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( Dec. 17th, 2008 04:28 am)
I believe I'm only going to make three varieties of cookies. It is getting a little late and I'm kinda tired. I think I have one more batch of the Caramel Hazelnut left in the oven than I'm done. I made the Breakfast Bacon Cookies, Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cookies, and Caramel Hazelnut Cookies. That should be enough. Some of the Bacon got a little dark so I'm going to keep them as dog treats. Kumori seems rather happy about such.
Ugh tired. I dragged myself out of bed at 1 am or something after crashing at 6:30pm because i only snagged two hours of sleep the night before. I woke up like five billion times between those hours anyhow. I started baking once I got up and I just finished. The cake is crumb-coated and chilling in the frig now. I still have a French buttercream to make when I wake up. Not sure what the design itself will be. Probably something relatively simple. Well simple for me anyway. LOL The cake is two flavors, four layers, and like 15 pounds. I used a Swiss meringue buttercream as the crumb-coat for the entire thing. The chocolate side is a devil's food cake with chocolate fudge pudding between the layers. The white side is my standard white cake (minus the almond for Pat) with a cheesecake pudding filling i spiked lightly with a maple sugar liquor. I might use a little more or some maple syrup in the French buttercream. The chocolate side will be frosted with a tangy yogurt based chocolate frosting. I already made it.

The sourdough bread came out very tasty but still had issues with spreading out flat. I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong with that. I think it just needs a form to rise in rather than free form. I must say capturing wild sourdough was a major success though. The wild yeast I caught rises amazingly will with a mild bite. Nice addition to my other sourdough starters. The ones I let go to seed so to speak are slowly coming back to health. I was such a bad yeast farmer for a while.

I'm gonna go crash til noon or so. I have a cake to finish and some errands to run and then it is time to PARTY! Woot this is going to be so much fun! Squee! I am a little sad though. I invited my BostonBrit to visit but wasn't able to get a hold of him to make it work. So no Brit for me. Is very sad. Sleep now.
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 10:46 pm)
i love sourdough starters. they make the very best pets. How many other pets can you basically ignore for months and then water down, feed, and be just fine.

I have four starters at present. Giza, San Fran, Oregon Trail, and one from out home 15 Harmony dr. I need to make up a bunch of different rolls and give them to people to try. It could be a fun competition.

Oh and I'm in a pissy mood because I hate being ignored even when i don't think I really am being ignored. Grrrrr.....
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( Apr. 14th, 2008 01:45 pm)
I feel very accomplished. So far today I have fixed my car (about an hour and both ends worked on), did my laundry (thank god!), registered for summer courses, faxed the financial aid crap I needed to send in, ordered dog meds/stuff, and taken care of a bunch of bills.

I forgot how much I really love working on cars. I didn't do anything complicated today but it was nice to do it on my own. My dad worked on cars and used to let me help. Still has fond memories attached to it. ^_^

Left to do is run to the post office, start applying to more jobs, file a few things, do some homework, and a bit more laundry. PLus a couple of other things I'm sure I'll think up later. I've been up since 1:30 am so yeah.

Also for my latest baking projects I am starting some work on sourdough breads. I really wanted a sponge from everywhere I have lived but I never started while I was in Albany. Maybe I can convince someone to start one for me and send it to me. They are going well. I gave them their 12 hour feeding and I have another in 3-4 hours. I also have to run and pick up something from a freecycler.

I'm off to start my temp agency calls then maybe start with the faxing of my resume to places. Plus I have to do my telephone interviews for the online work. I might go out and grab a few other applications as well. I'm in desperate need of la moola.

I also think I'm going to have to break down and buy more colored pencils for my baking projects. I have, somewhere, a huge package of different colors in different mediums but I cannot find it ANYWHERE! As such, I'm just going to buy a smallish package to get by on. I have to cakes in the active planning stage. One for Kt's b-day which is Friday and one for Sean. Sean gave me an idea of what he wants, though we need to discuss flavors but Kt has given me nothing but her full confidence (bwhaha). Planning I must start. I already have some ideas but i prefer to put them on paper first. Actually I think Kt mentioned somehting about wanting fondue cake bits which I really wouldn't have much to do with unless I stuffed them or something since frosting is not an issue. Unless I froze the frosting on which might be nice dipped into a hot sauce. Hmmmm melting might be an issue. Interesting ideas though. I love to work with pastry. Damn can't find where Jesse posted the pictures of the last boob cake. I need to fetch them from her at some point to add them to my pastry pictures. I feel rather chuffed though. Everyone at the party thought I should go pro and make cakes for a living. LOL It is a fond dream but there are so many things in the way of me doing so. Anyhow cool thought.

I need to finish writing up my notes on the recent metaphysical stuff. I did something the other night and I wonder if it changed things again. Gotta pin K down and see if she noted a difference.

Off I go to finish my chores ^_^
So this week's adventure in Tuesday baking actually happened on-time. That is I just finished up and the brownies are in the freezer getting chilled. Being a bit bored I decided to make them very decadent. LOL That and I'm trying to be all impressive and stuff.

Pictures tomorrow. The ganache is still setting. Hehe I rock. I suspect they are going to be very tasty and rich. Mmm brownies.
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( Oct. 13th, 2007 10:59 pm)
I'm getting an airbrush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeee!!!!! *does the happy new airbrush butt wiggle*

Woooooooooot!! K rocks the socks!!!!

I must now find things to bake. Bwhahahahahahaha!
1. It is too fucking hot to make candy. It melts when not in the frig.
2. Rice pudding requires far less rice then make a dish of rice.... whoops.
3. Grrrrrr stupid book of the maybe fake!
4. The kids are all tired. Hell everyone is tired and cranky.
5. Did I mention the rice pudding?
6. I think I need to shape candy at the soft crack stage not the hard.
7. Sometimes you try something and it doesn't work out... sometimes it's because you made up the recipe wrong.
8. About the rice pudding....
9. Even the hard candy is melting. Should make cool trees for the Forbidden Forest
10. I miss making big pastry projects.

LOL More as the night continues.


11. I just made the tastiest rice pudding evar.
12. I pwn life. Even when I fuck up is tastes good. Hell and yeah.
13. I am never going to get to sleep before dawn. Damn vampires. Damn Kheprians. I blame you, Gryphon!
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( Mar. 17th, 2007 01:13 am)
I blame the green monstrosity currently residing in our freezer on one Duff Goldman, who through being hot induced me to watch the show Ace of Cakes late at night where I was susceptible to wicked urges. Todays wicked urge was a Saint Pat's day cake. Bwhaha I rule!

Anyhow gonna finish it in the morning once it has chilled. mmmm Cake.

BTW snow has not stopped yet


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