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Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:New York, United States of America
I am Seo. My house colors are green and silver. Ten Points if you catch the reference. My main journal is over on LJ.

I'm a bit odd and usually pretty cheerful. I like people and love to chat, just don't expect me to be in contact on a regular basis. My life is pretty hectic at times.

I am a sybarite and not always a nice person. I am fair and evil and sometimes I am a romantic sap. Mostly I'm just Seo and I'm quite happy being myself. I write, I talk, I joke (mostly off color), I cook/bake (when I can *chuckles*, K does most of the cooking now), and in general just have fun and try to make things work out. If you meet me be ready to hear just about anything coming out of my mouth. I'm not trying to shock you, I just will. You can be sure that if I think you are full of crap, I'll tell you in the nicest way possible. I try not to be rude but if you won't take me polite, I don't mind being rude.

Wandering is a way of life for me, though one I'm beginning to leave behind (too much stuff to haul around). I've never lived in one house longer then 3 years. Even there I left for summers to visit my father. At present I'm living in Orange County, New York and loving it. I love to travel and visit people. I have friends all over the globe. If only I had more money and time to visit them :P

I love My Little Ponies. I know, I know, I'm an adult; what can I say pastel horses are just that cool. Anything 80's cartoon/toy and I'm there.

Other then that, enjoy your time here. I certainly do. Just watch the first step it's a doozy.

Seo's Latest Passion:
Getting my life together, finishing college, playing online with hot guys and girls
Seo's Present Home State: Orange County, New York. I'm living in a huge house that has two small cottages, a lake, and a mountain with 11 other people. LOL It's a blast if rather odd.
Seo's Ultimate Place To Live: I'm still voting for Scotland. Until I actually go there and find out if I love it or not I won't know but so far it seems the most likely. But unless I can drag all 10 other people in my family with me I don't think it is going to happen this life time.
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