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( Feb. 13th, 2008 04:08 pm)
*groans* I have a cake to deliver and I'm fairly sure my car will not make it up or down the driveway safely. Craptastic. Damnit I need to get this birthday cake delivered grrrrrr!

I also need a cake board and some fondant. Both I was going to go pick up later today. I wonder if I should go now and risk it or wait until later? Or beg Matt to forgive me and get him a cake next week? Crapity!

Alright cake board acquired. Fondant acquired. Baking can now begin.
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( Jan. 24th, 2008 03:31 am)
I'm so behind on emails and updates. Just been I don't know, out of it.

*HHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGSSSS* To everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I love you all and my birthday was spectacular. Maybe I'll post about it tomorrow.

I start school in 4 hours and I doubt I'll go back to sleep. I slept alot yesterday. My sleep schedule is so screwy.

Eh not feeling like updating this much.
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( Jan. 18th, 2008 03:19 am)
I'm a self proclaimed gamer. I have more consoles then I know what to do with. I've enough games to build a small house. I am also unhappy. What the fuck did you do to my X-play? It is all weird looking now and my favorite opening is gone! Fuck you all, change it back! Okay well I like that they have more people on talking but otherwise it just annoys me. But what ever. I was watching it today and they were talking about the PS3. Now I agree with much of what the people on there were saying. The PS3 has been out for a LONG time in tech time. It is still not doing well and to be honest I think I know only one person who owns one. Compared to the Wii and the Xbox360 the PS3 is dying a slow lingering death. This is damned annoying because I LOVE my PS2. There are so many good games on there I cannot count the number of hours I have lost to it. How do you fuck up so badly on the new system? Come on Sony did you learn nothing from Nintendo's fuck ups? Give us something good to play. Give us some of our old favorites. Give us some new favorites. Actually I don't care what you give us because the system has more issues then a first year med student. I feel they were trying to do something amazing but they dropped the bloody ball. The price is too high, the system eats the world's power supply, and none of the games are really up to snuff yet. Fix it damn you!

Anyhow I'm loving my new 360 though. It is like a little warm plastic white piece of heaven. LOL I was playing more Rock Band the other night with Reid, Dan and Wyatt. I cannot believe how much fun that game is and let us not forget my Lego Star Wars addiction. I've actually been avoiding some of the reviews of new things coming out so I don't stay locked in my room all day with my new toys. I'm sure my Wii is beginning to feel jealous though. Not to mention the other systems. *pets them* I love you all in different ways. I will come back to you my sweets. As soon as I finish pwning Darth Vader...

On the RPG front, I can't wait for classes to start and with it Exalted and Vampire. I'm not sure if we are switching over to 2nd Edition Exalted or not. I so want to make a Lunar. It is all Wyatt's fault and Kibble's too. Them and their damned books. Mmmmm RPG.

I've been staying off MMO's for a while. Seriously don't have the time with everything else. I'm sure I devote too much time to the playing, talking, and enjoyment of modern gaming. I addicted Shanti to Sims2 recently. The newest expansion pack is out like next month. Oh no they have another game of the wonderful Sims coming out *whimpers*. Oh no there is a free download preview...

As for why I'm awake at four in the morning... yeah about that sleeping a normal cycle thing. I can't seem to stay awake during the day anymore. I keep falling asleep in weird places and at weird times. I managed to get some of what I was supposed to do done today but not all and that just isn't acceptable. Mika went to the vet. She is locked up right now so she will pee into a pan and I can collect it. Ahh the wonders of cat mommydom.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I need to clean the house today and get the cake done/mostly done. I also need to figure out times of people coming and finish picking the menu. I think I know what want. Anyhow I'm looking forward to it all.

LOL Today rocked hardcore. I spent the day running down and picking up Wyatt off of LI and then we hung out all day. Reid and Dan joined us later for dinner and rock band. ROCK BAND!!!!!

Now I am in full hyper birthday party weekend gear! SQUEEE birthday! Unfortunately alot of people called out or couldn't make it. Mostly it was the Albany crew. Very odd. Though they all have very good reasons and I'm not mad at any of them. Scott is coming by on Sunday I think which will be nice. I haven't seen him since he came home 0_o BUUUUUUUUUT we are getting a lot of surprise yeses. I'm getting a bunch of my crew from school. A few surprise yeses from upstate and downstate. So it looks like things will go well. Still a small party which is what I wanted and planned for but that is perfect. I'm getting to like smaller b-day parties as mid-December thru mid-February are so damn jammed with events, birthdays, and parties. Keeping mine quiet yet fun is very nice.

My plan is people arriving between 3-4. Rockband until we puke. Yummy dinner, cake and present opening. Then CLOVERFIELD!!!!!!!! Afterwards either some DnD shots or movies depending on energy levels. That seems like a really nice low key yet fun party to me. We are getting a Shanti though!!!! She is a last minute yes because she is flying in a day early. Yay!!!! You know I really want to tempt fate by saying that this year has rocked so hardcore so far but I won't and I certainly won't remark on how wonderful things are going because I don't want to fuck things up.

This year I think I want to go with a snake theme for my birthday. I know surprise surprise Seo is going with a serpent theme. I believe I'm making the cake this year so it should be covered with all sorts of the beauties. Hmmm maybe I'll make a snake woman/man to adorn part of it. Yes that's it, this year's theme is the naga and any other snake things. Hmm I just thought of great little doorprizes/party tokens. What the hell are those things called.

*hums* Yay happy.
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( Dec. 13th, 2007 07:02 pm)
Well it has come to this again.

Yes you all know what I'm talking about, the damned Kheperian I live with has lived another year in spite of my continued attempts at poisoning. So from me to that damned Kheperian:


Here's to blaming more things on the Kheprians a good year. *SNUGS* You make this family even more complete and as you often say to me, I couldn't imagine this place without you.

Love you,
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( Dec. 12th, 2007 11:42 pm)
I have the best mommy evar! She is getting me a new x-box 360 and the new game Rock Band for my Christmas/Birthday gift. So for the win! I can't wait.

I played the game on Tuesday and I was in love. Yay I can't wait to get it. Plus there are a bunch of x-box game I have been drooling over for ages. LOL Now I have to just get more money to pay for them. hehe. Yay x-box!!!!! Yay mom gifts!

What does Christmas mean to me? CARNAGE AND BLOOD MOTHERFUCKER! LOL Alien Vs Predator Requiem comes out Christmas day. I am so there, anyone wanna come with!?! Come on, you know you want to!


There are three kickass movies coming out over the next three months I MUST see. Second is I Am Legend

And last but not least, the day before my birthday gives us Cloverfield

Seo is requesting a big movie trip for her birthday. Maybe not on the 18th but the 19th which is my actual birthday *pout* Lurve me with movies! Hmmm that reminds me I must plan my b-day party! Bwhahaha!
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( Nov. 17th, 2007 12:37 am)
Weird title I know.

My mother has been asking me what I want for my main Christmas/Birthday present and I can't quite decide.

I really want a new bed. My present one isn't bad but it is about time to get a new one.

I also really want a digital camera. I don't own one at present, hell I've never owned one and I love taking pictures. Film is so stupidly expensive. She mentioned something about giving me my stepfather's old one but I think she forgot.

So mi madre will supply me with a brand new king size bed or a new camera (I haven't asked for both as as that would be greedy and she'd probably say no).

What ever I don't get now I can always get next year I'm sure. Hmm and while I'm thinking about it I haven't got a clue what I'm getting my parents this year. Oh bugger.

Hmm I really want to get a nice framed picture of the family to give to them. Or some separate ones of the kids and the like. I think they'll really like that. I mean the sprong aren't born to me but they are kinda mine and as close as my mother is getting to grandkids for a while. George already has grandkids. I always feel rather like a fuck up compared to is kids. I mean is daughter is about my age and soon to be a surgeon. What am I? A retard who is still kicking around college like a complete idiot? But then again I often feel like I've let my mother down. Funny thing is she doesn't think so and somehow that makes it all worse.

Oh well I refuse to let my head go there. That is a dark place where angels fear to tread.


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