Bumper stickers reveal link to road rage"

Hahahahaha If you've ever seen my car or driven with me you know how true this is *grinz*

Link thanks to Jeff.
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( Jun. 5th, 2008 03:30 pm)
Alright here is where things stand at present.

Car: Definitely fucked. I got a second opinion which was the same as the first but mostly I was shopping around for pricing. I'm looking at between 1500-2000 dollars of transmission work. The kicker here is that they just extended the warranty for my model car because of, you guessed it, transmission problems. I am literally 1000 miles over the new limit. I spoke to a very nice gentleman at the Honda dealership who said to bring the car on Monday and he what he could do after a call to Honda America. So that is waiting until Monday to be settled. I talk to my mother tonight about her giving me a possible loan of cash to fix my car.

Gathers: As of now I am going to the HK Gather for sure. I'll be driving down tomorrow as planned and driving back with Kae and Gryphon. WtT is up in the air still. If my car is covered under warranty still I will be going for sure because the rental will be included in the warranty. If it isn't I'm canceling out of WtT as I just don't have the extra cash to rent a car to get there. So that's a half yay and a half suck. I was so looking forward to seeing all my long-distance friends and now I won't see have of them so bollocks.

Timon: The doc said to go ahead and up his meds again. I'm starting that today.

So that is where things are at for me right now. I still need to pack and get ready for HK this weekend. I'm sorry Pink and Joe I probably won't be able to do a cake for you unless we find an oven I can use sometime this weekend. Sorry guys, next year for sure. I guess I should go pack. Today has been a day.
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( Dec. 7th, 2007 09:45 am)
You know that whole when it can get worse thing, yeah well it just got worse...again.

My car won't start. I just called AAA for a jump. God only knows what's wrong with my car. The battery is new and she has gas so WTF!

*sigh* I know what did it. God I'm dumb in the morning!
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( May. 27th, 2007 01:42 pm)
So to continue the random adventures of car annoyance, the van just died again. K, Gryph, the kids, and myself were headed to Gwennie's friends b-day party when whomp down she goes. Murph came and picked up the kids and myself. I'm now waiting to hear from K and Gryph as to whether I need to come pick them up or if the tow truck driver is going to.

*sighs* Son of a bitch.


Kae and Gryph are now home, safe and sound. The car is headed towards the fixing place.
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( Jul. 30th, 2005 12:04 pm)
So as I think I mentioned my car was making a really funny noise recently and I was going to try and get it fixed this weekend. Well Honda couldn't take me and I needed to know what it was so I went to PepBoys just to have it looked at. Yeah those stupid fuckers just tried to bilk me for several hundred dollars. Bastards. They decided to inform me that not only had the brake pads gone but the rotars needed to be replaced as well. The rotaters! Have you lost your damned mind. My car is very young and those shouldn't need to be replaced period. Fuckers. So I'm down 40 bucks from that.

Anyhow I'm taking it to honda on tuesday now that I have a better idea both what is wrong and what the noise is due to Raven's excellent phone advice. So tuesday the car goes in for the brakes and monday the car goes in so they can fix the bumper and passenger side blinker which they didn't due right from the accident. LOL So yeah i'm stuck at the house all weekend because of this which bites as I had quite a few things I wanted to do this weekend including apartment, school, and half a dozen doctors appointments I need to make. Nothing major I just need the standard checkups for eyes, teeth, and girl type stuff. Still i wanted to get it done like now. *sighs*

Right so I'm finally for breakfast and then cleaning the insides of my car out which at least I can do now.

And once again the Snape icon is very apropos
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( Jun. 24th, 2005 04:09 pm)
So I've been temping for US Foods for the past two days and it has been easy if vaguely frustrating work. I've basically just been scanning documents into the computers fors them which is achingly easy other then the damned thing gave me problem after problem after problem. This all culminated with the damned scanner breaking today and me getting out early. Which is fine it means I get to come back on monday and tuesday to get a little more time. I am very okay with this ^_^

On the car front I have to pay another 232 because there was previous damage to the bumper. Fucking goddamnit.
So talked to my mom. it went wellish. She started off by yelling but apoligised for raising her voice which was good because I hadn't said anything bad yet. Anyhow she's sending me the deductable money early via paypal and i'm hoping to head off the majority of the account bouncing. She has also never heard of needing a deposit on a rental car and was rather confused by it. Anyhow I still have to call them tomorrow as well as the insurance people. *sighs* I hope I don't lose the car i rather need it. She promised to raise holy hell with the insurance people if they give me shit about the deductable which is fine by me. I think she said soemthing like that about the others but is mostly leaving that for me to sort out also fine by me. *sighs* One step forward and two steps back, atleast she didn't think this was somehow magically my fault. I'm rather glad for such small favors. I'm a bit bored though with nothing much in the way to do. Oh well.
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( Jun. 18th, 2005 05:09 pm)
So I went and rented a car today. Now more the ever do I miss my baby. The new car is alright. It has a CD player which is nice but it isn't at all like my other car and I am very fond of how my other car is. The front part is HUGE and parking and driving is really annoying. The blind spots are also HUGE which is odd because it is a two door and for some reason that equals smaller blind spots in my mind.

Oh the headache side of the force I have to call and bitch out the renting place first thing monday. Neither the person I set the rental up with nor the person I actually rented it from bothered to mention the 250 deposit I would have to make. The only really problem with this is I don't have 250 dollars in my damned bank account. So yes that's gonna bounce as well as the two things I charged today. So I'm looking at 100 dollars in fees that they are damned well going to have to pay because I did NOT say they could do that. I know because there's not a chance I would agree to something I know isn't possible. I found out once I got out of work. They're already closed 'til monday. I called the national place and they sent a note to the auto place. *sighs* You know this up and down luck shit is driving me mad. Shite I have to call the actual insurance people as well about the bumper issue.

I have half a dozen resumes all printed and copied at Staples. I'm spending the rest of the week job hunting. My first stop is ADECCO (sp?) on monday. I tried todat but they're closed on weekends. I'll do some wandering aoubt tomorrow as well. I have the oddest urge just to go driving now that I can again. I'm not going to for three reasons; one: waste of gas, two: no where I really want to go, and three the new car isn't nearly as fun to drive as my own car.

Anyhow so today I'm going to pick apart the classifieds online and just chill at the house.

This new tags option on LJ is really cool.
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( Jun. 16th, 2005 04:19 pm)
So the guy finally went out and looked at my car today. About 4 grand worth of work needs to be done on it. They are keeping her for around another 3 weeks worth of time. The insurance adjuster is being a bit of a prat about the front bumper. Evidently because I dinged the stupid thing before they only want to pay for half of it which to me is rather asinine. I mean the damned thing would have to be replaced regardless. So anyhow that's another 200 I would have to pay though I think my mom might be able to talk them out of that. Seriously it doesn't make any sense to me. It wouldn't change the price or the cars effect if I had that there or not so blegh.

*sighs* But I'm still out a car for the next three weeks. Which is 250 if I rent a car. Hmmm I wonder if it accumulates. I know it doesn't but that would be nice cause then I could get a car for just part of the time and not have to pay much at all. Don't know if i'm going to or not yet. I think I can find 250 to scrap together but jesus I really shouldn't. What ever I'll figure it out.

I got into another fight with my mother last night about school. She keeps running hot and cold and it is slowly driving me to drink I swear.
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( Jun. 15th, 2005 03:17 pm)
So fuck yeah I repeat FUCK!

Anyhow the insurance guy hasn't even been out to look at my car yet. Once he is out there it'll take a good two days before they can even tell them to start work. Once they start they have to order the parts and then they expect it to take a few WEEKS before it will be done. *sighs* I'm looking at a month or so without a car and that is as close to out of the question as inhumanly possible. I'm going to talk to my mother today about making some kind of deal with her to let me get a car rented. I called and the rates are better then I thought. I'm looking at 11.62 a day to rent a car (with the insurance rebate) which just isn't that bad. *groans* Not that I have even a dollar of extra cash but I NEED to get a second job and I'm hopeless without the damned car. Fuck. Unless I can find a job around here somewhere but I just don't know. Plus Jen and I are supposed to be driving to Philly on the 29th-30th to look over apartments. And there's the damned wedding down in whereever that I have to drive us down to Kae's for. I think Carla said she could get us down to Kae and Matt's which is the only break so far in this epic of annoyingness. *sighs* I feel like banging my head against a wall. And here comes another tention headache. I hate my life sometimes.

Oh and I forgot to mention the cops lost the damn accident report. it took them a couple days or what ever to even locate the damned thing so they could fax it to my carrier out in Omaha.


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