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( Jun. 17th, 2008 04:32 am)
I'm p late as usual tonight. Last night while I was trying to fall asleep I came up with this great dish I had to make the next day. I'm sure it has been done before but I had to try it and I didn't want to eat right before bed. So tonight I made Curried Lamb Udon. Sooooo yummy. Really simple too. It took me about hmm 20 mins total to prep and cool. Basically you dice some onion and lamb then toss the onion in a wok on med-high heat with toasted sesame seed oil. Then after then has got nice and caramelized you toss in some curry paste and toast that for a while. next comes to lamb which gets the same treatment. Then the udon noodles and a splash of cream. Magic. It makes this nice udon that is rich and creamy with a hint of sweetness and a gentle burn. Very nice.

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( Feb. 21st, 2008 01:32 am)
I am amazingly tired. But there shall be no rest for the wicked. Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival (okay a day or two early but the weekend is a no go). So tonight I have been cooking up a storm and today I went shopping at the local Asianish market. Tomorrow's menu is something like this:

Steamed pork buns
Turnip cake
Mochi and Green Tea ice cream
fried dumplings
And some random candy and snacks
Bubble Tea

Part of that I made from scratch. I meant to make up more lanterns but ran out of time. Bugger LOL. Maybe I'll make some with the kids when I get home tomorrow or maybe I can convince Kt to help me out by projecting the kids. Either way it should be fun. I have a few friends dropping by though there are almost no definite times for anyone *chuckles*.

I have two tests tomorrow. One first thing in the morning and one at like 2 pm. Ugh I still need to study. Juggling cooking, hair care, and studying today has not been fun. I'll be happy when the weekend comes and I can crash. I'm still a bit jet lagged.

K 'nough out of me. I've got some buns to finish and some accounting to review.
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( Jan. 30th, 2008 03:13 pm)
It is really sad how proud I am of my ability to recognize how done a cake is by scent and sight alone. Today I'm doing a cake for Jeff. It is based of a Charm City cake though I'm modding it slightly. He requested a frosting instead of fondant so it will be chocolate with mint frosting.

The house smells really good right now. I'm waiting for the cake and rice crispys to cool so I can move onto the next stage of baking. The butter also needs to be a little softer before I can make up a frosting. More airbrushing yay! I'm getting to airbrush things about once or twice a month now. God how I love that thing! Thanks again Kae!!!

I'm also going to be making some chicken soup for Poppet and Wyatt soon. They are the very sick and I'm feeling particularly inclined to dote upon them. Besides which I almost never cook anymore and it will be nice to do some cooking. Hmm there's any interesting idea for gaming nights. *ponders*

I'm still exceedingly tired. Like more then is normal.

For TMI girl stuff )

But what ever I don't care. I have baking to do and some soup to make. I just wish I wasn't so tired. I slept tons but I'm still tired. I'd happily go back to sleep if I could. Oh well enough whinging out of me.

Edit: Cake Henge is complete bwhahaha!
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( Nov. 22nd, 2007 02:31 am)
So I switched LJ formats in honor of ye olde Thanksgiving. It was not easy either. Or I should say not as easy as I would have thought. LJ doesn't have any thanksgiving layouts really. I found this one in the food and drink section. It is about as close as they have. Odd ne?

I thought I was goin' to be able to sleep the sleep of the wicked tonight. Unfortunately I forgot I was cooking the ham which means I have to be up at a reasonable hour. Actually I just checked cooking times and I don't! Bwhahaha I am free to be a sleep glutton FREEEEEEE! *coughs* Right then maybe I should get to my gluttony of sleep then.

Or not. I wonder when people are getting here tomorrow. Looks like in addition to our standard number of 11 (Yes I live with ten other people for those few new readers) we are having hmmm I want to say only 9 extra people but I feel like that number is a little small. Let's just say there will be between 20-25 people here. We're only keeping 3 or 4 for the night but then we have others coming over throughout the weekend. Good gods this is a busy household during holidays. **Groan- I just realized I have 2-3 more people to add to the list. I don't even want to think about the money right now**

Speaking of holidays, I'm so proud of myself. I went out today and got almost all of my holiday shopping done. I believe I have maybe hmm 3 more people to buy for then I want to make up some small gifts for school friends. Kinda like Kt's Martha Baskets but nothing so expansive. Most likely edible in nature. Hmm gotta design those at some point. I also ordered checks for the household accounts. Hehehe checks with My Little Ponies on them. Bwhahaha! MLP is lurve!

Alright time to attempt sleep.

Night all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Here is our Thanksgiving Day menu bwhahaha. Still need to plan the rest of the weekend. ^_^ I know Jeff wants to grill the other turkey on Friday or Saturday and I want to do cinnamon buns at some point on one of those days as well. Plus there is the birthday cake I need to design and start. Busy food laden weekend ^_^

Thanksgiving Dinner
The menu as planned:
Appetizer Course
Serving Time: 12:00pm

Shrimp Cocktail
Selection of Cheeses
Pickles and Olives
Swedish Meatballs
garlic butter
liver pate

Supper Course
Serving Time: 4:00

Turkey - baked
Cranberry Sauce
Pecan Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Brussels sprouts

Dessert Course
Serving Time: 6:00

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Fruit Pie
Mince meat pie
Hard Sauce
Whipped Cream
(No not like that you perve!)

I would just like to say that roast chicken is in fact a wonderful thing. Fairly healthy (with greens and some rice) and utterly easy to make. Wash, pat dry, dump on some garlic, salt, pepper, and roast. Wham bam-thank-you-maam, an hour and half later and you have a meal. All the prep time (sides in cluded) being like maybe 10 mins. I would just like to say. Oh yeah and Yum!

Now you can do lots of more interesting things with chicken. This was a pretty boring meal (but tasty). But honestly if I'm sick, and tired from working a full shift, I don't really care too much and barely feel like moving, let alone cooking. Other then cooking is a great stress reliever and I love it for that fact alone.

Anyhow I think I shall go eat now ^_^
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( Feb. 14th, 2006 12:07 am)
Nevermind Katie I did it tonight anyway lol!

AB's Biggest Fan
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I'm at least sure that you've seen Ill Gotten Grains. Not to be harsh,
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You're in it for the host 100% of the way. Sure, what he's cooking may be nice, but come on. It's Alton Brown you want.

tend to rewind and rewatch scenes, (remember the sauna?) squee
constantly, and say "Alton Brown is Good Eats" far more often than any
person ever should.

You're also probably pretty far into
denial about the whole "married with kids" thing, and may even ignore
your own significant other when Sexypants Good Eats is on.

My suggestion: Let poor AB out of the closet and go tell your husband how much you love him.

Wait--no, I meant your real husband!-- Huh? What are you going to do with-- Hey don't-- No! He said he WASN'T into vegetable bondage!--

Oh, bother.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 25% on knowledge
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Link: The Good Eats Watcher Personality Test written by Um_Ami on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
It is about 10:20 and I have finished all my work lol!

Having a good time here. I really did miss the people. The job is easy. So I'm going to probably try and finish my math homework today and now I'm kicking myself cause I just realized I forgot to do last weeks med term test. Fuck I’m a dumbass.

Scott and I grabbed burgers at Red Robin last night then went back to my place and we watched Naked Lunch. OMG what a fucked up movie. It was cool and interesting and sparked a strange psycho-babbly conversation afterwards but whoa. LOL yeah I remember Mr. Cardillo talking about Burroughs in eng lit class but I didn't quite remember what he said before hand. Yeah but I loved the outfits. What can I say I have a fixation on nice suits and men's clothing. Yummy! LOL Even on girls it just looks tasty. Which is odd since unless you are really effeminate I don't like girls clothing on boys mostly. Or shall I say I don't find it attractive just funny.

Jen has to go and have her car looked at. Scott took a look at it yesterday but fuck if I can remember what he said. I think he pinned it down somewhat though. Tonight we are going to see the new Harry Potter movie after I get out of work. That should be fun as all hell. I also have to take and exchange the mixer my mom got me. BTW I have one of the bestest moms in the world. She got me the super nice mixer of DOOM! She did get a crappy color but that’s okay since there is a Kohls right across from me and I’m going to go and exchange the colors. The lady on the phone said they had a purple but looking online I don’t see that it comes in purple. Anyhow if not I’ll get black, here’s the mixer: Oh yeah I love my mommy. Such a nice mixer!! I of course want to customize it and stuff but I can settle for one without cool flames like Alton brown. Ah I checked the website and I think she thought I was after a different mixer. Oh well I’ll get this one in black and still be super super happy. *squeaks*

Anyhow homework time I guess.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2005 01:06 pm)
I'm at work as you could have guessed by the fact I'm posting. I made yummy yummy PB Chicken last night. It turned out spectacular. I'm thinking I might poached some fish tonight in a sweetened cream sauce. I've got to snag the fish on my way home but I have everything else I need. Yum. Still have spagetti sauce I made a day or two ago that I'm going to end up freezing I think. Oh shoot I forgot tonight is Denny's night. Maybe I won't bother cooking afterall.

Scott cam by last night. Him, Jen and I all hung out and chatted while I finished cooking. Then we went outside and chilled out then went and got dessert. Hmmm I need to get some baking done. My house may never be unpacked because i keep cooking or reading a book. LOL I missed having my stuff unpacked and accessible. Christ I really should go do some work. ^_^
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( Sep. 10th, 2005 10:24 pm)
I've spent the day in bed. Not in that good happy fun way either. This is really becoming annoying as my weekends are basically the only time I wander anymore. I'm not all the way up to driving and walking to the front room requires more effort then I ever thought it would so taking a walk is out. I'm also fairly certain I'd get lost if I left the house. I think I got lost earlier trying to wander around the house. Okay I'm lying but it was a funny thought. I'm whinging I know. Not normal for me but amusing to me none the less. Maybe that's why little gothy babies do it so often it is kind of almost fun to whine in a truly disturbing sort of way.

Anyhow enough of that. I've spent the past several hours watching Good Eats episodes on my computer. I want to cook. I crave the action of cooking. I can't cook. Somehow I've become a masochist without realizing it. Oh bother.

I got my paycheck today and discovered something a little disturbing. They've been under paying me by 50 cents for I'm not sure quite how long. Since I've been working there for about 2 and a half months and only just realized I'm rather embarrassed by it. I've been thinking I should call ablest and have a talk with them but then they would go and charge the place I'm working for more money wouldn't they? And I want a more solid job at this place and that means I should avoid rocking the boat. So now I'm confused as to whether or not I should bring it up at all. I mean they should have warned me if my pay went down and I remember checking the first few checks and it was the proper amount so now I'm like what the fuck when did the pay rate change. Plus there is the embarrassment factor of not noticing it for like months. Anyhow I think the rest of the eps are uncompressed and I have more GE to watch. Yay masochistic tendencies. Oh and I think my new favorite is with him and his nephew! So cute!
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( Aug. 10th, 2005 10:08 pm)
Soup. Seo is making soup because she wanted to and was in a spectacularly good mood when she got home.. Well actually it is turning into more of a stew but still it is rather nice. It has ox tail in it. Don't ask me why other then I saw it on the shelves and I've always wanted to cook with it. It is a very basic soup (as I believe they all generally should be) and smells really damned good. I'm going to take some with me for work food tomorrow. It should be done after simmering for another hour/half.

I wish I had the for thought to make fresh bread but I didn't think of it until just now. Oh well maybe I shall make some tomorrow. It is a touch to late tonight as I have work in the morning.

Oh yes before i forget they are keeping me for almost definite. I talked with Ariel today and he is leaving his post in Customer service to go be a TM (think sales man) and they are promoting someone to take his place and he is trying to get me their place. So HAPPPPPPYY! LOL Evidently Diane was supposed to mention this to me before and while we did talk of going into customer service she didn't say it was so close. Hahaha I really like Diane but she can be a bit hard to follow at times. We are going to take belly dancing lessons next month. Carla may join us and I invited Johanna as well. Hmm must remember to actually signed up for the classes now. Hehe I'm a dork. Anyhow soup needs tending.

Oh can't wear capri's to work anymore. *sigh* Very annoying. Anyhow that's fine I just need to go buy a few more pairs of pants. They had a really cute pair of slacks at lane Bryant I saw the other day. I think I shall get them this weekend. They were purple ^_~ Hehehehe

Update: Soups done!!! Ow ow ow burned my tongue. Fuck its good! LOL Can't wait til it chills up. The ox tails were wicked fatty and I need to pull all that gunk off pretty badly. Yummyyyyyy!!!


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