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( Jul. 31st, 2008 02:53 am)
So I've been chatting over on a friend's journal who has been having real problems of late. Mostly we have hashed things out pretty well and if not agree exactly, we at least see the other person's opinion. Hell for the most part I don't have any problems with what my friend is saying. What I do have a problem with is sycophants. I cannot stand when people do this shit on journal entries.

Let me start off with saying there is nothing wrong with supporting your friends. Hell I rant and rave my damned self to friends and I don't want them to be honest right away. I want them to say "Awww honey are you okay." Then I want them to rant with me. BUT, and this is key, after that I want them to be honest and I want us to be able to discuss something beyond "X sucks ass you are so better then them." Hello welcome to sycophantic behavior. I have become increasingly annoyed by this behavior over my long years on LJ. Let me just make everyone feel better by telling you that no matter who you are and what your opinions are someone will be willing to play brown-nose nutt-licker for you. Trust me, I have seen some of the stupidest causes and people championed (and yes I'm thinking of one person in particular).

Just because you have people agreeing with you and sucking your extra huge imaginary LJ cock doesn't mean you are right or even literate. All it means is you have a bunch of people who instead of being real friends and saying the hard "Dude you were an asshole but I'm here to help you make it better" you get a bunch of idiots who will gladly cheer you on as you let your life because a pile of steaming camel shit. Yeah life fucking sucks, relationships fucking suck, and it is hard when a misunderstanding fucks your shit up but it takes more then one person to fuck up a relationship. And BTW don't get on your high horse about physical abuse and shit, let us not play hair-splitting semantics games because I will rape you so hard your grandchildren go "Ow". I'm not in the mood. Duh not talking about that sort of thing and I'll let you know when I am, Bubye now.

At this moment I want to go and start several fights on my friend's journal but I'm not going to because I have more class then that. It just makes me so mad to see these people who are supposed to be good friends playing these idiotic games. First off, if you don't know about the situation keep your fucking mouth shut beyond anything other then "Hey I'm sorry to hear you have troubles. I wish I could be of more help wanna talk in private?". Secondly, there are always three sides to a story, their side, your side and the truth. The sooner you learn that the better off you can be. Thirdly, if your friend did something stupid rewriting the past is in fact the opposite of helpful. In fact it is so beyond useless my ten-year old doesn't do it anymore so why should you a grown person be doing it? Yeah I don't think you should dwell on those mistakes but I also think you should own up to them or nothing from this point on will get accomplished. Word to the wise, telling someone you've hurt that they should just suck up and deal because "that's how we do it here in Texas" is not only so moronic I wouldn't be surprised if you drooled while speaking but certainly not going to help any relationships survive.

Anyhow I have seen too many arguments/posts inundated with these ass kissing nincompoops to even want to do anything beyond reach through the interwebs and fucking throttle those people. Here's a clue, you aren't being helpful. Go drown yourself and all your offspring so I don't have to do it. Thanks so much. Bubye.
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( Jul. 17th, 2008 05:23 am)
Matt comes home tonight and was discussing his work as per usual. It is all sorts of cool having a newsman in the family. Anyhow, he mentioned that the term 'homosexual' is no longer to be used in referring to those who favor their own gender. Now you are to use gay because homosexual has become a negative term.

Where the hell was I during all of this? When I was a teenager and coming out of the closet homosexual was the proper term and perfectly all right. Gay was used sometimes but had a few negative connotations so it wasn't always used. Plus gay could stand for either male or female homosexuals yet nowadays if I call a lesbian a gay people get weird. Why is homosexual a bad term? To me it is a descriptive, non-pejorative word that tells you exactly what to expect. In my crap Latin homo=same sexual=fucking obvious. Why is homosexual a not so good term? I figure after they get sick of the term gay they are going to go back to faggot or butt buddies. Oh wait we can't use butt buddies because then the fish snorters will get upset. How about the fish snorting butt buddies or would that be for a bisexual? Wait can I say bisexual anymore? Shit I don't think we have another term for bisexual. What about hetrosexual? If I call them straight isn't that being unfair to the gays because straight is kind of like saying normal. Should I call gay people crooked? Wait but that implies...

All I'm saying here folks is what George Carlin said a long time ago in a far more amusing fashion. Call a fucking spade a fucking spade and be done with it. Don't make up a new term for something that really doesn't need one.

Oh and african-american has also gone the way of the dodo. I guess it is okay to call people black now. 'Cause you know it is perfectly okay to describe somebody by the color of their skin... no wait what?!? God I'm getting too old for all this.
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( May. 17th, 2008 08:57 pm)
You ever get annoyed at someone or someones and realize that it is just fucking pointless to be upset. That no matter what you do or say or what they do or say you are going to be annoyed and pissed off because your feelings are hurt and fixing that is impossible.

There are serious reasons I hate people.
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 06:02 pm)
I'm tired and bitchy. Welcome to my scream...

Cut for bitching and possible TMI )
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( Mar. 12th, 2008 03:12 pm)
Dear Emotions,

I would like to beg you to please pick something and stick with it. If you are going to hate someone do it. I personally understand the whole hating thing. I even endorse it in this situation but please stay with it instead of wandering between that and missing them. If you are going to be sad -- stay sad. Killing people I guess you shouldn't stay with that one. But please for the love of all things holy pick a goddamn emotion and stay with it! I understand this isn't normal for us or for a human period but please rethink this whole emo nonsense. I have seriously had just about enough of this crap.

Aggravatingly yours,

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( Mar. 8th, 2008 10:12 pm)
I have decided I hate my breasts.

Ranting about boob issues )

AGH stupid boobs *pokes them* I hate you even though you are fun.
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( Dec. 30th, 2007 09:04 pm)
Why in god's name is it so hard to find a plain black collar on the internet? You would think it would be easy but I've searched a bunch of stores and no luck. Grrrrrr the internet is too huge some days. Hmm need to ask a few friends who still do leather work if they could help me out. 
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( Dec. 7th, 2007 09:45 am)
You know that whole when it can get worse thing, yeah well it just got worse...again.

My car won't start. I just called AAA for a jump. God only knows what's wrong with my car. The battery is new and she has gas so WTF!

*sigh* I know what did it. God I'm dumb in the morning!
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( Oct. 19th, 2007 01:48 pm)
Today is going rather iffy. So far I ave managed to wake up over two hours late for my first class. I ended up missing the first 50 mins of class. I've been studying fr my mid-term and I take that in an hour or so. I saw Derek's AIM name up on and messaged it to find his wife there. Had a short but lovely conversation with her. Evidently she is a local girl and was born in Goshen. Small world, ne? She is coming out next June to visit her mother and bring along her two twin girls (6 and 1/2 months old right now). I'll post some pictures up later. I invited her to visit and she said we'd get together for dinner or something. I can't wait. I haven't seen any of his munchkins yet which is very sad.

So while I'm in a pretty bad mood a few good things have happened. I'm also amazingly bored. I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat and take my mid-term. I have got to shake this bad mood. I just keep getting pissed off by the stupidest things. A friend of mine didn't want to talk on aim and I got way pissed. WTF? How does that work? Not like it is a big thing or anything. And even after having the nice conversation with Derek's wife (god I wish I knew her name LOL!) I'm still mad. And then I couldn't find my other friend to make a vampire character and I'm just plain aggravated. Good god I need something that resembles calm before I bite someone's head off for merely existing. I even got annoyed at something really stupid said by one of my housemates this morning. Like way more annoyed then I should have been. Bugger maybe I'm loosing it. I need to play something violent when I get home or watch a bloody movie.

Why isn't killing people legal?

"If I could kill someone I wouldn't need Zoloft." (Gryphon)
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( Oct. 15th, 2007 04:24 am)
Okay so I'm still awake with some hella insomnia so you get to listen to me blather. I just finished watching John Carpenter's Vampires and I would just like to say the damn movie sucked. Sucked so hard and so fast I'd be surprised if John Carpenter still wasn't getting muscle pains in his lips. I know it is just a stupid vampire movie but it annoyed me. Not all of it mind you. Some of it was just good clean blood splattered fun. I love good clean blood splattered fun. Some parts of it were just hot in a completely wrong way. Seeing a man pull his entire arm out of the hole he just shoved through another man's body is oddly arousing. Hmmm I probably shouldn't have shared that little tidbit. Oh well. The vamps had major makeup issues and the like but I expect that. Evidently if you become one of the permanently fanged you lose all ability to understand how much base to put on. Once again these things don't really bother me.

No what bothered me was the very ending. The main dude's best friend, who helps him kill the vampires, got bitten in the line of duty. So of course the buddy is going to turn into a vampire. Main dude is going to let him get a two day start because the buddy has been backing him for two days after being bitten. But before going he has to blather on and on about how he will still track him and his new vampire girlfriend down and kill them. Excuse me but WTF? I'm sorry if one of my friends gets bitten covering my ass that's a get out of staking free card. Besides the fact fuck you, you cock sucking bastard! Go fucking get your genocidal rocks off elsewhere.

Bleh so I could continue the rant but I really should attempt sleep at some point. At least the priest was damned hot. Scruffy white boy, just what the doctor ordered. And he gets extra hot points for being a kick ass priest. Something about a man in uniform. HAHAHA.

LOL First Knight is on now. I can never see this movie with thinking of Ali and the one line she loved in the movie. LOL Oh well bed for me.
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( Sep. 19th, 2007 01:28 am)
I'm contemplating blowing up Electronic Arts. OKay maybe not all of it because they have some game designers I would gladly bang any day of the week. (What gamer freak much? lol) But who ever decided to put on their website that the name game I want comes out on the 18th when they mean it ships from the fucking warehouse on the 18th and won't be available until the 19th needs to be horribly maimed by a large cuisinart.

Thank you I'm going to go chew on my Wii controller while I wait for a few hours. I would be less annoyed other then the fact that I have SCHOOL tomorrow and shall have a whole 12 hours where I can not possibly play my new game. WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO EVIL FATE GODS???? On the plus side there is no school Friday so I have days and days and days to fully rot in front of my new game.

*ponders* I believe I might have a gaming addiction problem. Oh well no 12 step programs for me. I'll just grind up old game and inject them directly into my blood stream. Kinda like a nic-patch only sharper.
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( Jul. 26th, 2007 04:26 pm)
Well on a solid I'm Fucked note, SUNY New Paltz (new college) are requiring all sorts of fun documentation I just don't have in order to prove I've been a resident of NY for the past few years. My shit is still mostly packed and I have no idea where the documents I need are or if they even exist anymore. *sighs* I'm going to have to call the lady tomorrow and see if I can give her some other documents. I don't know what exactly but something. Does anyone know if there is some way I can quickly get copies of my old filed taxes?

After sending her 14 pages of information she wants a copy of my 2005 taxes (no idea where that is), my old certificate of residency from Orange County Community College (gotta call the college tomorrow), and some bank documents of which they could only supply me with part of the info. FUCK!

I'm gonna take a break from ransacking my room and my packed shit on Murphy's porch to go drop books at the library and pick up some more. Christ I need to find some way of unpacking more of my things. But i can't figure out where to store them so they don't just become piles of stuff. But maybe piles of stuff wouldn't be so bad. At the very least I could ransack it a little easier.

Today is the suck.
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 01:35 am)
I have a headache that won't quit and I hate people.

That is all.
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( Jul. 21st, 2007 02:47 pm)
So I went to the midnight madness thing with my friends and family. Here's my first and a bit truncated response.

2 fights I almost got into with people
6 children scared
20 thousand people I wanted to murder
12 people I went with
4 children who got way over tired
3 books purchased
0 books worth reading purchased

Yeah so it was cool and the suck. I managed to scare a bunch of people. I almost kicked the shit out of some punk bitch. He made a comment as I walked passed. (Slytherins suck is what he said.  The look on his face when I stopped and turned around was priceless. Something like "Oh fuck" mixed with "I'm going to die". He said something stupid later and Kibble scared him. I really wanted to go start a fight because I was in a hella bad mood. I also got a "Oh my god" from some kids as I passed them. I was trying to get through and I was saying "excuse me" over and over again. There was a group of boys and one of them said "Move out of the way she'll punch you in the face." So my response was "yes I will. Good boy." Then the other one said "Oh my god." It would have been funny but I was in that hella bad mood.

Anyhow my book responses at some other point.
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( Jul. 14th, 2007 01:45 am)
So we get home from the new HP movie (full review later) and eat a late dinner. The kids go down and it is a little before ten (or a little after) and I am just wiped. So tired I'm barely focusing. So I'm like fuck this shit it is bed time. I crawl into bed and I'm out in like ten mins (amazing for me). I then of course wake up in TWO FUCKING HOURS and now I can't get back to sleep.

Note to body: WTF!?

*sighs* I really would like to sleep something like a normal person. And I'm starving again. Why in gods name am I so hungry? ARGH!

Oh and cool new icon go me.
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( Jul. 13th, 2007 02:17 am)
I can not find anything. God fucking damnit!!

I'm bored so I was going to start designing the HP cake for the kids party next week and I can't find my sketch pad or my fucking pencils. ARGGGGGHHHHH

Ugh so at a quarter or so past midnight, while I'm chattering with Joe on aim, I hear crying and screaming from upstairs. Jack it seems wants to go into Matt and K's room to sleep. Gwendolyn doesn't. Gwendolyn also does not want to sleep in her room on her own. Hence crying and screaming at midnight. *sighs* Finally I just tell them both to go back to their beds. This of course sets Jack off but it is over pretty quickly.

Until five minutes later of course. Grrrr. Anyhow so Gwendolyn decides she must step into the hallway and yell downstairs that Jack is saying he is going to disobey me and go into mommy and daddy's room. I tell them both to be quiet and go back to bed.

Good god it is too hot and frying everyone's brains.
You know I really hate when people make little passive-aggressive digs. It always makes me wonder why? It aggravates me, it bothers the people I bitch about it to, and the person doing it is obviously annoyed too. They could come and talk to me about it, but instead they would rather play stupid little games. And then when you call them on their hypocrisy they deny it and say it is you who are the hypocrite. It just gets on my nerves but I guess that was the entire point of the exercise. So good for them, they managed to annoy me. Happy fucking day for the world.
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( Jun. 20th, 2007 01:39 pm)
So still no job and now the real kicker, I can't find my fucking purse. Damn thing has gone missing. Only thing of real importance in there was my SS card. I don't think anyone took it, I'm fairly sure I've lost it around the house somewhere. I just can't find it. I've torn apart my room and my car. *groans* SO now I've got to apply for a new card or see if my mom has an extra. I'm waiting for her to get home from work for me to get a hold of her.

So as most of you know (or will now) I read slash. Actually I read more then slash but slash (boy on boy lovin') is where this little story starts. The snarry games are on right now (that's Snape/Harry for those of you less perverse then myself) and so far they have been kick ass if you go for that kind of thing and guess what - I do. Now my perversions aside I was upset to wander over there today and find out that there was a small, well-controlled, shit fit going on. Seems some people got there panties in a twist about a few of the stories.

Now I know what you are thinking "Well Seo of course they are pissed off! Hello Snape and Harry is fucking gross!" No fair reader that is not why the got pissy. No they got pissy because one author wrote a story about gypsies where she clearly stated it was all for fun and she knew nothing about them and got some gross inaccuracies in the story. I wold just like to say HELLO she said she didn't know anything about the culture. Hellllllloooo is anyone listening?? Good god people get a damned life. The other author used the word squaw like once in the story as far as I can tell and once again had some stereotypical Indian things happen in her story. Am I the only one who did not know that squaw was really fucking offensive. Some are saying as offensive as the word nigger (and fuck you all the word is NIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGERR not the fucking n-word). Honestly, how can a word be offensive as the word nigger if no one knows that? A word is not offensive if the person you are trying to offend doesn't know they should be offended. At that point you just get stared at. I guarantee if I walk outside and call the nearest person squaw they will just stare at me. Where as if I instead went and called them a nigger, regardless of skin color, they will be fucking pissed.

Now on to the bigger picture. This is porn. Gay, man on hot sweaty man, porn. Slash is fucking porn. It may be good porn (and a lot of it is). It may have a plot, lots of character development, and some really cool ideas but when it all boils down slash is porn. Now I like my porn and I could name a few high selling authors that only write porn now *coughlaurellkhamitoncough* but I do not go looking in my porn for the answer to all life as we know it. Now people are being very polite over on the list but damnit I am annoyed anyway. Porn should not be complex and I certainly should not have to wander into a damned argument over whether the term SQUAW if fucking PC or not. Who cares? It is a fucking slash story written for fun and entertainment. Now these poor authors feel like real crap and I don't think they should. It was an honest mistake. I don't get pissed off when I see stereotypical depictions of Japanese or blacks or Italians in slash fic (of which there are a lot of the Italian in Snape fics) because it is fucking fanfiction. It is entertainment. It is NOT meant to be the guiding light in my life, nor should it be. These authors are writing fanfics based on their imaginations and in their free time for us the NON-PAYING LJ consumer. It would behoove you all the stuff a sock in it. If it had been my work I would have told you to do just that and not changed a thing because you have, in fact, over stepped the bounds of propriety for a reader. I understand how you could be offended but send the author a private note next time. Or better yet realize that stereotypes are all based on something. The sooner we admit that there is a reason "niggers" are stereotyped as lazy fuckers, with no jobs, or hopes is the sooner we can get to work on the real problems faced by those of the chocolate skin. Because trust me when I tell you, as someone who has been called a nigger before, it isn't the word that hurts it is the fact that it might be true.

Good god I hate this shit. This abhorrent idiocy is why I try to say the word nigger everyday and why I collect pejorative words. People need to grow up and move on. You wanna stop the "bad words"? Then fucking forget they exist, ignore them, destroy their power by making them nothing more or less then another sound coming out of your body. *sigh* But on the other hand I understand how this doesn't always work. I understand how some words must be used with caution and you can be damned sure if I heard one of the kids saying the word nigger they would get a serious talking to. Why? Because unlike me, a grown adult, they don't understand the fine shades of gray we live our lives by. They don't know where that word comes from and what it can mean; until they do they don't have the right to use it. Just like they don't have the right to use any word they don't understand because they will sound like fucking morons, and I'm not in the business of helping to raise moronic children. But here I am playing right into the hands of those who wish to control language (because that's what PCism is - a form of control). I should encourage the kids to say words like nigger and fuck. I should make sure they do because then they'll just be random sounds right? It doesn't really work that way, though I wish it did.

All this annoyed little post boils down to is this: life is about living and having fun. Read and live and enjoy life don't pick it apart! Sometimes stories aren't nice or pretty. Sometimes authors are human and can say stupid shit without realizing they had offend people. Sometimes it's better to write people in private because by doing it publicly you add gasoline to the flames. Because trust me in this, you have just added to the problem. Squaw is now one step further away from being just another word. Every person who reads this and every person who reads what you wrote and knows that it is not just another word is another person lost. Awareness is all well and good for a rare disease, but not so well and good for a rare cussword. I would be happy if in 100 years my children's children's children were calling each other nigger and it meant absolutely nothing. Well okay only half-happy. I'd be happy if they understood why all forms of bigotry are supremely stupid and used it because nigger became what it is - just another word.
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( Mar. 3rd, 2007 09:39 am)
So over the past couple of days I have had a few random people friend me. Normally I think this is cool. It honestly doesn't happen that often as I seldom wander into the world of LJ to post, therefore I'm not terribly visible. But these haven't even been the normal people who would have seen me on the few places I do post. These are random people, random and annoying people. Mostly spammers actually. It kinda sucks that LJ is being discovered by the spammers. I mean they have always been on it but I believe this is the first time I got one of the" Hey you like porn? Come check out my website." type deals via LJ friending. I mean UGH! So this sucks and I know it shouldn't make me like sad or anything but it does. Because where there is one annoying asshat who likes to spam you, there are a million more. I can just see this becoming a problem. That and very lucrative for a while, like the original spam was. But anyhow this sucks.
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 03:41 pm)
I believe the muscles in my shoulder have become so knoted that the skin directly over them is going numb because the nerves are squeezed so tight. Hmm suck.

On other notes I called my credit card company about the cards on my card that I never said my old membership could do. They are sending me forms. I called the gym again and they said what they did was perfectly legal, and by the way send them 70 more dollars. I don't want to deal with it. I just don't. What they did BTW was keep entering experation numbers in when my card switched until they got one that worked. They said that their billing place called my card company and got the experation date from them and that was prefectly legal. I haven't a clue really how accurate it all is. I'm sure I'll probably have to pay the 70$ but I just don't want to deal with it now. I should, but I just don't want to. I want to go home and play Sims with Seasons and do my homework at some point. This place is very dead. I think I'm going home early.
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( Mar. 1st, 2007 02:39 pm)
Mental Note: When you decide that you are going to do school work at work, bring your damned books to work with you!

Grr I'm a damned moron. I forgot the novel we are working on right now at home. Not sure how I managed that since I don't remember taking it out of my backpack. *grumble*

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( Feb. 10th, 2007 09:16 am)
1) Sleep an ungodly amount and do no school work (check)
2) Wake up early take nice long shower (check)
3) Write up a map and list for Jeff and Katie to hit the asian market in Albany (check)
4) Get Lunch together (check)
5) Put Lunch in school bag
6) Take School bag and go to work (check)

Yes your eyes do not lie. I did indeed forget my damned lunch for work. I haven't a clue where I've left it. I think I left it in the sewing room. If the dog eats it he will die. Oh well I have snacks at work so it isn't a huge deal if no one drag it here for me. Crap I just remembered I forgot my other knife at home too. Oh and wait it gets better I also forgot I am cashless so I have no way of getting quarters to put in the parking meter. Fuck fuck, fuckity fuck fuck
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( Sep. 12th, 2005 09:00 pm)
So had a fairly good day at work. I'm running between the two extremes of being really annoyed about something and being really happy about how everything else is going. I'm not dealing with the thing which is aggrivating me until next week sometime wherein I will figure out what exactly I will be doing about it.

Had a nice long talk with [ profile] casteylan about things we needed to discuss and general chit chat that I enjoy getting into. *snugs* to Cas! As well as Ted-sama, Kae, Solo, and Mongo. LOL Yay ^_^

The big move it this weekend. I'm trying to handle all the last minute details of which there are many and things are going at a fast yet halting pace.

Found out Derek isn't coming home to the states until next August which just sucks. I still need to finish getting his package together. And I didn't send my moms b-day gift out because I'm a twit and got sick. I have to call her tomorrow and say Happy Birthday and explain.

Started my classes today. I.E. I actually went online and did the work today. LOL I was a little behind but not much. I can't wait to actually be able to dig my stupid books out. Jebus it is annoying being so inbetween things.

Emailed Ablest today adn they say they've always been paying me at my current rate. Which is damned confusing as I know that isn't what they hired me at. I unfortunatly think I might have otssed the very first stuff I got from them back when I cleaned my car out but I'm not sure. Either way I can't find the stuff until next week after i've emptyed the car out and give it a solid look. Annoying either way. Or maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so because i remember being terribly excited about my new pay rate.

Anyhow I've been staring at this computer for far too long. I do believe I am going to go elsewhere for a little while.
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( Sep. 5th, 2005 10:58 am)
Got an email back from D-boy. He gave me an address at which I can send him letters and stuff. I have decided to send him a package of things. I have as yet no idea quite what I want to send and I am online doing research as to whats a good idea. It is amazingly complicated. Grr how annoying. Anyhow yes stuff.


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