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( Jul. 20th, 2008 08:11 am)
This will be really short as I'm going to try and go back to sleep. For some reason my body decided two hours was plenty of sleep and that I should be awake o_0

Anyhow I had tons to drink and I'm realizing right now almost no water or food. Uh oh. So I'm chugging water like there is no tomorrow. I also managed to lose my glasses somewhere in my room. Right now I'm wearing my sunglasses so I look extra cool. By cool I mean gay as fuck.

We only had one casualty. A young gentleman by the name of Scott (another Scott down from drinking LOL). He is young Lexi's beau.

I think I had something else to type but I can't remember what so there you go LOL
Ugh tired. I dragged myself out of bed at 1 am or something after crashing at 6:30pm because i only snagged two hours of sleep the night before. I woke up like five billion times between those hours anyhow. I started baking once I got up and I just finished. The cake is crumb-coated and chilling in the frig now. I still have a French buttercream to make when I wake up. Not sure what the design itself will be. Probably something relatively simple. Well simple for me anyway. LOL The cake is two flavors, four layers, and like 15 pounds. I used a Swiss meringue buttercream as the crumb-coat for the entire thing. The chocolate side is a devil's food cake with chocolate fudge pudding between the layers. The white side is my standard white cake (minus the almond for Pat) with a cheesecake pudding filling i spiked lightly with a maple sugar liquor. I might use a little more or some maple syrup in the French buttercream. The chocolate side will be frosted with a tangy yogurt based chocolate frosting. I already made it.

The sourdough bread came out very tasty but still had issues with spreading out flat. I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with that. I think it just needs a form to rise in rather than free form. I must say capturing wild sourdough was a major success though. The wild yeast I caught rises amazingly will with a mild bite. Nice addition to my other sourdough starters. The ones I let go to seed so to speak are slowly coming back to health. I was such a bad yeast farmer for a while.

I'm gonna go crash til noon or so. I have a cake to finish and some errands to run and then it is time to PARTY! Woot this is going to be so much fun! Squee! I am a little sad though. I invited my BostonBrit to visit but wasn't able to get a hold of him to make it work. So no Brit for me. Is very sad. Sleep now.
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( May. 8th, 2008 05:04 pm)
I should be at a party right now. I promised I would go and bring something with me but I'm not there because I can't stomach the idea of watching Wyatt turn away from me to look elsewhere.

It shouldn't be this way. That shouldn't effect my decision to go or stay at a party but it still does. I shouldn't still be wrapped up in a friend who doesn't want to even look at me. I shouldn't but I am. If I can avoid being near him or even the chance of being near him for another week or so it won't be an issue until the fall and maybe I'll have stopped caring by then. You never know.

I was at another party he also attended a few days ago. It was at a bar and I had my game face on. I was being charming and cute which is what I do at parties and gatherings. I can make almost anyone like me if I try. They may not stay that way but people generally like having me around. I'm good at being fun to be around. It is a talent like being good at baking or swearing, just something you learn how to do to survive. So I'm at this party and I go to the bar to order Chocolate Cake Shots because I've convinced everyone to try them and soon I am literally surrounded by the rest of the party and getting them to laugh and order shots with me and Wyatt is right there but not laughing and he won't order shots. When I come up to where you order I have to be near him and as i walk up there is the normal skittering glances. I can always see when he looks my way because I'm usually watching without looking his way. I'm stealthy like that. He is nursing a beer and talking with Jess. We get the shots and there are jokes and things and he turns around away from it all-- away from me. Me, who like a moron, is standing right there next to him because I was being stupid and polite or something. Who knows what I was thinking but it was stupid because that is what stuck with me. After the excuses and the leaving the turning away is what stuck with me. A whole party, new people, lots of attention and that's what sticks. Who even knows what or why he turned away. I'm probably being egotistical and paranoid that it had anything to do with me but that's what it felt like.

So today I stayed home because even if that isn't what it was I don't want to deal with that happening again today. I don't want to see his skittering glances again and again and then watch him walk away or turn the other way. I don't want to see him around campus and know that even if I'm in the same room with the same group he won't greet me. I've got to write this all out and get it out of my head though. I stopped syndication to my Facebook because everyone on there knows both of us and I don't really want to share this over there. Maybe if I write it out more often it will get out of my head. None of this should matter at this point but it still does because I'm stupid. Kibble is right. I always hold onto the people that kick me in the face the hardest and I'm trying to stop.

*sigh* I guess that's all for now. I'm actually a bit tired. I was up stupid early today. I'm still getting used to the meds and the timing of them. Maybe I'll take a quick nap before dinner. Bye LJ.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:35 am)
I am still awake! Bwhahaha, fuck you sub-conscious! Though my awake status through amazing amounts of tiredness should surprise no one who knows of my addiction to staying up 'til the cows have come home and then gone back out again.

I'm seriously thinking of sleeping but I'm a bit gun shy after dreams of twitchyness and I hate sleeping at night. It isn't natural. There is no day star to make you warm and comfy. No wonderful noises and people to watch wander by. And besides all that being awake at night is fun. Okay, sometimes it is boring but I still rather like it. I think I've been sleeping in my car too much lately. I haven't begun feeling tired while driving but I really miss the sunlight and people at the college.

Tomorrow I go to the college to help Jesse prep for her party. I'm bringing gear and my amazing talent of doom! Bwhaha. I expect to be there cooking for a good portion of the day (squee!). I made a list of things to bring and I have a basic time-line for cooking in my head so all should go smooth. I have to prep when I wake up and then head on over early so I can drop my withdrawal from Contemporary Novel off at the SUB.

Crap I'm not sleepy anymore. I hate insomnia. You know I promised myself I would stop bitching and whining in these damn posts but fuck it. It's my damn journal and I'll be a whiny bitch if I want to. ....... Having said that um yeah I'm annoyed. Yeah, wish I could sleep. Oh and I'm hungry but it is too late to go eat anything. Oh and um ... hmmm what to bitch about? *ponders* I'm not wealthy? Damn my lack of unlimited funds. hmmmm what else? I'm thinking of strangling a friend's friend for being a complete twat. Then again that isn't new and interesting. But my life is rather boring. You I hate saying that since it isn't boring really. I've seen boring and I've seen busy, it isn't really either. My life is just, well there. I was thinking about dying the other day (I'm weird so sue me. I get bored while driving and let my mind wander) and I decided that for all I've done next to nothing with my life if I kicked the bucket like right now I will have lived a good life. It isn't perfect and I've fucked up loads of times but I think I did alright. I made more people happy then sad. I managed to gain a wonderful family and a few really good friends (and then all you other rabble :P). I've managed not to kill or seriously injure anyone to my knowledge. So all in all not bad. For all my amazing ability to fuck up and procrastinate my life tends to be pretty good. I've lost people along the way. Clan, friends, lovers and I've had my share of upsets but I guess we could count this as a win.

Having said all that I'm tired enough that I can taste the depression on the back of my tongue. I suppose I'll go try and sleep again.

You know one thing I really hate about April Fool's day is sometimes I can't tell if someone is joking or not and it is rather important. There was a death in one of my fandoms posted about yesterday and I just can't be sure. I feel like an ass for asking so I'm not gonna. Someone did something like this year before last in the same fandom so now I'm just confused and I'm not sure what I should feel. Shit, it looks like it is real. Fuck, fuck, fuck!
What does Christmas mean to me? CARNAGE AND BLOOD MOTHERFUCKER! LOL Alien Vs Predator Requiem comes out Christmas day. I am so there, anyone wanna come with!?! Come on, you know you want to!


There are three kickass movies coming out over the next three months I MUST see. Second is I Am Legend

And last but not least, the day before my birthday gives us Cloverfield

Seo is requesting a big movie trip for her birthday. Maybe not on the 18th but the 19th which is my actual birthday *pout* Lurve me with movies! Hmmm that reminds me I must plan my b-day party! Bwhahaha!
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( Dec. 1st, 2007 11:02 pm)
Last night I invited over a bunch of my school friends to play DnD Shots; we had a blast. I would recount the game but ahem I don't really exactly remember it all. We all got a little smashed though Matt P. ended up soberish towards the end (very sad). Then we all all crashed by 5 or so in the morning. I woke up at 9:15 because I'm fairly certain my body hates me at times and enjoys torturing me with no sleep and then too much at weird times. During the party I made cinnamon buns (yay drunken baking! go me) so we had those baked fresh along with some amazing thing K makes. Life was good. Then I gave everyone the house/property tour which resulted in many ooos and ahhhs; it was the wonderful being able to show off my family, I seldom get to do so. They left and I allowed myself to be climbed on for 2 hours by heavy children. I'm now very sore but the kids are damned cute so eh.

*yawns* I took a nap after dinner and now I suppose I will go and work on school work or something productive. Yay! I know I shouldn't say this (tempting fate and all) but I'm happy to have had such a good end to such a terrible week. It was just plain nice having people over and getting drunk and joking around. Plus I adored being able to play GM. Especially towards the end when the game just became a big joke and I got to make up some really interesting and gruesome deaths. Also my family really liked my friends which is always a lovely feeling. Matt P. is fascinated by with Matt ([ profile] nounsandverbs) does for a living because Matt P. is going into communications as well so he is all hyped and I am to give his information over to Matt for maybe jobidge and internidge or what ever. LOL It is all very cute. After they all left K, Katie, and I talked like giggling girls which was hilarious. LOL I love living with other women like me at times, it can be hmmm giggly. Plus you know both my female housemates rock the socks. They kick ass and take names.
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( Mar. 17th, 2006 04:00 pm)
In case I forget. I'll basically be gone this weekend. Going to warwick for Saint pat's. Moms up so she's got the weekend and maybe go back down on sunday. Who knows. If you need me use the cell. I'll have it on me or close by.
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( Dec. 14th, 2005 12:27 am)
Midnight thirty and Seo is done. I have to put everything together tomorrow but that is cake. The house looks fucking great! I'm stupid tired LOL. Only a few snags.

The music has to go through the tv as the speakers couldn't be gotten together in time though we had much help from the Scottling.

Next problem is we don't actually have the music together yet LOL because none of us has any nice mellow jazz hanging out that we could find. This is a problem. I may snag a cheap CD tomorrow or see what I can download really quick. Once downloaded PRAY that I can get my burner to work as the fucking thing hates me.

Other then that it looks like we are good. Everyone invited is a yes. I have given directions and instructions where needs be. So yum.

LOL I kept it kinda small this time because having never thrown anything like this I wanted to have a better handle on those aspects. Sorries go to those I couldn't invite because of the crunch. Maybe next time guys. I love you anyhow.

~ Seo is for the bed now

EDIT: Execellent Kae has got the music handled. We are a go! Swag!!
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( Dec. 13th, 2005 12:55 am)
Stupid LJ this entry was at about noon on Monday. Argh

So yeah my very first sorta grown up party that I'm doing all on my own. I mean I had tons of parties when I was younger and living on Cape Cod but this is my first sort of semi-formal affair. I feel rather nervous. I'm working on the food selections right now. Though technically I'm not doing it all on my own. I've had bunches of help from Jen (who has helped me clean and organise our messy house) and Scott (who has helped me shop for booze and other things). Raven has also volunteered to help and I may indeed call upon her tomorrow. I still have to finish the house up tonight and do a shag load of cooking. Scott is coming by with a cordless drill to help mount the heavy mirrors on the walls tonight. I have spent an obscene amount of money on this so far. More then I expected. I'm making myself feel better by the fact that at least some of this is stuff I will reuse like the glasses and what not. I still feel like I need more glasses. I may go pick up another set. I think next time I'm going to do a theme party and try to limit certain aspects. But then again I'll wait to make those decisions until afterwards. This all started out by a quick idea, a whim, on my part and I have learned muchly about such things. I was watching The Thin Man on Saturday and it made me realise what what of the old fashion ones were all about. Mine won't be like that but we will have fun and I am already having fun wrapped up with a nervous shiver of anticipation.

I found a quote which I think about sums it up:

"Entertaining is like making love — the first time you do it, it might not be absolutely perfect, but you have so much fun that you want to keep on doing it until you do it really well," ~ Serena Bass.

So yeah can't wait!!

I was late getting into work today. I could not find my damned keys to save my life. I finally just left with my spare car keys and a note to Jen to either be home or leave the door open. About half way into work I figured out where I think my car keys wandered off to. On Saturday Scott was helping me bring up shite from the car and he went down alone for the second load. I gave him my keys then and I can't honestly remember getting them back. I hope he does have them because otherwise I have no clue where the damned things wandered off to.

We had a kitten staying with us for Saturday night and part of Sunday. The lady downstairs had accidentally let it out and I heard it meowing while watching a movie and fetched it inside. Cute little bugger. LOL People were tempted to keep it but there is a special hell for those who steal others kittens. And yes that is a bastardised quote from Firefly

Lunch Time!!


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