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( Jul. 17th, 2008 11:58 am)
Insomnia during the dayllight hours is like pure eyelid rape. So foul you can't even see past it.
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( Jun. 3rd, 2008 03:43 am)
3:43 and I'm awake. Why? Because my bodies idea of sleep consists of either getting too much at once or not enough. Is there no middle ground!!!


Hmm I need an insomnia Icon.

EDIT: 5:35 and I was working on my post for the writing group I'm on. This weeks topic is the trait which defines you. I have picked a trait and then I started writing the post in my head while trying to sleep. The post in my head was turning out really well so I decided to just go ahead and put it to paper. Epic fail. Grrrr I'll try again later.

Let the ferrets out one at a time for some ferret exercise. This means turning the bench into a jungle gym with the pillows and blankets and letting them wander all over the main room while I watch. They are both very cute and enjoy it immensely. Nala (the girl) is really active. She runs and jumps all over the pillows. Today her and Mika were playing tag. She had fun running all over the place. I would be much happier to have her out and playing but she damned well bites. Usually she doesn't bite hard and so far she has not broken the skin. She did get a bit excited and bit me harder then normal and so I have a small welt on my hand now. Not a big deal. I will eventually socialize her enough to break the biting habit. Unfortunately, the biting means she isn't as popular nor as easy to have out. I'm not gonna let her bite one of the kids for way too many reasons to write out. I have to keep a real solid eye on her at all times unlike Timon. So Nala doesn't get out as much. She had a ball today and was amazingly cute bouncing all over the place. Timon also got some play time and while more sedate, seemed to enjoy himself just fine. I take Timon out probably twice as much as Nala. One, because he doesn't bite and is a very mellow little ferret. Two, because he is still sick and I like keep a good eye on him.

What I really need for the ferrets is one of these:

I could set it up in the living room while watching tv or interacting with other people and let the ferrets play around while I did other things. Eventually I'll get one. They are just a bit pricey and I really have other things I need to get. *sighs* Next bit of cash though I think. If anyone ever sees one for cheap let me know.

Alright maybe now some more sleep.
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( Apr. 25th, 2008 02:45 am)
So I just woke up after having dreams about dinosaurs, hateful people, superpowers, oh yes and what was the last thing... hmm oh yeah amazing sex. *face palms* Okay libido you and I need to have a serious talk. I realize it is summer and you are bored but um seriously could you cool down a bit.

On a more serious note I went to the doctor's office today. I highly recommend the entire hospital up in Rock Hill. I had to go to a couple different floors for things and everyone was super nice and helpful. I saw my endocrinologist (thanks Nello he rocked!), got an ultrasound of my throat (so cool!), and then spoke with a sleep specialist because they have a sleep lab in the building as well! It was like one stop shopping. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow to visit the pulmonary guy and sleep specialist but i think I need to reschedule. They took six vials of blood to test me for everything under the sun. I also have a 24 hour urine test i have to take. (can we say yum!) Then I go back next week to see the doctor about my test results. Hopefully this will rule out a half a dozen things and we can see how screwy my thyroid really is. After all that i came home and crashed. Didn't get more then an hours sleep yesterday so i was tired. I only just woke up and I'll probably try and head back to sleep again here shortly.

Oh yeah and my sourdough cultures arrived. *evil grin* I have a surprise for the Kheprians bwhahaha!

Oh and I might be getting a ferret and some free birds squee!

Hope you your world is going well LJ. ^_^

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( Apr. 12th, 2008 01:28 am)
Kibble is visiting which is all sorts of great. I wish we could visit more often. I so miss the furbutt. Anyhow I introduced him to Chocolate Cake Shots. We watched some TV and have mostly been hanging out in the same room each on a computer. Sad but true.

We were talking about stuff that has been happening recently and he said something terribly insightful in regards to me. He said "You aren't very good at hating people like that. You tend to hold on to people who kick you in the face." Funny how true that is and always has been. Kibble is one of the few people I can talk with about emotions and stuff who either doesn't leave me feeling worse or leave me annoyed at them being unable to understand me. He always seems to get to what is bothering me and help me lay it out proper like.

Anyhow I'm tired but knowing me I'll just end up staring at the ceiling for a while so I'm not too hyped to head to bed yet. We are helping Furball and Carla move tomorrow. Large amounts of driving and hauling of stuff is in my future.

I'm so tired today. I was going to go to the movies but I'm just exhausted and I can't seem to get unexhausted. *sighs* Probably the hormones being all weird. Oh well. Insomnia loves me.

And since I'm tired I've become a hypochondriac. Here is my conversation with Kibble.

Me: I think I'm getting fatter.
Kibs: You just said you think you are retaining water.
Me: Yes getting fatter. Do you think I'm getting fatter?
Kibs: That's not the same thing dear.
Me: You didn't answer the question.
Kibs: No dear. I don't think you are getting fatter (smart man)
Me: How do you know?
Kibs: I look at you more then you look at you.
Me: Well my boobs are getting bigger.
Kibs: Thank God for that.

A few minutes later....

Me: I think I have terminal insomnia.
Kibs: You do not have terminal insomnia.
Me: It's a real disease, look it up. They say only like six families have it and they are all Italian. I'm Italian. I could be a descendant of one of those six families.
Kibs: I think you just need more dick in your life.
Me: Yes that's true.
Kibs: That's means you don't have terminal insomnia.
Me: I'm not sure I agree with that statement.
Kibs: Yes dear.

Teehee what other fun things can we talk about.
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( Apr. 10th, 2008 10:18 am)
An hour and a half of sleep....

Oh god kill me now.

Test at 5 pm. I have no idea if I can even focus enough to drive to school let alone take the test with any kind of alacrity.


But at least K made me magical fresh buttermilk biscuits which really makes it all better. Alright time to try for another two hours of sleep before staggering towards my car and class.
I'm awake and laughing at stupid things on the internet and trying not to go find something bloody to devour.

LOL I feel utterly wicked and like going and doing something evil..... *sigh* Unfortunately it is 3:30 in the morning and the best I could do is watch TV or read slash. *ponders* I must have evil damn you!!!!!!! Evil I say!!! ......evil baked goods?

Yes it is midnight and I'm awake. It doesn't seem late but I've been in bed for over an hour now and I do believe I am actually slowly becoming more awake and less tired. There are days I hate my life. Actually today so isn't one of those. I had a good day being hyper and freaky. Saw Jesse for a while, talk to Jenn for a while, pretty sure I aced an exam I made-up today. Oh crap I just realized I forgot to finish the last question of my economics homework. Whoops. Oh well. So mostly today was good. I spoke with my adviser and got my avn so I can register my classes online next week. I picked up car parts and I'm going to fix my car tomorrow. I had a very productive and happy day. I still rather miss Wyatt and Shanti. I miss having more people to pester on campus to hangout with me. Blegh everyone was busy today with papers and class. Very annoying but understandable.

I probably had too much caffeine today. It really doesn't effect my sleep patterns. They are so fucked up that very little hinders or helps them. I'm running super anemic today. I had to run to the store on my way home and pick up some lamb and beef before I chewed my cheek apart. We really just don't eat enough iron rich foods at the house for my system and I'm thinking I'm gonna need to start scheduling a more solid switch out for myself. I crash and crash hard when it gets too low. Unfortunately I have about three separate conditions which cause anemia. Yay super anemia. I had to avoid buying the whole meat section while I was in the store today. It was sad lol. I get really weird when the iron in my blood drops low or I haven't had enough red meat lately. I know you can get it from other sources but it seriously only seems to stick for me if I have rare (and I mean rare) bloody red meat. If I haven't had that for a while I get hungry in a very specific way. This also coincides with other more interesting symptoms I believe I will not write about in an open forum. *wicked grinz*

Bugger I'm never gonna get to sleep. Grrrrrr.
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I got into a minor car accident last Thursday night. Basically it boiled down to Wire Support 1 - Oniko 0. Her front bumper was completely knocked off and I had to gig it up to get home. I had the boys look at it for me (I love my men folk) and basically I needed to replace the pins which held the bumper on. I had removed them ALL. 30 dollars and three stores later I have said pins; I had to get the car going this morning for school and pin finding which leads me to the duct tape. Yes I have duct taped my front bumper onto my car. It actually is holding really well. I checked it at the dealer after driving there and no problems. I have class soon which I would much rather sleep through but I won't. I probably won't put the pins in until tonight or tomorrow at home. I just don't feel safe sticking my head under my car here at school. I'm afraid some idiot college student is going to run over my legs. Paranoid I may be but stupid I am not.

I'm amazingly sleepy (another crap night for sleep, Hi insomnia how are you). I have class in 25 minutes. I will probably post again later. Couple of things have been percolating in my head lately and wow okay my brain just turned completely off and I can barely remember what I'm typing. *sighs* it is gonna be a long, long day.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2008 01:35 am)
I am still awake! Bwhahaha, fuck you sub-conscious! Though my awake status through amazing amounts of tiredness should surprise no one who knows of my addiction to staying up 'til the cows have come home and then gone back out again.

I'm seriously thinking of sleeping but I'm a bit gun shy after dreams of twitchyness and I hate sleeping at night. It isn't natural. There is no day star to make you warm and comfy. No wonderful noises and people to watch wander by. And besides all that being awake at night is fun. Okay, sometimes it is boring but I still rather like it. I think I've been sleeping in my car too much lately. I haven't begun feeling tired while driving but I really miss the sunlight and people at the college.

Tomorrow I go to the college to help Jesse prep for her party. I'm bringing gear and my amazing talent of doom! Bwhaha. I expect to be there cooking for a good portion of the day (squee!). I made a list of things to bring and I have a basic time-line for cooking in my head so all should go smooth. I have to prep when I wake up and then head on over early so I can drop my withdrawal from Contemporary Novel off at the SUB.

Crap I'm not sleepy anymore. I hate insomnia. You know I promised myself I would stop bitching and whining in these damn posts but fuck it. It's my damn journal and I'll be a whiny bitch if I want to. ....... Having said that um yeah I'm annoyed. Yeah, wish I could sleep. Oh and I'm hungry but it is too late to go eat anything. Oh and um ... hmmm what to bitch about? *ponders* I'm not wealthy? Damn my lack of unlimited funds. hmmmm what else? I'm thinking of strangling a friend's friend for being a complete twat. Then again that isn't new and interesting. But my life is rather boring. You I hate saying that since it isn't boring really. I've seen boring and I've seen busy, it isn't really either. My life is just, well there. I was thinking about dying the other day (I'm weird so sue me. I get bored while driving and let my mind wander) and I decided that for all I've done next to nothing with my life if I kicked the bucket like right now I will have lived a good life. It isn't perfect and I've fucked up loads of times but I think I did alright. I made more people happy then sad. I managed to gain a wonderful family and a few really good friends (and then all you other rabble :P). I've managed not to kill or seriously injure anyone to my knowledge. So all in all not bad. For all my amazing ability to fuck up and procrastinate my life tends to be pretty good. I've lost people along the way. Clan, friends, lovers and I've had my share of upsets but I guess we could count this as a win.

Having said all that I'm tired enough that I can taste the depression on the back of my tongue. I suppose I'll go try and sleep again.

You know one thing I really hate about April Fool's day is sometimes I can't tell if someone is joking or not and it is rather important. There was a death in one of my fandoms posted about yesterday and I just can't be sure. I feel like an ass for asking so I'm not gonna. Someone did something like this year before last in the same fandom so now I'm just confused and I'm not sure what I should feel. Shit, it looks like it is real. Fuck, fuck, fuck!
So I got about an hour's sleep once I finally crashed. Then I woke up and went to school like a good Seo. I decided to sleep through lunch in my car, a common occurrence for me. The really funny part was dreaming about being incredibly tired and sleepy while I was asleep. I swear I'm really beginning to think about just removing my brain and kicking it a few times. These dreams are just getting ridiculous. The past few days have been so fucked. I have one more class at 5 and then I can go home. Ugh I so would rather go back to sleep in my car.
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( Apr. 1st, 2008 05:32 am)
It is 5:30 in the morning and I can't get back to sleep after my bad dream. Blegh.

Hazard sent me a really cute card that cheered me up a bit. *waves* Thanks hazard ^_^

So I have the choice of staying in bed and staring at the ceiling, getting up to take a shower/start my day, or head over to my desktop computer and play some video games. Ugh I just want to get some fucking sleep! My mother was after me again today to go find a sleep clinic. I really should do it. Maybe this summer. I watched some TV and did a little work on my Super Villain book. That project is actually going pretty well. I didn't type up my ideas because I was trying to sleep so I just used my nifty hand recorder and I'll type up the pages later. I also played around on Facebook and ran into my first April Fool's joke on the Pet Dragons application. Very cute really.

Alright back to trying to sleep. If I'm awake in an hour and just gonna get up and start my damned day. It is gonna be a long one I'm sure. *sigh*
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 02:22 am)
I love my cat. I love her enough to not strangle her mercilessly when she drives me crazy. Like now when her tail IS DIRECTLY IN MY WAY TO READING THE MONITOR. Move, Mika, damnit! Actually I have the best cat in the world. She doesn't pee anywhere, she seems to get along with the other cats, and she is damned cute. She is also the most graceless cat on god's green earth. She tends to fall off of things. Generally when she is trying to jump up onto them but not always. Sometimes it just seems the gravity has it out for poor little Mika and whoops there she goes. This gravity induced blunder is usually accompanied by enough noise to wake the dead. *shakes head* Mika also has this very delicate and feline way of letting us know she wants out of my room. She either climbs the door or flings herself into it sounding as if the dog has gotten loose and is destroying our home. For an animal that weighs less then seven pounds she can be amazingly loud. I call her my Super Model Kitty. Small, delicate, and pretty but with no actual muscle of which to speak. It is strangely amusing and embarrassing to watch her try and jump up onto something and well miss.

LOL Sorry don't mean to blather on about my cat (who really is quite sweet). I'm actually writing this because I have a horrible headache at 2:30 in the morning and can't sleep. ARGH!

LOL Damnit.
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( Feb. 5th, 2008 12:57 am)
I have decided that I am the most needy person in the world. I cry, I whine, I moan, lol but enough about my sex life. As I was saying I am a needy person and what I most need right now IS SOME MOTHERUFCKING SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHH! FUCK YOU INSOMNIA! FUCK YOU!

*coughs* I need to be awake in 4 hours. My real question is why am I awake now? Grr damnit all. If only the day star was up. I sleep fine in the sunlight. Mmmmm warm sunbeams.... um sorry got distracted there for a second.

So in other news I'm not sure I can afford my new tattoo now. The car repairs took a lot out of me. More then I could really spare but blegh I'll get by.

Alright back to staring at my ceiling and swearing to myself.

I don't wanna sleep! LALALALA you can't make me! LALALA. Oh crap I've gone to giddy....
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 03:19 am)
I'm a self proclaimed gamer. I have more consoles then I know what to do with. I've enough games to build a small house. I am also unhappy. What the fuck did you do to my X-play? It is all weird looking now and my favorite opening is gone! Fuck you all, change it back! Okay well I like that they have more people on talking but otherwise it just annoys me. But what ever. I was watching it today and they were talking about the PS3. Now I agree with much of what the people on there were saying. The PS3 has been out for a LONG time in tech time. It is still not doing well and to be honest I think I know only one person who owns one. Compared to the Wii and the Xbox360 the PS3 is dying a slow lingering death. This is damned annoying because I LOVE my PS2. There are so many good games on there I cannot count the number of hours I have lost to it. How do you fuck up so badly on the new system? Come on Sony did you learn nothing from Nintendo's fuck ups? Give us something good to play. Give us some of our old favorites. Give us some new favorites. Actually I don't care what you give us because the system has more issues then a first year med student. I feel they were trying to do something amazing but they dropped the bloody ball. The price is too high, the system eats the world's power supply, and none of the games are really up to snuff yet. Fix it damn you!

Anyhow I'm loving my new 360 though. It is like a little warm plastic white piece of heaven. LOL I was playing more Rock Band the other night with Reid, Dan and Wyatt. I cannot believe how much fun that game is and let us not forget my Lego Star Wars addiction. I've actually been avoiding some of the reviews of new things coming out so I don't stay locked in my room all day with my new toys. I'm sure my Wii is beginning to feel jealous though. Not to mention the other systems. *pets them* I love you all in different ways. I will come back to you my sweets. As soon as I finish pwning Darth Vader...

On the RPG front, I can't wait for classes to start and with it Exalted and Vampire. I'm not sure if we are switching over to 2nd Edition Exalted or not. I so want to make a Lunar. It is all Wyatt's fault and Kibble's too. Them and their damned books. Mmmmm RPG.

I've been staying off MMO's for a while. Seriously don't have the time with everything else. I'm sure I devote too much time to the playing, talking, and enjoyment of modern gaming. I addicted Shanti to Sims2 recently. The newest expansion pack is out like next month. Oh no they have another game of the wonderful Sims coming out *whimpers*. Oh no there is a free download preview...

As for why I'm awake at four in the morning... yeah about that sleeping a normal cycle thing. I can't seem to stay awake during the day anymore. I keep falling asleep in weird places and at weird times. I managed to get some of what I was supposed to do done today but not all and that just isn't acceptable. Mika went to the vet. She is locked up right now so she will pee into a pan and I can collect it. Ahh the wonders of cat mommydom.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I need to clean the house today and get the cake done/mostly done. I also need to figure out times of people coming and finish picking the menu. I think I know what want. Anyhow I'm looking forward to it all.
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( Nov. 15th, 2007 01:34 am)
Why is there no one online willing to talk with me?

Am I not friendly? (don't answer that Kae)

Argh I will have to go do the unthinkable now and try and get some sleep.

See what you people do to me? You ignore me so I might sleep. How rude!
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( Nov. 14th, 2007 01:17 am)
ARGH! I need to be awake in less then four hours and I can't sleep. I spent all day amazingly tired and now I can't sleep. Why do the gods of sleep evade me so? Have I done something wrong in a past life? Done some kind of strange experiment wherein I kept people awake until they died. Is this some kind of karma? ARGH I SAY!

*bangs head against keyboard*

I know what it was. The reason I'm awake is the reason I'm always awake too much. I laid down and started thinking. Thinking is always my downfall. I can never shut my brain off. You know it sounds wrong to say I think too much. Isn't it usually the other way round? *sighs* Well tomorrow is going to suck. Guess I'll be sleeping in class and in my car again. Getting too cold to car sleep. Though my ability to fall asleep sitting upright and in weird positions has increased. I'm fairly certain that is not a good thing

Fuck I have a report to do. Son of a bitch.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2007 03:03 am)
Yep it is me again and yes I'm still awake at three in the morning.

Not entirely sure why I bother going to bed anymore. Obviously I'm just sorting of relaxing here doing nothing as productive as sleeping. Hmmm maybe I should work on those plans for world domnination I have laying around here somewhere.

I think I would make a good evil overlord. I'd have a proper health plan. Some really kick ass baked goods. Maybe down the line I would even allow people do something besides see to my every whim? Hmm .... naw where would the fun in that be.

Okay more staring at the ceiling time. I'm thinking once we get my addition built I'm going to pain pretty pictures on the ceiling. You know, something really complicated I can zone out to.

I'm thinking of bring breakfast type goodness to the NPC for our crew. Maybe muffins on Saturday and doughnuts on Sunday? All homemade of course. K says if I do doughnuts I should make them the day before. I've never made doughnuts before. I don't know, I have a shagload of stuff to do. Think I'll make up my mind tomorrow. Kt is helping me make my outfit for the weekend tomorrow, plus class, a few reports due, reading, have to go back and forth to the school twice tomorrow, and then of course there is the billion other things.

*sigh* I need to be up in less then four hours. Damnit.
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( Sep. 19th, 2007 01:53 am)

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( Sep. 19th, 2007 01:28 am)
I'm contemplating blowing up Electronic Arts. OKay maybe not all of it because they have some game designers I would gladly bang any day of the week. (What gamer freak much? lol) But who ever decided to put on their website that the name game I want comes out on the 18th when they mean it ships from the fucking warehouse on the 18th and won't be available until the 19th needs to be horribly maimed by a large cuisinart.

Thank you I'm going to go chew on my Wii controller while I wait for a few hours. I would be less annoyed other then the fact that I have SCHOOL tomorrow and shall have a whole 12 hours where I can not possibly play my new game. WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO EVIL FATE GODS???? On the plus side there is no school Friday so I have days and days and days to fully rot in front of my new game.

*ponders* I believe I might have a gaming addiction problem. Oh well no 12 step programs for me. I'll just grind up old game and inject them directly into my blood stream. Kinda like a nic-patch only sharper.
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( Sep. 8th, 2007 02:18 am)
So I am feeling better. The unfortunate part of this is my after-a-bad-cold habit. That is too say I felt like such crap that even though I'm not all the way better I feel so much better that I keep forgetting I'm still sick. This of course means I push myself into doing something stupid and bringing on teh coughing fits of doom. I'm bored to death of being sick though. I'm mostly okay now. Breathing is a little tense but there's almost no wheezing at all now. And I only cough if I push things. Or walk around outside in the humidity. Or have the air conditioner on in the car. Or sit here quietly reading. Okay so the cough hasn't gone away yet.

I really want to go to the gym on Sunday. Probably too soon but I'm not sure I'm going to care. I got out of the house for a few hours today to run a couple of errands. Tired me right the hell out which is just sad. I have more to do tomorrow so i should probably go crash. I have the beginnings of a craptasically bad headache. I also forgot to take my anti-depressants while sick as a dog. Bugger.

Anyhow off to the land of sleep for me. Hmmm I want pancakes.
Why am I awake?

*sigh* Well I have lots to post and I'm too lazy to actually do so. Maybe a real post tomorrow.

So since I'm awake I decided to go onto and sell all my old text books. LOL It is almost like free money since I already wrote all these books off. So cool! LOL Now I want to go through everywhere and start listing things to sell. Bwhahaha! It is almost like Freecycle. Mmmmm new addiction....
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 04:33 am)
So I officially give up on sleeping at night. *sigh* I've always been nocturnal unless I fought tooth and nail against it. Since I've been out of working I've been letting it slip and I'm just gonna give up and sleep when I'm naturally tired now. Usually I get tired around dawn (not joking) and I'm up, depending on when I crashed, between 11 and 1 in the afternoon.

Tonight I decided instead of rolling around in bed for a few hours in a fruitless attempt to sleep like most people I'm going to get up and make myself useful. Already tidied my room up, did laundry, and picked up a few things in the living room. Right now I'm going to go into phase two of organizing the financial stuff how I want it. Then maybe I'll make up a list of the stuff I want to take care of when I finally drag myself out of bed tomorrow. Can't be too late I'm gonna try and go to the gym with K and Kt. I've been so slacking in that regard. All this free time and I hate leaving the house. Part of that was my not using the car unless absolutely necessary because I had no gas money. My mom sent me a tiny bit of gas money and essential money so I can run out and I don't know buy my meds.

Anyhow off to do financial stuff ^_^
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( Jul. 14th, 2007 01:45 am)
So we get home from the new HP movie (full review later) and eat a late dinner. The kids go down and it is a little before ten (or a little after) and I am just wiped. So tired I'm barely focusing. So I'm like fuck this shit it is bed time. I crawl into bed and I'm out in like ten mins (amazing for me). I then of course wake up in TWO FUCKING HOURS and now I can't get back to sleep.

Note to body: WTF!?

*sighs* I really would like to sleep something like a normal person. And I'm starving again. Why in gods name am I so hungry? ARGH!

Oh and cool new icon go me.
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( Jun. 29th, 2007 03:56 am)
Well since talking with [ profile] pinkspiderchan I have come to the realization that I have been on LJ for over 4 years now. I have also been blogging on various sites for well long enough that I don't want to say. Therefore I have decided that I am officially a god. That's right A GOD.

I'm sure you are at present trying to decide how I got from point A to point GOD but worry not your little LJ heads about it. Just know it to be so and we'll all be just fine.

Now as your new god I would just like to set up a few new ground rules.

Firstly I require gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. Not just the ordinary kind. Nope I require gifts like your first born and all your savings. I wish to live in immoral sinful pleasure at all times.

Secondly I have rewritten the ten commandments. Here are a few preliminary ideas:

Thou Shall Not Kill Unless Really Annoyed
Thou Shalt Keep the Sabbat Day Holy Unless There is a Cool New Movie Out or You Have To Game
Thou Shalt Covet Not Just They Neighbors Ass but Thy Neighbors Dog and Children As Well
Thou Shalt Only Steal Lugnuts
If Thou Missuseith My Name Thou Shalt Be Raped Throughly

The rest will be coming along shortly.

Thirdly well I don't have a thirdly yet but I'm sure I'll come up with one soon. In the mean time you must spend all your time thinking of me fondly and trying to best decide how to serve me.

I leave you now. Just remember as your god I am always watching 0_o
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( Jun. 15th, 2007 02:22 am)

Anyhow so 2:30 in the morning and I'm awake. Which is funny since earlier I almost fell asleep leaning against the kitchen counter. *sighs* I have found that I must now get used to my bodies cues all over again. I actually felt the exact moment tonight when I went from sleepy to that funny lucid wakefulness that is usually followed by insomnia. It is gonna be a learning process but I think I'll get there. I'm actually tired right now but even if I stopped typing right this second and put my head back down it is unlikely I would fall asleep.

Today was actually a pretty good day. I miss the besterfolks. It is weird having such a huge chunk of us gone. On the very bright side it meant I got to spend lots of time with Kt today talking about this and that. This was very nice as honestly it is seldom Kt and I alone together just chatting. So it was very pleasant and we talked about the most random things. Then Jeff came home and joined the conversation which was nice. Jeff is another person I seldom sit down and talk with one on one or even two. We just have different schedules and things we do all day. So that was also incredibly nice and eye opening.

Kt and I (though mostly Kt) cleaned up the kitchen. LOL I only helped a bit there as I was off doing other things. I did cook most of dinner though so good trade. We are going to try and clean the carpet tomorrow night and maybe put the pallets out to fill the car port thingy. I'm going to spend part of Saturday and Sunday trying to finish getting the kids jungle gym together. It'll give me something else to do.

Job hunting is going the suck. Which is odd for me but it happens. Though I guess I haven't been searching all that long. It just feels long. More interviews tomorrow. *sigh*

I cleaned my room the other day. I was really psyched about it and I don't think anyone around the house really knew why. I mean room cleaning? Who cares? We make the kids do it all the time. But I guess for me it was just another sign that the antidepressants plus a change in other things is working. I have been trying to clean it for a while now and I just didn't have the energy. Not even so much physically. It is hard to really describe. Oh and thank you to all who gave me such lovely responses both on and off LJ to my Depression part one post. I know there are some of you I need to get back to. I will try. I'm finding more and more how many things I had let slide and sort of fall away and get ignored. Things are slowly improving so yay.

Anyhow since I'm awake I'm going to go take care of a few things online I have been meaning to. I need to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow to go to a job interview so blegh hopefully I will be tired soon. I need to rearrange my tags. God that will take forever. I think I'll put it off a little longer though. Other things to do bwhahaha!
seorgia: (SW/Dr WHo)
( Jun. 15th, 2007 02:07 am)
I'm naked! *does the naked dance* naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked naked

*throws confetti into the air* Yay naked!!!! Weee naked! *runs back and forth*









So I'm awake in the middle of the night again (damned zombies *grumble*) and go to use the bathroom like you do. When I get in there I see three different spiders just waiting for me. They are all different species and sizes. Good god by the time the zombies make it in we'll have already been eaten by the fucking spiders!
seorgia: (Evil ninja spider)
( Jun. 12th, 2007 01:43 am)
Ahhh welcome back my oldest friend.....

*sighs* Well that was a short reprieve.

Oh and I walked out to the kitchen and there is this spider (not a ninja death spider) hanging from one of the lights. It is up there doing something freaky with a bit of webbing. I suppose I should have killed it but I figure it was kind enough to wait til most everyone was a asleep so live and let live.

Fucking weird ass spiders.
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 06:20 pm)
This is a short note. So about two and a half weeks ago I started an anti-depressant called Lexapro. So far it is going very well with only one kind of annoying side effect-I can't stay awake. Yes, the insomniac can no longer stay awake. Yeah if I didn't think the gods had a sense of humor before I would now. I'm pretty sure the side effect will wear off after a while and it isn't all that annoying but yeah. So there's the progress so far. I'm feeling better but I also can't stay awake all day anymore. LOL It is so sad, it's funny.
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( May. 24th, 2007 06:37 am)
It is 6:40 in the morning. I'm awake because evidentially they were kidding about no rest for the wicked. It is almost enough to drive me straight.... almost


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