So today was one long episode of fail. Actually that's a lie. I dragged myself out of bed early and started to get my day going on time but ran into a few snags. I haven't gotten my tire fixed cause I couldn't locate the spares. So that's for tomorrow. I managed to get the ferret tank together after only having to take it apart to start again five or so times. It looks perfect and the ferrets love it. I'm thinking I'm going to get rid of the small tank to and let Nala and the other ferrets smell each other and talk through the tank. I'll have to see how that works out.

No my real fail was the continuing saga of my constant and debilitating bouts of vertigo/dizziness. I was doing the grocery shopping and started to get stabbing pains in my left ear mixed with everything getting nice and tilty. I decided to call it a day when I started to not exactly lose feeling in my legs but have them feel all floaty and not there. Only got about half the shopping done and didn't get to the pet store to pick up for for the lizards. I have to go tomorrow no matter what or pester someone into going for me. Unfortunately, mi madre has told me that operating a motor vehicle should be the last thing on my to do list. She also said if it doesn't go away in a week I have to go the hospital. I suspect I'm going to be ignoring her advice. Too much to do, can't be bothered with my body deciding to fall apart again.

I was going to try and do the rest of the shopping tonight but I'm still feeling shaking. I guess I pushed too hard, too fast or something. I feel fine if I'm stationary or driving but walking does me right in. I hate being sick like this. I feel mostly fine but I can't do anything. I'd rather be coughing up a lung or bleeding or something active. This just sucks.

Alright enough whining. Sleep for me.
You know you have a video game problem when you are debating with yourself whether you should take your starting-to-get-sick self to bed or get up and play the new computer game your friend told you about earlier in the day.

LOL I think sleep wins because I don't think I feel well enough or awake enough to even crawl over to the computer. Bugger need to go take the dog out. *sigh* Okay that'll I'll get up and do.

My throat has been kinda hurting since last night and while it has hasn't gotten any worse persay it hasn't gotten any better. Hopefully my body will kick the bugs ass because I'd rather not get strep again this year. Last time sucked throughly.
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( Mar. 20th, 2008 12:09 pm)
Well I was feeling better now I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis again. Oh well the only really annoying part is waking up and not being able to breathe. That rather sucks. oh and the horrible nightmares NyQuil gives me. Last night's had to do with friends hating me and watching them turn away and ignore me and glare. Fun stuff.

Well I'm off to start my day once my hands stop shaking from the inhaler hits. Damn annoying byproduct of using the things is I shake and feel really weak for a good half hour afterwards. I believe I'm falling apart hahaha.
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( Mar. 19th, 2008 03:07 pm)
I woke up later then I wanted to and earlier then my body wanted to. I've been on a night schedule for the past little while and I'm trying to get back to a day schedule again. Stupid to do while I'm sick but there you go. I was up later then usual last night because my writing muse decided that while I was falling asleep was the perfect time to give me a funny character who just wanted to be written down. He is a Supervillain and hilarious. I'll probably get a short story out of this joker.

On the sick front I'm feeling a bit better. Still pretty light headed so I intend to not move alot today. I also can't seem to hear a damned thing. I think the pressure in my head is preventing the sound waves from making the ear drum vibrate properly. Or that is the explaination I'm going with now.

Jackjack has his little frind over. I emerge from my room to be told that he desperately wants to see my snakes. Hahaha so cute! Then his little friend starts asking me if I play video games and what kind and what I think of Halo 3. I wanna drag him to the NPC gaming convention so badly. I'm sure we'll see him there in a few years anyhow. I love little gamer babies they are so cute. That will be my kids at some point I'm sure. Speaking of gaming I'm a beta tester for a new Sims game and I'm about to go rock out for a while. Woot beta time!

Hmmm I'm starting to feel hyper. LOL I must be getting better.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 10:49 pm)
Hmm the title sounds rather gross now that I reread it. Or maybe I'm too much my mom's daughter. Anyhow as stated I am now sick. It isn't too bad, just the head cold that has been going around. I'm thinking hopefully after I get some sleep I'll feel okay. It of course has to happen on my vacation which is fine since I've not got any wondrous plans. Speaking of which I am jealous of like everyone I know. A shagload of people have been going on these sweet sweet vacations. I am jealous of all of you! Especially the few of you off visiting Europe. And you too Scott even though yours was military based.

I was somewhat productive today for all feeling very lightheaded. I went over to [ profile] dwarven_brewer's house and sat around waiting for delivery guys. This was not a real hardship. I ganked a couple of cups of tea and Battleship Galactica was on and so I watch that and read a book called MW that was sitting on the table. I didn't get to finish either which makes me sad. But still a day well spent. I had some work to do I took with me but really couldn't concentrate enough to finish it. Tomorrow I think. On a funny note I had Yoda yelling at me during my trip to his house. *grins* I have my TomTom set to Yoda speak and it is hilarious. "Right you must bare, mmm" Hahaha too great.

St Pat's day was loads of fun. We had a bunch of people here as usual and it was loud and wonderful. I love my household. I know I say it all the time but I don't think it can be said enough. People need to hear that they are appreciated and wonderful and that's everyone in my household. Yeah we have our bad days but it is still good not perfect but good. Anyhow a couple people couldn't come because of work and one anniversary which was sad but I did manage to wrangle Scott down from upstate. After food and chatting he and I went out to the movies and saw Doomsday. For what it promised, which is gratuitous action and violence, it throughly delivered. The plot was very basic but that is all I expected. I really have missed going out with Scottling. It was nice wandering out with him and whispering back and forth in the movie theater (there was no one near us to be disturbed). So that was an all around win.

The stupid dog being a shit woke me up. I'm gonna go gank some leftovers and watch the tube for a while then crash again. Night LJ ^_^
Tonight ended on a fairly crap note. The day went okay. I ran errands and only got half done. Not because I didn't do them but because either the places were closed or they were out of what I needed or the wait was too long. I count that as a win on my part anyhow. I started my new meds (ugh I hate the taste but as my mom said do I hate the taste enough to stay sick?). Then Kibble and I went up at around 5:30 to go game with my New Paltz buds and we had a blast. It was the first game of this new campaign and it went really well. I'm happy with my character and I adore where this seems to be going. So we left at a reasonable time so Wyatt could crash cause he has class at 10 am.

This is when the trouble starts. We are driving down the road chatting when we hear a loud pop and I feel the car go funny. Yep the tire blew out again. I pulled over and basically lost it. Too much crap with being sick, emotionally a bit out there, not having eaten anything but two PB&J sandwiches all day and being really tired. I completely lost my shit and started crying and not dealing very well. Without Kibble being there I probably would have just curled up into a ball, cried for a while and gone to sleep right where I was. The cops would have been less then pleased I'm sure. But Kibble was there and helped me pull my shit together so we could deal with the tire. AAA was a no go because I don't have anymore call ins on it and I didn't have the cash on my to pay for a tow truck to change the tire. Nigel tried for a while and it seemed a bust. I must buy a better jack. Some cops came by and tried to help but couldn't. During this time I had been texting back and forth with Wyatt and Jesse about my car woes and they called. I talked to Wyatt then passed the phone to Kibble because I was just plain not feeling well enough to function. I was cold and I couldn't stop coughing. Nigel told them the situation and they volunteered to ride to the rescue with some extra cash. It turns out we didn't need it because for some reason Wyatt and Nigel have some kind of strange synergy and the damn tire decided it wanted to come off after all. So Nigel and Jesse handled the tire while I acted a fool damsel in distress and leaned on Wyatt's shoulder apologizing incessantly and trying not to cry and failing. We packed the car up hugged people goodbye and toddled home. Tomorrow I go back to Sears and go WTF Mate? I still don't know what is wrong with the tire.

But on a personal note I must say I am a truly blessed individual to have such wonderful friends. Jesse showed up and immediately tossed a blanket on me, gave me a big hug, and then proceeded to help change a tire in 27 degree weather. Nigel kept me sane and laughing while I kept losing my head not to mention basically taking over while I stood there sick and so very tired and cold. Wyatt got wept on yet again which is a bad habit I seemed to have developed which is just unacceptable. Not to mention blessing my heathen self and telling me it is okay to lose it when I needed to (which I still don't agree with because I am big and tough). It was strange and looking back on it kind of nice for once not having to be the one to take care of it all and just to fall apart and know there are people there to catch you. Not something I want a repeat of because I seriously value my ability to deal with bullshit a bit more then that. Not to mention do I seem the type to gladly play Damsel in Distress? I hope you said no, if you value your life you said no.

So the night ended rather eventfully. I wish the gremlins would get the hell out of my fucking car. I have a bit of a headache and I'm about to go crash. I have taken all my meds, the cough seems to have mostly stopped, and I am quite happily curled up in my warm, comfy bed. I can't say it was all bad. I didn't want the situation but .... I guess I just feel extra loved and special. I like having people I can count on at 1 in he morning to come help me out. I have a wonderful family and I know they would have come but I'm glad I didn't have to make anyone trip out to NP. I don't know now I'm getting paranoid my family is going to think I don't think they would or that I should have called them.

I believe that means I need to go get some sleep now. *sighs* Hopefully I can get my car fixed in the morning as I have an amazing amount of stuff I want to get done tomorrow.

Night LJ ^_^ And thank you once again to Nigel, Jesse, and Wyatt. *Snugs* You guys rock the socks ^_^
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( Feb. 3rd, 2008 02:39 am)
I believe I'm losing my mind. It is a short but annoying trip.

Oh and I'm sick again. Calling mi madre in the morning for drugs because I just plain refuse to deal with this again.

I believe sleep is in order.
So I'm still being a whiny bitch which usually means I'm getting better. When I'm really sick I tend to just lay in one spot and moan a whole lot. Now everything is amusing and I'm antsy to be back in action. This is my least favorite part of being sick. Not sure if one can have a favorite part of being sick but there you go. I'm watching/listening to Voyager with my favorite borgs.... mmmmm borg bootie. I lurve you Seven of Nine's butt!


Yes well. Anyhow it seems the sick is wandering through the rest of the house now which is the suck. Poor Gwen has been up all night worshiping the porcelain god like she was a frat boy during rush week. Only fortunate thing I can say is you come down with it really fast and almost as fast it is gone. I'll be surprised if I have anything more then a lingering sore throat and stuffy nose tomorrow. Though being delirious has its plus sides. You get to make all sorts of odd connections and then mumble about them out loud because it makes perfect sense to do so. You also get strange dreams like imagining that people are going to come and dip you in ice to drop your fever but you will fight them because FUCK THAT ICE SHIT. *nods* Yep barely able to stand up but you had better bet I could kick some ass and take names still *nods nods* And I must say if one wants to lose weight nothing could be better then the excruciating pain that is swallowing.

Hmm I don't have a sick icon. I must fix that at some point soon. Okay on another note of the surreal is it just me or have the Don't Drink and Drive commercials just gotten weirder and weirder?

Alright enough babble.
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( Jan. 8th, 2008 08:53 am)
So I got really really sick yesterday. It came on very suddenly and flat out nailed me to the floor. I spent the day running a high fever in a semi-delirious haze mumbling to myself while dozing on the couch. My throat is still pretty sore and swollen but most everything else is going away. Not sure what I picked up but damn did it suck. I do have to say I love my housemates who helped me survive the sick and dealing me me begging for things like glasses of water. It was all very surreal. I suspect I'll need to sleep two or three more times and I suspect I'll be okay.
So I just got done with watching Highlander: The Source.

Spoilers ahead )

So yeah I thought the movie mostly sucked and the ending really pissed me off. Piece of dog spit.

Oh and I'm still sick. Yay.
Screw that no sleep for me.

Late Night Lyrics )

LOL I ran across a video for this song. It is an oldie but a goody. Makes you want to get up and wiggle your butt around. *Ponders the possibilities*
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( Sep. 9th, 2007 05:04 am)
So it is after five in the morning and I'm still awake because I got sucked into watching little clips of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. LOL They are so adorable together. I totally heart them long time. I reaaaaallly should try and get to sleep now. I have a huge amount of make up work to do tomorrow and a smeg load of chores and the like that got piled up while I was sick. Oh and family meeting. I need to get last months figures together. Busy busy Seo. Oh and dye the kids hair. Yes I have infected my children with the love of the funky hair colors. I'm either frosting or streaking Jack's hair fire engine red tomorrow. Celia and Gwendolyn are both getting purple streaks. I need to redye mine as well. I'm very tempted to go and pick up some more colors so we can really experiment. Fortunately the girls hair is a light enough colors that I don't have to bleach them. Jack on the other hand needs to get bleached. Oh joy.

So as I hack up my lungs (damn cough) I guess it is time to try and sleep more. ^_^
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( Sep. 9th, 2007 12:30 am)
So I went out with K today and we rented movies (YAY). Here's my really short review.


The Good: Cool plot idea. I agree with K that I love the idea of not being able to fuck with certain things in a time line but being able to tweek it rocks.

The Bad: Do they actually watch the movies before they put them out? Cause like plot holes big enough to drive several large trucks through. I think they did in one or two scenes.

Overall: D


The Good: Hello Nurse! If I can see Carl Urban topless for half a movie I don't care as much about the plot.

The Bad: Um hello half a movie does not work if you serious aren't going to bother with a plot. I'm only distracted as long as his shirts off. Oh and the lack of facial hair is a distinct turn off. Blegh

Saw a few previews of things I want to see. Day Watch (which Jenn recs highly)looks great. Why they previewed Day Watch BEFORE Night Watch is beyond me. Night Watch comes first, preview it first. Small and stupid but it annoyed me. Mr. Brooks looks so fucking cool!!! Such a me movie. I way need to rent it.

So I'm thinking my wish to go to the gym tomorrow is a bad one. My lungs are still pwning me really bad and preventing any real sort of physical exertion. I should not be winded going up a flight of stairs in the house. I mean what the fuck. A week and a half ago I could go up and down the stairs no problem. Hell I could do it carrying a screaming child. I know, I've done it.

Grr this cold is seriously on my nerves. I'm no longer sick enough to just be happy to be breathing. But I'm still sick. So annoying. ARGH.

Anyhow I'm off to wander.
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( Sep. 8th, 2007 02:18 am)
So I am feeling better. The unfortunate part of this is my after-a-bad-cold habit. That is too say I felt like such crap that even though I'm not all the way better I feel so much better that I keep forgetting I'm still sick. This of course means I push myself into doing something stupid and bringing on teh coughing fits of doom. I'm bored to death of being sick though. I'm mostly okay now. Breathing is a little tense but there's almost no wheezing at all now. And I only cough if I push things. Or walk around outside in the humidity. Or have the air conditioner on in the car. Or sit here quietly reading. Okay so the cough hasn't gone away yet.

I really want to go to the gym on Sunday. Probably too soon but I'm not sure I'm going to care. I got out of the house for a few hours today to run a couple of errands. Tired me right the hell out which is just sad. I have more to do tomorrow so i should probably go crash. I have the beginnings of a craptasically bad headache. I also forgot to take my anti-depressants while sick as a dog. Bugger.

Anyhow off to the land of sleep for me. Hmmm I want pancakes.
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( Sep. 7th, 2007 09:23 am)
Still Sick. Here's a quiz while I hack out my lungs. says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!
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( Sep. 6th, 2007 10:38 am)
I am really really really sick. Everything hurts and I can't breathe very well. I don't believe I've ever coughed hard enough before to have my clavicles hurt. It is a new and terrible level of pain.

Sorry to those I haven't chatted with recent. I've been curled up on the couch trying to remember how to breathe.
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( Aug. 21st, 2007 01:10 am)
I'm sick.

The dog is sick.

Everyone else is sick.

Financial aid still being problematic.

*sigh*.... Oh and did I mention it is now Ninja Death Spider Season? I saw my first biggy crossing the living room.
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( Aug. 14th, 2007 04:40 am)
So it is 4:30 am and I'm awake. Couldn't sleep for long because of how itchy and chewed up I am. I need to pick up some non-drowsy antihistamine soon. Benadryl knocks me out for days at a time but I'm beginning to not care about that. Unfortunately I think I'm back to the point where I have too many bites to use the gel anymore. I believe the gel is beginning to make me sick. A sure sign that I've used too much. I feel rather nauseated and under the weather. Maybe I should go take a quick shower? Eh I'll wait and see.

God this sucks.

Edit: Took a shower. Feel a bit better. I wonder when we can put fish in the pond?
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( Aug. 9th, 2007 05:01 am)
Slept for around 20 hours. Spent most of my day kind of dazed from the Benadryl. Didn't get any school stuff done. Forgot to call Scott like a moron. Missed the call when he called me. Said goodbye to a good friend of mine who is going to Kansas City for graduate school (damn you Evan! j/p). Found my missing library DVDs (thanks again Murph). Got more bodice rippers from the library (K is a bad influence on me). Dropped Gryph's security stuff off for him at work. Decided to go grab a snack on the way home. Got hit on at the grocery store. LOL Yes I got chatted up at 1:30 in the morning at the grocery store. *giggles* He even gave me his number. Very amused. Came home, finished the book I was reading, and now I'm heading to bed.

LOL Boring day but a good day. Why do I always get hit on at grocery stores? So weird.
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( Aug. 8th, 2007 02:53 pm)
I am awake... I think...
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( Aug. 8th, 2007 05:18 am)
So I spoke with my mother about the issues I have with school. She suggest a few courses of action for me to try on my own. If the woman doesn't back down and give me my residency status I am to contact a student advocate and if needs be my mother will have her lawyer send them a letter. Hopefully it won't have to get that far but it is good to know that I have options. Things are looking okay I guess.

I'm still pretty covered in itchy bug bites. I finally gave up and dosed myself with Benadryl yesterday. I'm still sleepy and itchy so I might go take some more. Unfortunately, I have so many bug bites the drugs aren't working as well as usual. Oh well. Oh and I learned that you can in fact make yourself sick by using too much Benadryl Gel. Ah the things you learn.

Oh and I have some email to get back to people about. I haven't forgotten you all, I'm jus too tired to manage it right now. Sumimasen.
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( Jan. 30th, 2007 12:31 am)
Well my lungs are beginning the trip down Sick As A Dog Ln again. Oooh I just can't wait for the newest RI to hit. Hello Vitamin C you are my best friend.

In other, weirder, news. I received a FedEx tracking notification for some thing coming to me from Hong Kong. What the fuck? On looking into this further I have come to discover that I'm getting my Astronomy book from China. Well that's different. I always hate that many of my pieces of property are better traveled then I. I mean my car was made in Japan. I sigh.

I am meeting with a professor tomorrow to see about getting special permission to be in his class. Why? Because I am so cool. LOL No, actually it is because I'm trying to keep as many of my classes online as possible. Speaking of which I finally got the book I needed for the class which started two weeks ago. Grr so much homework to make up. Oh well.

I'm tired. Bed now.
It isn't every friend that will be cool with having their potty break intrupted with "I need to get in there Kibble. I just puked all over myself and my room." And afterwards be super elpful in the cleanup and restoration process of said room and friend.

*sighs* What has this learned us boys and girl?

1. Good friends are worth everything you've ever gone through with them. It is always good to know you can count on someone when you are covered in bodily fluids, be they blood, spooge, or puke.
2. Just because it is your birthday and you want a spectacular birthday dinner doesn't mean you won't pay the price. Oh well it was worth it.

I owe you guys one more birthday post tomorrow that is only half written. Forgive my delay. It is not that I wish to draw this out to soak up all the attention but that I have been honestly and unfortunately sick all day.

I'm going back to sleep again. Hopefully the kids will resist the urge to jump on me just cause my door is open (gotta air the room out). Not a big deal even if they do.

EDIT: In addition to puking on half of everything I owe I also manged to wash my cell phone with the dirty laundry. Yeah that's right I've no cell phone for at least a day or so. I'm also pretty sure that because my stepfather took over the plan we no longer have the nice replacement cell phone insurance. Fuck fuck and fuck!
(No not like that you perve!)

I would just like to say that roast chicken is in fact a wonderful thing. Fairly healthy (with greens and some rice) and utterly easy to make. Wash, pat dry, dump on some garlic, salt, pepper, and roast. Wham bam-thank-you-maam, an hour and half later and you have a meal. All the prep time (sides in cluded) being like maybe 10 mins. I would just like to say. Oh yeah and Yum!

Now you can do lots of more interesting things with chicken. This was a pretty boring meal (but tasty). But honestly if I'm sick, and tired from working a full shift, I don't really care too much and barely feel like moving, let alone cooking. Other then cooking is a great stress reliever and I love it for that fact alone.

Anyhow I think I shall go eat now ^_^
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( May. 29th, 2006 01:42 pm)
So Jenn has indeed managed to get me sick. LOL It's alright though. I'm actually not sure I have what she has or what is allergies (which I've been blessed with since moving to Albany) and what's not. Last night I had a really weird reaction to my NyQuil. It meant a strange few hours of delirium. But since only my cat was there don't think it really mattered.

Let's see. I cleaned my room yesterday and did four loads of laundry. Yay! I still need to drag all the blankets to the laundromat, because it is cheaper then doing it here. Scott came over, we went out, then watched Dr. Who. It was good. Oh then we went to Walmart wherein I forgot most of the stuff I wanted to buy and he went to work. Oh well.

Scott's coming over sometime later today with his grill and we are going to be a grillin' on the holiday. I feel all traditional and stuff. Not really but it sounds nice. I think I have a fever and I'm kinda rambling. Yayyyy! Maybe I'll go lay down again. I slept for like 12 hours last night. Thinking maybe getting some more Zzz's. LOL I hate being sick. No, no more sleep I have to go cook. Or direct Jenn in the cooking. Something like that. I really hate feeling the fever burn behind my skin. Gets on my nerves
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( Jan. 30th, 2006 07:28 pm)
So I woke up this morning and was too sick to go into work. I hate calling out to work. It isn't something I do often or lightly. Always feel slightly bad about it. Anyhow lol I called Ablest and the woman was like "You sound horrible. Get off the phone before you make me sick too. Go rest" lol so there isn't any chance they though i was faking which is the other thing I worry about. So I slept all day and I fee alot better. I needed one more day to rest up I think.

Anyhow gotta go make dinner and then read a bit more I guess. Going to see Brokeback Mountain tomorrow and Nanny McGee (how is that spelled?) on thursday with Scott. Might go see Reservoir Dogs with Murph friday at the spec special showing. Ah dinner creating time hehe.
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( Jan. 28th, 2006 11:43 am)
Well I'm still exceedingly sick. I think the worst is past. Last night was sleep on the couch night so that I didn't drown in the fluids in my lungs. I think I've upgraded my cold to pneumonia well maybe. Who knows. I intend to spend the remainer of the day in bed or watching movies. Might go out and get drugs at some point might not. Right now I have a wicked headache. Guess I'll go lay back down. My mom just called me. She is gonna be on her honeymoon cruise this entire weekend. I feel bad about making her worry but it isn't like i did this to worry her. Hell fucking no.

Mmmm water.
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( Dec. 4th, 2005 03:44 pm)
It is nowing outside as the post subject suggests. I'm feeling better. I have spent the majority of my day in bed reading the third book of the Narnia series. Jenn has diapeared if she doesn't show by tomorrow night i'll get worried. As is I'm fair certain I know where she is. I was gonna do laundry today and i probably still will but I think I've of the mood for a bath right now.

Oh the lazy sick I am most definatly. Considering last night was spent hacking, wheezing, and coughing while trying to sleep I feel no embrassment what so even in having barly moved today. I really need to find what in gods name i've done with all my winter clothing.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2005 02:58 pm)
Seo is still sick. I have rented movies and I plan on doing nothing but vegging and watching them this weekend. Scott came over yesterday and we watched Without a Paddle which was funny in that mildly stupid kind of way. I laughed but I'm sick and I laugh at weird things when I'm sick. Scott seemed to like it well enough so maybe it wasn't all that bad after all. I then watched March of the Penguins once he had wandered towards home which I enjoyed quite a bit. I kind miss having the option of watching documentaries on tv now a days. Oh well I hate the idea of paying for cable in my house when I'm seldom home and when I am home I don't feel like dealing with the noise. I have two other movies. I rented the proper french version of Brotherhood of the Wolf and then a what is it German (I checked it is Swedish) flix called Kitchen Stories that looks interesting. We'll probably watch one of those tonight.

I had big plans to clean my house today. I instead slept most of the day which is excusable as I really needed the sleep. I've been sick now for over 4 days and I haven't really been able to get any rest with work and visiting people. The visiting people was my own fault work is kinda a need so yeah sleep for me. I'll probably sleep in again tomorrow though I promised Kibs and Carla I would call if I felt like hanging out. I'll figure that out tomorrow. They are a fair drive from here and honestly I'd rather not change out of my jammies. Lazy shit that I am.
So still down in Warwick. Going home some time tomorrow. Probably early as my lungs are getting worse. I really should not have gone walking in the cold. I know better then that. My lungs are actually bad enough where I have to baby any URI I get because it blossoms into something really bad pretty easily. I have to remember to tell Matt about 'Ello 'Ello cause I found out he's another british comedy freak like myself. Maybe Scott will let me borrow his copies down to here for next time I'm down. I intend to infect everyone with it now. Wicked funny.

Anyhow I'm for bed and hopefully sleep. *sighs* My sleep has been shite lately. Worse then normal. I hate the really bad insomnia attacks. They always get on my nerves, even though I can live with like no sleep for a really long time.


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