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( Jul. 17th, 2008 08:01 am)
Celia is wandering around in a bathing suit top and a pair of tight jeans. She is getting so big. She has just the slightest dip where her hips are beginning to spread. Soon she is going to be all grown up. I can see the changes as she slowly becomes a lovely young woman and not the wonderful young girl who climbs in my lap and begs to play with my hair.

At present she and Gwen are playing with Timone. It is all sorts of adorable. It is made somehow sweeter by the fact that in a few years I doubt she will want to wander around the living room with her younger sister and a sickly ferret. Guess we should enjoy it while we can before hormones take her brain away for a few years.
*blinks* Whoa tired.

We have a new addition to the family. I picked up Timone the Ferret yesterday. He is super mellow and cute. At present he is asleep in my room which is where and what I think I'm going to be doing soon. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep his name or not.

Happy Mother's day to everyone. I figure even if you are not a mother or even a girl you have someone to celebrate this with. Unless you are a spontaneously generated construct and then Happy Spontaneous Generation Day.

Today I'm picking up a new bird cage which may or may not be shoved into storage. I'm also picking up another ferret named Princess who will definitely be getting renamed. Not sure what yet. I've been sticking with the Harry Potter theme for my pets lately so maybe I'll continue.

Hmm sleep....

(two seconds ago)
Jack: Mommy! Gwennie just spit on me!
*sigh* Please don't be one of those days.... Gwennie, after I talked to her, has gone back to playing nicely so yay. They had a really funny conversation involving the MuffinMan earlier that made me wish I had a recorder. Most times their conversations are, like everyoone's, fairly blaze but once in a while they are a laugh riot.
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( Mar. 19th, 2008 03:07 pm)
I woke up later then I wanted to and earlier then my body wanted to. I've been on a night schedule for the past little while and I'm trying to get back to a day schedule again. Stupid to do while I'm sick but there you go. I was up later then usual last night because my writing muse decided that while I was falling asleep was the perfect time to give me a funny character who just wanted to be written down. He is a Supervillain and hilarious. I'll probably get a short story out of this joker.

On the sick front I'm feeling a bit better. Still pretty light headed so I intend to not move alot today. I also can't seem to hear a damned thing. I think the pressure in my head is preventing the sound waves from making the ear drum vibrate properly. Or that is the explaination I'm going with now.

Jackjack has his little frind over. I emerge from my room to be told that he desperately wants to see my snakes. Hahaha so cute! Then his little friend starts asking me if I play video games and what kind and what I think of Halo 3. I wanna drag him to the NPC gaming convention so badly. I'm sure we'll see him there in a few years anyhow. I love little gamer babies they are so cute. That will be my kids at some point I'm sure. Speaking of gaming I'm a beta tester for a new Sims game and I'm about to go rock out for a while. Woot beta time!

Hmmm I'm starting to feel hyper. LOL I must be getting better.
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( Dec. 22nd, 2007 07:58 pm)
I may in fact kill one of my children.

That is all.
Yep they are all shortly going to die.

Matt I'm afraid you get no more kids.

Okay Charlie can live he's being good. So Jeff and Kt you win.
Ugh so at a quarter or so past midnight, while I'm chattering with Joe on aim, I hear crying and screaming from upstairs. Jack it seems wants to go into Matt and K's room to sleep. Gwendolyn doesn't. Gwendolyn also does not want to sleep in her room on her own. Hence crying and screaming at midnight. *sighs* Finally I just tell them both to go back to their beds. This of course sets Jack off but it is over pretty quickly.

Until five minutes later of course. Grrrr. Anyhow so Gwendolyn decides she must step into the hallway and yell downstairs that Jack is saying he is going to disobey me and go into mommy and daddy's room. I tell them both to be quiet and go back to bed.

Good god it is too hot and frying everyone's brains.


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