probably would have just curled up into a ball, cried for a while and gone to sleep right where I was. The cops would have been less then pleased I'm sure. But Kibble was there and helped me pull my shit together so we could deal with the tire. AAA was a no go because I don't have anymore call ins on it and I didn't have the cash on my to pay for a tow truck to change the tire. Nigel tried for a while and it seemed a bust. I must buy a better jack. Some cops came by and tried to help but couldn't. During this time I had been texting back and forth with Wyatt and Jesse about my car woes and they called. I talked to Wyatt then passed the phone to Kibble because I was just plain not feeling well enough to function. I was cold and I couldn't stop coughing. Nigel told them the situation and they volunteered to ride to the rescue with some extra cash. It turns out we didn't need it because for some reason Wyatt and Nigel have some kind of strange synergy and the damn tire decided it wanted to come off after all. So Nigel and Jesse handled the tire while I acted a fool damsel in distress and leaned on Wyatt's shoulder apologizing incessantly and trying not to cry and failing. We packed the car up hugged people goodbye and toddled home. Tomorrow I go back to Sears and go WTF Mate? I still don't know what is wrong with the tire.

But on a personal note I must say I am a truly blessed individual to have such wonderful friends. Jesse showed up and immediately tossed a blanket on me, gave me a big hug, and then proceeded to help change a tire in 27 degree weather. Nigel kept me sane and laughing while I kept losing my head not to mention basically taking over while I stood there sick and so very tired and cold. Wyatt got wept on yet again which is a bad habit I seemed to have developed which is just unacceptable. Not to mention blessing my heathen self and telling me it is okay to lose it when I needed to (which I still don't agree with because I am big and tough). It was strange and looking back on it kind of nice for once not having to be the one to take care of it all and just to fall apart and know there are people there to catch you. Not something I want a repeat of because I seriously value my ability to deal with bullshit a bit more then that. Not to mention do I seem the type to gladly play Damsel in Distress? I hope you said no, if you value your life you said no.

So the night ended rather eventfully. I wish the gremlins would get the hell out of my fucking car. I have a bit of a headache and I'm about to go crash. I have taken all my meds, the cough seems to have mostly stopped, and I am quite happily curled up in my warm, comfy bed. I can't say it was all bad. I didn't want the situation but .... I guess I just feel extra loved and special. I like having people I can count on at 1 in he morning to come help me out. I have a wonderful family and I know they would have come but I'm glad I didn't have to make anyone trip out to NP. I don't know now I'm getting paranoid my family is going to think I don't think they would or that I should have called them.

I believe that means I need to go get some sleep now. *sighs* Hopefully I can get my car fixed in the morning as I have an amazing amount of stuff I want to get done tomorrow.

Night LJ ^_^ And thank you once again to Nigel, Jesse, and Wyatt. *Snugs* You guys rock the socks ^_^
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( Feb. 1st, 2008 03:18 am)
Ugh I am tired. I had school all day (though I missed my morning class) then I headed up to Albany to shop from Chinese New Year and say good bye to Scott. He is off to Germany for a few weeks on more army training goodness. I'm so jealous that he is going to Germany though. I know it is for army stuff but he still will get to spend lots of time off base. We met up with Jay and Heather and had a grand time. I do miss seeing my Scottling everyday.

I am going to desperately try and get up at 9 in the morning tomorrow so I can get bills paid and help take care of the mutt. I've been horrible about mutt duties since school started. I'm still trying t figure out my schedule and work her into it properly. As is three days a week I'm just plain gone all day at school. Tomorrow is one of those days but I don't have to leave until 11 so I'll at least be able to get her up in the morning as long as I manage to drag myself out of bed.

School is going fairly well so far. I have homework due and a ton of reading for my intro to novel course. I need to download the books. I've got the first one, Don Quixote, saved on my computer. I'm trying to avoid buying most of my texts this semester since I never use the bloody things anyhow.

Alright bed for me. I'm tire as hell and I've alot of work to do tomorrow.
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( Nov. 3rd, 2007 11:34 pm)
Today was the first day of the NPC. We had 101 people come in which is way good for a second year run, first day.

I had an amazing amount of fun. I'm sure I'll write more about it later. I'm sooooooo tired right now. Came home to bank bullshit which I have to sort out early Monday when they are open. Grrrr stupid bank. I hate checks. Checks always give me issues. I need to get everything online but I'm too tired to figure it out the set up right now. Sufficed to say I have a fairly good idea of what went wrong and what to do to fix it but grrrr.

Yes, but NPC so fun!!!! I'm having such a blast and making all sorts of new friends. I get weirded out at times going into new groups and it is nice to be sort of finding a place now. Everyone (save one annoying girl I didn't like anyhow) liked the donuts. I was still unhappy with them but I suspect that is more my issue then the actual baking issue. Tomorrow I'm planning on muffins. So much easier and I can get other things done while they bake.

All my video games that took me an hour to arrange and sort were well received. *grinz* The Robots at the NPC keep calling it the Nintendo Anthology. LOL I have way too many systems and games. I brought almost everything I own which is tons. I'm so happy people are using my things. I so seldom use them that it is really nice to have others using my games and consoles. I get such a warm happy feeling. ^_^

Anyhow I'm about to pass out while sitting here. Bed for me and baking in the morning.
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( Oct. 31st, 2007 07:03 pm)
I'm kinda bored and tired. Justing kind of wandering around campus. I just walked around campus in a big circle chain smoking cloves and chattering with Shal on the phone for like an hour an a half. Other then the whole clove bit not a bad way to burn time. Plus there is the whole getting to watch people in their costumes.

I'm getting a bit tired though. Didn't sleep well last night and what little I did sleep wasn't restful. But I'm not really in the mood to go home yet. Maybe later. I hope the kids had a good time Trick-or-treating. They were so looking forward to it.
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( Oct. 24th, 2007 01:53 pm)
Okay, seriously, it can't be too illegal to strangle my microeconomics teacher now can it? I mean, I don't want to kill her or anything but just enough damage so she can't talk at us for an hour and a fifteen minutes. Seriously I mean it can't be all that illegal? And it would be so therapeutic. That counts for something doesn't it? My mental health has to mean something to someone besides my housemates. I'm used to the idea of being crazy. I've had 25 long years to understand that I'm bug nuts; this class is just not helping. Neither is my Financial Accounting course. This shit is almost enough to make me want to change my majors. Almost. What keeps me going is the knowledge that I'm not going to college to become either an accountant or an economist. I know I'll be good at what I want to do. Fuck this shit.

Christ I'm tired, horny, and now fucking jittery as hell since I decided a latte was the only way I was getting through this day. All I've had to eat today is like 5 fruit roll ups and three bites of the sandwich K made me for breakfast. I suppose I'll eat it for lunch but I don't really feel like eating. Ever get tired of eating? I suppose that is a really weird thing to get tired of doing but I'm kinda bored with the idea of eating lunch. Guess I'm not hungry enough to bother. I also really want sushi. They have some in the SUB but the requires me to go over there and spend money which is another thing I don't want to do. Damn I'm too lazy to feed myself. That's just sad.

Handed off the cupcakes to Wyatt I promised him last night. He was happy which made me extra happy after dealing with that crap-happy economics class. Stupid teacher let us out late and I almost missed the hand off. God I hate that class. At least I'm not the only one in the class who thinks the teacher sucks. We spend the time before class bitching about her and it somehow makes the first 30 or so minutes okay. Then I get bored and start nodding off. This leads to daydreaming about lascivious or homicidal things. That class is having a very bad effect on my daydreaming habits.

Okay I should stop bitching but I'm really twitchy and I have an hour and a half before my next class. Hmm not sure I've done the reading for that class yet. Well that gives me something to do at least.

EDIT: (You get an edit because I'm sure another post will drive you all nuts.)Common Errors in English ~cool site I just ran across while dicking around between classes. I'll be the first to admit I use some really non-standard grammar when posting and speaking but I do generally know the proper format, I just like my own speech patterns better. Anyhow cool site to surf so you too can play Grammar Nazi with your friends. BTW am I the only one who always pronounces Nazi with a 'T'? Half the time I have to remind myself not to spell it with one. But I love spelling bastardizations. Ahh Poe our birthday is not the only thing we share. See Poe made up words all the time and no one stares askance at him, why is it so weird when I do? Hmm time to stop babbling.
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( Oct. 24th, 2007 11:57 am)
*does the happy fruit roll up dance*

Mmmmmmm FRU!!!!!
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( Sep. 26th, 2007 02:02 am)
So today was kind of long. I had a bad case of insomnia last night (and another tonight) so I only got about 3-4 hours of real sleep. Then I tried to get up and get all the myriad of chores done today I wanted. I ended up getting a fair amount done but not everything. I got some more job applications out but was unable to go out and run about. The packages for amazon got mailed. I went to math tutoring to make up for being sick. I did more homework. I went and hung out at the gaming society because I was wiped after working math. Then I cam home and vegged to Ninja Warrior which is a suprisingly addictive show.

So now I'm going to bed. I have to be awake in less then 6 hours to get the last bit of homework done and ready to hand in to class. I have another long day. My first class is at 10am and I am out at 7:45. So tired! Then we have our monthly family meeting at 9pm. I'm taking my laptop and finishing the finances write up at school. I'm going to work in some graphs this time if I have the time. I'm also thinking of rearranging things again. I keep thinking about it while I'm in my accounting class. It is hard because it isn't like a business or a private checking book. Some odd hybrid.

Okay I'm babbling. Time to try and sleep!
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( Sep. 25th, 2007 01:53 am)
So here's the review I posted to for MySims the game I was drooling over last week:

This was a game I was really psyched to hear about. I purchased it the first day and have played it almost non-stop. Overall this is a cute little game that will give you hours of fun IF you aren't looking for an experience similar to the PC versions. Like most of the non-PC Sims games this one has a definite plot line and less free for all then the Sims or Sims 2 PC versions. You have goals to complete and new characters to meet. If you enjoy building and taking care of a little digital town this game is for you.

All my problems with this game are fairly minor and have little to do with the game play. I wish they had some sort of interactive dimension to the game. There should be some way for you to go and visit other My Sims towns to see what other people have built. It would be great if you could look at their designs, copy or trade with them, and really make a community out of a game that begs to have one built around it. The designers seem to have forgotten that they were working with a next-gen platform about halfway through the games design. While they did an excellent job of working in the Wii's unique characteristics with fishing and prospecting, they missed a whole avenue to make the Wii designed Sims' games as popular as their PC counterparts. Also, and this part I am unsure on, I do not believe that you can hook the Wii version to the DS version which is a bit sad. Did the designers run out of time? Or are these things low on the priority list until they see how the game sells? Questions I just don't have any answers to.

My Sims is a good game that begs to be tweaked. Hopefully this is not the last Wii based Sims game we see.

And now I'm for bed.
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( Sep. 24th, 2007 11:45 pm)
So I'm sitting here watching the release party for Halo 3 where Microsoft has shutdown an entire NYC street for this party and all I can think is "I wonder if Matt is covering this tonight?" LOL The gamer in me has got to cry at my priorities. There are two black kids who just got the first two copies. LOL This is great.

If I was there I'd flash Master Chief because why not. *giggles*

Anyhow as excited as all these people have gotten I'm not really all that excited. I'm excited for my friends who I know many of are out waiting in line but I've never been all that fond of Halo. I like a good solid game of rocket ball (because who doesn't drema of blowing up their friends with rockets?) but otherwise I don't like the games. Maybe I would if I had my own xbox and could actually learn how to play on my own.
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( Mar. 14th, 2007 10:55 am)
I'm not positive I can feel my eyes. I think I want to go get some coffee.
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( Feb. 16th, 2007 12:25 pm)
So I was kinda hoping my manager or the other kid who works here would actually come into work today. They have yet to show up and I'm the only one here. It wouldn't be so bad, as that's pretty normal for me, but there were no work portions so I am foodless. It is the sad. I've been falling behind in my work portion prep so it's my own fault.

*sighs* I have so much work to do (not here) and I'm really rather tired.
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( Feb. 9th, 2007 12:23 pm)
So here's the Quandry. Chinese New Year is in a little less then a week. I:

a) Have very little free cash right now
b) Can't find a local asian market
c) Think I'm too busy and i'm going to die
d) I'm really tired

So Katie tells me she fould some CNY stuff at Oriental Trading Company. I have worked for them before. They are not remotely asian which normally doesn't bother me. I can do one fo the following:

a) Order the stuff I can't seem to get from there anyway and just try to make next year better.
b) Suck it up and try to make the money stretch and go to China Town
c) Nello may be going to China Town ask him 
d) Katie is goin to albany and can hit a market up there
e) Ask Shal to run to China Town for me 
f) Go up to Albany where I know where the markets are (and visit people while I'm at it)

The problems with c and d are that I don't know quite what I want. I mean I have an idea but it is hard to describe what I want to people who don't generally celebrate it. That and usually I have help of others for celebrating and they know what we get and I don't have to plan soo soo much of it. The other problem is the first d. I'm tired. So tired I can't even explain why I'm this tired. I can barely think and function and all I want to do is go to sleep for a while. *sigh* Everything is piling up around me and I keep staring at it quite dumbly. *blinks* Wow damn I'm whinging on today. Oh well welcome to my whinge. ( I love that spelling) 

I will probably bitch more about this later. Right now my brain is oozing from my ear and I can't think. *sigh*

On other notes talking with debi about kinness has made me kinda sad in some ways. On another I'm too tired to be funny and that makes me sad. On antoehr if I fill the lake full of body croutons will I be happier? On another.... okay I forget
(No not like that you perve!)

I would just like to say that roast chicken is in fact a wonderful thing. Fairly healthy (with greens and some rice) and utterly easy to make. Wash, pat dry, dump on some garlic, salt, pepper, and roast. Wham bam-thank-you-maam, an hour and half later and you have a meal. All the prep time (sides in cluded) being like maybe 10 mins. I would just like to say. Oh yeah and Yum!

Now you can do lots of more interesting things with chicken. This was a pretty boring meal (but tasty). But honestly if I'm sick, and tired from working a full shift, I don't really care too much and barely feel like moving, let alone cooking. Other then cooking is a great stress reliever and I love it for that fact alone.

Anyhow I think I shall go eat now ^_^
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( Dec. 18th, 2005 05:39 pm)
Today is sad. Today is a sad day. Tomorrow will be sad. And so will tuesday. I think it shall be a sad week. I think I'm going to try and not care anymore. I think it is normal. And mostly I think I am sad. I was happy a week ago. I was happy for no reason. I have a reason to be sad but it doesn't matter anyway.

I saw King kong today. It was a very good movie. I rather liked it.

My mother has been trying to get me to go to a sleep clinic. I do believe I shall heed her advice as the insomnia gets worse. I got two hours last night though that was because Scott and I stayed up gaming. He is passed out on the couch now and I can't sleep. Even when I lay down I can't sleep. I'm losing my mind because I can't sleep anymore. I think I've become quite unhinged. It is a strange feeling. At least with the nervous energy my house is clean and I have much fresh baked goods. Oh god I'm so tired and I've quite lost my mind.
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( Dec. 14th, 2005 12:27 am)
Midnight thirty and Seo is done. I have to put everything together tomorrow but that is cake. The house looks fucking great! I'm stupid tired LOL. Only a few snags.

The music has to go through the tv as the speakers couldn't be gotten together in time though we had much help from the Scottling.

Next problem is we don't actually have the music together yet LOL because none of us has any nice mellow jazz hanging out that we could find. This is a problem. I may snag a cheap CD tomorrow or see what I can download really quick. Once downloaded PRAY that I can get my burner to work as the fucking thing hates me.

Other then that it looks like we are good. Everyone invited is a yes. I have given directions and instructions where needs be. So yum.

LOL I kept it kinda small this time because having never thrown anything like this I wanted to have a better handle on those aspects. Sorries go to those I couldn't invite because of the crunch. Maybe next time guys. I love you anyhow.

~ Seo is for the bed now

EDIT: Execellent Kae has got the music handled. We are a go! Swag!!
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( Dec. 4th, 2005 03:44 pm)
It is nowing outside as the post subject suggests. I'm feeling better. I have spent the majority of my day in bed reading the third book of the Narnia series. Jenn has diapeared if she doesn't show by tomorrow night i'll get worried. As is I'm fair certain I know where she is. I was gonna do laundry today and i probably still will but I think I've of the mood for a bath right now.

Oh the lazy sick I am most definatly. Considering last night was spent hacking, wheezing, and coughing while trying to sleep I feel no embrassment what so even in having barly moved today. I really need to find what in gods name i've done with all my winter clothing.
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( Nov. 26th, 2005 09:24 pm)
I'm still down in warwick. I think I would rather be home right now. I'm really quite tired and I actually don't like not being at home for long periods of time because I have a real problem sleeping in other peoples homes. I can't really wander off though because it truly isn't fair of the others who are using me for rides to and from.

I think next weekend I will be making a turducken. I'm not sure. Plus I have a cocktail party to plan. Think I'll go lay down.
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( Oct. 21st, 2005 04:19 pm)
I'm down in warwick right now. I had intended to sleep late and go out job hunting today. But instead I got a call in the morning and had one of the maybe three names mentioned that would have gotten me out of bed at the drop of a hat. I don't mind I had wanted to visit soon anyhow but I wish it was for less stressful reasons. Things seem to be settling. Not sure3 when I'll be heading back probably tomorrow or something.

Anyhow I haven't been sleeping or others things very well latly. I know why I've been out of it as far as sleeping goes it is my own fault but what ever.

BTW kids cartoons now a days basically suck as far as I can tell.


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