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( Aug. 7th, 2008 03:25 pm)
Seo's day of suck:

Doctor: Well your tonsils are huge. You might want to take them out and spend two weeks in agony recovering just so you can get sick more often.

Bank: Yeah well you owe us 583 dollars. No we won't tell you where this came from if you want to know that give us more money. Oh you didn't have any way to access your account then? Too bad, you are too late to file fraud. Have fun paying us money.

Vet: Here is your bill for an amazing amount of money. Oh BTW We've scared Timone so badly he will no longer allow you to hold him or even touch him. Have fun taking a sick terrified ferret home.

I think I'm going to go crawl into my room and cry for a while now. On the plus side my mother thinks the bank is insane so I have to speak with her tonight and she might sic her lawyers on them. Oh and I found out when I'm really mad my blood pressure actually drops. After fighting on the phone with the bank for an hour or three my BP level was 114/70. Which means I now have proof that being a sociopathic crazy woman is healthy for me.
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( Apr. 29th, 2008 11:22 am)
It is cold at school today. I'm in a piss poor mood and I managed to forget my cell phone at home so I can't find out if anyone wants to meet me for lunch. I may wander over there anyhow. Or maybe I won't. I'm not sure I'm fit to be near people and not scream at them. My stomach is one giant pit of acid so I suppose I should find something that resembles food and put it in but not really in a self-productive, feeding myself mood. Can't seem to shake my bad mood. Got pissed off last night about a myriad of things. Had horrible bad dreams after finally crashing. Maybe I'll nap in my car some more. Car naps are often quite nice. I really want some hard cider but cops frown on you drinking such things on campus out in the open. Too bad killing people is illegal.

Started my first batch of my Harmony Dr sourdough this morning with the different kneading technique used. I think I'm fond of both. Almost strangled Quinn when I got up to check on my bread and found her sitting on it. Grrrr. The bread was fine (it had been covered) except a huge foot print in it which left me less then pleased. I'll bake it when I get home. I like sourdough and it's never ending rising period. The dough was wet and quite lovely. I need some different flours to continue my experiments.

Damnit I really need my cell phone. Shit i wonder if I have enough time to wander home and fetch it before class?
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( Apr. 29th, 2008 08:17 am)
There are those days when you live for the rage
When there's nothing nothing nothing.
There are those days when you breathe in a cage
And there's nothing nothing nothing.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.
I will not get annoyed.


*hits a wall* That's it I'm pissed. It isn't my fault and yet and yet it feels like being blamed for it. Well fuck you all if you can't take a flipping joke. Fuck you if you can't be an adult and be grown up enough to take responsibility for your own crap. And fuck me for still fucking caring about any of you fucking whore asshole need-to-be-raped bitch cunt walrus boob-munching fart-snorters.

Were you shot out of the crotch this stupid or did your mother rape you that way? I hate you and you and you and fuck that I'm definitely going to go kill a deer or something because why not? Afterward maybe I'll just stop talking with the deer because you know that's mature. Oh wait Seo you realize none of this is making any sense right? Will yes Seo I totally see that and don't actually care. When I begin caring again I will send out a memo entitled "Kiss my fat black ass you retarded walnut-humping, taint-sniffing, vomit-swimming, destitute".

I'm going to throw a tantrum and make alot of noise and I shouldn't be writing this. *whispers* You should show you care it lets them win. WELL WHOOPDIE DOO YOU FUCKING WIN. Hope you are having a good time.

And no brain I don't care if i wrote one of these about a week ago. I can be pissed off as much as I please. Do you hear that world! I'm going to be pissy and bitchy and whiny and then I'm going to pee on your face you drooling pustule. *smiles* And after I'm done abusing you the real fun begins. I'm going to get creative. I'm often very bored and when I'm bored I daydream and since I'm not too sane let's take a wild guess what my dreams are like hmmmm? Let's just sit here for a few minutes and picture what kind of things put a smile on Seo's face......... scared yet? You should be you rat-faced, cum-guzzling, retarded pig fucker. You should be.

With that happy thought and a smile on my face I believe it is time for bed.
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( Apr. 17th, 2008 02:22 am)
689 new allegations of abuse were lodged

WTF mate! 689 NEW ONES! Oh my god.

Society partly to blame for child abuse, says Pope

I am sorry but just cause we catch watch porn online and on the TV does not mean it is our fault your freaky priests can't keep their hands of little boys. Show me the connection there you asshat. Hell I think the priests need more porn not less. Maybe with something that is not a young boy to take their "frustrations" out on there will be a few less then 689 new cases!

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( Oct. 31st, 2007 07:03 pm)
I'm kinda bored and tired. Justing kind of wandering around campus. I just walked around campus in a big circle chain smoking cloves and chattering with Shal on the phone for like an hour an a half. Other then the whole clove bit not a bad way to burn time. Plus there is the whole getting to watch people in their costumes.

I'm getting a bit tired though. Didn't sleep well last night and what little I did sleep wasn't restful. But I'm not really in the mood to go home yet. Maybe later. I hope the kids had a good time Trick-or-treating. They were so looking forward to it.
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( Oct. 31st, 2007 05:04 pm)
To go home or not to go home? These are the questions we think about while wandering around the campus in a particularly poor mood.
Never mind I'm not depressed anymore I'm angry.

I'm so angry I can't even trust myself to speak or bad things are going to happen.

There are times where I just can't even deal with how far people have their heads up their own asses.


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