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( Oct. 9th, 2008 01:11 pm)
Worst morning of sleep I've ever had ugh! I think I woke up every twenty minutes or so after a point. I even checked the clock to make sure. Oddly I feel fairly rested but WTF mate? Ugh and the dreams were all sorts of horrible. Thank you psyche I didn't need that "pep talk". Bugger.

Anyhow looks like I'm the only one home until Jeff gets home at 5-6. Kae, Kt, and the kids are off doing religiously things. I didn't know Kt and the Boy were going but no big. I kinda thought for a second "Huh that sounds like something interesting to do" and than I came to my senses. 'Sides I think I went last year and wanted to tear my hair out. Actually it was kind of fun but the kids melted down really bad through almost no fault of their own. So I'm gonna toddle off and do chores and errands. Lots of mouths to feed in The Horde. ^_^
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( Jul. 28th, 2008 01:25 pm)
I had a really weird dream today. Paulina was in it which is probably the strangest part. I met up with her after work so she could get to the house. We took a weird route back so that she could remember how to get there. Unfortunately, this was the wrong route because I had forgotten we had moved and this was the old way home. We took it anyway and then wound up at a college (the wrong one) and kept making our way towards my home. At the college we ran across Roger and he and Pauline said hi while I waited to keep going. Then we kept going and eventually I woke up without getting us all the way home 'cause I need to be awake so Kae can go to the gym. So in the dream i woke up and Kae, Gryph (with teal hair go fig), and Cliffy were there. I was telling them about the dream I just had and we were talking about it. Gryph said something about how "Well Paulina is a Kheprian." and then something like "Also, she does most of her psychic work while she sleeps in dreams". As if me dreaming about her made perfect sense. I was explaining to them the weirdest thing about the dream was that it was Paulina and that we were having a great time. I mean it isn't that we hate each other or fight but it is Paulina. She is a major ball buster and we aren't like super friends or anything. But in the dream we had a really good time trying to find our way home. I remember she was making some joke about her time in the military. She said something like don't do it because it hurt. OKay I'm botching it but it was really funny. Of course the second weirdest part was waking up from the dream into another dream and discussing the previous dream exactly as I would had I been awake.

Anyhow wtf mate.
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( Jun. 18th, 2008 12:09 pm)
Hello weird ass dreams how are you? Today's double feature will include ideas on how to incarnate dead folk and of course the dead folk talking to you in your dreams.

Remind me never to volunteer to help with things again.

And as always Damned Kheprians!

Ugh headache.

(I don't mind I'm just whingy)
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( Jun. 10th, 2008 04:41 am)
I keep dreaming about babies. Sometimes I'm pregnant, sometimes I'm helping someone else become pregnant. Every time I've slept since Saturday it has been the same thing. I'm so not knocked up or planning to be any time to soon so no worry there. Mostly it is just rather weird.
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( Apr. 25th, 2008 02:45 am)
So I just woke up after having dreams about dinosaurs, hateful people, superpowers, oh yes and what was the last thing... hmm oh yeah amazing sex. *face palms* Okay libido you and I need to have a serious talk. I realize it is summer and you are bored but um seriously could you cool down a bit.

On a more serious note I went to the doctor's office today. I highly recommend the entire hospital up in Rock Hill. I had to go to a couple different floors for things and everyone was super nice and helpful. I saw my endocrinologist (thanks Nello he rocked!), got an ultrasound of my throat (so cool!), and then spoke with a sleep specialist because they have a sleep lab in the building as well! It was like one stop shopping. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow to visit the pulmonary guy and sleep specialist but i think I need to reschedule. They took six vials of blood to test me for everything under the sun. I also have a 24 hour urine test i have to take. (can we say yum!) Then I go back next week to see the doctor about my test results. Hopefully this will rule out a half a dozen things and we can see how screwy my thyroid really is. After all that i came home and crashed. Didn't get more then an hours sleep yesterday so i was tired. I only just woke up and I'll probably try and head back to sleep again here shortly.

Oh yeah and my sourdough cultures arrived. *evil grin* I have a surprise for the Kheprians bwhahaha!

Oh and I might be getting a ferret and some free birds squee!

Hope you your world is going well LJ. ^_^

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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 05:55 pm)
So I keep dreaming about lions. This is abnormal for me beyond all reason. Today's dream featured a lion chasing me around because it thought that I would protect it but I was scared because Hello big fucking lion. So I got cut the fuck up and bruised a lot. Funny thing when i woke up i felt like someone had beaten me with a hose. At one point my dog and another dog came to my defense and chase off the lion which just made it antsier and tried to get to me more. It was a giant cluster fuck. Mix in a party for someone and lots of trying to climb up on high things and it was horrible. Not really a nightmare in the strictest sense but freaky nonetheless. It did get taken away at the end which was sad. I kept looking around for it expecting it to come back but it never did.

Seriously, who ever has a connection to lions what do you want? I read all the stupid dream interpretation things but those are generally too damned broad to be of any real use. My only connections with lions are slim at best. Hell all i can think of as a recent connection is the frigging Prince Caspian movie. If God is trying to talk to me in my dreams I would really like for hir to be a little clearer. Besides that why would God be chasing me around in my dreams? Little weird that. Then again there is the Gryffindor reference but most of my Gryffs are speaking to me and doing okay. The one or two that aren't I have no control over. *shrugs*

So anyhow yeah enough with the lion dreams.
So I got about an hour's sleep once I finally crashed. Then I woke up and went to school like a good Seo. I decided to sleep through lunch in my car, a common occurrence for me. The really funny part was dreaming about being incredibly tired and sleepy while I was asleep. I swear I'm really beginning to think about just removing my brain and kicking it a few times. These dreams are just getting ridiculous. The past few days have been so fucked. I have one more class at 5 and then I can go home. Ugh I so would rather go back to sleep in my car.
I just had a dream that I was up late at night and went out to find Wyatt to see if he wanted to hangout and if he was doing okay cause he had been hurt (previous part of the dream where he took some damage to the chest. The stitches were stupid realist and fairly disturbing). It took me a while because I was sick and having issues driving the car and could barely stay awake. I had forgotten to text him on AIM before leaving. Then I finally found his house saw a light on inside and was going to text message him to come out "You awake? How are you feeling?" when I suddenly remembered we weren't talking. I had the phone in my hand and it was just like... well anyhow nuff said. Then I drove off to find something to drink like orange juice cause I was thirsty, sick, emotionally fucked, and tired. While at the late night shopping area some strange man comes up to me to shop and starts talking to me about his theories on life (this happens to me in RL and now I guess in my dreams as well). It was almost like being hit on. The strange dance you do when you are being polite but you don't want them to ask you out because then you must say no. He was older. White with an odd whitish blue streak in his light brown hair on the right side. His name began with an A or something, like Andrew or Andy. He looked kinda like someone I know but don't know well. He was telling me about how he didn't respect a girl who said no when a guy asked her out. He had some sort of reason, something like if you didn't find the person repulsive you should say yes just to test the waters out or something. It was all strange. I kept backing away while trying to be polite and get my damned OJ and chocolate ice cream cookie. Then a dude who worked at the store came to restock the food and I realized I was dreaming and was really tired/upset. Then I woke up because I was sick of my dream. Thank you psyche for being so fucking subtle. Fuck off and die.

Oh and no more surgery shows for me for a while. Seeing realistic stitches in a friends chest and knowing why they were there was a bit much for me. Funny thing is I didn't watch any tonight. That was last night.

Alright no more sleep for a while. I'm going to go find something to drink and watch some crappy TV.
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( Jan. 29th, 2007 11:22 am)
I dreamt of spiders last night. Spiders on everything, all over everywhere, crawling, climbing, covering me. It was oddly comforting. I had missed my spiders. I also dreamt of Kheprians. Bad vampires, no biscuit. It was an odd dream about the Kheprians; full of people missing and places we were supposed to go to meet up after things went to shit. And people being morons and not going were they are supposed to so you have to track them down. LOL kind of aggravating and amusing at the same time.

This was actually my second stage dreaming. I woke up in the middle of the night and was thirsty. So thirsty I was dreaming about needing a drink. Then I went back to bed to have spider and vampire filled dreams.
Well I'm sick. My New Years was both good and bad. I had the death cold but wanted to drag myself upstate to see friends as promised and rock in the New Year. Almost paid for it with my life when the coughing jags on the way home gave me some really severe vertigo. Always nice to be driving highway speeds and have your ability to see and react go. I've gotten almost none of the stuff done over my vacation that I wanted to. This cold has been hitting me hard.

I think I'm just kind of tired and I don't really want to deal with some of the shit I know I need to get around to dealing with. I want people to be grownups. I don't want to have to talk with people. I don't want to let other things go. I just want to sit here on LJ and whine and bitch and moan and have it all better. But it doesn't work like that. You deal with shit because you have to, because that is how life works. I have been especially lazy the past few days. Hopefully my ability to draw in a full breath will be back by tomorrow and I can stop laying around concentrating on the ol' "in, out, in, out" of breathing.

It is just all so aggravating. I am aggravated. And I want to curse and scream and cry and hit things. But none of that fixes things. None of that ever works. So you eventually give up and let it go. You wave goodbye to one dream and turn towards another, even if the old one was so sweet it burned. And that is what I do, and this is my fucking life and sometimes, very rarely now, I wonder what the hell is the fucking point. But whatever, I'm not the bad off. I'm just tired and sick and it is always better tomorrow. Or that's what I'm going to tell myself. And that's what I'm going to tell you. Because you don't know what I'm talking about, and I'm not going to tell you, because I'm a bitch. And I don't want to talk about it. Don't listen when the nebulous "they" tell you that talking always helps. They are wrong and they lie.

So for now I'm gonna go take some meds and some booze. For in the words of a Mr. Robert Frost:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
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( Aug. 25th, 2006 01:53 pm)
So yesterday was okay. I spent far too much time in bed being unable to breathe from what is either a cold or allergies. I'm only half sure one way or the other. Then did some packing, cleaned the tub and toilet and got ready to head out. Nix after learning of my sad lack of Kevin Smith films decided we must all get together and watch Chasing Amy and An Evening with Kevin Smith. Didn't honestly like Chasing Amy. Too many annoying and painful emotional moments and we all know Seo has the emotional expressive ability of a teaspoon. EWKS wasn't bad. Long but fairly amusing and we all talked and joked through it. We being Nix, Will, Zack H., Me, and Joyce and Jen for parts of the early evening. Then I went shopping bought some school supplies and other odds and ends (like food since once in a while I actually get the urge to eat). My new backpack while expensive also is really cool and seems pretty heavy duty, which is good. My old leather one is just not up to college life and I rather like it and don't feel like wearing it to hell and back. So got home jus before dawn and crashed.

So during sleep I have begun to believe that your mind finds the most painful thing it can and then it flaunts it before you repeatidly. Personally I think I'm in the mood that if they had a drug that let you not dream for a while I'd take it. Healthy sleep be damned. Anyhow I need to go pack more and get my letter of res. School starts in 3 days. Still nothing really on the apartment market worth while. Well okay there is this little all util 3 bedroom place I'm really interested in but 875 is just a bit out of my budget. It has a fireplac though. FIREPLACE!
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( Aug. 12th, 2006 11:03 am)
Yeah happened again, I woke up screaming. Two times in like a week and a half. Yeah I'm begining to get a little worried about it. *sighs* Jen was like "what the fuck was that?" "Nothing just woke up funny".

Cripes this week has been unfun.

Oh yeah forgot to mention a few days ago I got the dept heads approval to take the A&P class without the bio credit. What can I say other then I'm damned impresssive when I try. *smirks*
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( Jun. 4th, 2006 02:59 am)
I haven't gone to sleep yet tonight. Most of what I dreamed last night was emotional kinda disturbing. One line stuck with me as sometimes lines from dreams do. In the dream a close friend of mine (a RL friend) was talking to two other friends (who didn't have RL counterparts) of ours about me. We were driving in a car for reasons not really important and he said the following:

"When she decides to cut you from her life she doesn't just leave you, she deletes you from her world."

It burned and made my breath stutter even in the dream. I woke up later with that line caught in my head and unfortunately went back to sleep. That didn't go well. So I guess I'm hiding out from my own psyche right now. Honestly though I'm just not sleepy yet. I can admire the line construction though. It is haunting if nothing else. Mika is laying on my feet again. I guess it is time I go sleep.
So last night I had a strange half dream. There was a silver fox in it. I know I was supposed to tell Duo about running across a silver kitsune. So Duo this is a heads up there's a silver kitsune looking for you. Funny thing is the damned thing was female or atleast in the dream they were. What that means elsewhere I'm uncertain. It was an odd partial dream. This is the second night in a row I've had odd sorts of vistor dreams. Night before last it was a strange older man with a british bent/accent. He felt like I should know him but I couldn't quite place him. *sighs* atleast I got back to sleep this time.


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