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( May. 29th, 2008 04:48 am)
So today was marked by more of my inability to stay awake. Very annoying.

When I finally made it home I pestered everyone into watching Cloverfield (which I adore) and it seemed well received. Then I watched some TV on my own into the night. I finished off with Saw 3 which just rather got on my nerves. I still haven't seen Saw but I have seen Saw 2 and 3 was no where near as good. It was kind of interesting seeing flash backs and things but mostly it was mindless gore. Okay not mindless. There was a plot that was vaguely interesting but the entire thing was so eh predictable. So bugger that.

I'm gonna try and crash for a while. I intend to drag Kae out to the movies and some ice cream for her birthday. I'm watching the end of an episode of Gargoyles right now. What does Gargoyles teach us (besides that the cast of STNG are all great voice actors)? That you should stay the hell away from the fucking fae. You are all bastards! You hear me! *sigh* And yet I'm spending time camping with them. Blegh to the camping. Yay to the booze and debauchery.
You know the one problem with having movie tastes so severely different from all of your housemates is that you generally get out voted for things and the main movie ends up being one you either really don't like/hate or just get sick of watching. Not a big deal really, just sort of a general eh kind of thing. I have noticed that since moving here and the majority liking more gentle types of movies (comedy, drama, etc) that my interest in watching things with explosions and gore has increased. I guess I just get enough of the other and not enough of the hardcore that it leads to a movie deficiency lol. That and anime/b-movies since I think I'm the only one who likes them at all. I have a TV in my room though so it isn't a big deal. I was just thinking about it because today's movie choice is one I don't like at all. Gryph and Jeff never get to watch their war movies and westerns that much either. We need more movies which is rather funny to say since we have thousands. It also seems we see alot of the same ones over and over again which happens when you have favorites. This drives me crazy. Then again if I see a movie three times a year it seems too much to me, let alone every month or every other month.

Anyhow so the meds worked really well for the morning and then around two it was back to find a soft spot because you are going down. So I slept from a large portion of the early evening. I had plans too, very sucky. Hopefully the time between meds and crashing will go down. Since this is only the second med day we have barely scratched the surface.

Hmm think I'm gonna go watch some anime or play a video game. I haven't been playing many vid games lately. Just too many memories associated with them I don't want. Maybe I'll play some Final Fantasy Tactics and wonder how Hare's life is going. If he ever married Steffie and sprogged or if his crazy was too hardcore for that. He wasn't my first love by any stretch of the imagination but I would say he was my first serious relationship. I always kind of wonder about him at random times. Usually only certain things remind me of him. I wonder if he thinks the same sort of things? Probably. I suspect such thoughts are common enough. I'm not that special. Last I heard (a few years back) he was still in Florida with Steffie and they were going to be married but that he was still a bit crazy and abusive. My urge to track him down is almost nil. Mostly it is just a vague curiosity as to what has happened to him. We were in love at one point and I thought we were going to spend our lives together. It lends one to being curious. Alright enough chatter from me.

I just realized that I am now the exact same age Hare was when we first met. LOL How odd to think of how much time has wandered by. Hmmm I must say my life is in a better place then his was when we met. Which is very good. That and the idea of dating a 17 year old doesn't appeal in the slightest.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 10:49 pm)
Hmm the title sounds rather gross now that I reread it. Or maybe I'm too much my mom's daughter. Anyhow as stated I am now sick. It isn't too bad, just the head cold that has been going around. I'm thinking hopefully after I get some sleep I'll feel okay. It of course has to happen on my vacation which is fine since I've not got any wondrous plans. Speaking of which I am jealous of like everyone I know. A shagload of people have been going on these sweet sweet vacations. I am jealous of all of you! Especially the few of you off visiting Europe. And you too Scott even though yours was military based.

I was somewhat productive today for all feeling very lightheaded. I went over to [ profile] dwarven_brewer's house and sat around waiting for delivery guys. This was not a real hardship. I ganked a couple of cups of tea and Battleship Galactica was on and so I watch that and read a book called MW that was sitting on the table. I didn't get to finish either which makes me sad. But still a day well spent. I had some work to do I took with me but really couldn't concentrate enough to finish it. Tomorrow I think. On a funny note I had Yoda yelling at me during my trip to his house. *grins* I have my TomTom set to Yoda speak and it is hilarious. "Right you must bare, mmm" Hahaha too great.

St Pat's day was loads of fun. We had a bunch of people here as usual and it was loud and wonderful. I love my household. I know I say it all the time but I don't think it can be said enough. People need to hear that they are appreciated and wonderful and that's everyone in my household. Yeah we have our bad days but it is still good not perfect but good. Anyhow a couple people couldn't come because of work and one anniversary which was sad but I did manage to wrangle Scott down from upstate. After food and chatting he and I went out to the movies and saw Doomsday. For what it promised, which is gratuitous action and violence, it throughly delivered. The plot was very basic but that is all I expected. I really have missed going out with Scottling. It was nice wandering out with him and whispering back and forth in the movie theater (there was no one near us to be disturbed). So that was an all around win.

The stupid dog being a shit woke me up. I'm gonna go gank some leftovers and watch the tube for a while then crash again. Night LJ ^_^
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( Nov. 16th, 2007 11:34 am)
I'm at school being very bored. No one is around to play with, I still can't find the damned gaming store (I must have a mental block), and I don't have class for another four hours. Hmmmm what's a girl to do? Kill people? No not allowed. Go find a nice place to eat and read? No not hungry and not interested in reading. Oh I know--BEOWULF!!!! YAY! So now I am off to see Beowulf. Hmm I hope the theater is not overly busy. 12:30 on a Friday.... naw probably pretty empty.

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( Oct. 15th, 2007 04:24 am)
Okay so I'm still awake with some hella insomnia so you get to listen to me blather. I just finished watching John Carpenter's Vampires and I would just like to say the damn movie sucked. Sucked so hard and so fast I'd be surprised if John Carpenter still wasn't getting muscle pains in his lips. I know it is just a stupid vampire movie but it annoyed me. Not all of it mind you. Some of it was just good clean blood splattered fun. I love good clean blood splattered fun. Some parts of it were just hot in a completely wrong way. Seeing a man pull his entire arm out of the hole he just shoved through another man's body is oddly arousing. Hmmm I probably shouldn't have shared that little tidbit. Oh well. The vamps had major makeup issues and the like but I expect that. Evidently if you become one of the permanently fanged you lose all ability to understand how much base to put on. Once again these things don't really bother me.

No what bothered me was the very ending. The main dude's best friend, who helps him kill the vampires, got bitten in the line of duty. So of course the buddy is going to turn into a vampire. Main dude is going to let him get a two day start because the buddy has been backing him for two days after being bitten. But before going he has to blather on and on about how he will still track him and his new vampire girlfriend down and kill them. Excuse me but WTF? I'm sorry if one of my friends gets bitten covering my ass that's a get out of staking free card. Besides the fact fuck you, you cock sucking bastard! Go fucking get your genocidal rocks off elsewhere.

Bleh so I could continue the rant but I really should attempt sleep at some point. At least the priest was damned hot. Scruffy white boy, just what the doctor ordered. And he gets extra hot points for being a kick ass priest. Something about a man in uniform. HAHAHA.

LOL First Knight is on now. I can never see this movie with thinking of Ali and the one line she loved in the movie. LOL Oh well bed for me.
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( Sep. 9th, 2007 12:30 am)
So I went out with K today and we rented movies (YAY). Here's my really short review.


The Good: Cool plot idea. I agree with K that I love the idea of not being able to fuck with certain things in a time line but being able to tweek it rocks.

The Bad: Do they actually watch the movies before they put them out? Cause like plot holes big enough to drive several large trucks through. I think they did in one or two scenes.

Overall: D


The Good: Hello Nurse! If I can see Carl Urban topless for half a movie I don't care as much about the plot.

The Bad: Um hello half a movie does not work if you serious aren't going to bother with a plot. I'm only distracted as long as his shirts off. Oh and the lack of facial hair is a distinct turn off. Blegh

Saw a few previews of things I want to see. Day Watch (which Jenn recs highly)looks great. Why they previewed Day Watch BEFORE Night Watch is beyond me. Night Watch comes first, preview it first. Small and stupid but it annoyed me. Mr. Brooks looks so fucking cool!!! Such a me movie. I way need to rent it.

So I'm thinking my wish to go to the gym tomorrow is a bad one. My lungs are still pwning me really bad and preventing any real sort of physical exertion. I should not be winded going up a flight of stairs in the house. I mean what the fuck. A week and a half ago I could go up and down the stairs no problem. Hell I could do it carrying a screaming child. I know, I've done it.

Grr this cold is seriously on my nerves. I'm no longer sick enough to just be happy to be breathing. But I'm still sick. So annoying. ARGH.

Anyhow I'm off to wander.
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( Jul. 10th, 2007 02:44 am)
Oooooooooh Gryphon..... 300 comes out this month hehehehe
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( Jul. 4th, 2007 03:45 am)
Saw the movie! It rocked so hardcore! You all must go see it.

Fucking so goooooooood!

Oh and the Secretary of Defense pwned! We lurve him!

I will not spoil the movie but it was so fucking worth the money to see it. It is such a big screen movie.
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( Jul. 1st, 2007 01:04 am)
Am I a horrible person for wanting the two characters in the end of Kill Bill 2 to just kiss and make up? LOL What's a little attempted murder between lovers.

I mean come on they are both killers. I totally felt for him. I mean you don't break the heart of a killer without expecting consequences.

LOL I'm so weird.
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( Mar. 9th, 2007 12:28 am)
I have two things to say about the movie:




Thank you, that is all.
So watching the end of Terminator 2 with Matt.

I would just like to say Clench Clench.
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( Aug. 25th, 2006 01:53 pm)
So yesterday was okay. I spent far too much time in bed being unable to breathe from what is either a cold or allergies. I'm only half sure one way or the other. Then did some packing, cleaned the tub and toilet and got ready to head out. Nix after learning of my sad lack of Kevin Smith films decided we must all get together and watch Chasing Amy and An Evening with Kevin Smith. Didn't honestly like Chasing Amy. Too many annoying and painful emotional moments and we all know Seo has the emotional expressive ability of a teaspoon. EWKS wasn't bad. Long but fairly amusing and we all talked and joked through it. We being Nix, Will, Zack H., Me, and Joyce and Jen for parts of the early evening. Then I went shopping bought some school supplies and other odds and ends (like food since once in a while I actually get the urge to eat). My new backpack while expensive also is really cool and seems pretty heavy duty, which is good. My old leather one is just not up to college life and I rather like it and don't feel like wearing it to hell and back. So got home jus before dawn and crashed.

So during sleep I have begun to believe that your mind finds the most painful thing it can and then it flaunts it before you repeatidly. Personally I think I'm in the mood that if they had a drug that let you not dream for a while I'd take it. Healthy sleep be damned. Anyhow I need to go pack more and get my letter of res. School starts in 3 days. Still nothing really on the apartment market worth while. Well okay there is this little all util 3 bedroom place I'm really interested in but 875 is just a bit out of my budget. It has a fireplac though. FIREPLACE!
Spent Saturday around the house. Was going to go to Dan's going away party but got a surprise call from Shall and Jase and hung out with them instead. We went to dinner and had the coolest damned waiter. I made some smart ass comment in the beginning and after that he and I bantered the entire time. It ended up being so fuckin funny. After a really good time I said bye and headed to a club Heather told us all about with Scott. Murph met us there later, as did Jay and Heather. We all had alot of fun even with some creepy annoying gay guys having to have security ( Hi Matt!) called on them. The fuckers. I was going to deck one of them on the floor after he got really close after being warned to stop touching us and being generally annoying, and said something in my ear. I restrained myself and his friend finally dragged his drunk ass off the floor. Stupid punk. I got to dance though I hated most of the music. Hard to dance to. Didn't know much of it and it was mostly crap. I got pretty drunk (but sobered before driving home). We left stupid late and I dropped Murph and Scott off at their respective houses and got home by like 4:30. Not bad for a good night out.

Sunday we threw a small (only like four of us, me, Scott, Nix, Heather actually made it) party for Scott leaving. Party is really a misnomer. Actually we hungout, I made yummy food, and then the four of us went and saw Clerks 2. Clerks 2 was damned funny. I want to see it again but I'll wait til it comes out on DVD. Oh yeah and as I promised, Kibble you are a porch monkey *grinz*. We have to reclaim it man.... Hehehee. Then we all trooped home, I made cookies and Scott picked up the last of his stuff from my house. Amazing how much of his stuff ended up over here. It ended with three milk crates full of vids and glassware, a tent, two speakers, the stereo they went to, a grill, and the remaining lamp. Afterwards we wandered over to Scott's to watch him finish packing. I had already been over during the day helping him pack up. Actually I was on cleaning duty and took care of the kitchen, the dishes, folded his giant bag 'o socks, and the like before running to pick up Heather from work. What can I say, I'm a nice person. We were joined by Jay and basically hungout, talked, played Warriors, and then we went home late after saying our last byes to Scott.

Well okay almost bye. I ended up ditching work on Monday and going back to his place early to watch him finish up and do a small stint of further dishes from the night before. Then we went out, had breakfast, and I said goodbye (for real this time) to Scott. I was sad. Hell I am still sad. Hope he made his first check point, he didn't leave til like 11am. Then I went home and crashed (tired!) for like ever and got up and took care of more moving stuff.

Came home from work today and got back to packing my own crap up this time. At present I'm going through my room. I figure if I get a few boxes done a day, or something close to that. I'll be all packed by the time I'm to move. I want to get my room out of the way then the kitchen. Honestly those are pretty much the only rooms I have left. I have a few more things to pack up in the main room, but all quick stuff.

I hate my bank. They screwed me again this week. I'm not waiting anymore til I move to kill the account. As soon as this balance is cleared up and I have another account I'm killing this one and telling them all I hate them. I told the girl on the phone today that I hate her bank. She thanked me for banking with them. Now I know you are supposed to say it but goodgod people, give them the freedom to say fuck you or bye or something else. I'd be happier with that response then anything else. I wasn't rude to her personally, just said I hated the bank. Can't stand being rude to random people who haven't done anything to you personally. Had too much of it happen to me. Though seldom does anymore.

The stupid handy man was supposed to come by today and look at the air conditioner but didn't because he couldn't find the remote. Well if you had told us you would need it we would have left it out in plainer sight. As is it was on the fucking couch and he still damned well missed it. FUcker. So no idea when he is coming back. Grr. Atleast the house isn't really hot anymore. I don't really care when he comes back other then I have to put the cat in my room til then. Bugger.

Anyhow more cleaning I guess. I should probablt eat dinner or something at some point. Haven't been very hungry lately. *shrugs*
So Scott and I went out and saw the new Omen movie tonight. It was actually pretty good. I haven't seent eh first one yet but Scott said the new one is basically the same only they made the deaths a little more gore filled which actually detracted a bit from the movie. I'll agree that it could have had a bit more of a steady amount of suspense but all in all it was pretty damn good actually. LOL Got a few jumps out of me even when i saw things coming. I Do have one thing to say though, does anyone, anyone at all, have any clue what the word SUBTLE means anymore. I do believe you could have handled it all a little better and actually managed your goal (which I won't ruin for those intent on watching to movie but it is easy to see what it would be). Anyhow but thats not a plot problem, that's a human nature problem.

Anyhow so yeah good movie. I do reccomend a watching of it. OH and I love ROTTIES! Yay pretty doggies! LOL I'd get one if I you know liked dogs and had the room etc. But Rotties are usually such sweeties.

So Scott's gone as of tomorrow on training for three weeks. He'll be back June 27th. *blinks* I forsee a huge amount of freetime in my future. Though honestly I plan on using the time with him gone for the unpacking and repacking of all my shit for the move. I'll probably even box up all my books and stuff. Might as well. I'll just keep the ones I'll probably crave a read of and any of the kitchen gear I commonly use. It's gonna be weird without him around. I mean we spend pretty much every day together. Gonna be plan odd. He got Erica and Zack to watch Otto so I'm off the hook there as well. 

*sighs* Speaking of the move. I have to find a place still and get funding settled. And this that and the other thing. Fuck and talk to the aparto complex about leaving a month early. Grr soo much to do. Oh well still have time. And I need to have a little more money. Okay alot more money LOL. Oh well I'm working at it. I need to call the college tomorrow and find out what damn class I took in 99 to find out which bio class layout I have to have them fax. Gods this all takes forever. Plus I'm gone this weekend. Which I'm actually majorly looking forward to.

I should go try and sleep.
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( Jun. 6th, 2006 01:31 am)
So Scott and I went to a drive-in tonight. It was fun but I like the other one we went to before better. Anyhow I saw X-men 3 and the movie Sentinal. LOL Sentinal SUUUUUCCCCKKKKED. Plot holes big enough to drive a semi through but it was a B movie so who cares. We had fun tearing it apart, not that that was particulary difficult.

I actually liked X-men but I'm not a comic buff. Scott pointed out random things which were different but seemed to like it well enough also. The ending was a bit of a sucky cop out though. Oh well. Not something I'll bother seeing again for a long while but not bad for a bit of cheesy fun. They had a new Superman and Pirates of the Carb. movie trailers out. SOOOOOOOO wanna see the new Pirate movie. The new SM trailer made me more interested also. We saw a new Omen trailer too. Kinda wanna see that but it looks like it might be the sucka nd i haven't seen the original yet.

*yawns* I should crash out now since my sleep last night was weird and I had to actually get up on time today cause Scott came over to borrow the laundry machines while I was at work LOL. We had crap breakfast together and he forgot to leave the door unlocked and took the key home. Hence locking me out when I got home *chuckles*. But I have my revenge I called and woke him up to get my key back, then we went to the movies bwhahaha no sleep for the Scottling.

So sleep for Seos now.
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( May. 10th, 2006 03:07 pm)
So Seo is job hunting. I exceeded my goal today of atleast 10 resumes out. I actually lost count I just kept sending them in. *sighs* This is sorta funny and sorta bad as I will have to make follow up calls. I know I can hear you all asking what is wrong with my present job I've had for only a month now.

Well one the damned thing is fucking boring. Two I need a few more hours at that payrate. Three the pay rate isn't enough.

So that is where today stands.

Oh and there is a wasp in my window. *sighs* need to have another talk with the landlords. Fuckers.

Watched City of Lost Children with Scott yesterday. Great movie which I finally got around to watching after waiting for a long while. Hare was rather fond of it and it was a bit of a sore spot but well Scott pouts I swear and so we watched it and it was good. And Ron Perlman is fucking hot and I've always thought so. I want to do bad bad things to him. *grinz* Those long long legs.... yum. *grinz* Wow I need to get out more and get like laid and things.

Let see got stuff to do. And I need to be more incontact with people. Need to fix the computer so it pisses me off less and I don't mind staying around and communicating.

Oh well better go clean and shower.
So Scott came over tonight and we watched the 1920's Metropolis. It was pretty damned good and Scott was happy to finally watch the thing all the way through.

So he leaves and about 10 or so minutes later we hear a knock at the door. I'm like lol "What did he forget now". Jen gets to the door first and it isn't Scott. It is instead our downstairs neighbor who while he speaks english alright can barely understand it. Evidently there is water leaking into his apartment downstairs. ALOT of water. Yep pipe below the sink blew out. We called maintenance and they are on the way. The neighbor has come back and is really freaky, scary, and annoying all at once. We got rid of him for a second time. Didn't quite understand that yes we turned off the water and no there isn't anything else we can do in the mean time.

So I'm waiting for maintenance while Jen is probably heading to bed. I feel bad for our little maintenance dude because he was fairly nice on the phone and I think the neighbor downstairs is going to be a bit of a bitch about things.

Not our fault though. I think a gasket went on the sink. Have a pipe hanging down. Looks like a simple fix but so not touching it.

And all the confusion ruined my lovely cup of tea. I got so distracted I let the leaves sit in the bowl too long. *sighs* Probably undrinkable.

EDIT: Okay pipes fixed it took the guy all fo like five minutes. All he did was tighten it back on. Think i'll call down tomorrow and have them replace it because this will probably happen again and I don't like our downstairs neighbor much.
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( Mar. 20th, 2006 04:30 am)
The weekend with my mom and her husband went by fairly well. Saturday was better then Sunday when I finally got stupid tired and was honestly no fun to be around. Oh well. So they went home today and then I read for a little while til Scott decided to come over at around 11. Then we chattered for a while and watched the movie Brazil. My brain hurts lol. Actually I rather liked the movie but I'm wicked hungry now having not eaten anything in 8 hours or so. Haven't felt like eating much at all latly. Wonder if i'm sick.

Saw V for Vendetta on Saturday with Scott. I rather liked the movie though it did hit on one of my pet peeves. Still highly recommended by myself.
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( Jan. 30th, 2006 07:28 pm)
So I woke up this morning and was too sick to go into work. I hate calling out to work. It isn't something I do often or lightly. Always feel slightly bad about it. Anyhow lol I called Ablest and the woman was like "You sound horrible. Get off the phone before you make me sick too. Go rest" lol so there isn't any chance they though i was faking which is the other thing I worry about. So I slept all day and I fee alot better. I needed one more day to rest up I think.

Anyhow gotta go make dinner and then read a bit more I guess. Going to see Brokeback Mountain tomorrow and Nanny McGee (how is that spelled?) on thursday with Scott. Might go see Reservoir Dogs with Murph friday at the spec special showing. Ah dinner creating time hehe.
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( Dec. 18th, 2005 05:39 pm)
Today is sad. Today is a sad day. Tomorrow will be sad. And so will tuesday. I think it shall be a sad week. I think I'm going to try and not care anymore. I think it is normal. And mostly I think I am sad. I was happy a week ago. I was happy for no reason. I have a reason to be sad but it doesn't matter anyway.

I saw King kong today. It was a very good movie. I rather liked it.

My mother has been trying to get me to go to a sleep clinic. I do believe I shall heed her advice as the insomnia gets worse. I got two hours last night though that was because Scott and I stayed up gaming. He is passed out on the couch now and I can't sleep. Even when I lay down I can't sleep. I'm losing my mind because I can't sleep anymore. I think I've become quite unhinged. It is a strange feeling. At least with the nervous energy my house is clean and I have much fresh baked goods. Oh god I'm so tired and I've quite lost my mind.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2005 02:58 pm)
Seo is still sick. I have rented movies and I plan on doing nothing but vegging and watching them this weekend. Scott came over yesterday and we watched Without a Paddle which was funny in that mildly stupid kind of way. I laughed but I'm sick and I laugh at weird things when I'm sick. Scott seemed to like it well enough so maybe it wasn't all that bad after all. I then watched March of the Penguins once he had wandered towards home which I enjoyed quite a bit. I kind miss having the option of watching documentaries on tv now a days. Oh well I hate the idea of paying for cable in my house when I'm seldom home and when I am home I don't feel like dealing with the noise. I have two other movies. I rented the proper french version of Brotherhood of the Wolf and then a what is it German (I checked it is Swedish) flix called Kitchen Stories that looks interesting. We'll probably watch one of those tonight.

I had big plans to clean my house today. I instead slept most of the day which is excusable as I really needed the sleep. I've been sick now for over 4 days and I haven't really been able to get any rest with work and visiting people. The visiting people was my own fault work is kinda a need so yeah sleep for me. I'll probably sleep in again tomorrow though I promised Kibs and Carla I would call if I felt like hanging out. I'll figure that out tomorrow. They are a fair drive from here and honestly I'd rather not change out of my jammies. Lazy shit that I am.
It is about 10:20 and I have finished all my work lol!

Having a good time here. I really did miss the people. The job is easy. So I'm going to probably try and finish my math homework today and now I'm kicking myself cause I just realized I forgot to do last weeks med term test. Fuck I’m a dumbass.

Scott and I grabbed burgers at Red Robin last night then went back to my place and we watched Naked Lunch. OMG what a fucked up movie. It was cool and interesting and sparked a strange psycho-babbly conversation afterwards but whoa. LOL yeah I remember Mr. Cardillo talking about Burroughs in eng lit class but I didn't quite remember what he said before hand. Yeah but I loved the outfits. What can I say I have a fixation on nice suits and men's clothing. Yummy! LOL Even on girls it just looks tasty. Which is odd since unless you are really effeminate I don't like girls clothing on boys mostly. Or shall I say I don't find it attractive just funny.

Jen has to go and have her car looked at. Scott took a look at it yesterday but fuck if I can remember what he said. I think he pinned it down somewhat though. Tonight we are going to see the new Harry Potter movie after I get out of work. That should be fun as all hell. I also have to take and exchange the mixer my mom got me. BTW I have one of the bestest moms in the world. She got me the super nice mixer of DOOM! She did get a crappy color but that’s okay since there is a Kohls right across from me and I’m going to go and exchange the colors. The lady on the phone said they had a purple but looking online I don’t see that it comes in purple. Anyhow if not I’ll get black, here’s the mixer: Oh yeah I love my mommy. Such a nice mixer!! I of course want to customize it and stuff but I can settle for one without cool flames like Alton brown. Ah I checked the website and I think she thought I was after a different mixer. Oh well I’ll get this one in black and still be super super happy. *squeaks*

Anyhow homework time I guess.
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( Nov. 13th, 2005 06:45 am)
Scott just wandered off. Tonight we watched more Black Adder (finished season 3), Kinsey, and Amelia (which I think I'm spelling wrong)

All in all some great damned movies/series. I screwed up on some of the bread I was making. Think it was the rye. Made tilapia and also some white bread which turned out just fine. Need a new pastry brush.

Think i'll go sleep now.
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( Nov. 7th, 2005 01:14 am)
*yawns* Seo is for bed soon. Just kicked Scott out after watching a movie and Black Adder til too late. Kingdom of Heaven the movie is the suck. LOL Good for a laugh maybe. We finished the second season of Black Adder tonight. Hilarious, I highly reccomend them all. Fragit all if I'm not tired though and I've had a damned headache all day. Think I'm dehydrated. Maybe I'll go have some water before bed.


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