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( Feb. 27th, 2009 01:13 pm)
So the car saga continues. My car is toast. Evidently the front frame is bent and the side wheel frame is bent. Not sure how the back wheel got bent but there you go. So I'm carless for the foreseeable future. Not sure how this effects things but I'm sure it does. Yay. I'm off to pick her up from the dealer. *sigh* They said they could fix the back wheel thing for 250 and then I could limp around on it for a while. Probably what I'm gonna end up doing. I just don't have the free cash to buy a new car.
So today is known as fail.

Actually the beginning part was really cool. The con ended on a good note and I got to see people I adore. I unfortunately had to say bye to them but that's how cons work.

Then it went downhill. Ben, Justin's friend, was supposed to drive him and his kitty up to Cleveland to meet me but he decided last minute he didn't want to. So I agreed to come to Columbus and meet Justin and his mom and step-father and pick up him and the kitty. Okay so bang several extra hours driving. I'm already tired but I'm a sucker and what can I say I love cats and Justin so there's an easy choice. OKay so finding him and picking him up went just fine.

So on the way home I realized that I am wiped. I'm not going to be making it home today so I should stop and get a hotel room. I'm good for a few more hours so I figured I'd stop in Pennsylvania. But as I'm driving I realize that I am right next to where the main Khep house is and so I was thinking of maybe crashing at there place. I text Michelle and get no answer and I didn't have the Khep house number so I thought Fuck it I'll just keep going. I shit you not within two minutes of me thinking that thought I get into a car accident and BAM there goes my front bumper. LOL So evidently I REALLY need to visit Khep house tonight.

So many calls later and a bit of driving I have arrived at Khep house safe and sound sans bumper with Justin and his kitten. *face palm* You know if you all wanted a visit that bad you could have just asked. LOL I can laugh because for an accident on a major highway, in the dark, on slush slick roads, we got off really easy. I mean amazing and thank the gods easy. The car is driveable and doesn't seem to have taken any damage except for the front bumper cover being torn off and the front passenger light being blown. In the morning we are going to be looking it over and making sure nothing is leaking and that nothing appears torn. It drove here and felt fine with no heater issues.

*sigh* So this is an interesting end to and interesting weekend of fail. I'm trying very hard not to think of how much this is going to cost me and how very much I don't have it right now. Seriously, I'm just happy to be here in a nice, safe, warm house with people I adore and a nice safe undamaged Justin with me cause seriously that was one of the scariest car accidents I've ever been in. I've not been in many and honestly never one this bad. Considering how light this was that says alot. It could have been worse, so fucking worse. I managed to get us away from the metal guard rail that was the first bit of target and the just bounce of a cement block which tore the bumper loose. Going back over the accident in my head there was literally nothing I could have done to make this come out better. We were headed off the highway so I wasn't going fast. I hit some nasty slush and bam there went the wheels. Luckily there were no cars near us.

Anyhow enough excitement for me tonight. I'm tired and crashing in a far more safe and sleepy sense. Night LJ.
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 03:30 pm)
Alright here is where things stand at present.

Car: Definitely fucked. I got a second opinion which was the same as the first but mostly I was shopping around for pricing. I'm looking at between 1500-2000 dollars of transmission work. The kicker here is that they just extended the warranty for my model car because of, you guessed it, transmission problems. I am literally 1000 miles over the new limit. I spoke to a very nice gentleman at the Honda dealership who said to bring the car on Monday and he what he could do after a call to Honda America. So that is waiting until Monday to be settled. I talk to my mother tonight about her giving me a possible loan of cash to fix my car.

Gathers: As of now I am going to the HK Gather for sure. I'll be driving down tomorrow as planned and driving back with Kae and Gryphon. WtT is up in the air still. If my car is covered under warranty still I will be going for sure because the rental will be included in the warranty. If it isn't I'm canceling out of WtT as I just don't have the extra cash to rent a car to get there. So that's a half yay and a half suck. I was so looking forward to seeing all my long-distance friends and now I won't see have of them so bollocks.

Timon: The doc said to go ahead and up his meds again. I'm starting that today.

So that is where things are at for me right now. I still need to pack and get ready for HK this weekend. I'm sorry Pink and Joe I probably won't be able to do a cake for you unless we find an oven I can use sometime this weekend. Sorry guys, next year for sure. I guess I should go pack. Today has been a day.
*sigh* And because this week just has to get worse here is todays news. My car is acting funny and needs to go into the shop asap. Jeff says I need a transmission fluid change and that may fix the issue. If not here's to more money gone.

The worst news is that little Timone the Ferret is sick. I think he has Insulinoma. He had an episode earlier today which fits all the aspects of a insulinomia attack including drooling, limpness, dazed expression and what I'm figuring out now where probably seizures. He is an older ferret and the disease is pretty common. i was not told about this when I picked him up though I really don't think is previous owner knew. I've got to find a ferret vet around here to take him to tomorrow. Evidently you can treat it in various ways but it is more work and money. I don't really care about the work and all I can do is pray the money isn't too much. I've already grown quite attached to the little guy. The episode was really rather scary. I'm glad I had him sitting on my lap though and was able to quickly look up both what was wrong with him and what to do about it. Amazing what a little honey can do. I may try switching him to an all meat diet as I've read that really helps ferrets not get sick.

Today sucked and I have a horrible headache. There is some other stuff happening but that is not my story to tell.

EDIT: But the day can in fact get worse. While being nice and fetching the Jones from the bus stop I got a ticket because I didn't stop well enough at the really annoying stop sign down the street. The cop was nice though. My head hurts I'm going to sleep before the urge to cry becomes actual crying.
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I got into a minor car accident last Thursday night. Basically it boiled down to Wire Support 1 - Oniko 0. Her front bumper was completely knocked off and I had to gig it up to get home. I had the boys look at it for me (I love my men folk) and basically I needed to replace the pins which held the bumper on. I had removed them ALL. 30 dollars and three stores later I have said pins; I had to get the car going this morning for school and pin finding which leads me to the duct tape. Yes I have duct taped my front bumper onto my car. It actually is holding really well. I checked it at the dealer after driving there and no problems. I have class soon which I would much rather sleep through but I won't. I probably won't put the pins in until tonight or tomorrow at home. I just don't feel safe sticking my head under my car here at school. I'm afraid some idiot college student is going to run over my legs. Paranoid I may be but stupid I am not.

I'm amazingly sleepy (another crap night for sleep, Hi insomnia how are you). I have class in 25 minutes. I will probably post again later. Couple of things have been percolating in my head lately and wow okay my brain just turned completely off and I can barely remember what I'm typing. *sighs* it is gonna be a long, long day.
Tonight ended on a fairly crap note. The day went okay. I ran errands and only got half done. Not because I didn't do them but because either the places were closed or they were out of what I needed or the wait was too long. I count that as a win on my part anyhow. I started my new meds (ugh I hate the taste but as my mom said do I hate the taste enough to stay sick?). Then Kibble and I went up at around 5:30 to go game with my New Paltz buds and we had a blast. It was the first game of this new campaign and it went really well. I'm happy with my character and I adore where this seems to be going. So we left at a reasonable time so Wyatt could crash cause he has class at 10 am.

This is when the trouble starts. We are driving down the road chatting when we hear a loud pop and I feel the car go funny. Yep the tire blew out again. I pulled over and basically lost it. Too much crap with being sick, emotionally a bit out there, not having eaten anything but two PB&J sandwiches all day and being really tired. I completely lost my shit and started crying and not dealing very well. Without Kibble being there I probably would have just curled up into a ball, cried for a while and gone to sleep right where I was. The cops would have been less then pleased I'm sure. But Kibble was there and helped me pull my shit together so we could deal with the tire. AAA was a no go because I don't have anymore call ins on it and I didn't have the cash on my to pay for a tow truck to change the tire. Nigel tried for a while and it seemed a bust. I must buy a better jack. Some cops came by and tried to help but couldn't. During this time I had been texting back and forth with Wyatt and Jesse about my car woes and they called. I talked to Wyatt then passed the phone to Kibble because I was just plain not feeling well enough to function. I was cold and I couldn't stop coughing. Nigel told them the situation and they volunteered to ride to the rescue with some extra cash. It turns out we didn't need it because for some reason Wyatt and Nigel have some kind of strange synergy and the damn tire decided it wanted to come off after all. So Nigel and Jesse handled the tire while I acted a fool damsel in distress and leaned on Wyatt's shoulder apologizing incessantly and trying not to cry and failing. We packed the car up hugged people goodbye and toddled home. Tomorrow I go back to Sears and go WTF Mate? I still don't know what is wrong with the tire.

But on a personal note I must say I am a truly blessed individual to have such wonderful friends. Jesse showed up and immediately tossed a blanket on me, gave me a big hug, and then proceeded to help change a tire in 27 degree weather. Nigel kept me sane and laughing while I kept losing my head not to mention basically taking over while I stood there sick and so very tired and cold. Wyatt got wept on yet again which is a bad habit I seemed to have developed which is just unacceptable. Not to mention blessing my heathen self and telling me it is okay to lose it when I needed to (which I still don't agree with because I am big and tough). It was strange and looking back on it kind of nice for once not having to be the one to take care of it all and just to fall apart and know there are people there to catch you. Not something I want a repeat of because I seriously value my ability to deal with bullshit a bit more then that. Not to mention do I seem the type to gladly play Damsel in Distress? I hope you said no, if you value your life you said no.

So the night ended rather eventfully. I wish the gremlins would get the hell out of my fucking car. I have a bit of a headache and I'm about to go crash. I have taken all my meds, the cough seems to have mostly stopped, and I am quite happily curled up in my warm, comfy bed. I can't say it was all bad. I didn't want the situation but .... I guess I just feel extra loved and special. I like having people I can count on at 1 in he morning to come help me out. I have a wonderful family and I know they would have come but I'm glad I didn't have to make anyone trip out to NP. I don't know now I'm getting paranoid my family is going to think I don't think they would or that I should have called them.

I believe that means I need to go get some sleep now. *sighs* Hopefully I can get my car fixed in the morning as I have an amazing amount of stuff I want to get done tomorrow.

Night LJ ^_^ And thank you once again to Nigel, Jesse, and Wyatt. *Snugs* You guys rock the socks ^_^
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( Nov. 27th, 2007 02:43 am)
So today sucked and sucked hard.

First off some time last week I lost the keys to my car which sounds like it should be an easy fix but isn't. After days of searching I decide it is time to break down and go get more keys cut. So I call the dealer and they tell me they need a photo ID and car identification. Okay well all of that is inside my locked car FUCK! So time to call AAA. They were nice and sent me a locksmith. while I'm waiting I call my mom for something and find out she has been in the emergency room this morning and is being driven home by my step-father. She is okay but fairly sick. Yay. So hang up with her after making sure she is okay and the locksmith arrives. He was pretty good and got into my car no problem. ID retrieved I borrow Matt's car and head to the dealer. Well actually not quite. First I slip on the deck and do a near split which has resulted in my gimping around all day with a bum knee and ankle. Yay pain is so much fun oh wait it is but not like this. Anyhow afterwards I go to get fresh keys cut. Then once I'm at the dealer they decided to tell me I need the car to be at the shop or to have a spare key they can clone. WTF?? You didn't tell me this before why? So back home I go. By this time I'm tire, in pain and sick of the idea of dealing with my car. So I email my teachers and pass the fuck out.

I wake up and can't find my glasses. At this point I'm pretty sure some god out there is mad at me or laughing or the planets are out of line or something. I have no fucking clue. Anyhow I get Kibble to find my glasses and cell phone (which he found before I realized it was lost) and go to have dinner with my family. Dinner was good and the rest of the day has been mostly uneventfully. I managed to not slip again while going with Gryph to buy comfort foods though I did manage to lose my credit card which Charlie promptly found for me.

I'm fairly certain the it was possible for me to lose something I have. I still don't know where my fucking keys have gone. I have five copies and I can only find the ones that open the car door but don't start the car (useful almost not at all). I'm sure I've lost them somewhere on the property but gah this is a big place. Tomorrow morning (five hours from now) I have to wake up double check that they realllllly realllllllly need my car at the dealers and get it towed in. Then the billion other things I do on Tuesdays.

Let's see two hours since i started trying to sleep. Hmm back to trying I guess.


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