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( May. 16th, 2008 09:02 am)
One more final left and I'm free. I also have a shagload of things planed for today and this weekend. i need to clean and rearrange my room. I'm storing three tanks and a ferret cage. This includes this feeder mice in the garage that Jeff hates. I've been letting everything slide this week with finals but no more of that. I also need to run to the court and pay my ticket today without fail.

I could not wake myself up today. I had to resort to finally listing off my name and other things out loud to ground myself all the a back in my body. I am one tired Seo.

Alright, I have an hour and a half to study for my remaining final then it is off to school time.

Wish me luck.
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( May. 15th, 2008 12:39 pm)
Well I just failed my math final *face palms* why does this always happen to me? The shit I study being not what was on the test. Hello if you wanted a to testing me on nothing but graphing could you have just called it a graphing test?

God I hate me right about now.

This may fuck my college career hardcore. Fuck.

*sighs* Tomorrow is my microeconomics final and I'm done for this semester. *sigh* I should just go sign up for the same math class in the fall. There is no way I passed it. Ugh I suck!
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( May. 15th, 2008 06:54 am)
I hate accounting.

I cannot understand how this would interest someone enough to want to become an accountant. Or maybe I can but damn is it still boring as non-sin.

*sighs* I can't say I never see myself using this knowledge though which makes slogging through it a bit easier to take. I have, in fact, already used this class to help me balance my own accounts.

I still have it. I don't care about cash flows. I don't care about above par dividends or what ever. I really don't care about income statements unless the income is mine and it is positive.

Oh well back to the slog I go.

EDIT: Accounting final is done. Actually it felt pretty good which means nothing for me and accounting but there you go. I only guessed on two questions where I could just not remember the stupid formula. I think formula questions are stupid. I can go google the formulas in two seconds. A better question would be what do the formulas tell you. I hate route questions time dates, formulas, and spelling. They just bug me for so many reasons.

Math final in 30 mins.
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( May. 14th, 2008 11:37 pm)
It is finals week. I'm massively tired and dealing with tons of crap.

I have a few posts I want to make but not right now. I spent today in a drugged sleepy haze until late in the day. I'm picking up the lower dosage meds tomorrow. Then I let the ferrets play for a while. They still aren't getting along perfectly yet. Part of this I think is because they are on different schedules. The girl was up ready to play this evening but the boy just wanted to sleep. So there as fighting and wrestling but I'm sure they'll sort it all out eventually. I ended the evening with Timone curled up on m lap napping. He is a sweet little thing.

I have two finals first thing in the morning. I'm sort of ready for both of them. I'm going to try and wake up early to cram more. One is the math final i missed on tuesday night. Evidently they have a group math final instead of the normal scheduled math final. Yeah nice letting everyone know Teach. Anyhow after dealing with a bit of snarky nonsense I am taking the final tomorrow. I just have to remember to suck it up and deal with being told I'm a bad girl blah blah blah. FUck you lady, fuck you.

I have one final on Friday and I am done with done sauce. I think I did alright for the most part. I hope I did. I keep worrying about it all. I'm a bit screwed if I didn't do alright.

Okay sleep and studying and finals. here I go.
*cries* I think I have missed my math final somehow! I went to class at the time that it said to go there online and NO ONE WAS THERE! I called my math teacher but didn't get any response. I left a message on her phone and I'm going to go email her now. OMG I'm flipping out.
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( May. 13th, 2008 02:23 pm)
I have spent the last 20 mins talking to others in my class. Everyone is flipping out about this final. You weren't supposed to use outside sources and the reading makes little sense for what you are supposed to do. LOL This is going to be so much fun.

*shrugs* Oh well, honestly I got an A on my last test and if I get any points at all on this test I will pass the course. I pretty much only care about passing at this point. Everything else is gravy.

Five mins to go and the teacher is here.

EDIT: So I'm all done. It was a really stupid final. I would also like to note it is damned annoying to lose your original teacher 3/4s of the way through a course and have them replaced by a teacher who's teaching method is the exact opposite of the original teacher. They are so opposate that in the middle of the test this teacher said "Don't be terse. make sure you do all 350-500 words. The original teacher was always like BE TERSE. I don't care how much you write as long as you answer the question. Which, btw, IMHO is a better teaching methodology. I spent the last half an hour of my time padding my stupid essay because I had already written in terse speak before the other teacher opened his big yap. I'm way glad I had Mr. Marjolin as my beginning teacher. He was so cool.

Oh well time for more math review and then the math final. I feel confident that I passed the Eco class. Maybe not with flying colors but still passing.
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( May. 13th, 2008 01:57 pm)
I have my first final in a half an hour. I should be cramming but I'm taking five mins out to stare at LJ and chill. I was feeling oddly pretty confident this morning as I left the house. Now the prefinal jitters have settled in and I'm none too happy. Gonna wander into the class and see if anyone is around to quiz back and forth on things. After this I have my math final. Oh joy

Long day....
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( May. 12th, 2008 06:06 pm)
I would just like to reiterate that I hate Algebra. I can not begin to describe my abject and absolute wrath at having to take this unmitigatedly idiotic course. *glares* HATE!

On other notes, a shagload of kids in my Economic class are upset about our final tomorrow. I can't really figure out why. They are going on and on about how they need to study in groups and how the final questions bother them blah blah blah and none of it makes sense. Now a few weeks ago the really cool teacher fell sick and we got a sub in to take over. The sub is adminin' the final. He has already told us the questions and given us the material to read. Seriously this is exactly like what the cool teacher did except we had no reading. It isn't even a great deal of reading, just three chapters of PDFd books at less then a hundred pages total. I'm just confused why they are all up in arms. How is this any different from Proff M? The questions aren't even that difficult. Shit I could probably google the damned answers. Yeah it is really friggin dry reading (hence why the cool teacher just taught us summaries) but nothing a COLLEGE student can't handle. Como say WTF mate? Here is one of the questions: How do the events that transpired during the Great Depression affect us today [on an economic level]? Not a difficult question really. A bit of research and some blathering on at the mouth and you are golden. Hell I can name a half a dozen ways it effects us today and I haven't read the damned chapters yet. *shakes head* Children today are such whingy little bitches.
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( May. 11th, 2008 08:05 pm)
Here's a quickie post. The new ferret has arrived and they are getting along alright. A bit of fighting as they develop a pecking order but otherwise things are okay. They are both very handleable and do not seem inclined to bite. The boy is curled up in his little nest and the girl is for some reason curled up on the friggin' shelf under the water bottle. Weirdo ferret.

I'm really fucking tired and I need to get my stupid lexapro script dropped again. So nap for me. i have finals all this week oh the yay. I'm gonna spend later tonight and all of tomorrow studying like a fiend. I have two on tuesday, one on thursday and one on friday. Yay the fun of my life *chuckles*. I suspect I will do alright. I need more time to studying but I feel okay. Not great but okay. It was a tough semester for so many reasons but I got through it and I think I'm going to pass everything. I may not get wonderful grades but i think i'll still pass well enough.
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( Dec. 19th, 2007 01:43 pm)
I have one more final in 45 mins. I'm way passed nervous and shaky. Definitely shouldn't have had that huge latte earlier on.

I would love to say something meaningful here about well anything honestly but I can't. I'm fried. I just want this semester to be over and me not kicked out of school. I don't care what grades I get anymore-- I just want to be done.

Ugh my toes are cold. I hate cold toes.

Oh and I wish my AmLit teacher would put better notes u p on Blackboard.

Christ I'm going to fail at life here soon.

Three more hours and this semester is over mostly.



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