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( Jun. 24th, 2008 02:10 am)
First of AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! Fucking bug bites!

Okay now that I have gotten that out of my system. I had a fairly good day. I caught Sean online and he bade me cme out and play with him and his friends and go to the movies. It was pretty fun but I definitely think I'm getting to old to go off playing with kids. That or I just really would have rather been home talking with my Boston Brit. *sad* Didn't get to chat with him tonight cause I got home so late. I am sad. He is really rather nice but he works long hours so I only get to chat with him late at night, if at all. Hopefully tomorrow. Not being able to talk because of long work hours doesn't bother me though. LOL Men with jobs are sexy. Evidently he is going back home to England for 8 days at the end of this week to see his family. That is of course super nice but I wonder if he'll have internet access. LOL I am a spoiled Seo.

Anyhow we watched Get Smart which was a pretty funny movie. Some parts could have been better and some parts could have been worse. Overall a good show. Sean's little friend told me that I could not possibly be a sociopath because I didn't have any of the characteristics. I told him that of course i did and one of them is the ability to be charming and blend into a crowd. He told me I hadn't killed anyone yet so I wasn't one. It is conversations like this that really bring home how utterly complacent most human beings are. I mean of course I could be a sociopath. Only stupid ones go on random rampages. The smart ones select their victims carefully and stalk them like hunters. *snorts* I love young boys who are so full of themselves. It makes me want to break them into pieces and remake them into something beautiful. Oh well...
This lack of a car is driving me crazy. I'm bored.

I've completely flipped my days and nights again. I get between 6-9 hours of sleep during the morning hours and I try and get up by the time the kids come home. The unfortunate part of this is that I'm awake during the times when not everyone else is awake. I've taken to wandering around the house and watching too much TV. Since I really hate TV after a few days of it, this over abundance is beginning to drive me crazy. At present I'm watching the O Tapes which is a documentary type thing with girls talking about sex stuff. Pretty damned interesting actually. Why can people not find their G-spots? I don't think I'm sexually the most special flower on the block but I've never had a problem finding the damned thing. The female ejaculation section is still hilarious. The differences in what people think of as kinky verses vanilla is amazing. Another amazing thing is how so few woman like their bodies at all. I wonder if men look at their cocks and ever wonder if it looks weird. I wonder how many people are what might be considered "screamers"? Of that lot how many can have an orgasm without so much noise?

Movie is over, shower time and bed ^_^
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( Jun. 14th, 2008 05:25 pm)
Here is my review of The Happening.

So so bad, spoilers ahead )
Overall: This movie had alot of potential which it did not deliver on. The acting was eh. The plot was crapy. The gore was not what it could have been. I say if you haven't seen it yet wait for the DVD and rent it. Or even better wait 'til HBO has it and DVR it.
So it is official, I will not be going back to New Paltz for college. Hmm some many emotions are wound up with this but I think it will work out better for me this way.

I went out today and saw The Happening. I'll give a full review later but I think I'll just sum it up in a few words, hello eco-moral movie suckidge. Seriously unhappy with how the movie turned out. I was so looking forward to it and it failed so hard. To give you some idea of how bad it was most of the audience started booing once the credits rolled and I was a breath of good taste away from joining them.

It is early in the morning and I should go try and sleep I guess.
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( May. 4th, 2008 11:24 pm)

I'm going to join in with everyone else in saying that Iron Man fucking ROCKKKKKKKED! I went with Ryan, Sean, and Margaret earlier today and had a fucking blast. Everyone must go see this movie. I think I may like it enough to go see it again even at the ass raping movie prices.

Also there are like a billion more movies coming out this summer that I want to see. Fuck yes!! Woot!

*jumps up and down* Squee so good! We quoted it the whole way home. LOVEEEEE. We saw it down at Palisades Canter which is the best. They are going to have Speed Racer in the IMAX there. I may have to go see it there.

Oh my god I'm on such a movie high it was so fucking good! I just cannot say it enough. Everyone must see this movie or your life will be a little less cool. I desperately need an Iron Man icon now. I want to take this iamge:
and turn it purple and green and write on the side I AM IRON SEO! But I don't think I have the talent *sniffles* Such great ideas. So little talent.

Edit: Andee did it for me! Squee Rock on!

Okay I'm going to go try and calm down soon. *bounce* Iron Man~! Hot! Squeeeee!

Oh and I got my new birds today. They are cute and adorable. I'm giving them a couple days to calm down before showing them to peoples. Need to think up names for them. I'm thinking of Helga and Rowen. LOl Take a wild guess where i got those from ^_~
I'm so tired I believe my eyes might be bleeding.

The class I have during this period got canceled so I'm online until 3:30 wherein I go to take my stupid math test. I plan on studying for it during most of the hour just not this moment. Right now I'm concentrating on staying upright.

Morning class was really boring. I have one more class and it too will be boring. Jesse wants to go out to the movies which is good as I am bored. I wonder if I'll fall asleep in the middle? LOL We are thinking of seeing Horton Hears a Who. I'm glad she wants to see it too. No one else would go with me. LOL My mood for movies seems to be uber violent, uber scary, or uber cute. Hello middle ground where did you go?? Though I do want to see the Bucket List which is none of the above and is playing at the dollar theater. Maybe I'll go by my lonesome tomorrow.



I cannot get my back to crack properly. It is driving me crazy. Just this annoying tight achy feeling in the middle of my spine. FUCK. I'm thinking of having the damned thing removed at this point.

Speaking of blood. I just finished watching the movie Incubus. SUCCCCCKKKKYYYYY! I didn't expect much and damn did it fail to deliver even that little. So that's a skip for anyone bored late at night.

I had intended on being on WoW by now but my computer is being a little bitch and taking forever to update. Thank god I didn't have to reinstall the game. I might have just given up at that point. 47% to go grrrrr.

I'm bored. Oh and whingy have I mentioned whingy yet? I'm tempted to wander out bar hoping but the chief person I would take with me is out being busy. Damn them and their active social life. I need more random people to wait on my every whim. You LJ people, move closer to NY so that you might await my every whim and entertain me at my leisure.

*sniffles* Bored....
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( Mar. 8th, 2008 12:13 am)
There is a channel on my TV called Trailers on Demand. Oh hells yes. So I'm making up a new meme. If you have the channel go watch some previews and tell me what you think. Mmm boredom is wonderful.

Um maybe I'm confused or something but didn't they build the Enterprise in space? Something about gravity and it being cost effective only if they build it up in a space dock? Yeah, the trailer so doesn't look like they are building it in space. Color me confused.

Speed Racer:
*groan* This is the first I saw of this coming out. I was really leery of the adaptation, not because I'm an old school fan -I hated the show- but because I don't think cartoon to live action videos generally look right. I must say this does look damned interesting. It also looks like it might suck. Hmmm definitely potential there for both the great and the flop.

Iron Man:
Oh god drool!!!! The main actor is so hot! I can't wait for this to come out! *squee* Oh and I want the soundtrack. The trailer on my TV is the old one. I saw the new one on the 'puter and the movie just keeps looking cooler.

Batman the what ever:
I miss you Heather Ledger! The movie looks amazing though the actor for Batman is a little wooden. Not as bad as some superhero actors I could name *coughTobeyMaguirecough* but still.

Indiana Jones:
Um yes please! Shia LaBeouf is so adorable LOL And I'm officially getting to old to drool over the young stars. He is younger then me. Bwhaha I'm getting OLLLLLD! Oh the Nazi chick is also hot.

Yes an anti-hero superhero! *Squee* This looks hilarious and so like something I must see. I heart you Will Smith.

Get Smart:
I should start getting into my rant about no new movies just redos of old tv shows, books, and comics but I think there is some really good stuff out this year. This looks amazing. Great casting! Thank god a good year for comedy.

Prince Caspian:
Irrr I don't remember the book being so um active. The prince is mad hot. The movie looks as good as the last one. I need to reread the book before I see it though.

Duchess of Langeais
Every French Film I've ever seen has involved animal sex and incest. Think I'll skip this until it is on video.

Made of Honor:
Couples flix, still looks funny. *wrinkles nose* Hmm romantic comedy eh I'll wait for it to be on video.

Shutter, Prom Night, The Ruins:
Eh the horror line up this year looks a bit weak. Shutter eh interesting premise. I wonder if it is a Japanese remake? Sure looks it. Joshua Jackson is growing up to be amazingly hot. Prom Night oh yay the slasher films are back. Swag. The Ruins looks stupid and boring.

On another note I LOVE THE NEW SIMS 2 EXPANSION PACK! WOOT! LOL And I'm still addicted to my girly kiddie Gamecube game. Hehe I love being a dork. I sort of came to a stable conclusion today about things that have been bothering me. *sigh* Not one I'm happy with but one I will none the less have to live with. Sometimes you can change things and sometimes you just have to live with things.

This weekend is supposed to be wet as hell. Hmm indoor activities time. I believe On Demand is my new favorite invention.
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( Feb. 28th, 2008 02:40 pm)
Aghhhh stupid headache go away!!! I don't like you very much. You are not making my day any better.

On the plus side I'm going to see The Mist in a real theater. The dollar theater near my school is playing it and I'm going.

On the not plus side I'm fairly depressed and happily not caring about the world or anything in it. At least I wish I wasn't. Instead my brain seems very determined to go over the same thoughts repeatedly. Bwhaha fuck you brain I shall rot you with horrible movies. Take that bitch! There is no depression there is only Zule motherfucker!

Ugh I should eat something today I think, besides that five fruit-roll ups I had earlier for brunch. Bleh such a waste of time tracking down food. Only really want protein. been on a major protein kick lately. Mmmm wings and steak.

The stupid vampire song by the Smashing Pumpkins is stuck in my head. I blame the Kheprians of course. Specifically Gryphon. Grr you evil vampire!

The sun is out today and it is very warm. I think I wish I was a plant so I could lay around in the sunlight all the time and be quiet. I like the sun. I spent my free time between classes in my car stretched out in a sunbeam. I wish I had fur like my cat to get all warm and toasty in the sun. Mostly I just wish I was something else that didn't think too much and get headaches like ice picks in your brain. Mostly I'll just be happy when the 12th rolls around. I gots wicked surprise plans.

God I wish my head would stop hurting. Fucking stress headaches.
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( Dec. 16th, 2007 12:42 pm)
Movie Spoilers under the cut.

I went out with a bunch of my school buds to watch I Am Legend last night. I honestly really really liked the movie. Will Smith as usual did a spectacular job as did the other few supporting actors. This was mainly another movie like Castaway in that the driving force behind the vast majority of the movie was a single man. This can be terribly hard to do, yet Smith really does pull it off with aplomb.

As a monster movie though the movie was mediocre at best. There was very little real scary bits. The monsters are not ones I could see jumping me randomly from the dark. But if you look at the movie as a piece on the psychological affects of a disaster on a human mind it shines beautifully. Humans are social animals. To separate one from all of humanity and surround it by monsters? Yes, that can be truly fascinating. Smith shows a damaged man in a bad situation where you really do begin to lose it. The little things he does almost by accident, how a routine disturbed causes the greatest anxiety, his devotion to his dog, all build a truly dynamic picture.

The cinematography was also spectacular. They did a gorgeous job of showing you exactly what happened without it feeling like a huge bit of exposition just kind of stuck in the middle. The use of small bits of props floating around to tell the story was amazing; little bits of newspaper stuck on walls, magazine covers tacked onto Smith's frig, tell the story without the need of excess dialog.

As for the dramatic aspect, they did an amazing job of ripping your heart out and punching you in the face with it but never to excess. All of the flashes, revelations, and disappointments came at the right time to have the most impact with the least needless angst. Comedy was mixed in judiciously at points to lighten the mood without ever turning frivolous.

I will say though they did cop out on the ending a bit turning it a little too Hollywood buuuut you can only ask for so much. I'm willing to give up on the last 10 minutes for the most part. The one big problem I did have with it is behind the spoiler cut.

Rest of the review with spoilers )

So 9/10ths of the movie rocked and rocked hard. I highly recommend I Am Legend to anyone in search of a movie to hit.
What does Christmas mean to me? CARNAGE AND BLOOD MOTHERFUCKER! LOL Alien Vs Predator Requiem comes out Christmas day. I am so there, anyone wanna come with!?! Come on, you know you want to!


There are three kickass movies coming out over the next three months I MUST see. Second is I Am Legend

And last but not least, the day before my birthday gives us Cloverfield

Seo is requesting a big movie trip for her birthday. Maybe not on the 18th but the 19th which is my actual birthday *pout* Lurve me with movies! Hmmm that reminds me I must plan my b-day party! Bwhahaha!
I'm now not sure where quote I like better. I AM BEOWULF or THIS IS SPARTA! Maybe I should go with THIS IS BEOWULF! Or I AM CAKETOWN!


Anyhow the movie was way kickass. Though they did take quite a few liberties with the plot. And by liberties I mean they both have the same name and a monster that's about all. Not sure how many as I've not read the epic poem. It was a good mixture of action and plot which kept me happy and oblivious to the time passing. Which is all one can really ask for of such a flick? I only had one CGI gripe throughout the entire movie but I won't mention it before anyone sees it otherwise I have a feeling it will drive them batty too. Oh and one gripe I cannot resist, what the fuck is up with accents in movies lately? Either everyone does one (the same one preferably) or no one should. This piecemeal crap is annoying as hell and I couldn't understand a damned word Grendel said. WTF mate? Evidently if I had read the original I might have understood more but since this only resembled the original if you were a deaf, dumb, and blind retarded mutant wombat I don't think that should be something you have to do. Dumb and American type opinion I know but what is the movie is not far from there.

I'm a little sick right now and just took a hit off my inhaler. Damn thing makes me feel like I've taken speed or something. Actually I have no idea how speed makes you feel as I've avoided all hard drugs. Anyhow I feel worse when I lay down to rest which just proves my point that there can be no rest for the wicked.

Oh and we were talking about dead baby poems in American Lit today and since I had just seen Beowulf with its litany of dead babies I wrote this cute little poem in like two minutes. The chick who sits next to me whose name I don't remember got a wicked kick out of it. Asked for a signed copy LOL!

cut for movie spoilers )
So I just got done with watching Highlander: The Source.

Spoilers ahead )

So yeah I thought the movie mostly sucked and the ending really pissed me off. Piece of dog spit.

Oh and I'm still sick. Yay.
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( Jul. 10th, 2007 12:32 pm)
I lurve this commercial. I was looking for it before but couldn't find it. LOL thank you [ profile] kjpepper. This is actually well done enough for me to want to go buy the product. Good job!

EDIT: THIS is the version I saw.
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( Jul. 6th, 2007 04:08 am)
So I meant to be asleep hours ago but I got sucked into the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. I actually quite like that movie regardless of all the inaccuracies inherent within it. It is beautiful in the way movies are supposed to be. The plot flows, dips, and weaves patterns that enthrall and ensnare. The costumes are gorgeous and while I take issue with the casting in some ways it is not something huge.

*sighs* I suppose I will go to bed now. Good Night LJ.


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